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  1. Laburnum station is 5 min walk from ground. Train to Richmond 20 minutes.
  2. Exactly Onion.....it's not pedantic either. A player doesn't get to 150 games unless they are any good. A player doesn't get to 150 games unless they are 26-28 years of age. Games played and age are the outcomes, not the reason. Does anyone seriously think that 22 Shaun Burgoynes ( of today) in the side will gurarantee a premiership? He's just not as good today as once. But he is older and has played more games...... The more good players you have in the side, the more likely you are to win a premiership. Simples!
  3. Have been trying to get a wheelchair seat for a Tridents member who is severley disabled i.e already has ticket 2nd level on the wing in that area. Application to Ticketek...no response for 2 1/2 days....finally they send one ( just one, he needs a companion seat as well) located bottom deck of Ponsford in GA!! In first game of season they didn't even reply to the request! Fortunately called the club, who arranged a wheelchair seat in the Tridents area. Fantastic effort by the Membership team, who have to cover for Ticketeks failures....again.
  4. Just what we need....another 2 teams who can't support themselves. $30M p.a. going to GWS, similar to GCS, with St.Kilda and North being held up by the AFL as well. With more teams on welfare, it just means less to be returned to grass roots levels, and the teams which are currently providing the income of the AFL.
  5. How do you develop a young player in the game plans, tactics and developing relationships with team-mates and the club, when they are playing elsewhere? The whole reason for taking the Casey Scorpions under our wing was to ensure that our players were trained in the "Melbourne way" by Melbourne affiliated coaches, and playing in positions that suited their future roles at senior level. How would we feel when a "loaned" player is sent back onto the ground with a "niggle" which gets exacerbated and becomes more serious? Silly idea.
  6. Razor Ray managed to get the even coin toss wrong in the Geelong -Hawks game. Selwood had to tell him it was a head not a tail. No improvement there.
  7. Exactly. Geelong play "rope a dope" and kick it short until they can punch into forward line. They did this to us last year, and the year before. We can't afford to bring in a player like Melksham who hasn't shown any desire to run and tackle and put pressure on the opposition.
  8. No...Hawthorn 2008, the Baby Bombers in the 90's, even Brisbane in the early 2000's. All young teams but loaded with talent such that they were able to win multiple premierships in subsequent years. Hawthorn and Geelong should have won the past 5 premierships if age and games played was the criteria.
  9. This is one of the old furphy's using statistics to form a conclusion after the event. Players don't get to play 150 games unless they are any good. They don't get to be 26 and still in the system for the same reason. The reason teams win premierships is because they have a sizable group of good players. It's as simple as that.
  10. Sam Reid gone for our match against the Giants: https://www.afl.com.au/news/573893/match-review-giant-banned-for-fyfe-ko-tiger-charged-for-ump-contact
  11. The low crowds are because of the way tickets are allocated under covid rules. 75% of the MCG is available, but not of the total seats. It is 75% of the MCC, 75% of AFL/Medallion club, 75% of reserved seats etc. So to use the AFL area at the MCG as an example ( I don't know its capacity but lets call it 20,000), that means 15K allocated. But there aren't 15,000 Richmond and Hawthorn AFL members. Let's be generous and say there are 10,000. That means 5,000 seats do not get sold, alongside the 5,000 unavailable....in that area alone. Now using our game when you put a side like
  12. Maybe because the AFL hasn’t locked in the fixture beyond R6. Can’t put it into a calendar when the game can be played somewhere between Thursday and Sunday
  13. But you have to subtract the Medallion club seats as well.
  14. I tried to get a ticket for a wheelchair friend who has a seat in the Tridents area. Put in application on the Tuesday before, and am still waiting for a ticket. I spoke with another wheelchair seated person, who put in an application on the Sunday before, and only got a ticket after calling the club on Friday. 45 minutes waiting for to talk to someone at Ticketek, only to be met by a " we don't have enough staff" recorded message. Call the club and then Ticketek offered a seat in general admission, despite them paying for Tridents membership, and having allocated wheelchair seats
  15. And since 10 teams don't make the 8 then you have to be prepared for a "bad year' about 50% of the time. We lost $2.8M from gaming revenue when COVID shut down those operations. 36,000 members only produced $7.5M in 2020. We need to increase our membership by 30% just to stay where we were. All pigs are fuelled and ready to fly.
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