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  1. The rest of the world is going down paths that will absolutely be followed by us, since we are now so far back in the race. The French will only allow you into a restaurant or bar if vaccinated: Why vaccine-shy French are suddenly rushing to get jabbed | The Economist Wanted a ticket to the Wimbledon tennis finals, then you had to be vaccinated" COVID-19 Entry Requirements - The Championships, Wimbledon 2021 - Official Site by IBM Even in the USA, tickets to NBA games going to vaccinated people or getting access to vaccinated only sections: Knicks will only sell tickets to vaccinated fans if they advance to second round of NBA playoffs - CBSSports.com Vaccinated | Phoenix Suns (nba.com) This is what is happening in the rest of the world, it will happen here as well. If you want to see AFL games next year when the borders eventually open( which they will)....guess what? You will need to be vaccinated. Go and get it done!
  2. Here is one of our own who could kick straight: Big Bags (afl.com.au)
  3. Looks like we have got our first Father- Daughter selection....Georgia Campbell, daughter of Adrian Campbell. Touted as a top 20 pick, we will only have to outlay our first pick at 42! https://womens.afl/news/73318/father-daughter-product-headed-for-melbourne
  4. Tegan Cunningham has had a short retirement, now nominating for the draft. Would we re-draft her? https://womens.afl/news/73301
  5. This is the ANB interview on the club website......forget the interview.....in the background is Greg Stafford working with Kossie on his goal kicking, much more interesting: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/983044/off-the-track-alex-neal-bullen?videoId=983044&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1626676252001
  6. He will kill us in finals because he can't pick up the ball or kick it cleanly, when needed.
  7. And no Ceglar, meaning McEvoy has to ruck all day! He could barely move in the last game he played. No Hardwick, Jiath and Scrimshaw means their backline "talent" comes down to .....Frost!
  8. 52,448 That takes the total beyond the best ever in 2019!!
  9. 52,251 Only 200 or so until we exceed the all time number
  10. Agree. Trying to get wheelchair seats. Call "hotline"...get told to fill in form, and wait till they get around to it. Last time they responded the day after the game, saying there were no seats. But the ones which we were trying to get were unoccupied during the game.
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