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  1. Not one of those named is defender. Why...because they are at the other end of the ground! The most likely to achieve this "statistic" are those who play just outside the 50m arc. They are not necessarily the best kicks. Let's make up another "statistic" of the best kicks out of 50m. Just meaningless rubbish!
  2. Maybe the Narrm Curse is really the "Norm Curse" with different pronunciation?
  3. It would be interesting to know how much of those numbers are because Ed Langdon was missing.
  4. Been going on longer than that @old dee....the infamous merger talks were about getting us a training base at Glenferrie oval.....28 years later we have....zip, nada....
  5. ..and as a father made a very wise choice for naming his first child!!!
  6. And the other side of their banner just said “go Cats” Put a lot of thought into that!!!
  7. Can you kick a footy over the wheat silo or hayshed on your parents farm?
  8. There is no such thing as tanking any more. 1. The league has some magic formula to give clubs access to additional players/picks. The old system which encouraged tanking under a formula previously used no longer exists. 2. Finishing bottom gets you the first pick, and then pick 19...one pick after the premier for that year, and so forth. So all you finish up with is one player/pick more than the premiers. Look how much it has done for WCE this year. That is not how you build a list. 3. WCE played finals in 2020. There is no way the league will give them any access to extra picks. As hard it is to believe, they haven't been bad enough for long enough yet. 4. WCE were offered 3 first round picks for pick 1. They refused, just so they could get 5 minutes of coverage with Reid when they selected him. With Darling, McGovern, Gaff all gone in the near future, they will need more than 1 player to replace them.
  9. Couple of things..... Why are goal umpires no longer getting behind the flight of the ball as it comes in? They are trying to make calls while standing in the middle of the goal area. No way can they see if the ball is touched or over the point line from where they are cemented into the ground. Or have the AFL issued an instruction to get more goal reviews, so that they can ensure the crypto ads are seen by all? It wasn't just the frees paid it was the frees not paid to St.Kilda which were telling. Front on contact in marking contests, holding the ball. The over the boundary line mark which resulted in another Port goal at a critical point in the match. It was just disgraceful. Can CH7 just get rid of Luke Hodge as a commentator? St.Kilda player slammed into the ground, and Hodge reckons he staged to get the free. The inane post goal descriptions of what we can see with our own eyes each and every time. Surely only bettered by the medical expert BT diagnosing a meniscus injury to Rowan Marshall, which is "better" than a PCL......spare me!
  10. Quite easy to understand. As highlighted in his message, we will not be playing games at Caulfield. So for the VFL, AFLW, VFLW sides we will still need a ground to play on = Casey.
  11. Ahead of last year for the first time. 59,659
  12. I wish my teachers wrote a report like Taylor Whitford did for KFW .....1 mark 1 disposal!!,
  13. ....and the original is rather racist.
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