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  1. I opened mine last night watching the replay. It was not good however still polished off half the bottle.
  2. I reckon Trac was the turning point particularly half way through the third to the final siren. He just said to the guys "hope on my back and I'll take you to the premiership"
  3. I don't think to many will be leaving. Maybe a couple of the reserves but we are in for a great ride. Some of those young kids who didn't play plus Tomlinson augers well for a bit of a dynasty me thinks.
  4. Like most of you lot and being at the 64 GF I've been waiting along time and last night was an amazing performance. Again like most was worried early in 3rd but then remembered I mentioned in game day thread that if we are a kick or two behind at half time we will run over them. How true!. Had plenty of beers before and during game. Told better half and son that I have a Robbie Flower port I bought from club many, many years waiting to open when we win another flag. Stayed up for replay and had about half the bottle. Bit rough today as the PORT certainly isn't as refined as Robbie was!.
  5. Could be spot on here but also I hope that those 3 umpires keep an eye out for illegal blocking of Max way off the ball. Brisbane did it to him at Metricon last year and Umps did nothing. Hears hoping they pay one early to Max if it happens.
  6. I'm strangely relaxed but no doubt will be toey tomorrow and will be getting into the soup around 4pm. Be well and truly ready by 7pm Brissie time. Reckon we will win and win well. Start well or be within a kick or two at half time and we will run all over them. Was 12 years old in 64 and as mentioned before was at the G that day so been a long time for me and allot of you. Bring it home guys.
  7. Who cares what the Umpires do as we will be that far in front any biased umpiring will not help the puppies.
  8. Dr Gonzo we did not get Jacko. The AFL sent him to us to sort our mess out. Thank goodness he did.
  9. Gee you talk a bit of sense here Dwight, which is strange for this site.. My exact thoughts. If he wanted to go to the blues he would have come out by now and announced same. This also leads me to think we are a big chance and he will wait until we WIN the GF. I have trust in our back office to get it done some how.
  10. That last line is spot on Dwight. Said many a time, our best is better than all others best including Dogs. We play at our best or very close to, then we win and I believe fairly easily.
  11. Except for that blatant push in the back by Hawkins on May which resulted in a goal and also May hurting himself. How 3 umpires can miss 2 hands in back pushing May is beyond me.
  12. Exactly and whilst I reckon we will win and win easily, providing we play at or near our best, I am a little worried about the umpires. Both Dogs and Cats seem to get away with plenty and have the rub of the green. Some of those decisions and non decisions baffled me last night.
  13. GWS still bat very deep in the midfield. Far more than the Cats so even though they may have a couple of outs I still give them a great chance. What I want is a very hard physical, tight game with a couple of injuries and reports then whoever we play the following week are stuffed.
  14. Yes he is tough and goes hard at the ball but turns it over a lot. My Brissie mates up here who go to the Gabba reckon his kicking is woeful. Hope it continues and he wins ball and gives it back to us!!
  15. Yep like a few on here I was 12 and as mentioned a few times was at the G that day and could not get into the Dees rooms after the game so went into the Magpies. In those days the rooms were open to whoever could get in. A great day and since then we have lost 2 GF's but really had not much chance against the Hawks and Bombers respectively. This year it is more of a open slather and if we play anywhere near our best we can and WILL take it. I bloody hope so.
  16. Over the year Goody and the match committee have been reluctant to make changes which our healthy list assists so expecting a no change.
  17. Brisbane Interstate member and saw ZIPPO games live. We play the Gabba pretty well so hope they pick that for one of the finals.
  18. Agree but let's wait for the fun to begin. My view is Scott will rest some of his older guys and we will also
  19. He was peeved off at Spargo for a pretty ordinary kick which should have hit him on the chest.
  20. Been a great year watching from Qld however we play like we did today and the coming weeks will be tough. I reckon today was nearly our worst performance for the year and we won by 7 goals. Go figure that out!. Need to polish up on our skills and again kicking into the forwards but happy we are in this position and let's give those protected Cats a horrible thrashing to start off with and take on who ever we play there after.
  21. Hang on Chook. He also said Weid played well kicking 4 or 5. Take what he says with a grain of salt.
  22. I reckon if the bye round is scrapped then both Cats and us will rest quite a few players. Will be nearly a Casey V Cats reserves game. Cats will rest Selwood , Danger and may lose Hawkins but I doubt that as he is a protected species. We could rest Gawn, Kozzie and anyone else with a niggle or two. Makes sense and boy will the AFL be peeved off if it happens.
  23. I saw the 64 game and I'm still in my home thanks!!!!
  24. Seems like most of the players are fine which I assume means also Salem even though some learned people on here advise us he has groin issues. I would like Weid to come in and hope he can play a decent game along side BB. Hibbo for Hunt as he has the synergy with the rest of the backs and we can trust he gets back some form. JJ back to sub unfortunately. Keep it simple and some normality allowing the team to improve before finals.
  25. And the crowds have been good at Giants and Suns games?. Most people that turn up at their games are interstate supporters of the opposition team.
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