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  1. There are reports that we’re actually trying to get the real Jack Higgins (not the author).
  2. I think Collingwood has denied the Neville Jetta story.
  3. Storm, Vixens, Melbourne Cricket Club (District Cricket) won this year. Melbourne Renegades (BBL) and Melbourne United (NBL) last year. Melbourne Victory (A League) not so long ago. Any others? We must be due soon?
  4. On the main topic, I think it’s unlikely we would let Harmes go and rightfully so.
  5. Could be missing for a few games early in 2021.
  6. I was disappointed that Simon Goodwin persisted in playing Harmes off half back for so long but also understand that the coach may have considered his midfield as somewhat one dimensional and was less inclined to use him as a tagger, therefore requiring Harmes to fulfill a different role. IMO that didn’t work out. While Tom Sparrow is also another of the same kind, we don’t know yet how far he can go with his development so clearly, if the club might feel it necessary to offload someone from the midfield, Harmes is a possibility. This would mean that the club has somebody in mind to recr
  7. The only look at football available in the period after the football season was postponed after round 1 was through the medium of old replays on Foxtel. I loved the 1991 game against North Melbourne when Allen Jakovich kicked 11 goals 8 behinds and one out on the full. His marking and kicking (including the scissor kick goal) were just so exciting and the game was enhanced by the fact that John Longmire’s six goal performance for the Kangaroos was pretty flash as well. We also had Darren Bennett and Garry Lyon in the team and they were also strong marks - and not to mention the sublime Jimmy S
  8. The epilogue to the story of Melbourne’s premiership was the departure of its captain and 1964 Keith "Bluey" Truscott Trophy holder, Ronald Dale Barassi. The grand final marked his final appearance in club colours along with fellow six time premiership player, Frank “Bluey” Adams. In the months after the grand final, Carlton’s new president George Harris, desperate to have Barassi at Princes Park, offered him a lucrative contract to cross to the Blues as captain-coach. When it was announced in December 1964 that Barassi had accepted the offer, the hearts of thousands of Demon fans, young
  9. Only 8 entrants in the biggest event on grand final day and not a Demon in sight. This is yet another AFL staple that deserves an asterisk next to it - Statement: Runners revealed for 2020 Colgate Grand Final Sprint
  10. Geelong recruiting guru Stephen Wells has been around for a long time and is one of the most respected of the AFL’s recruiting fraternity. This is a great story for those wondering how Geelong has managed to stay among the leading pack of AFL clubs year after year. It’s about a period of 39 days in October/November 2016 when Wells was busy wheeling and dealing his way to securing the players who are now one win away from delivering his club a premiership. The Architects: How Geelong tapped into a junior footy team to build a premiership-contending list And of course, he’s alre
  11. The impression I get from this is that in order for us to get a deal with Brown across the line, we need to offload some salary cap space ie move on one or two highly paid players like Tom McDonald to achieve this. Otherwise, others might come in over the top of us to claim him.
  12. One of Brown’s issues in 2020 was his fitness. That being the case, one of the best arguments for him coming to the Melbourne Football Club could well be the presence at the Demos of fitness guru Darren Burgess, its strength and conditioning manager. If anyone can get him back on track and kicking goals, it’s this bloke.
  13. Since he’s nominated Geelong as his club of choice, he’s no longer of direct relevance to the MFC recruiting drive. Shipping this thread off to the Melbourne Demons Board where it will stay unless the situation changes.
  14. INDICATIVE DRAFT ORDER (after Week 3 AFL 2020 Finals) ROUND ONE 1. Adelaide 2. North Melbourne 3. Sydney 4. Hawthorn 5. Gold Coast 6. Essendon 7. Carlton 8. Adelaide 9. North Melbourne 10. Fremantle 11. Geelong 12. Western Bulldogs 13. Geelong 14. Collingwood 15. St Kilda 16. Brisbane 17. Brisbane 18. Geelong 19. Richmond ROUND TWO 20. Adelaide 21. Hawthorn 22. Sydney 23. Melbourne 24. Gold Coast 25. North Melbourne 26. Port Adelaide 27. Carlton 28. Fremantle 29. Adelaide 30. West Coast 31. Port
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