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  1. Our list includes 22 players that won the AFL Premiership one year ago and another 15 who won the VFL Premiership in 2022... Perhaps you continue to underrate them!
  2. How dare Clayton Oliver try to squeeze Jarrod’s bare and helpless fingers with his vicious eye lid!
  3. So, before the last quarter we were ahead?
  4. You need to re-read your own member profile!
  5. Ahhh, supporters! Take a breath. It ain't called a double chance for no reason. How do you think Bears supporters are feeling this morning? "oh, [censored]! Now we have to play the Premiers on the rebound on their own turf!"
  6. Looking at the interview with Michael Hibberd on the MFC site, noticed Kosi in the training footage, knee heavily strapped and walking with a limp! Not wishing to alarm, but would appreciate an update from anyone who has been at training.
  7. Best contribution I've seen from Weid for quite some time. He was outsized, but his second efforts were good. As the game progressed he made more hit outs to advantage. It seems, we get more from Weid if we aren't relying on him to mark! He is mobile and he played a good four quarters yesterday. If he remains on our list, I look forward to him getting his opportunity next year... just not as a key forward!
  8. Great team performance! Dunstan is a beauty Tomlinson wasn't all bad... very effective around a few misfires Weids was definitely the most effective ruckman / follower on the ground JVR continues promising season Macca contributed Pleased to see the way Rosman, Baker & Chandler finished off after quiet starts
  9. The All Australian Commonwealth Games Swimming Team was selected by a panel of former swimmers and a couple of sports journalists last evening. While it is a great team, including several gold medallists and at least two world record holders, a few selections have raised eyebrows in swimming circles. The best 100 metre breaststroke position was filled by a specialist 100 metre freestyler... Selectors defended this unusual decision by pointing out that it was a particularly good year for freestylers and it was impossible to limit the squad to the three freestyle positions normally allocated. In another selection anomaly, the worlds leading backstroker, and current world record holder from 50 metres to 200 metres, was selected in the 10 metre platform diving position. Possibly the most contentious selection was that of the All Australian Swimming Coach for 2022. That position was filled by the chef de mission for the team, who has a background in lawn bowls!
  10. Criticism of Harmes' game, after fronting for Casey in abysmal conditions, says a whole lot more about the critic than it does about Harmes!
  11. Dismayed that Casey have continued on with that error-riddled strategy of winning every game in the 2022 VFL season!
  12. Yes, totally agree! It would be far more strategic to win half the VFL games in 2023 than the 'win every game' strategy employed this year!
  13. Confucius say..."One man's pressure is another man's poison!"
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