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  1. Do we really want to offer Jayden more than 2 years, that's the question. WC will be offering at least 3 years and that's what we need to compete with. We have Smith for 2 years and Hibberd for 1 year - we probably believe we can get a full season out of them combined in the role.
  2. Joel Selwood can take over as AFL Football Ops manager and keep the Geelong benefits flowing.
  3. We need to keep Weid next year. He'll play 2nd ruck games when Max or Grundy are out rested or injured. We're not going to entice a better back-up ruck option to join us behind those two. We need to draft a ruck prospect.
  4. Josh Dunkley wins the Dogs B&F, Aaron Naughton 3rd. Strange times.
  5. Talented but problematic and available - Lachie Hunter and Sydney Stack - we probably don't want to go there ...
  6. The Lions biggest weakness is having Zorko as captain - surely they change this.
  7. Maybe Port want someone who is guaranteed to be there later - say Harry Barnett - ruckman from SA rated at 20 by Cal Twomey.
  8. That dilutes their McStay FA compensation and hurts them with picks and points for Dunkley and the 2 F/S.
  9. The Lever trade was 10 + F1st for Lever and 35 (plus steak knives both ways) and Demonland thought WE got ripped off there. That's the benchmark for this trade.
  10. You've got Out: Pick 11 twice, which is confusing the deal
  11. Every year at least one very good player will be out of contract. AFAIK Luke Jackson is the first one, that we wanted to keep, to leave. You'll have an unhappy time if you stress over every case.
  12. Any interest at all in Jackson Nelson as a lockdown defender, Hibbo replacement? Delisted by WC, 26yo, 100 games, has some size at 187cm, reputed hard trainer and good character.
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