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  1. Good point George. There is the possibility that a club which fares badly can apply for special assistance which has been provided in recent years to Gold Coast and North Melbourne after they had a terrible season but given that Hawthorn was so adamantly against giving additional draft assistance to Melbourne after about three poor seasons a decade ago, they wouldn’t think of applying for themselves off one poor year. Would they?
  2. Okay death riders, here’s the bad news. Freo’s narrow 1 point loss was enough to lift it one spot on the ladder which means that Melbourne’s notional draft picks gleaned from the Dockers are now 6 & 24 instead of 5 & 23. Let’s just hope the Weagles win the Derby.
  3. What we’re seeing at present is the advent of the elite young player coming in and playing well from the get go - Nick Daicos, Harry Sheezel, Will Ashcroft, Cam McKenzie and Mattaes Phillipou. They’re all medium sized midfield types (although not necessarily playing there yet at this level). Jacob van Rooyen is a key position player with a season of VFL behind him and before that, a few WAFL games. He has to be rewarded with an AFL debut very soon and if it’s true that Schache is out with concussion, next week against Sydney is the time to make it happen.
  4. “every knee inj he’s had has felt different.” As I understand it, if it’s an ACL you hear or feel a pop. Perhaps this is a positive sign but even that’s not conclusive. Keep your fingers crossed.
  5. Last week Brisbane led Port Adelaide by 12 points at half time. They lost by 54 points in the end. Just an observation.
  6. This is already out because Adam Tomlinson is playing tonight.
  7. After the first round of the 2023 season, the Fremantle death ride has Melbourne’s first pick at #5 and the third pick at #23.
  8. Question is whether your teammate Mark Reid has a son called Harley?
  9. A selection of team previews for teams taking part in the Coates Talent League Boys competition in 2023. Ranges “itching” to rip into season proper Jets starting to jell ahead of season 2023 Standouts setting the standard for Gippsland Fundamentals set to drive Knights north Stingrays set high standards in search of next step More to come if available.
  10. That would also involve a flight out of Brisbane late tonight or early tomorrow morning.
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