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  1. We now know who the oldest former player is: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1027591/a-special-visit-for-melbourne-s-oldest-living-past-player He played 1 game in the Premiership year of 1948. http://demonwiki.org/Des+Bell
  2. I wish people would get over their MFCSS. We are the best side in the competition. 1. Do they remember that we absolutely belted the Bulldogs in the GF? They would be traumatised by the prospect of playing us at our home ground in front of rabid supporters, after what we did to them at a neutral venue. 2. Sponsors bring more money into the club than members. Here is the opportunity to grab a prime time exposure for the sponsors in front of a huge crowd. This sort of prospect make the club marketable. The AFL won't fixture us for this type of exposure if we are playing GC. You have to make hay while the sun shines. 3. Playing the Dogs is the opportunity for the players to show they are serious about giving their home fans the chance to see us playing in another GF at home. Beat the Dogs again , and the rest of the competition takes a collective breath. Win this game and all those members who waver about stumping up their money for 2022 quickly head for their wallet.
  3. Just brilliant @Demonstone!! Had to forward your assessment on to a Hawthorn fan.....how good is it being able to crow after a Premiership?
  4. Looks like Noel is winning the race: Born 30/10/26,(94) Ken 11/2/31 (90) Clyde 27/11/33 (87) I met Noel by accident one night after a game. He had taken the wrong turn leaving Box Hill station and was wandering the street when he flagged me down. I set him on his way to where his daughter was meeting him. Interesting I am sure it was Clydes son was featured on Australian Restoration on the ABC recently, as they had restored a house they owned in Beaumaris. Showed pictures of the son with his brothers as young boys decked out in Demons gear.
  5. Even better to watch will be if they don't leave or no-one takes them on. What will that do for them as players? What message will it send to other players? What will younger Hawk players think at the moment....they want me to walk through brick walls, but then throw me out like I'm seeing done to others?
  6. Salem 26 years old. 130 games. Probably needs another 8 years, but he isn't playing a crash and bash role in the middle, like Oliver. Could be like Burgoyne still going at 34....
  7. Here is the site: MFC Member badges brought home: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1732461107107595
  8. Aaah the Toump! Perhaps we should re-draft him based on his performance in the SA Grand Final? https://sanfl.com.au/league/news/eagles-win-2021-statewide-super-league-premiership/ 26 touches....wow. Not to mention a couple of Menzels and another draft prospect in Riley Knight playing. and that Stengle bloke looks good too.....in such esteemed company and high level football surely someone will draft him this year?
  9. You have to give @Supermercadoa bit of time. After all it took him 57 years to write the book about our last Premiership.
  10. That's it! And it means we get next years player in this year and can put 12 months of development into them. What don't people understand about being in a Premiership window? It is about the now, we make the team better NOW. We would only "lose" at the draft if we drop to the bottom of the ladder in 2022. Do any of the critics of this tactic think that will happen next year?
  11. If this goes through he is simply insurance should injuries occur. We have retired VDB and Jones at 29 and 32. Dunstan at 27 would give us 2-5 years as a serviceable player, which is all that the other two could provide in Season 2021. If he provides more, then that is a bonus.
  12. Looking forward to Cam beating up on the opposition for the Phillip island Bulldogs at the Annual Easter match in Cowes. He really is miles ahead of anyone else at this level.
  13. Gold Coast's other problem is their list size. I think they had 51 for this season, as a result of concessions the AFL gave them in 2019-20. That has to be reduced like all clubs, I think, to 36 plus rookies. So they have accumulated a heap of players they now cannot keep or pay for. Their salary cap problems are tied in with the number of players they have to pay, not the quality of players. And like a lot of clubs this year, to meet reduced COVID salary caps, they backloaded contracts. The backloading starts happening this year, so we will see a lot of delisting just to keep under the cap. Other clubs just did an across the board reduction in salaries for 2021, and will avoid the problem.
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