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  1. Brilliant recruiting, hampered by knee injury, about to become one of the best defenders in AFL.
  2. Thanks Picket, I like your work... especially the update on Tom Mac!
  3. Jake had an ordinary year in 2020, no doubt about it! I fall into the group that suspects Hub-life didn't bring the best out of him (growing family etc) rather than the group that believes all talent that this bloke displayed over a significant period suddenly vanished; evaporated - consigning him to the scrapheap! Short-sighted and short memories there, I believe.
  4. Just to give some perspective on goal assists... Melksham - 65 from 71 games Brad Green - 85 from 254 Cam Bruce - 71 from 224 Adam Yze - 40 from 271
  5. Q: Why is Melksham valued? A: 8th highest goal assists at MFC since 1965 Top 20 marks inside 50 for MFC since 1965 4th highest goal kicker on current list This from 71 games in R&B to date.
  6. "I just have the feeling they will get to a flag before us. What you see as negative I see as realism." We are talking about Carlton, right? The Carlton with this recent record... 2020 11th 2019 16th 2018 18th 2017 16th 2016 14th 2015 18th 2014 13th 2013 8th (was that the Essendrug year?) Can someone please point out how that record represents development?
  7. The team that would rather die than amalgamate? Don't make me laugh, Jeff! The Tassie Govt are seriously contemplating pulling out on support of both Nth & Dawks deals with AFL. They have made it very clear, they want their own team. Tassie folk are prepared to turn their backs on AFL if they don't get a get date for entry to the elite comp. AFL involvement at the grass roots level has already taken a worrying dive, with junior numbers in BB and Soccer increasing rapidly... Asleep at the wheel, Gill... irrelevant, Jeff!
  8. Jeff Farmer, who was the first indigenous AFL player to kick 400 goals, was drafted in an exchange for Phil Gilbert! Maybe draft position is only a moderate predictor!
  9. Sorry, NeveroddoreveN... I tried to post Axis of Bob's excellent analysis post from days gone by, not sure I succeeded... however, highly recommended when discussing Viney's worth.
  10. My analysis figures are directly from AFL rating points which are established from a formula that covers a wide range of indicators. In a counter argument to yours, these ratings include goals (which advantages forwards over most mid-fielders). Obviously, this approach enables a data based comparison across player positions.
  11. In the past 3 meetings Dixon averages 1 goal against the Demons, Hawkins averages 1 goal and Lynch averages just over 2... Hardly a respectable outcome against VFL Backmen... I would have to say on that showing that all three are nearing the end!
  12. Jack Viney is inside the top 60... ahead of Joel Selwood, Daniel Rich, Mark Blicavs, Andrew Gaff, Lachie Whitfield, Jack Gunston, Cameron Guthrie, Darcy Moore... to name but a few!
  13. "Top 200"... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! "one dimensional rugby player".... guffaw, guffaw, and more guffaw! Thanks for the entertainment clowns! When does the real show start?
  14. Excellent read, Deespicable... thanks for taking the time!
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