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  1. We have already traded out of the 2020 compromised draft to get Pickett. It would be pointless to trade in draft picks this year, particularly since the absence of lower level and under age competitions has made player assessment more of a gamble. We will be looking for player swap type arrangements, plus 2021 draft picks.
  2. A week and a bit later the total is now: $584,548.50
  3. And if we can't beat North without Brown, Ziebel, Cunnington and possibly Daw..ditto.!
  4. For those who haven't heard him in action: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/790074/rd-10-match-highlights?videoId=790074&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1596632647001 At 00.56..01.00 02.55..02.56 05.10..05.11
  5. Someone has got their wires crossed: This is from Michael Gleeson's article in the AGE today: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/chairman-s-criticism-was-fair-goodwin-20200804-p55ih8.html ...."Melbourne are one of the AFL-assisted clubs required to provide weekly updates on their profit and loss so they would require AFL approval to make a large payout to cover a sacking - were it to come to that."... As Lucifers Hero says...the Balance sheet is OK because of the Bentleigh Club ( which hasn't been revalued in donkeys years ) but a Balance sheet doesn't put food on the table i.e money to run the show......unless you sell an asset. Or as LH says: "The only way we can get cash from the Bentleigh Club without selling is to borrow against it. But where would we get the cash to fund the borrowing? Pokies money is all but gone." ....
  6. Good summation there DeeSpencer. Really sorry to see O'Dea going, as she was just a solid rock in telling times during the game. I think the style of play and the strength and shape of players required to be successful changed dramatically last year. The arrival of players like Greisner and Prespakis and their ability to just push others away signals where the game is going. The best way to get these types is through the draft, since they will never be traded. I hope the Irish girls come back, or can come back. Goldrick was a standout, and had adapted well to our game, and she provided the tough "at it" approach needed now in the game.
  7. Love your work also. Puts some facts behind what we are seeing on the ground.
  8. Go to the "Give" icon at the top of the MFC home page....
  9. $514,449 to date. approx $100,000 donated since last weekend.
  10. People are going to be disappointed during trade period this year. It is doubtful that Melbourne will be heavily involved. Why? Compromised draft: we have already given away our 1st round this year to be able to select Pickett last year. At the time the club said that the compromised draft in 2020 meant picks were not in equivalent value to 2019. Why would we then try to trade back into the same compromised draft? If the 2021 draft is less compromised, then we may try to trade for future picks...leave that to Jason Taylor and the experts. Existing list: There are players who we haven't seen or barely sighted to this point. Jordon, Sparrow, Rivers, Nietschke, Baker, Petty, Chandler all look to have something to offer, but can't get a game, because of the strength of the list ( or injury). If list sizes are reduced, there are a good number of others outside this group who can be discarded, so apart from the required number of draftees ( 3 at the moment) we really don't need any more. Since it is difficult for players outside our top 22 to get a run at the moment, there would be a chance that other clubs may be interested. However, you are not going to get a high draft pick for those players. e.g Sam Frost got Pick 50 and Hawks’ future second-round pick - GAVE AWAY Picks 42, 61 and Demons’ future fourth-round pick. Again, what is the point of 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds picks in a compromised draft, and which we probably don't need or want in any case. Unless a really good player comes to your club under FA arrangements, you have to give up the equivalent or more to get them. Gone are the days of "stealing" talent from other clubs. Even Gold Coast are keeping their high end talent these days.
  11. Also " The MFC, an illustrated History" published after 150 years
  12. For a true history of the MFC there are 2 to recommend: 100 years of Football. Naturally only covers up to 1958 And Lynda Carroll's "The Grand Old Flag"
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