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  1. Yes he was, but while I was there, the players didn’t separate into groups as they have done before.
  2. Lovely day down at Casey, blue skies and low 20's. A sharp contrast with the high 30's that we experienced last year with smoke filled skies. Only allowed to watch from outside the fence, so the track-watchers on Monday got it good! Today I was really "on the outer". In rehab: Brayshaw, Petty and Smith. Smith carrying a bandage on his left knee. Most of their work seemed to be strengthening type exercises. All were kicking intermittently, Brayshaw off his right foot ( I can't remember which one was injured).Hibberd was unsighted, but I may be wrong as half the players were wearin
  3. Like Sam Mitchell, kicks equally well of both feet:
  4. Ripper...... $100 on its way to assist Demonland with the sponsorship: https://demonland.com/clients/donations/
  5. The Age reporting the results from the practice match against Geelong ( no link available on-line): "Karen Paxman suffered a corked quad in 2nd quarter after starring early. Meg Downie an ankle injury in the 3rd quarter, diagnosed later as a sprain only. Melbourne win 8.7(55) to Geelong 5.4.(34)
  6. Requirement under Corporations Act when club doesn't have an email address. Members who have not provided one to the club actually cost the club tens of thousands each year. I think there were 9K last year when volunteers posted out notification of the Annual meeting.
  7. Foundation Hero Legend Silver status ( has donated $100k - $149K to the club) https://www.melbournefc.com.au/support-the-club/foundation-heroes-and-legends
  8. For @old dee and @hemingway there are a few clips that they would remember.... and perhaps the last players, Alistair Lynch, Moorcroft....who last kicked one seriously in a game? https://www.afl.com.au/video/32505/myth-breakers-what-happened-to-the-drop-kick?videoId=32505&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1420484400001
  9. Here are highlights ( with English commentary!): Sinead Goldrick ( 7), Niamh McEvoy ( 14), and Lauren ( Speccie) McGee (8) are our girls..... McGee gets a yellow card in the last 30 seconds, but if she was playing AFL would get a crowd cheer instead.....Goldrick shows her AFL level skills multiple times, and there is no doubt about the fitness of any of the girls, in this game they run all the time.
  10. Welcome to the world of accounting....unless you see the actual book entries, you will never see the whole story. It will never be in the accounts, but the possible advantages could be: * rental at less than market rates for the administration offices. * financial support directly from the MCC, but this would be hard to find in their accounts as well * utilities costs? * provision of superbox at the MCG, at cost? * advertising material inserted into MCC membership renewals The pity is that the MCC has not provided enough to the MFC through its 160+ years of
  11. Apparently 30% of staff were made redundant as well...
  12. That one line explains everything that has been claimed. The Bentleigh club had not been revalued for years ( and should have been). We have been drawing down on the sale proceeds from the Leighoak club for 2 years now. While this past year has been difficult, in terms of operational cash flow, all that has been happening is we are selling assets. Importantly, although the sale of Leighoak was fortuitous in terms of COVID since Poker machine venues couldn't operate, we have not replaced the $1M per year of profit that it provided. Revaluation of Bentleigh, doesn't put a
  13. Importantly we haven't been shafted by the AFL in terms of the home games against Richmond and Collingwood. These are huge earners for the club, as the home side. Post covid ( let's hope it has been suppressed by then) it is important that we get back on our feet financially.
  14. While we have been over and over this in numerous threads....I have to agree. Why weren't we involved with the redevelopment at Caulfield racecourse? More room than Goschs/AAMI. Local clubs involved. Middle of Demon heartland.....I could go on, but as you said we have hitched to a different wagon.
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