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  1. Beware Cats. The Demons are very, very good at top-of-the-ladder contests!
  2. Chris Doerre’s power rankings ~ AFL Draft - July Power Rankings: Mattaes Phillipou strengthens claim for No. 1 pick
  3. Care to have a go at picking the team for Friday night’s game?😀
  4. Tend to agree with most of this without knowing whether he’ll make it but he certainly has the athletic traits which clubs favour these days.
  5. How could I forget this bloke who is the son of Dean Duursma who played for Melbourne’s under 19s and reserves in the late 1980s, brother of Port Adelaide’s Xavier and nephew of former Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne player Jamie Duursma?
  6. The other player of interest to Demon fans is Riak Andrew who is a member of the club’s Next Generation Academy. He’s the brother of former Demon NGA Mac Andrew who is now with the Gold Coast Suns.
  7. The Herald Sun’s online page has a feature today highlighting the 2023 draft prospects. There are two players covered in the article of special interest to Demon fans so I thought we should kick things off early. The first is a father/son prospect who is the son of our Nathan Brown who played 146 games for the club between 1998 and 2007. A dogged small utility, Brown’s achievements included - Fourth Best and Fairest 2002 Most Consistent Player 2002 Second Best and Fairest 2004 Most Consistent Player 2004 Best Clubman 2005 Here’s the item about his son Kynan
  8. I'm sure that this question has been asked before - what is JVR's height? He's been variously referred to as being 193, 194 and 195cm tall (see https://www.afl.com.au/news/598548/towering-forward-jacob-van-rooyen-ready-to-show-his-wares-in-academy-hitout which puts him at 195cm). There was a time when club's updated their information - I think Garry Lyon grew to 193cm but started well below that height when he came to the club as a teenager in the Under 19s. Mitch Lewis of Hawthorn is another who has grown considerably since his drafting. It would be handy for the purposes of this discussion if we received accurate information about players' heights.
  9. I’m still trying to navigate my way around this post. AFL Draft Power Rankings – July 2022
  10. He’s considered a top 20 prospect so yes, he’s not likely to be picked up by the Saints unless they draft him with their first round pick.
  11. The free kick stats that day were 24 - 24.
  12. Don’t think he played. I would imagine that there would be some rotation of players in the squad. One slight knock on him based on some pure hearsay from an acquaintance in the recruiting caper is that he’s very lightly built. He might need time to build up physically before he gets recruited. Of course, if that was the case then Robbie Flower would never have been recruited.
  13. Perhaps we could ask Jake Lever if he could give Tex a reference?
  14. With a bye at the end of the home and away games, that would give TMac some slight hope of playing but he would have to incorporate some sort of mid-season with the next 8 to 10 weeks. He’s probably an outside chance at best.
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