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  1. Duffy is a bit stiff got injured then they let her go. She didn't get much of a chance.
  2. Today Gold Coast tomorrow GWS B: Lemmens, Collins, Swallow HB: Lukosius, Ballard, Weller C: Ellis, Miller, Humphrey HF: Davies, Chol, Holman F: Ainsworth, Casboult, King FOLL: Witts, Anderson, Rowell IC: Flanders, Hollands, Rosas, Graham Reserves B: Farrar, Andrew, Budarick HB: Powell, Brock, Long C: Constable, Atkins, Sharp HF: Sexton, Day, MacPherson F: Jeffery, Burgess, Oea FOLL: Moyle, Fiorini, Tsitas IC: Uwland, Berry, Blakely, Stein
  3. Today Geelong tomorrow Gold Coast B: Tuohy, Blicavs, J.Henry HB: Bews, De Koning, Stewart C: Smith, C.Guthrie, Holmes HF: Duncan, Cameron, Miers F: Stengle, Hawkins, Rohan FOLL: Stanley, Atkins, Dangerfield IC: Kolodjashnij, Z.Guthrie, O'Connor, Close Reserves B: Bowes, Foster, Clark HB: Kroeger, Murdoch, Simpson C: Knevitt, Willis, Menegola HF: Whyte, Ratugolea, O.Henry F: Ceglar, Neale, Dempsey FOLL: Conway, Parfitt, Bruhn IC: Clohesy, Mullin, Riccardi, N\A Geelong also have a spot on their list for a train on.
  4. Today Fremantle tomorrow Geelong B: Ryan, Pearce, Chapman HB: Clark, Cox, Young C: Aish, O'Meara, Brodie HF: Schultz, Fyfe, Walters F: Jackson, Taberner, Frederick FOLL: Darcy, Serong, Brayshaw IC: O'Driscoll, Banfield, Walker, Switkowski Reserves B: Hughes, Hamling, Benning HB: Wilson, Davies, Williams C: Worner, Erasmus, Wagner HF: Sturt, Treacy, Corbett F: Henry, Amiss, Emmett FOLL: Reidy, Colyer, Johnson IC: Kuek, Draper, Knobel, N\A Fremantle also have a spot for a train on.
  5. Today Essendon tomorrow Fremantle B: Redman, Ridley, D'Ambrosio HB: McGrath, Laverde, Hind C: Merrett, Parish, Cox HF: Langford, Jones, Stringer F: Martin, Wright, McDonald-Tipungwuti FOLL: Draper, Hobbs, Perkins IC: Caldwell, Weideman, Snelling, Heppell Reserves B: Kelly, Stewart, Reid HB: Lord, Zerk-Thatcher, Hayes C: Setterfield, Durham, Shiel HF: Guelfi, Voss, Menzie F: Wanganeen, Baldwin, J.Davey FOLL: Bryan, Tsatas, A.Davey IC: Phillips, McBride, Munkara, Montgomerie
  6. Today Collingwood tomorrow Essendon. B: Maynard, Murphy, N.Daicos HB: Quaynor, Moore, Pendlebury C: Lipinski, De Goey, J.Daicos HF: Sidebottom, Mihocek, McCreery F: Elliott, McStay, Ginnivan FOLL: Cameron, Adams, Crisp IC: Mitchell, Noble, Howe, Cox Reserves B: Richards, Dean, Ryan HB: Draper, Kelly, Ruscoe C: Bianco, Macrae, Allan HF: McInnes, Kreuger, Hoskin-Elliott F: Frampton, Johnson, Hill FOLL: Begg, Harrison, Carmichael IC: Wilson, Murley, N\A Collinwood also have a spot for a train on.
  7. You already have half of them wrong. Grundy is 6, Hunter is 12, Schache is 19 and Farris-White is 47. Interesting to see what numbers Jefferson, Adams, Verrall and Sestan are.
  8. Today Carlton tomorrow Collingwood B: Marchbank, Weitering, Saad HB: Williams, McGovern, Docherty C: Acres, Cerra, Walsh HF: Durdin, C.Curnow, Martin F: Silvagni, McKay, Motlop FOLL: Pittonet, Kennedy, Cripps IC: Fisher, Hewett, Young, Owies Reserves B: Hollands, Plowman, Cowan HB: Newman, Kemp, Boyd C: Binns, Dow, Cottrell HF: Fogarty, Lemmey, Cuningham F: Philip, Mirkov, Honey FOLL: De Koning, O'Brien, Carroll IC: Akuei, E.Curnow, N\A Carlton have a spot for a train on player.
