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  1. I was at the MCG early on 25 September, 1971 at this very minute when the Melbourne Under 19s were on their way to a premiership victory over Essendon. The team had beaten the Bombers in the Second Semi Final and they repeated the dose by 13 points in the Grand Final. Peter Williamson was solid in the ruck, Ian McGuinness starred up forward with six goals and rover Peter Dilnot took a screamer and kicked three majors. The Under 19s produced a number of future senior players - Ross Brewer, John Cumming, Peter Dilnot, Geoff Harrold Stephen Kerley, Ian McGuinness, Kevin Moore, Laurie Queay, Kim Smith and Peter Williamson. However, despite the fact that there was a lot of promise packed into the side, only Brewer and Kerley became regulars and the latter transferred to South Australia relatively early in his career. Melbourne 6.2.38 11.6.72 13.9.87 18.15.123 Essendon 3.4.22 7.7.49 12.11.83 16.14.110 Goals McGuinness 6 Dilnot 3 Brewer Harrold Taylor 2 Anderson Cumming Williamson I stayed the whole day at the MCG and used the time between the 19s and the seniors to study up for my forthcoming final year Uni exams and then watched the Hawks win their second flag (they’ve won another 11 since then). Peter Hudson kicked a few goals and finished equalling the record of 150 goals in a season but his usual accuracy for goal eluded him and he butchered the opportunity to hold the record on his own.
  2. Taj is playing in a Preliminary Final for East Fremantle Colts but these are the teams for tomorrow’s curtain raiser WA-SA TEAMS: Young guns to light up Grand Final day Western Australia v South Australia at Optus Stadium, 1pm AWST / 3.00pm AEST WESTERN AUSTRALIA B: F. Gorringe, J. Busslinger, L. Michael HB: J. Avery, J. van Rooyen, S. Gilbey C: B. Hough, K. Dittmar, A. Jones HF: K. Harbour, J. Amiss, L. Paton F: E. Benning, L. Polson, J. Stretch Foll: J. Broadbent, M. Johnson, J. Tunstill I/C: O. Armstrong, K. Bevan, C. Bourne, R. Farmer, Z. Fleiner Emerg: D. Curtin, J. Draper, G. Julian SOUTH AUSTRALIA B: Z. Becker, J. Parish, M. Litster HB: A. Draper, O. Adams, B. O'Loughlin C: L. Rayson, H. Harrison, N. Wanganeen-Milera HF: C. Kennedy, L. Cooke, W. Spain F: H. Lemmey, J. Lukac, I. Dudley Foll: O. Steene, M. Liddy, S. Linke I/C: A. D'Aloia, L. Grubb, H. Jackson, M. Michalanney, J. Owens Emerg: C. Beecken, B. Calvett, H. Stagg, L. Whitelum
  3. 2021 WAFL Colts MOTR: Finals Week 2 – East Perth vs. East Fremantle
  4. Thanks for coming back and bringing your support. Cheers!
  5. True but this only applies when Melbourne is playing against Essendon in Victoria. When playing outside of Victoria, earthquakes that happen outside Victoria trump the little ones from Victoria. In 1964 there was a giant earthquake in Alaska. That's outside Victoria so we win on Saturday night.
  6. The earthquake's all good. Just what we needed to get rid of the Norm Smith Curse. I was at school in 1964 when the Alaskan earthquake struck and it was a doozy. Coincidentally, our teacher was out of class for a little while and we were mucking around near his equipment at the back of the room when one of us slipped and banged on the shelf which caused the needle of his baragraph to go crazy. Teacher came in, saw the graph and spent the rest of the day bragging to the staff that he'd captured the earthquake on his equipment. There was also an earthquake in Buchan, East Gippsland in 1964 so I always connect the year with earthquakes. This is now the icing on quake!
  7. JKH was before his time. These days he would be a chance to get a game.
  8. Retired yesterday 'I’ll always be a proud Lion': Ruckman retires after eight-year career To suggest that Andrew might not reach the level of Nic Nat but could become a Tom Nicholls or Archie Smith type has to be pure satire on Knightmare’s part.
  9. Not entirely. They do have a good list so a decent coach who commands respect from the players could get them up to speed relatively quickly.
  10. At this time in 1964, this was the song that was top of the hit parade ~
  11. Of course, the scenario that I provided was based on us having to match a pick in the top ten. There’s still the possibility that he could be nominated in the late teens. We couldn’t match such a bid under this year’s’ rules but who knows what we might have done if it was open bidding? As I’ve said - it all depends on what our viewpoint on him is. On Brander, I have no opinion of him but I think there’s another thread for that discussion.
  12. Very early in his career Jacob Mollison worked for a bank and I met him at a property settlement. He didn’t quite let on that he supported Melbourne but mentioned he thought there was a family connection. Perhaps he was being diplomatic but I have to say that I’ve never felt that he was biased in our favour or against which suggests to me that he’s a very good umpire. Razor Ray is fine but I think he’s been ruled out because he missed the two preliminary finals. Stevic’s good - take your pick of the others. At that level they’re all pretty good.
  13. I don’t recall Ed Langdon or Angus Brayshaw’s names being called out much either, if at all. They are fundamental to our games. Langdon, in particular, should catch the eye. The problem is that the way the game is played these days, the Brownlow is made for midfielders and bad luck if you’re a defender.
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