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  1. Thanks to our AFLW correspondent for bringing this to our attention - sorry Grace for missing you in February! Melbourne completes its AFLW list Journey back to footy | Beasley lands at the Dees Her basketball YouTube clips are super impressive. https://youtu.be/vTEJ2f2Jkws?si=iIIibVf5bz-n7kUT One to watch. Westy was good but Grace looks better. She could be anything really. Another Mon Conti? The coach loves a competitor. Good work Todd (recruiter). Early days.
  2. The Allies were once regarded as the “easybeats” of the national championships but after winning them last year, it’s a different story. This weekend, the Vics join the action. PREVIEW | 2024 AFL U18s: Vic Metro vs. Allies PREVIEW | 2024 AFL U18s: Vic Country vs. South Australia
  3. The Demons were jolted early in the 2023 Qualifying Final by the head high hit that ended Angus Brayshaw’s career and helped give the accurate Magpies a big enough start to fall in by 7 points despite a goalless final quarter. Many Melbourne fans argue that hit cost their team a flag and many others are still bemused about the fact that the perpetrator was free to play on in his team’s finals campaign including the winning grand final. MELBOURNE 1.0.6 2.4.16 4.9.33 7.11.53 COLLINGWOOD 4.2.26 5.3.33 9.4.58 9.6.60 THE TEAMS
 B N. Murphy D. Moore I. Quaynor HB B. Maynard O. Markov S. Pendlebury C S. Sidebottom T. Adams J. Daicos HF B. Hill B. Mihocek J. Howe F J. Elliott D. McStay J. De Goey FOLL M. Cox B. McCreery J. Crisp I/C D. Cameron W. Hoskin-Elliott P. Lipinski T. Mitchell SUB J. Ginnivan EMG B. Frampton F. Macrae J. Noble 
IN B. McCreery D. Moore N.Murphy 
OUT B. Frampton (omitted) F. Macrae (omitted) J.Noble (omitted) MELBOURNE B M. Hibberd S. May J. Bowey HB J. McVee J. Lever A. Brayshaw C K. Pickett J. Viney E. Langdon HF L. Hunter T. McDonald A. Neal-Bullen F T. Sparrow J. van Rooyen K. Chandler FOLL M. Gawn C. Oliver C. Petracca I/C B. Fritsch T. Rivers C. Salem J. Smith SUB B. Laurie EMG B. Grundy J. Jordon A. Tomlinson 
IN M. Hibberd T. McDonald 
OUT J.Melksham (knee) D. Turner (omitted)
  4. Didn’t watch the game but I just noticed that Casey only used 22 players which means that there must have been a late “out” and no emergency to cover for that player. On the face of it, that suggests some poor management on the part of the club. It’s a professional sport and even at this level where we’re apparently not even playing to win* it’s not a good look. Was there an explanation given on the broadcast of the game?
  5. Word from inside the Fremantle camp is that the Dockers are pumped and supremely confident about getting the W today. They’ve beaten us the last two times at home and don’t see beating us at Alice Springs as a problem.
  6. Interesting that all three MFC emergencies who were said to have flown to Alice Springs with the rest of the team are named in the Casey side. The three players dropped from the Casey side are named as emergencies.
  7. Oops … signs of aging Cranky. Fixed.
  8. It’s been all but confirmed that Melbourne will take the three named emergencies, Jack Billings, Bailey Laurie and Ben Brown on the trip to the Northern Territory, so that’s at least three changes to last week’s Casey lineup.
  9. Another great Demon and pemiership skipper of our golden era passes. One of my childhood heroes along with Ron Barassi and Noel McMahen. Johnny Beckwith came to the club from Black Rock where he won an Under 18 Best & Fairest. He joined the Demons in 1951 and soon tasted success in that great team of the 50s and early 60s. He played in five premierships - 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, and 1960 (his last game as a player) and was captain in two of those campaigns (1957 and 1959) winning the Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Medal in his first season as Melbourne skipper. He is a Melbourne Hall of Famer and was named back pocket in the club’s Team of the Century. He was famous for finding the boundary with his kicks out of defence in tight finishes well before the out of bounds on the full rule came in. He also coached the club in the post-Norm Smith era from 1968 to 1970 but had little success with a team in the early stages of decline after that great era for which he will always be remembered. Apart from the fact that the names of Beckwith and Barassi will always be tied together as great Demon captains and premiership players, there is another little snippet that binds them. Ron Barassi passed away last year on September 16 - it was the day of John Beckwith’s 91st and last birthday. Condolences to John’s family. [This is an article by club historian Lynda Carroll about the late John Backwith - Where are they now?]
  10. Whispering in the Umpire’s Ears? I categorically deny this!
  11. Surely, the nickname will be “Filthy” (Luker)?
  12. Final list of nominees for the 2024 Mid-Season Rookie Draft Players of interest (for various reasons):- Riak Andrew (brother of Mac), Paddy Cross (Casey Demons), Kye Declase (Werribee, ex MFC), Kyle Dunkley (Brisbane VFL, ex MFC), Saad El-Hawli (Northern Bullants), William Elliott (Northern Bullants), Corey Ellison (Williamstown, ex Casey Demons), Zac Foot (GC Suns, ex Casey Demons), Max Gregory (Casey Demons), George Grey (Frankston, ex Casey Demons), Jackson Hately (Essendon VFL), Tom Highmore (Port Melbourne), Campbell Hustwaite (Casey Demons), Luker Kentfield (Subiaco, WA), Nathan Philactides (Box Hill Hawks), Joe Pike (Geelong Falcons), Fraser Rosman (Port Melbourne, ex MFC), Kobe Shipp (Casey Demons), Deakyn Smith (North Melbourne VFL, ex MFC), Ryan Sparkes (Collingwood VFL, ex Casey Demons), Roan Steele (Casey Demons), Ryan Valentine (Casey Demons), Samuel van Rooyen (Claremont WAFL), Jean-Luc Velissaris (Northern Bullants), Lachlan Voss (Sandringham Dragons), Kai Windsor (Casey Demons) And missing: Uncle Roy
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