  9. Forgot the Followers in the reserves.
  10. Well it's not for everyone just thought some people would be interested in the best 44 for every team.
  11. Today Brisbane tomorrow Carlton B: Gardiner, Andrews, Starcevich HB: Rich, Adams, K.Coleman C: McCluggage, Dunkley, Bailey HF: McCarthy, Hipwood, Rayner F: Cameron, Daniher, Gunston FOLL: McInerney, Neale, Zorko IC: Berry, Answerth, McKenna, Ashcroft Reserves B: Madden, Payne, Prior HB: Lester, Michael, Wilmot C: Tunstill, Robertson, Fletcher HF: Lohmann, Smith, Ah Chee F: Cockatoo, Fullarton, B.Coleman IC: Lane, Sharp, McDowell-White, Brain
  12. Everybody knows how I love my best 22's so I'm doing a best 44 for every club starting with Adelaide. Tomorrow Brisbane. B: Smith, Worrell, Doedee HB: Dawson, Butts, Milera C: Hinge, Keays, Schoenberg HF: Rachele, Fogerty, Rankine F: Murphy, Walker, Thilthorpe FOLL: O'Brien, Sloane, Laird IC: Soligo, McHenry, Berry, Murray Reserves B: Sholl, McAsey, Seedsman HB: Jones, Michalanney, Hamill C: Hately, Crouch, Parnell HF: Cook, Himmelberg, Nankervis F: McAdam, Gollant, Pedlar FOLL: Strachen, Dowling, Taylor IC: McPherson, Borlase, Newchurch, Bond
  13. Not sure on these 2 picks don't know much about them. Whatever Taylor picks I'm happy with he's proven himself over the years. Casey B: Adams, Turner, J.Smith HB: Rivers, Tomlinson, McVee C: Howes, Dunstan, Woewodin HF: Chandler, van Rooyen, Melksham F: Moniz-Wakefield, Schache, Jefferson FOLL: Verrell, Jordon, Laurie IC: D.Smith, Sestan, Farris-White, N\A We still have 1 spot left for the train ons. Wonder if Emile-Brennan will be one of those?
  14. Happy with the pick. We now have Turner, Petty and Adams as the pillars of defense for many future years. Casey B: Adams, Turner, J.Smith HB: Rivers, Tomlinson, McVee C: Howes, Dunstan, Woewodin HF: Chandler, van Rooyen, Melksham F: Moniz-Wakefield, Schache, Jefferson FOLL: Farris-White, Jordon, Laurie IC: D.Smith, N\A, N\A, N\A
  15. Read the rule and I like it. It allows us to play McDonald and Melksham at the same time. Allowing Melksham defensive ability shine as well as McDonald's offensive abiltity to shine without changing the side too much. It will put players like Spargs and Nibbler under the pump so they don't become the sub.
  16. Have I missed something ? What the new rule?
  17. Happy with the pick. We have 2 key forwards we can look forward to in the future in van Rooyen and Jefferson. Seniors B: Lever, May, Hibberd HB: Brayshaw, Petty, Salem C: Langdon, Petracca, Hunter HF: Neal-Bullen, McDonald, Pickett F: Fritsch, B.Brown, Gawn FOLL: Grundy, Oliver, Viney IC: Harmes, Sparrow, Bowey, Spargo SUB: Melksham EMERG: Rivers, Jordon, van Rooyen Casey B: D.Smith, Turner, J.Smith HB: Rivers, Tomlinson, McVee C: Howes, Dunstan, Woewodin HF: Chandler, van Rooyen, Laurie F: Moniz-Wakefield, Schache, Jefferson FOLL: Farris-White, Jordon, N\A IC: N\A, N\A, N\A, White EMERG: Munro, Ellison, Buntine
  18. That's why I'm not a betting man. I thought it would be George. I just hope we can be patient with him. Learn from the Weid mistakes.
  19. Trengove's other problem was he wasn't a clearance player he couldn't get his own ball while Martin could.
  20. He got picked on 6 months of performances. He was injured for half the year and the year before that he wasn't even in the state side. Toumpas and Trengove got picked on SANFL performances which was a mistake. Martin and Wines were ready made players in hindsight we should have picked them, but in the end it worked out fine because if we picked up Martin and Wines we wouldn't have Trac or Clarry.
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