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  1. Lack of information coming from the club is becoming endemic again. Website still has last year’s membership tally posted, with no updates. Why post training times at all if it isn’t current.? Bring back Ben Gibson.
  2. In the manner of @Demonstone's demonstrative quizzes here is one for the trackwatchers: What in the Hell are these markings on the ground? They are placed just outside the goal square and are permanently marked. They run diagonally toward one wing only and are enclosed within a box. There are also two diagonal lines on both sides from mid goal-square to the 50m line. Same at the other end of the ground. They weren't used as part of the "snapping" exercise run by Choco before the main session, so what are they?
  3. Last time we had a praccy against Richmond THEY requested Casey, to be able to play on MCG sized oval.
  4. With you all the way with this one @binman! Freo has some serious young talent, which needed to be complemented to get them to the next stage. Have they done that or have they just been star struck by the prospect of the young talented Jackson? What does he add when they have a lot of negatives from their trade period? While they have an excellent ruck in Darcy, they gave away Meek, a 24 year old 203cm ruckman, and Lobb another 207cm ruck, who was their leading goalkicker(36) for the season. So is Jackson an upgrade on what these two already offered? They lost Mundy to retirement, who despite his age, was a genuine contributor in the middle. Will O'Meara be an upgrade on him? Not by a lot, at the very best. Fyfe was unable to get on the park last year with multiple hamstrings and a shoulder injury. That's what happens too often over 30...Tabener their other main forward also turns 30 this year, after playing only 5 games. To get to the big dance you need your absolute best on the park. You need to inject talent which will fill the gaps and push you to the next level. The danger for Freo is that they may have achieved neither.
  5. Since I was standing alongside @Slartibartfast I will only add a couple of things … Kade Chandler was in absolutely everything. Tackling Steven May to the ground, that's hard for someone twice his size, but Kade did it!. He just kept throwing himself into every contest, and would have to be making a serious tilt for a full time slot in the seniors. Viney v Petracca head on? Frightening to watch as the immovable met the unstoppable. Both bounced off and continued on their merry way. A bit worried about Grundy. Just doesn't take one grabs (and yes it was slippery), but he doesn't look to be all that fit. Was streets behind the others in his running group, but was also lagging in the match sim. The usual benchmark of who is on the track post 1 Jan is promising. J Smith seems to be the only semi permanent out, at the moment, although AMW looks a long way off with only running exercises. Hopefully Lever and Howes are just temporary stays from the main group. BITTER BUT OPTIMISTIC’S TRAINING REPORT
  6. We already have 2 rucks in Max and Brody. KFW for the future and Verrall as tall. We only have a list of 44-45, so how many rucks do you want? Last year Casey used Bell for most of the year, Daw when he was on the list, with JVR as resting backup. Even brought in The Spencil! Casey can do the same again this year without MFC putting one on the list.
  7. no...nothing. Espcially annoying when other clubs have had tallies up for some time. Office doesn't return until next Monday....maybe we will get an update then.
  8. Good news from the session: lack of obvious injuries being carried...i.e. apart from Kossie with a single tape under his knee, there were no other players with strapping, unlike the finals last year. Even BBB, who was only doing goal kicking, didn't have his usual knee bandage. There were some heavy knocks. Kiah F-W got hit heavily on the scone in a marking contest, and didn't look all too well. Gus assisted him off the ground while calling for trainers. But he rejoined later. Fritsch was very tender after being tackled and clutched at his knee, hobbled off, but also came back on. Trac went down in a tackle and was looking the worse for wear, but also returned and was seen taking shots for goal after everyone else had long departed back to AAMI. Definitely buy the JVR shares, with Blake Howes as the smokey speculative. And if Sestan can build some endurance( he is a loooong way behind at the moment) he will be something special with his strength and kicking skills. DEESPICABLE'S TRAINING REPORT OLD DEE'S TRAINING REPORT
  9. Geelongs total assets are approx $53M, net assets approx $17M. The major difference between the two is the lease liability they have over the stadium of $21M. But that liability is spread over a 28-40 year period.
  10. Don’t forget TMac& BBB…..And Pickett, JJ and Jackson were carrying knee injuries into the finals. That’s 11 players below their best. Small wonder we fell away in the second half of games at the end of the season.
  11. I didn't mean the club assets....it is up to you, me and all of our 60K members, because successive Boards over a 35 year period have done nothing to create a home for us. Imagine how much we would have if we each had contributed just $10 or $20 per year toward a building fund? It isn't hard to organise. But it requires someone to do just that. It took 5 years before we caught up to Essendon, who enabled the means to make tax-deductible donations through the ASF. It just requires foresight. Hawthorn are doing it to build their Dingley facility, even though it is not built yet, because they know you cannot depend upon government largesse alone.
  12. ....and soccer wonders why it can't get ahead in this country. We had a Dutch visitor a couple of years ago, who was a fanatical soccer fan back home. But when I suggested we go to an AFL game she was terrified, yes terrified. She was accustomed to being bussed to opposition grounds ( even for local games) and parked behind barbed wire to be separated from opposition fans. Then the same procedure going home. So when we arrived at the MCG where fans of both teams walked to the ground together, sat together , and then walked home together, she was simply blown away.
  13. Both you and I, OD were probably at this meeting and heard this ....0.22 to 0.29. We were hoping that something could be done in the intervening 25 years since this day, and now we are being told another 5 years!
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