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  1. Wasn't eligible after punching out a milkshake
  2. Did he he explain why he couldn't rectify our issues over the space of half a season.
  3. Untried like McRae... yze has 100% win ratio
  4. Should read Cornes wishes Kossie wanted to go to Port
  5. That could be used I guess as supportive evidence but with out any real witnesses, not sure a judge would allow it in a jury trial.
  6. No, witness is someone who witnessed the actual events. Being told something doesn't make you a witness.
  7. The main thing that stood out was the tackles were down and metres gained. Probably injury related but that is football. Some years you will have a good run, some years a bad. Also the trac and Oliver were down on goals per game.
  8. If we get Grundy, it will allow us to mix up our rucks a little and provide more uncertainty for the opposition like Jackson provided 2021.
  9. He goes in hard and tackles well. Would add to our defensive forward efforts.
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