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  1. "We can't play both Tomlinson and McDonald."
  2. Point of interest; Tomlinson and McDonald have played 22 games together for a 15W to 7L record.
  3. JVR has gone from a dead eye dick to a dick eye dead!
  4. Someone should tell the selectors that Tomlinson is no good! He's played 177 games of AFL football and apparently "isnt up to AFL standard". In those 177 games he has averaged 15 disposals and 5.5 marks! Perhaps it's your analysis, Werridee, that isn't up to standard!
  5. I thought Benny was very competitive in the big man training drills just before he went to have that knee cleaned up.
  6. Just a reminder to the football world; at present we have 15 Premiership players fit and in good early season form. That's not counting Oliver or Petty, who will join soon. We also have a gun recruit ready to go on one wing, an x factor mid-forward from Adelaide, as well as Billings. We have a maturing young group; JVR, McVee, Bowey and Woewodin. This doesn't ensure four points every game, but it does mean we have a list that can beat any other AFL team when in form.
  7. Fantastic effort by many devoted MFC club and family members over an extended period. Casey Fields continues to improve as a playing & training venue. The whole complex offers a wonderful facility for a variety of sportspeople, local and beyond.
  8. I didn't ask Fullarton (or Spargo) when he would be back, I simply said, "looking forward to seeing you out there", to which both replied, "I'll be back next week". Time will tell, however, I think the injury to Fullarton was not as severe as was reported.
  9. Fullarton could be ready as early as next game v Carlton. He told me so.
  10. Fullarton and Spargo indicated that they would be available for Carlton (next game).
  11. No sugar coating… this was a disappointing start against mid-ladder opposition. Poor disposal got us into strife time and time again. positives; Viney excellent Max excellent Kossie excellent Oliver back and with major impact Salem very good Windsor very good debut Brown very good debut Verall good signs Billings very good signs May, Lever, Sparrow, Bowey all maintaining standards negatives; Petracca a great, but too many silly mistakes for his high standards Fritsch missed opportunities Van Royen needs to impact more often and also missed opportunities Chandler low impact Howes low impact neutrals; did compete, with some good effect, but also sloppy at times Rivers, Laurie, McVee, Langdon, Tomlinson, ANB,
  12. One other thing I noticed today, we systematically refused to kick it short to the pocket after behinds were scored by opposition. On a number of occasions this would have been a safer option than the one taken. I have just watched McVee ignore May and Tomlinson when taking a kick out that landed almost on the wing but resulted in an immediate opposition surge back into their forward line (19 mins into P2)
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