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  1. Lot’s not covered adequately. No recognition of history. Board still writes election rules to suit themselves. President can stay on board for 12 years!! We need better than this.
  2. Really should read the articles before posting. 2018 for Casey. We are not looking for crumbs. Others have had tens of millions given to them to build facilities. And then more to upgrade them. We don’t have one in 2022!!
  3. ...and wouldn't you hate being a forward .....is he going to kick it? Short or Long? Is he going to keep running? Will I run forward or retreat? Do I lead now or wait until he stops running? The fans love the look, but it does nothing for the team.
  4. Yes, or you have to be physically strong like Mumford, Lade, Natanui. Point is today 197cm alone is not enough, especially when you come up against Witts, Natanui, English, Reeves, Lobb & Cox.
  5. Trouble is this Board has been saying for the past 2 years " we can't say anything yet because of what the government will allow us to say". To date: nothing! Prior to that Glen Bartlett said he would have a training facility before he quit. Nothing, and the same Board is still there. Prior to that.....go back to Ian Ridley when proposing the merger with Hawthorn....we will get a training facility! Go to the 2020-23 MFC strategic plan. Item 5 " start construction of a new Melbourne home base facility" 12 months to go and nothing! So other clubs can "get millions" which are used to refurbish existing facilities, but we don't even have that. The ONLY club in the AFL which doesn't!
  6. The guy is 197cm. Too small for an AFL level ruck. Only got the job at Casey after Daw retired. 2023 will be his 8th season at the club. And people still think he can be turned into something.
  7. The TV ratings for this game should put to bed the lie that Sydney are the most supported team in the competition: https://www.afr.com/companies/sport/afl-grand-final-a-ratings-bomb-for-channel-7-20220925-p5bkt9 How is it that barely 300K watch "their team" from NSW in the GF , when supposedly they have 1.2 M "supporters" across the country? And that assumes the NSW viewers are Swans supporters.... oh yes, Roy Morgan think so: https://www.roymorgan.com/findings/sydney-swans-are-the-most-widely-supported-afl-club-ahead-of-collingwood-west-coast-and-essendon
  8. Well done Richmond. Kept Brisbane down in the leaders pack. 18 points to 14!!!
  9. Will hopefully improve with the addition of Duffy this week. A genuine forward. Harris has moved up the ground. Daisy is not a forward, and we have depended on Kate Hore and the mids to put score on the board. Critically % will be a big factor with this biased fixture. If your team is fixtured to play the new sides in the competition you will get big % boost. With only 10 games, there will be a log-jam at the top and second rate sides will get a finals gig, same as when they ran the conference system before.
  10. Probably because names were named in the report, but de-identified for public consumption.
  11. Good idea if it gets rid of pre-season matches, as is proposed. So the players won't be affected. Now watch Gil give it to Tassie in the first year.....and we get allocated Queenstown as the ground to play at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-18/queenstown-gravel-oval-why-was-it-built/11499186
  12. Best way to guarantee another ankle strain. Strapping is good post injury to get back on the day, but if you want it to repair, stop strapping further.
  13. Libby doing it all on her own. Heath great at tackling, but forgets about where the ball is in general play. How many goals did they get from kicking it off the ground in the goal square? Daisy wasted in the forward line. Need to bring Duffey in to kick goals. L. Pearce needs to hit the ball away from the opposition goals.
  14. I think it was @binman who was speaking about Salem, Bowey & ( Spargo or Fritsch)
  15. Not a fan of Melksham by any means, but the reason for retaining him is quite simple: Between main and rookie list we will probably and have lost : M.Brown, Rosman, Daw, Baker, and Jackson. That is 5 list spots already, and we will in all likelihood get 2 draft picks for Jackson. We don't know what Bedford and Chandler will do, but if they were to go, then probably more draft picks. Even with 5 picks, that means our 5th pick is pick 90 at the earliest. If Melksham is delisted another draft spot, then that becomes pick 108. Is Melksham better than a speculative pick 90? One would have to think so.
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