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  1. The so-called “experts” keep saying that Melbourne hasn’t beaten an opponent of quality yet. If that’s true then the season begins today...
  2. BBB lines up for his first goal in Demon colours.
  3. In view of the new rules concerning the drafting of NGA’s, I think we need to keep a lid on Mac. That might be somewhat difficult if he repeats this sort of performance on a regular basis.
  4. Jacob Edwards is a young ruck prospect who impressed in the opening round of the NAB League and could be considered in the mid season draft. Dragons' 202cm ruck prospect stands tall as mid-season draft option
  5. From AFL Draft Central - Scouting Notes: 2021 NAB League – Round 1 “Dandenong Stingrays #22 Mac Andrew Another NGA prospect for Melbourne, he showed some really good signs as a forward that rotated through the ruck, where he displayed a good understanding of the role, timing his leaps and placing his taps well to the advantage of teammates around the ground, leading to Dandenong’s scoreboard pressure. He also positioned well in marking contests, being in spots just outside the forward 50 that he’d create a contest for Dandenong to get it back in. #27 Kobi George The Me
  6. Guilty until proven innocent’: Are the Demons the real deal in 2021?
  7. The opening round of the 2021 NAB League boys competition (this year Under 19s) was completed today with the clash between two of the best performed clubs of recent years with the Sandringham Dragons hosting the Oakleigh Chargers at RSEA Park, Moorabbin. The home side came from behind to record a 16 point win. Co-skipper Josh Sinn was among the Dragons’ best while Collingwood father/son prospect Nick Daicos impressed with three goals. However, for Demon fans, the interest this year is likely to be with the Dandenong Stingrays who selected three 2021 Melbourne Next Generation Academy membe
  8. This game was one of our turning points last season. We were good enough to win had we kept our composure and thought our way through the Cats’ negative tactics (and had Adam Tomlinson’s shot from 50 been a metre closer to target). The 4 points would have come in handy at the end of the year. THE TEAMS MELBOURNE FB Trent Rivers, Steven May, Christian Salem HB Joel Smith, Jake Lever, James Harmes C Ed Langdon, Clayton Oliver, Adam Tomlinson HF Mitch Hannan, Jake Melksham, Aaron vandenBerg FF Bayley Fritsch, Jayden Hunt, Tom McDonald FOL Max Gawn, Christian Petracca, Jac
  9. One player worth watching from my favourite NAB League team, the Sandringham Dragons, is Josh Sinn:- Sinn-tillating: The explosive No.1 contender who piled on 13kg in six months
  10. Saints fixture is a killer. They can’t afford to lose this one.
  11. How good is this. We haven’t played yet but are back in the top 4.
  12. One hopes that Simon Goodwin and his team are watching what’s going on at the MCG. The Swans have torn the Tigers’ game to shreds and are doubling their score at 3/4 time. It could be the game changer.
  13. The final score was 5.10.40 to 3.5.23. Well done to the Dees. Who’s next?
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