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  1. They did want to mow the lawns whilst he was at the helm. People travel far and wide when football teams win matches.
  2. I understand but he who presides over the board can only do so much to impact on field performance. His governance has overseen significant improvements to the FD.
  3. No positive impact? First preliminary final in 15+ years. Brand correctly re-aligned after CS debacle. Financials in best shape for decades. Debt free. Increased attendance, sponsorship, revenue. What were you expecting exactly? The progress on the home base is slow but I agree with GB that we should not rush our home base which will be a 100+ year home.
  4. They will have to think outside the box. Debt levels have ended 'community & leisure' funding handouts. Some sort of medical hub is my shout.
  5. I had heard Kate Roffey can now give our facilities project the time it requires after securing a build start date and finalised plans for Western United's piece in Tarneit.
  6. Gawn & TMac have been awarded life membership. Congrats to both.
  7. He's working on a complex law suit against Arnott's
  8. The club have received the 2021 New Balance range and are in the process of preparing it for online sale. The new stock is in store though.
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