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  1. With Bowey, Salem, Rivers and McVee all running off half back we should be cutting team defences to shreds, but we just don't seem to utilise their speed and kicking skills enough. I really hope we can get better at this. Steven May takes way too many kick outs and I don't see him as a great short kick these days, just a good long left boot.
  2. Best way to compare them all would be looking at impact after the same amount of games/same age. JVR v Ben King - Jacob Van Rooyen and Ben King AFL Stats Comparison (footywire.com) - he has him covered in most stats and kicked almost identical goals with almost 20% less game time JVR v Max King - Jacob Van Rooyen and Max King AFL Stats Comparison (footywire.com) - again has him covered in most stats JVR v JUH - Jacob Van Rooyen and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan AFL Stats Comparison (footywire.com) - JVR wins again JVR v Amiss - Jacob Van Rooyen and Jye Amiss AFL Stats Comparison (footywire.com) - this one is tight and I'd probably give them a tie. Will be interesting to watch both their careers as they were the same draft. I won't bother with the other ones, but this shows that at the same age JVR is outperforming some of the guys who are now becoming established key forwards.
  3. I really don't GAF what this Seb bloke or anyone at SEN thinks to be honest, but I'd love to know how many teams boast 6 under 24s comfortably in the best 22 of a side that finished top 4? It's all well and good North having a heap of highly rated youngsters, but if you finish bottom 4 then who really cares? We have genuine elite young backs in Rivers, Bowey & McVee. We have one of the best young key forwards in JVR and one of the best small forwards in the keague in Kozzie. Probably the only area we are light on with talent in this age group is genuine midfielders and a key defender, but Turner and Adams could both come on in the next few years. Not to mention we have Windsor & Tholstrup who both look promising on the very little we've seen so far, so I'm not too worried about our young stocks.
  4. Saw that the Kolt is already getting in on the grappling sessions Vines does with his bro and Tom Mitchell. Pretty awesome for a young kid to be already putting the extras in! Think we may have a beauty here.
  5. Windsor looks like he will be able to put on some decent size.... exciting times.
  6. Nice work! From your eyes who is 'training the house down'?
  7. Love the commitment WCW! Unfortunately my work gets in the way of things I enjoy in life.
  8. Correct, the draft is based on the ladder after finals have concluded. So it just depends on how you look at it, we were top 4 after the regular season finished, but finished 6th after finals. So technically both are right, just depends how you look at it.
  9. With all the stuff going on, at least we have money
  10. There was a bit of rumours going around early that we were interested in Daniel Curtin with pick 7, however we made the decision to go with Caleb Windsor. I'd be keen to know, 1. Did we ever consider Curtin at that pick? and 2. If so, what was it in Windsor's game that made us decide to take him ahead of Curtin?
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