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  1. Red Essendon said from day one that they wanted an experienced coach. Brad Scott, who I don't really like, coached NM pretty successfully for a good period of time and got good results whilst severely hamstrung by lack of TPP funds. He's been in the industry all his life. He's headed footy for the AFL and he's competing against blokes that have never coached at senior level in the AFL. They've done their due diligence over a long period and decided, given that other senior coaches have declined to coach and Hird is just too controversial, that Scott is their man if they can get him to agree. He says yes so why wait? It's a no brainer and whilst it's nice to crapp on Essendon they've done exactly the right thing. Do you think NM made Clarko go through an interview process and prove himself? Na, Essendon did the right thing and I think the other applicants would have known that if Scott said yes they would miss.
  2. Unlike most I'm in favour of Hunt leaving. If he's "best 22" then it's only just best 22. We have Bowey, Rivers, Hibbo and Salem who are all capable best 22 players to cover him and I have more faith in Smith than most. Smith clearly has injury issues but I think at least he has significant upside which is far in excess of Hunt's. With the WCE offer we'd have to pay a reasonable amount for a player who is not vital to our team and probably for a significantly longer period than we want to. Not only that but Hunt has clear faults in his game which are not offset by his pace. If we are to improve, we must look to improve our bottom 6 whilst also adding top end talent. Moving Hunt on just replenishes the list, provides opportunities and a career path to plays from Casey and helps our TPP situation. Having said all that, I'll be disappointed to see him go and wish him the best in the west.
  3. In my view the key factor that is being missed, or ignored, in much of this discussion is the most important question - what is Grundy worth to us? Many thought we paid too much for May and Lever. Nobody thought that in October last year. We are not privy to the "deal", if in fact there is one yet. We don't know the structure of Grundy's salary, we don't know the extent or impact of his injury on his likely future performance and we don't know what his role will be in the team and how we plan to use him and Gawny next year. We don't know how banged up Gawny is. What we do know is we've made excellent decisions in the past (Langdon, May, Lever, Melksham, Hibberd, Watts, Hogan) and there is little reason to doubt what we do this year. Whatever we give up for Grundy will not be based on how it will help Collingwood, it will be based on how it will help us. Many, understandably, think we have Collingwood over a barrell and want to screw them to the wall. But I don't think we do business like that, I think we'll look at what we need and we'll pay a price to get it that we are happy with. We are not going to be too worried about whether we give up (say) pick 20 or 30 for Grundy because the reality is we know we need him we won't lose that deal for 10 spots in the draft.
  4. Yep that makes sense. Let's get Adam's $500,000 off the books for one year and pay Grundy and extra $300,000 for 5 years so we only have to give Collingwood a 3rd rounder.
  5. The only difference is we are a better club now and never put Dogga in front of the media. But I’ll leave it there. Most will understand.
  6. Personally I think eye gauging is close to the worst sin in footy. If Berry did it deliberately I'd ban him for a season.
  7. If they pulled the pin on Jackson having offered a significant deal then they lose all cred and no player manager or player would consider them in future.
  8. Everyone seems to be forgetting Andy Moniz Wakefield. I think he has huge potential to be a very dangerous forward and has more chance of becoming a valuable AFL player than Bedford and Chandler.
  9. Thanks for your help Stu. I contacted LG to ask if I could change the Hertz on my TV but you can't. But they told me to change a setting to a thing call "AI" to off and change the aspect ratio to "original". The replays are now at least watchable. I've put this info here to help anyone else who is in the same boat. I contacted LG thru their online chat feature and they were prompt and very helpful. Thanks for everyone's comments and help.
  10. Thanks everyone. The picture is perfect other than the ball in flight where it ghosts and at time almost disappeared. I’ll contact Kayo again for some advice. I thought I’d come to the experts first! I don’t think Kayo will be able to help.
  11. It makes no difference if I set the Kayo quality to HD. My speed tests tell me I've got 52mbps download speed. It's very annoying.
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