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  1. By winning at the coal face, putting his head over it and tackling hard? Spare me. Harmes was super tonight.
  2. Oliver Harmes McDonald May Salem Petracca
  3. It's the age old question around member numbers. It would be great to compare total membership revenue for a true reflection of membership performance.
  4. I dont believe we have a match up for Papley.
  5. I find it hard to believe that we're on our best run since the 60's, we've got news-thirsty fans with some I assume willing to put their money with their mouths are and the official website is good for around 3 articles a week and zero intel or insight. Not having the budget and or COVID isn't an excuse as this is a genuine investment which will garner returns. I was told there would be Kate Roffey interview up this week and it's been a no show. Anyone else feeling the same?
  6. Just to clarify, I was alluding to the fact he was banged up after Saturday night and so may need a rest.
  7. Rivers run dry. But only for short periods normally.
  8. Interesting addition down at casey
  9. With regards to selection integrity, would it not show a lack thereof, to keep Jones in the side after his poorest game for the year but then to drop him after his best?
  10. And it was a thing of beauty! 😍
  11. To me this is an ugly comment after years of our own irrelevancy. Be tough, be strong in our support but do not become inwardly regugnant. Respect the competition and respect Norths heritage.
  12. Salem Petracca Lever Oliver Jackson Viney
  13. Been told her first address is coming Saturday night firstly at the President function, then on Channel 7 and followed by an address on Melbournefc.com.au early next week
  14. Salem Gawn Lever Langdon Oliver McDonald
  15. I know our smalls are in good form but if called upon, I've seen enough in Bedford at VFL level to trust him.
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