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  1. We could always try to draft in Will Pucovski who plays for the Demons in Premier District Cricket!
  2. It seems that the team returns to full training on Wednesday, presumably at Casey Fields. Reports from any correspondents who own drones or who are capable of climbing the trees around the oval would be appreciated.
  3. He should have learned that from his grandfather Murray who was a real mongrel in his day.
  4. Troy Broadbridge passed away on this day in 2004, on the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, one of 227,898 victims of the Boxing Day Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami. Never forgotten.
  5. This is the first time in years that I can’t come up with a criticism of the draw. Win 3 out of the first 6 and we’ll be in good nick for the season. Any better and we’ll be contenders. It’s up to us!
  6. The Kobe Farmer story has been shrouded in a bit of mystery from my perspective. A few months ago, the word was that he was likely to go to Freo as a father/son or NGA ahead of Melbourne. Then he suddenly appears here in early December, nominates for the draft and misses out entirely. Our romantic side tells us it would make a great story. The return of the prodigal son of one of our legends is here to mesmerize us with the same magical exploits of his father. I hope it happens but a couple of things do bother me — why have the Dockers fallen off Kobe and by the way, did I miss something
  7. Well, we’re just about done for the year. The next changes ... SSP and MD will be part of 2021 - let’s home we can keep away from COVID-19.
  8. The deadline for the SSP was supposed to be yesterday so the fact that Smith isn’t on the list provided above would suggest that he’s not going to be training with Melbourne. This doesn’t rule out Casey and he might get his chances in the 2021 midseason draft if he can prove himself. AFL 2021: The train-on players and clubs which have list spots available
  9. Here’s the Herald Sun’s compilation of top prospects for 2021:- The top AFL draft prospects to watch in 2021
  10. The 21 best prospects have been selected in an elite academy squad ~ 2021 AFL Academy Squad announced Father-son pair among 21 players in elite AFL Academy squad
  11. He’s lived with it all his life and hopefully, has learned to cope with the mostly unreal expectations placed on his shoulders. No doubt the club is well aware of this and will ensure that he’s well mentored over the coming months. I would expect that Nev Jetta would be fantastic in the role.
  12. The article doesn’t mention whether the club has issued an invitation to anyone else. Is Smith a definite starter as well?
  13. There’s a chance that we might leave both slots open for the mid season draft. It seems to me that there are likely to be a number of players who missed their Under 18 year and didn’t have sufficient time or exposure to show the improvement that they might otherwise have demonstrated but for the pandemic.
  14. We have the room for a player or two invitees for the supplemental selection period but the only player named by the club as a possible candidate to start on 6 January next year is our undrafted NGA prospect Deakyn Smith. This is what it’s about ~ AFL 2021: The clubs which have list spots available ahead of the supplemental selection period Meanwhile, Oscar McDonald is one of three players invited by Carlton as SSP prospects.
  15. Joe Burns on 2 not out about to get his highest score for the season to date.
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