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  1. Given the situation with Melbourne taking an extended group of players away to WA for next week’s game, I wonder why Casey isn’t trying out the NGA players from the local area. With Majak Daw out of team for that reason, surely it makes sense to give someone like Mac Andrew the opportunity to play against higher quality opponents in the VFL?
  2. Mac Andrews’ Dandenong Stingrays lost by 27 points on Saturday but Mac was named in his team’s best players. He had 16 hit outs, 8 kicks, 9 handballs and 4 marks with zero tackles. That gave him 67 dream team points. Official details:- Dandenong Stingrays Goal Kickers: J. Culley 2, M. Bergman 2, B. Taylor 2, L. Robinson, B. Milford, W. Bravo Best Players: W. Bravo, T. Campbell-Farrell, M. Bergman, M. Andrew, F. Jakstas, B. Taylor Eastern Ranges Goal Kickers: T. Charlton 3, J. Arundell 3, S. Ali 2, K. Windsor 2, J. Soligo, M. Hall, N. Watson Best Players: C. Preston, J. Weatherill, T. Leiu, M. Hall, J. Soligo, J. Clarke
  3. Holmes was taken with pick 20 and Geelong did acquire a draft pick to get him but last year’s draft proved nothing given there were no games at all during the season as a benchmark. Clubs had no choice but to sift through whatever footage they had from the past. What WJ is saying is that the jury’s out and time will tell as to whether clubs want to take the punt on him.
  4. Thanks. I stand corrected. This is definitely one of the things that the NGA is for and why the clubs should be rewarded if they have had a role in the player’s development. I came across this unusual quote about ruck draft prospects for 2021 from Knightmare on bigfooty - “For ruck options there are none better than Toby Conway, he probably goes second or third round. Mac Andrew (Melbourne NGA) is the other good ruck prospect, though he could be bid on first round and I can't imagine would drop into the mid draft range (in which case he'd have his bid matched presumably). Outside of those two, there aren't any other rucks I'd be endorsing for picking in the national draft, with perhaps a Liam Podhajski more-so appropriate for selection as a rookie if you miss on a Conway.” Anyone else think there’s something unusual about his comments?
  5. It’s Maibor Chol actually and they have similar South Sudanese backgrounds. There’s five years difference in age and development, same height and Chol weighs 23kg more. Andrew has a bit more bounce and agility in him going from the vision I’ve seen of him but yes, he might become the same type of player that Chol is in 5 year’s time.
  6. The forecast is for rain at the G. We’re good at that.
  7. Could be why Weid was added as emergency?
  8. They’re two completely different players. Conway is a pure ruckman in the mould of Sean Darcy of the Dockers. Not yet as solid but his 90kg is a good start. Andrew is like a very much undeveloped Naitanui and a more mobile type who could play key position at either end but is a fair way off.
  9. Clearly much better than Grundy at the same age.
  10. Agree. It’s damn hard to play well if you’re in a team that’s getting flogged and down on confidence.
  11. I haven’t been following Hawthorn very closely of late but I’m interested in some of their selections this week. That Newcombe kid was great on his debut last month when they sliced up the Swans and Tim O’Brien was good a couple of weeks ago when he put in his claim for the Mark of the Year award against the GWS Giants. Both omitted for this week. Tanking or setting themselves up to take a big scalp against us next week?
  12. In other years Brayshaw and Viney would have stood out fr more than this. If they can lift to be regulars in the best as they were in the past, we can look forward to the finals with a bit more confidence.
  13. There are 17 other clubs in the competition. I'm betting that at least one will take the punt.
  14. https://www.safc.com.au/eamon-wilkinson-player-profile.html
  15. Time for the Collingwood board to confirm Buckley’s contract extension to the end of 2023.
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