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  1. Exactly right! But then the AFL haven't learnt from their previous mistakes, and come finals time, we will have these same expansion teams playing, but much better sides denied.
  2. All fixed now in your original post. .....looks much better! As LH has noted, there is only a limited time to edit your post.
  3. There is an easy way for Tassie to get an AFL team. Just don’t give North return air tickets! Woul be surprised if there are 2,000 at the game. They have obviously handed out free tickets to school kids, trouble is they are wearing Demons beanies, Hawthorn jumpers or Freo jackets.
  4. You would still have to contact the membership people to record who to transfer it to....
  5. It's worthwhile calling the membership department offering it back, as they encounter numerous people who are unable to afford a membership at the moment. You can then be sure it will go to a good home.....
  6. It didn't work a couple of weeks ago. It did last week. It isn't this week. Back to screenshots to pass them on to others. Just ridiculous that this keeps happening, and that our membership department ( and other clubs) spend all their time sorting out the ticket agencies problems.
  7. While 2 years may seems short for a Premiership coach, short term contracts will be the standard for both players and coaches, until the CBA is re-negotiated and the AFL comes through with new Soft cap limits. So all good news and thoroughly deserved for all parties.
  8. The $20M is only cash. They have $60M in current assets, and about $130M in total assets.
  9. Saints should be able to do it, as Moorabbin is part of Boonwurrung land.
  10. How is it they have been promised $30M for a project that hasn't started, while we have only crickets chirping for a project that hasn't started?
  11. Hopefully the groundsman isn't the same person who provides the injury updates. Could be 2024.......
  12. Email the photo to yourself from your iPhone, and after hitting "Send" you should get a dialogue box which gives options to reduce the size(mb's) of the photo. Once you receive it yourself...then use it to post.
  13. Exactly. I was able to forward tickets in prior weeks, but not the last time. Had to take screenshots to forward them on. Have used printed screenshots for other tickets. Ticketek just hopeless....Don't bother calling them, they don't answer their phones. Wait for a repeat of the Finals tickets allocations disasters they perpetrated in previous years.
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