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  1. Any sign of Pup Brown? Had it on good authority that he was close to best on in the praccyagainst Carlton.
  2. I think the danger is our inability to control the loose ball inside our defensive 50 which I reckon is where PA got a lot of their score from (I haven’t checked the stats). Adelaide have some quality small forwards so I’d imagine we’ve put a bit of work into them. I also think the mindset of the Club was to win both games so there is little chance of complacency after the PA win despite the emotional high everyone experienced. I reckon the thinking from the moment the siren went against PA was that the first half of the job was done. If Adelaide are to beat us they will have to play pretty well.
  3. You’ve every right to have a warm inner glow Bin.
  4. Max ANB Chandler (did so much work off the ball which wouldn’t have showed up off screen and his tap to ANB was outstanding) Viney Rivers Trac with apologies to Tmac and Lever who really should be there as they held the defence together under huge pressure.
  5. Howes development has been very interesting. Rumoured to be close to selection on many occasions and apparently earmarked for selection the week he broke his wrist last year he’s never really put in a huge game, or “breakout game” at Casey. And yet he’s clearly been highly rated by the club. He was considered at JvR’s pick in his draft year and we were genuinely chuffed when he was still available in the second round. He’s always been a clean player by hand and a good kick and decision maker but because he never did anything eye catching at Casey or even appeared to be under pressure the temptation was to think he wasn’t doing enough to be best 22. But he’s playing pretty much the same way this year as he did a Casey although he does appear to be more involved in his defensive work and he’s just stepped up to senior footy the same way Juddy did last year. He’s clean, makes good decisions, is calm and disposes well. But the high quality of his defensive work is what rounds out a really promising player. Looks like another JT special to me. Genuine quality at a later pick.
  6. This is an unnecessarily description of a bloke who is busting his gut to make it at AFL footy and Kyah is certainly doing that. I know a little about him and he's leaving no stone unturned to get there and his commitment can't be questioned, only admired. That said I agree it's highly unlikely he'll make it and that his game yesterday was poor. But it wasn't for want of trying and the Casey coach did him no favours. I was right behind the interchange bench and Kyah would have been lucky to play 40 minutes of footy. And when he did play he didn't at any stage ruck, he played as the deepest forward and in the forward line with him were Schache and often Fullerton or Verrell. Jeffo also spent the last quarter there. The delivery into the forward line, for anyone that saw it, was just awful and as third tall I can't remember Kyah being the target inside 50 once. It was a diabolical piece of coaching for a bloke trying to learn the game and feel part of the team. To be playing third banana in a position he wasn't recruited for is just setting him up to fail. Why wouldn't they have rucked him in the last 10 minutes when the game was gone? Why not give him a go in his primary position? I think there is a chance that you'll get your wish Dazzle and he might be gone by midyear although I'm not sure that achieves the objective of freeing up a list spot as he's a catagory B rookie. But what a horrible unnecessary commentary from you, I thought you had more brains.
  7. What is McAdam doing Kev. Any indication of who might go back to replace Bowser? Thanks.
  8. Calling @kev martin, have you seen Woey or Billing train with the backs at any stage this preseason? I haven’t.
  9. I love the way critics identify a problem and never offer a solution. Who Derm, and how? You can only buy what people are selling.
  10. On the couch with my mate Covid. Isolating out of “an abundance of caution”. Last time I watched a game by myself was the GF I think. Go Dee’s, do us proud.
  11. Yes, great passage of play, lucky LJ didn't get his hand on it.
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