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  1. Ham, it’s an opinion. It’s a great talking point and starts good discussion. If you don’t like it put your opinion here. If it’s abusive most will dismiss it. If it’s intelligent most will respect it.
  2. Given your high degree of moral feeling on this you'll be conflicted if he comes won't you? What will you do? Personally I believe in forgiveness and would welcome him so long as the indigenous boy were good with it. It's their feelings that matter. And boy he'd add to our team.
  3. The Strathmore Hotel I reckon WCW! And you were loud.
  4. Luci Chandler is contracted until the end of next year I understand. After yesterdays game his value may have gone up.
  5. Dismissing Walker out of hand is silly in my view. The reality is that Tmac, Brown, Brown and Weid are all mediocre talls and with Tmac's supposed foot injury our barrel is pretty empty. BBB is either terribly out of form or injured. Worse still he could be past it. Weid doesn't look like it and MBrown is no better as a long term solution. That leaves an injured Tmac. It's a fraught situation. JVR is the future but that future is years away until he'll be an effective key forward so for the next two years he's development. Then we just hope he makes it. For those that think otherwise just look at JUH, Thilthorpe, McDonald and Reid who were all taken in the top ten, all with more development than JVR and none playing consistent AFL footy. Our tall forwards, with a few exceptions, have been very poor this year. We need some class while we develop alternative strategies. And there's no use getting fringe players like Riccardi, if they are fringe elsewhere they'll be fringe at MFC. Walker has played great footy last year and this. He's showing no sign of slowing down. He'd be our best forward if he played for us now. I'd be looking at him as we need to sort out our tall forward situation. Jack Darling is another possibility and as mentioned before Rory Lobb perhaps but his contract is an issue.
  6. I'm very please he's got two more years, he's clearly got some attributes but he certainly has a lot of areas to improve. To say he's close to AFL selection when he wasn't selected with about 5 players out is a stretch. In my view he's got a long way to go and his selection as emergency is to show him what it's like to prepare for an AFL game.
  7. Turner very good. Hibbo is there. Laurie not doing much.
  8. No Hibbo? No he’s there. No influence so far.
  9. Why the pejorative comment? As someone who is “older” I find that quite offensive.
  10. You should listen to Goody and learn to respect the opposition a bit more. Have a look at some of the footy (say) the Hawks played. It was fantastic. Beating all teams is a challenge. Thankfully the players and staff understand this.
  11. Simon Madden and Dean Cox were the two best genuine rucks I’ve seen in my life. Maxy is now well in the conversation, ahead of Cox for me and perhaps Madden, but comparing players of such different vintages is very difficult.
  12. This is my favourite bit. I doubted We’d ever be so good as to be feared and hated! Finally. “Right now, just like Richmond five years ago, which followed teams like Hawthorn, Geelong and Brisbane, the Demons are clearly the most feared team in the competition. People want to criticise crowd numbers, just like they want to criticise media performances of players they found entertaining when Melbourne was average, because the team is simply too good on the field.” *attribution and thanks to Stats Insider. Great work.
  13. Thanks Swooper. I think one of the most important stat is what percentage of the time does the opposing ruckman hit the ball to advantage. It may not be critical to win it but it's mighty important that you stop the opposing ruckman from hitting it down his teammates throat.
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