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  1. What would ruffling up JJ achieve? Premiership player who always went about things the right way.
  2. Solid defensively but did not get as involved in offensive transition as much as he would have liked.
  3. It's a shame Andy Moniz Wakefield was injured and unable to show his craft in either of our two practice games. He's a like for like replacement for Kozzy and it would of been good to see what he brings at AFL level.
  4. From my seating, I noticed that Ed played on the defensive side of his wing opponent. It appeared as though this provided cover for Caleb to be more attacking from his wing. He didn't have a stand out game but I think Goody would say he played his role well.
  5. We absolutely should and we absolutely asked the question. The MCC knows the funding is subject to them being impartial.
  6. Confirming Angus has officially accepted a role at the club for the 2024 season.
  7. Dannyz


    Unity is a leadership group made up of Max Gawn, Jack Viney, Christian Petracca, Jake Lever & Alex Neal Bullen.
  8. Thank you to David Thurin and his family, who have donated in excess of $1 Million to the club. The facility is elite. Campus 1 complete, Campus 2 loading.
  9. https://www.westcoasteagles.com.au/video/1486827/training-live-stream-070224?videoId=1486827&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1707280460001 West Coast have a quality live stream of open training. Another fantastic piece of content for their fans.
  10. He will absolutely be getting minutes across these games
  11. I've got no doubts McAdam will play round one barring an injury. I don't think many understand how much of the forward line strategy involves him.
  12. Trash when compared to this: https://www.westernbulldogs.com.au/video/1486959/unleashed-cody-weightman?videoId=1486959&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1707289070886
  13. I think it's time to place on record how poor our media output has been since the departure of Ben Gibson. Training photos, the odd awkward interview and generic reprocessed information. I understand the strategy of the club this off & pre-season has been to close up shop and let their footy work do the talking but I truly believe the lack of insightful and creative media content will impact membership numbers, engagement and anticipation ahead of the season. Our website still shows the exciting launch of the 2023 merchandise range. We never hear from Gary Pert or Simon Goodwin unless it's a members forum or AGM. Andy Moniz Wakefield's re-signing was never announced, we are none the wiser on his contract length. I've just gone on to a few other random AFL club pages for context. The Bulldogs have a unique video feature where Cody Weightman (and others) have been filmed from their morning coffee, routine once they get to the club with even a snippet of Luke Beveridge's whiteboard strategy session. It's a unique insight without giving too much away. Sydney have released a 15 minute video from their training camp at Coffs Harbour which shows the player bonding up close and how these camps play out. We know the powers at be read the forum so please place more resources in this area. Love from all of your fans!
  14. I believe his partner will be relocating across from ADL and has been spending a lot of time here in the meanwhile. McAdam will be a brilliant player for us this season. He's not here for his endurance, he's here for his freakish talents inside the 50. Appreciate your support of him also WCW.
  15. Selwyn has a very different personality and approach to Darren
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