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  1. ... and umpire #1 in perfect position to see the infringement. The same #1 who paid the series of ridiculous frees against Max in the ruck contests!
  2. Weideman for Tomlinson (McDonald to continue down back) Chandler if Fritsch gets weeks Harmes if Baker is dropped
  3. The negativity around Melksham is bordering on War of The Worlds mass hysteria. If you took the time to watch the second half replay you might notice that Melksham played a key link-up role in our recovery... Nah! you wouldn't notice!
  4. So, you take the name of one of our all-time greats then come on here and call a player a "spud"; classy act you've got going there in your marathon contribution of 143 posts!
  5. The 1999 quartette played 763 games between them... going to be very difficult to surpass! The 1986 trio played 522
  6. Yes, SPC... that was a very good year. In 1986 we drafted Steven Febey, Matthew Febey, Andy Lovell & Darren Jarman!!! Then added Andrew Obst, Steven Tingay and Jay Viney in 1987 Another fair year was 1997 with Travis Johnston, Nathan Brown and Guy Rigoni Should we even mention 2009 with Scully Trengove & Max Gawn?
  7. 6 - Oliver 5 - Salem 4 - Petracca 3 - Kossie 2 - ANB 1 - Langdon
  8. When opinion is being tossed around I like to provide perspective. You are entitled to read the facts as you want. From my POV, I'm not surprised by the crowd numbers, nor do I see them as evidence that the sky is falling. Please note that this is an automatically generated post, replies will not be answered.
  9. Yesterday’s attendance of 21365 was the 4th highest out of a total of 15 occasions that Melbourne have met Freo at the MCG (3rd highest on a Sat aft). Here is the complete list. Year Result Attendance Day / Time 1996 W 15494 Fr (n) 1997 W 15036 Sat (aft) 1998
  10. I haven't participated in this thread because I don't care what Mark Maclure thinks!
  11. I think we have to be honest, we did not look like a top 8 team... and I have been watching the other pre-season games. Freemantle looked a lot better than us. I see a real struggle until we get Brown, Viney and the likes of Hibberd, Melksham & Weiderman back
  12. Didn't help their cause... AVB, Harmes, Hunt, Spargo & Baker.
  13. I think the selection, or non selection was flawed. Brayshaw & Oliver should have played. Our selection just exposed too many young blokes at once, which condemns them to a hiding.
  14. Disappointed in the young guys that were given the opportunity, Jordan, Sparrow & Bedford. I thought Bowey showed more intent and skill in his cameo than any of them. Umpiring was pro Bulldog, blind eye to Gawn & May.
  15. Brilliant recruiting, hampered by knee injury, about to become one of the best defenders in AFL.
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