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  1. I believe the club is very interested in Sam Sturt of Fremantle. He has been watched live in the WAFL by the club twice in recent weeks. I'm still none the wiser on the actual situation with Jacko but believe Sturt would form part of any deal.
  2. Absolutely love this mentality. It's the same way I feel about May in particular. I think it would have been far more powerful to see him stay with the GCFC and go down in history as their first flag winning skipper.
  3. Viney Lever Oliver Jordon Jackson Brayshaw
  4. He remains close with Trent, his parents are happy with his welfare at the club, he wants to repay the draft faith and the decision to give him an extended break in Perth pre-season, the offer is as flexible as he needs it to be, he wants to continue learning from Max and he generally isn't motivated by money or stardom.
  5. I'm hearing positive things about Dogga staying for a couple of years
  6. Trading Pick 2 to secure a player who is probably going to be better than the player they could draft, especially a gun KPF/Ruck/Utility Mid - would hardly compromise a rebuild. Having said that, on the proviso that Lachie Weller was traded for Pick 2, we should be asking for 2 First rounders and an early Second..
  7. WCE are a far greater concern in this situation than Freo.
  8. Oliver Brayshaw Viney Jordon Salem Spargo. Don't really see it with Hibbo. Always kicks to packs.
  9. You're never winning when you allow Mason Cox to look like Jimmy Stynes.
  10. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/inside-melbourne-demons-crisis-talks-with-afl-boss-gill-mclachlan-over-simon-goodwins-behaviour/news-story/0dc37ab8b0b383854eb45e653a266088 Some more horrendous leakage happening.
  11. There's a reason why Melksham is in the clear.
  12. I think JT would be spewing we have no selection here. I know for sure he highly rates Sam Fisher (Swan Districts). Cannot be sure why hasn't been recruited so far.
  13. I've heard there's no further cases than those reported. Stiff on SOS, who would have been in line for a debut.
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