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  1. I don't get as much intel as I once did but the last thing I heard is that Petty is keen to get back to Adelaide.
  2. Looking forward to playing Luke McDonald into form as is the MFC way.
  3. All roads lead to El Hawli if he hasn't been selected before our pick.
  4. Is it any worse than Howes, Rivers (overrated kick), TMac or Billings? Worth a look IMO.
  5. Andy Moniz Wakefield deserves a chance.
  6. Oliver ANB Kozzy Woewodin McVee Bowey.
  7. Hearing its a Tom Fullarton debut that is on the cards.
  8. Trac Viney ANB Sparrow Gawn Windsor HM - Woewodin for a terrific last quarter.
  9. What do you assume the exact split is?
  10. As settled in WA as any player and will be handsomely rewarded for getting himself fit in a contract year by the Eagles. Not happening.
  11. Gawn Lever Turner Howes Rivers May.
  12. Looks likely to be Pickett & Laurie in for Salem & Kolt
  13. He's as good as gone IMO so his form lifting immediately will be a two fold win. We are better when he's clunking the ball and his value increases.
  14. How many DLander of the year has he won Andy?
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