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We will murder the filth on Monday.

Lou C. Fur

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1 hour ago, Tarax Club said:

 Uncle are you suggesting chaos theory applies here?

A bear attempts a dump in the woods on Saturday, remains seriously constipated until Monday arvo. Desperate for 'release', arrives at the 'G' disguised as Eddy Everywhere in costume. Gate crashes the BIg Freeze 8 pre-game celebrations. Takes the slide hits the ice bath, the shock to the stretch receptors is too much and the [censored] hits the fan. Colonwood boys forming a guard of honour, loyally take the hit.

Demons take the field to clean up the 'filth'.

Read me like a book Tarax!!!!!

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We should win j think,

we played not too bad against the swans , the previous three games were poor though, but I thought we showed signs of good footy last week.

we are a good side and good sides respond to criticism,   And our week has been good since the altercation. Lots of fugasi though. Fancy two supporters having views on how the team is playing or coached. 

but we do need the forwards together with tracca and clarrie to have a good game.

we should win. Happy with one point better with 10

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1 minute ago, At the break of Gawn said:

Really don’t want to see a thread like this again until we are absolutely humming and won 5 in a row.

I’m sure a delusional poster will start a thread that we’ll put the Lions to the sword.

Possibly one that believes that loading is the sole reason why we’ve lost 3 in a row.

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On 6/10/2022 at 12:17 AM, AC/DeeC said:

We will not just beat them, we will murder the filth on Queens birthday 2022.

I just feel it in my bones.

We are a club with values and principles with their backs against the wall. We are a club prepared to sanction and suspend those who step outside those principles.  

We have been blasted 24-7 since Sunday in the press for all the wrong reasons, when there is so much going right.

So many supporters, members, players, coaches, and admin staff and everyone else who loves our club will be bleeding red and blue right now. Angry as [censored]. Channelling this anger and applying it to playing football will be the secret weapon.

Against a club whose questionable values and principles failed to suspend a player for a not so dissimilar transgression in another country. Against members of the public. The value differential between the two sides is stark. And this is key.

Time to make a stand Melbourne. Time to murder the filth.

Time to turn up and finally enjoy an old fashioned epoch-making Melbourne MCG slaughter of the filth of truly epic proportions.

Don't have tickets and want to witness the murder?

I have 2 tickets I bought 2 weeks ago that I no longer need, as I've accepted an invitation to the murder from the hallowed seats of the MCC for only the 2nd time in my life.

The 2 adjacent tickets are on the 2nd row, 4th level, Olympic stand, next to the MCC on the wing.

I'd hate them to go to waste. They cost me $53. I'm happy to give them away for free to a Demonlander so that they can also witness the murder with their own eyes.  

1st Demonlander to PM me will get the tickets.

Go Dees!




I hate you. Stuff like this always bites us on the butt.

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On 6/11/2022 at 10:36 PM, Docs Demons said:

Yes the forwards are struggling a bit but for us to give this mob a hiding we need our full lot of mids to dominate in tight and on the outside and give some decent disposals to our forwards advantage. Trac needs to have a blinder on Monday and we need the lesser lights like Harmes, ANB and Sparrow to give Oliver a hand out. This happens and we win easily.

Well I will quote myself here. As mentioned above we did not have Trac firing. He was very ordinary and Pies last goal he was just jogging along inside the Pies players doing nothing. Like a under age player. Either he is unfit (as in not well or injury) or he is getting a BIG head.  The lesser lights to help Clarry were not seen. Forwards struggling that's if you want to call them forwards. When things are tough and prssure on we go missing in the forward line.

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On 6/10/2022 at 9:35 AM, bluey said:

A link in the chain is broken, trust has been broken, culture has been broken, not a quick fix.

The writing was on the wall.

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