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  1. You mean the fake editing ABC style is great for news.
  2. Brown will take us too a whole new level
  3. I could never work out why they have to have loud music. It is like saying our modern game is boring.
  4. Like that will happen. Jones to miss his 300.
  5. He should apologise to us for take us for a ride
  6. Not sure why callow couldn't get on an AFL list
  7. Weid is a better option than Jackson down forward, jako is a terrible setshot.
  8. Sometimes people cannot attend games when they have to work. Covid and new work arrangements can make it hard to attend games. Beggars cannot be choosers in this current day. The club just has to accept that people are doing it hard at the moment.
  9. Don't worry, if we win our first 20 matches, our membership will sore to new heights.
  10. They are quite out-of-touch with the general supporter base. How much preseason info did you see to drive membership sales or interest in the club.
  11. Yes, they need to take precautions. You cannot blame them, risks are high.
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