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  1. I love how people just make stuff up to suit some narrative...
  2. Clarry gets pinged for throws all the time and Cripps nothing.... different rules for different players as we all know
  3. Oh boy, Thursday night's game is going to be a poo-show.... can already see it now
  4. We will know pretty early next year I think. From an interview with Jeff White he said there is an option for father son/academy players to play VFL with their prospective club. If he wants to come to Melbourne he may well move down here next year and play for Casey.
  5. The new prototype for mids is high speed, high skills, as opposed to the inside bulls that were so important when we were building our list. I think a lot of this comes back to the way the game is played now and the extreme scrutiny on physical play, especially anything remotely close to the head.
  6. Perhaps Tommo will take Tmacs role and he will then take Lever's role? Fingers crossed it works!
  7. I think this comes from the impending retirements of Gawn & May (guessing after 2026 both could potentially retire) and to a lesser extent Viney & TMac. It doesn't take into account however how much growth we get out of our young brigade like Rivers, McVee, Bowey, Windsor, Pickett, Howes, Tholstrup, Verrall, Jefferson, JVR, Jed Adams & K Brown for example. Also the potential addition of Kalani White end of 2025. The key will be our list management and the free agent/trade opportunities. If we want to keep the window open we will have to be aggressive at the trade table and fill the holes by bringing in ready made talent. For example, if Luke Davies-Uniacke is keen to depart North I would be really disappointed if we aren't going hard at him given we lost Brayshaw. This would then allow us to play Trac forward a lot more, as LDU is a fantastic centre bounce midfielder. Obviously a gun key forward would be ideal as well, but I just don't know who is available. If Richmond go the rebuild we could look at Tom Lynch, but his injury issues put a huge question mark over him.
  8. I don't think Tomlinson is suited in the role to cover Lever, so would prefer we send Petty back there. I also wonder if we can get our forward line functioning without Petty, would that open the door to play May, Tmac, Lever and Petty in the same backline? In any case I would like to see the following for this weekend: Outs: Lever, Brown & Howes Ins: Van Rooyen, Fullarton & Langdon B: McVee May Petty HB: Rivers TMac Bowey C: Langdon Oliver Windsor HF: Pickett Fullarton Neal-Bullen F: McAdam JVR Fritsch R: Gawn Petracca Viney Int: Sparrow Woewodin Chandler Salem Sub: Billings If Bowey doesn't get up then Howes is in for him. We need to reward form and Woey was easily in our better handful of players and can play half-back and wing. Howes has been pretty underwhelming of late and needs a spell in my mind. Fullarton definitely hasn't been setting the world on fire at Casey, but we need to give him a crack given we have no other options and we know what Brown offers now.
  9. Correct. If he nominates Melbourne then Gold Coast can't do anything about it and vice-versa.
  10. I actually think it would be detrimental to Jeffo's development to play him in the seniors atm. He is starting to find consistency at VFL level and kicking goals. Moving up to AFL level is a huge jump up and may kill his confidence. Would rather he keeps kicking bags at VFL for a while. I will say I'm feeling positive about him long term after watching his last few games. Great mover and a natural forward, just needs to keep building his body and tank. He is too inconsistent throughout games atm.
  11. I think it is time for some personnel change. We can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. I'd like to see Woey in for full game time. He has been playing really conistent footy and deserves a good block of games in the team and not as sub. Billings needs to go back to Casey for mine and I think it is time to give Laurie an extended run in the team as well. Brown is cooked at AFL level. We may as well play Fullarton and at least have him second ruck so Petty can stay forward or alternatively lets see how Verrall goes.
  12. One thing I wonder with the WA teams, have the AFL ever considered fixturing them for two away games and then two home games each to limit the travel? They could come stay in Melbourne for a week, play two games and then have two home games. Or you could do Melbourne and Sydney so there is only a small flight inbetween.
  13. The 6-6-6 rule has probably been the best one they've brought in. Stops a team from sending everyone back with a minute to go and gives the other side a chance if they need a goal late to win a game. The ruck nomination rule needs to go ASAP. It just allows more players to get to the contest and that results in less flow. The stand rule hasn't really done anything for the game other than allow players to run way around when shooting for goal and it looks ridiculous when they are going past the man on the mark and he can't do anything. I think if they get rid of those two the game will be a lot better. Obviously they need to be better at adjudicating the HTB rule as well, but regarding rule changes the ruck nomination and stand rule should go.
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