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  1. Not MFC but a look back at history and the dawn of television in Victoria. How Melbourne's 1956 Olympics paved the way for AFL broadcasts of the future
  2. Thanks to Ricky @moredees on Insta for these great images ~
  3. Eye on the future: 10 draft prospects to watch in 2024 24 in 2024: A look ahead to next year’s top prospects
  4. More rubbish reporting from the Herald Sun. Headline: DEES’ OLDIES RIPE FOR FIRST SESSION, OLLY MISSES MEMO Josh Barnes - Track watch Opening Two Paragraphs: “A bunch of senior Melbourne leaders joined their younger teammates for day one of pre-season on Monday but Clayton Oliver was not one of them. “As an experienced player, Oliver is not required back until next week, with the first week of training officially only for first to four year Demons.” If Clarrie is not required back until next week and is still on leave, exactly what “memo” has he missed?
  5. For all bar the northern states, the academy system has been rendered meaningless. A move is on foot to change the rules again to make the academies worthwhile again. Academy bid disparity “going to change” as early as 2024 draft
  6. The starting order for next year’s draft. As usual, we can expect plenty of changes over the next 12 months. 2024 draft order: Pies hope for Hawks slide, Tigers load up
  7. And the winner is … 143. Tyla Hanks 105. Kate Hore 74. Olivia Purcell 65. Sinéad Goldrick 47. Eden Zanker 40. Lauren Pearce 37. Alyssa Bannan Eliza West 34. Eliza McNamara 33. Shelley Heath Paxy Paxman 30. Blaithin Mackin 22. Tahlia Gillard 21. Maddison Gay 16. Lily Mithen 6. Sarah Lampard 4. Megan Fitzsimon Casey Sherriff Rhiannon Watt 3. Tayla Harris
  8. According to the Herald Sun, this is the order for Day Two of the Draft My guess is that there will be some passing as the evening drags on and there's space for rookie upgrades. ROUND TWO 30. West Coast Eagles 31. Brisbane Lions 32. Geelong 33. St Kilda 34. Carlton 35. Richmond 36. Geelong 37. Collingwood 38. Fremantle 39. Essendon 40. West Coast Eagles 41. Fremantle 42. Brisbane Lions 43. Richmond 44. GWS Giants 45. Western Bulldogs ROUND THREE 46. Hawthorn 47. Western Bulldogs 48. North Melbourne 49. West Coast Eagles 50. GWS Giants 51. Gold Coast Suns 52. Hawthorn ROUND FOUR 53. Hawthorn 54. Gold Coast Suns 55. Richmond 56. Gold Coast 57. Richmond 58. Western Bulldogs 59. Sydney Swans 60. Carlton 61. Gold Coast 62. Port Adelaide 63. Geelong 64. GWS Giants 65. Collingwood ROUND FIVE 66. West Coast Eagles 67. Fremantle 68. Geelong 69. Gold Coast Suns 70. Sydney Swans 71. Sydney Swans 72. St Kilda 73. Hawthorn 74. Melbourne 75. Geelong 76. Collingwood ROUND SIX 77. Geelong 78. St Kilda 79. Port Adelaide 80. Collingwood ROUND SEVEN 81. Geelong 82. St Kilda 83. Port Adelaide 84. Gold Coast Suns 85. Fremantle 86. Essendon 87. Western Bulldogs 88. Melbourne 89. Brisbane Lions
  9. ROUND ONE 1. West Coast Eagles - Harley Reid Midfielder/Forward, Bendigo Pioneers, 187cm, 85kg 2. North Melbourne - Colby McKercher Midfielder, Tasmania Devils, 180cm, 76kg 3. Gold Coast Suns - Jed Walter Key forward, Suns Academy, 194cm, 97kg 4. North Melbourne - Zane Duursma Midfielder/Forward, Gippsland Power, 189cm, 79kg 5. Hawthorn - Nick Watson Forward, Eastern Ranges, 170cm, 68kg 6. Western Bulldogs - Ryley Sanders Midfielder, Sandringham Dragons/Tasmania, 185cm, 86kg 7. Melbourne - Caleb Windsor Midfielder, Eastern Ranges, 185cm, 74kg 8. Adelaide - Daniel Curtin Key defender, Claremont, 197cm, 95kg 9. Gold Coast - Ethan Read Ruck, Suns Academy, 202cm, 92kg 10. Essendon - Nate Caddy Key forward, Northern Knights, 193cm, 88kg 11. Geelong - Connor O'Sullivan Key defender, Murray Bushrangers, 198cm, 92kg 12. GWS Giants - Phoenix Gothard Forward, Murray Bushrangers, 178cm, 72kg 13. Melbourne - Koltyn Tholstrup Forward/midfielder, Subiaco, 186cm, 86kg 14. Gold Coast Suns - Jake Rogers Midfielder, Suns Academy, 171cm, 69kg 15. Western Bulldogs - Jordan Croft Key forward, Calder Cannons, 201cm, 81kg 16. Sydney Swans - Will Green Ruck, Northern Knights. 204cm. 93kg 17. GWS Giants - James Leake Defender-forward, Tasmania Devils, 187cm, 77kg 18. St Kilda - Darcy Wilson Midfielder-forward, Murray Bushrangers, 176cm, 74kg 19. Hawthorn - Will McCabe Key defender, Central District, 197cm, 86kg 20. North Melbourne - Taylor Goad Ruck, South Adelaide, 206cm, 97kg 21. Adelaide - Charlie Edwards Midfielder/Defender, Sandringham Dragons, 191cm, 85kg 22. North Melbourne - Wil Dawson Utility, Gippsland Power, 200cm, 86kg 23. North Melbourne - Riley Hardeman Defender, Swan Districts, 185cm, 75kg 24. Sydney Swans - Caiden Cleary Midfielder, Swans Academy, 182cm, 79kg 25. Collingwood - Harry DeMattia Utility, Dandenong Stingrays, 184cm, 77kg 26. Gold Coast - Will Graham Midfielder/defender, Suns Academy, 186cm, 81kg 27. Adelaide - Oscar Ryan Defender, Murray Bushrangers, 187cm, 77kg 28. St Kilda - Lance Collard Forward, Subiaco, 180cm, 65kg 29. Carlton - Ashton Moir Forward, Glenelg, 187cm, 85kg
  10. No 42 is gorn. Day 2 of the Draft is going to be a wipeout for the Demons.
  11. I don’t suppose that Melbourne has ever had a Koltyn playing for the club before?
  12. Wow. Another disappointing way to bow out of a season! Three consecutive losses. Ouch! Let’s vote and remember - there’s always next year.
  13. There’s a lot more to recruiting that meets the eye. The top recruiters spend a great deal of their time on due diligence, interviewing the players they fancy, their families, coaches, school teachers etc in order to establish as thorough a profile of their target as possible. I don’t have that information but on what I’ve seen of his footy skills and prowess, I would be happy to see his name come up at pick 6 if that indeed, is our first pick on Monday night.
  14. 129. Tyla Hanks 105. Kate Hore 74. Olivia Purcell 48. Sinéad Goldrick 42. Eden Zanker 38. Lauren Pearce 37. Alyssa Bannan 34. Eliza McNamara 33. Shelley Heath Paxy Paxman 24. Blaithin Mackin 23. Eliza West 22. Tahlia Gillard 16. Maddison Gay Lily Mithen 6. Sarah Lampard 4. Megan Fitzsimon Casey Sherriff Rhiannon Watt 3. Tayla Harris 1. Maeve Chaplin Aimee Mackin
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