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  1. News is slow this time of year so I thought this could make an interesting thread. I'll start; Joel Smith is already a handy defender, particularly in 1 v 1's, and will develop into a really good lock down KPB
  2. Port Melbourne looked a viable option at one point under PJ, but Barlett wants us in the heart of Melbourne, near the G and he will stop at nothing to ensure this happens during his tenure.
  3. Gawn on the Podcast said Aaron is professional as they come and it will be a big moment when he does debut for Casey and for the MFC.
  4. Sam Fisher (Swan Districts) has spoken to the MFC Recruitment team.
  5. The club has tried unsuccessfully to convince Cedric Cox that we like his talents and could guarantee him 2 years. Complicated situation with family in remote Halls Creek.
  6. If you're so sure about your info, why are you so defensive? You don't have to prove anything to anyone on the forums, or even post it really.
  7. I asked this question after seeing it on the forums and there was no interest in signing Brodie Smith & Josh Thomas.
  8. My source within the club speaks so highly of this kid. Apparently his application to his rehab has been elite for his age. Given this is the only thing we can base him on, I think he's deserved of another year. I believe the club make this happen, even if it's as a rookie.
  9. A handy back up and a strong contributor to culture. As much as footy's a business, Tmac did re-sign when there was genuine interest elsewhere and there is always at least something in that.
  10. The theory that you have to of been a superstar of this position to coach it is a furphy.
  11. Is it the Toby McLean deal you are referring to?
  12. Why would we need Narkle to fill Melksham's role when Melksham can fill it?
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