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  1. Kate spoke of the fine line between trying to push for improvement in performance and tilting the balance. She was positive and forthright, as always.
  2. If you were in Fed Square for the walk with Neale, you would have heard Kate interviewed by Robbo... spoke well, as always!
  3. Rivers - lost his dash … what game are you watching? At 591 metres gained, Riv was ranked #1 in todays game, most often with a running burst before a long kick!
  4. 6. Max 5. TMac 4. JVR 3. Kozzie 2. Windsor 1. ANB
  5. Just a reminder, AMW is averaging just under 25 possessions per game per 2024 with Casey (9 games). It has become obvious to me that more than one poster here is dismissing his credentials without seeing much of Casey playing!
  6. For whatever reason, Petty is not up to it at the moment and has been a major disappointment! Not laying blame anywhere, but we would be better served in making a similar investment in Fullarton. I'm confident his output would eclipse what Petty is able to dish up at present.
  7. Further to my post on selection, Casey have been reasonably competitive, depending a little on how many MFC listed players actually take the field. There have only been two blow outs, 41 points loss to Hawks, round 1 and 32 points loss to Willy, round 6. Other losses have been -20, -14, -13, and -7. Those scores suggest to me that a solid game for Casey gives a listed player the right to feel he is on track to be considered for senior selection if the opportunity arises. AMW has averaged 24.5 disposals in 9 games K Brown has averaged 18 disposals in 9 games Fullarton has averaged 17 disposals in 7 games It is a much healthier club that recognizes performances by fringe players at the lower level and rewards consistent effort rather than gifts 'name' players games when they aren't performing at either level.
  8. We have a lot of concerns after such a dismal effort/outcome. The one I would like to focus on, and one that I think has been slightly off all season, is selection! Petty was rushed back into the team after poor form for Casey. BBB was rushed back into the team, on at least one occasion, after poor form at Casey. McAdam was brought into the team after one good game, and some limited game time at Casey. Turner was rushed back into the team without game time at Casey. Bowey was rushed back into the team without game time at Casey. Hunter was rushed back into the team without significant game time at Casey. Woewodin isn't rewarded for good form with selection in the 23. Fullerton has had reasonable performances at Casey and should have been Max's back-up when JVR was unavailable. Meanwhile, AMW has consistently performed at Casey. Kynan Brown should have had an opportunity by now.
  9. Looking to next game, changes are needed! JVR comes in. AMW comes in. Taj gets a full game! I would pick Verrall and Jefferson and Billings Petty, McAdam, Chandler, Turner out Hunter injured
  10. We started well. I’m only talking the first five minutes! The moment we started to show mental fragility (Rivers not being able to hit up the simplest direction change) Freo were on to it! The mental anxiety was immediately contagious! In a very short time, our players were committing the most devastating disposal errors across the board. This was a team that crumbled under perceived pressure. A team that were not ready for the contest, not proud of their achievement, not capable of steadying the ship. Freo sensed we were ready to be roasted and they never let up. We never re-grouped, never turned things around. We were rudderless, on and off the field. The future looks grim!
  11. Brilliant analysis. Your depth of thought is mind boggling! You have the intelligence to render AI redundant!
  12. As much as we hate Collingwood, you don’t see them putting in the performances we have against Eagles and Dockers! There is no excuse for capitulation! White flag is up, we have had enough. Premiership window is officially closed! This group have served us well for four years. They are saying “we can’t do it anymore!” Time for a strategic rebuild of the whole operation!
  13. Recruiting from other clubs is a fail this year …. McAdam, Fullerton, Billings
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