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  1. At least this way we can watch both matches and the sub can play for Casey if he doesn't get a run with MFC.
  2. Jake's 17-0 is great. I note that TMac and Jack are both still about 20 losses in the red. Max is close to evening the ledger. That must fuel hunger.
  3. Just starting to sober up after last year 🙃
  4. Brown plays his 150th vs his old club this week. Melksham plays his 200th in a home game at the MCG next week. Neat.
  5. JVR one-handed marking, wearing 21 in a recent video
  6. From the training pictures: 22: Howes 27: Dunstan? 41: Moniz-Wakefield That leaves 2, 21, 39, 40, 43 free for JVR, Woewodin and McVee. I wouldn't mind seeing Woey in #2
  7. Agree. It seems pretty weird that Jake Lever scored 498 or 49.8% for that season. Yes even Clarrie went at only 67%.
  8. Great result. If my maths is correct there's 1000 votes on offer if you play all 25 games. When I look at the numbers there must be some pretty hard markers among those coaches.
  9. Good chance to really own some teams: the Dogs R1, Geelong, Port, Brisbane, West Coast away. We can win all of them and really get in their heads.
  10. There's a pretty high correlation between the two measures in the top 9 which is not surprising and all but St.Kilda and Richmond played finals in 2021 - worrying for St.Kilda, the Tigers can safely reminisce about their flags. Correlation goes a bit haywire in the bottom 9. I think intuitively it's better to be placed higher on games accrued than age because it could indicate that you've got more experience into a younger list. If that's correct then things look surprisingly positive for Hawthorn and Collingwood. Less so for GWS, Carlton and Essendon, but then two of them did play finals last year so let's say: less so for Carlton. Therefore it looks least promising for St.Kilda and Carlton to me - no real news there ...
  11. That's definitely going for it!
  12. From the Monday 6/12 training video it looks maybe like 22 Howes, 27 Dunstan and 41 Moniz-Wakefield
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