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  1. Just like trading Weowodin for Heffernan and letting go J.McDonald. Bad moves break culture.
  2. I have a feeling that Cerra could break the fabric of the club if he comes to us. A few popular players will have to leave.
  3. No 26 is controversially No 44 Joel Smith 3 games 0 goals thought he would be emergency but he's not so he is probably No 32 and the rest go up 1. Injury prone all year doing his medial but broke into the team late in the year only to hurt his hamstring forcing him out of the last 2 finals.
  4. Smith not even named emergency. Jordon or Hunt as the medi sub? I'm going with Jordon, Hunt has been out for too long.
  5. I don't really want him. Our bargaining chip in the Weid has signed on. I'd rather keep Sparrow and Jordon. I don't see what we have to give now. Cerra can rot at Carltank.
  6. This is surprising definitely thought he was on the trade table. Hope a full pre season will do him the world of good.
  7. You are dreaming. Who is stoping McAsey from getting a game in a poor side. No one he has no value he's a failed draft pick. I can guarantee you no one would want him. Weideman on the other hand is playing in the number 1 side in the comp ATM and can't get a game ahead of Ben Brown although he didn't help himself form wise he still has value if Ben Brown wasn't recruited to us Weideman would be getting a game no doubt about it. McAsey is just no good some high draft picks don't prosper.
  8. A month is a long time out especially to come into a grand final. Keep it the same bad luck Hunt. What about Smith coming in to replace a suspect May as the sub? Shaun told me to say that.
  9. I agree I think we will make the minimum of changes. Jetta and Jones to retire and Weid traded. The rookies Mitch Brown will retire and Neitschke will get the chop and Declase and Turner will take their place. I think that's how it works otherwise they would be getting 2 new rookies every season. Bradtke to also get the chop.
  10. I disagree Gawny is special no ruckman has ever done what he has done. Clarry is elite but he's not special like what Gawn is and what Flower was.
  11. I'm surprised that I'm not quoted in it he definitely wasn't the talk of the town Parish was but I'm glad we have Clarry it's quite scary that we have 3 of the top 4 footballers in the land Gawn at 1 Clarry at 2 Bont at 3 and Trac at 4. Parish wouldn't be in the top 20.
  12. That's just a throw away line. When has a player said I want to screw them I want to screw them hard. I thought Carlton would have learned from over compensating Essendon with pick 7 for Saad. Maybe Cerra is worth it maybe he's not.
  13. What Schwarz did sickened me. He done nothing, he should of rag dolled Long when he knocked out Simmonds never got touched and don't get me started on that thug Wallis it's criminal what he did.
  14. In 3 to 4 years time when Brown and McDonald have had it Ben King should be available.
  15. Brown and McDonald have got 3 to 4 good years left in them what's the rush?
  16. Also about Dawson he's about to go to Adelaide for pick 23. Port could do better but the Swans are going to have to suck it up and take pick 23. I can't see why this can't happen to Cerra if he nominates us. We can't give you pick 6 but Weideman and a future first rounder will do.
  17. Sparrow and pick 33 to Richmond? Too much Pick 15 all that stuffing around for not a great pick. Richmond are getting ripped off 15 for McAsey McAsey has no value you would get him for nothing. I can't see why can't package a future first round pick with Weideman and Sparrow or Jordon. I rate Jordon and Sparrow as top 15 draft picks they are both playing good footy while Weideman would be worth a pick between 20 and 25. Just watched the first half of the Freo game and not overly impressed with Cerra's form to date. Had a shot at goal from 30 meters out and hit the side of the boot and didn't make the distance. He doesn't seem to like the hard stuff and all our midfielders are hard at it and that's what I love about the club I don't want to see softness in the midfield it costs you in big games. Am I wrong? I don't see many Freo games. I'm sure there are a lot more people who have seen play more than I have. I know he's a well credentialed player but is he what we need?
  18. I don't think the Bulldogs will tag anyone maybe Schache minding Lever will probably do. Harmes will do a loose tag at stoppages on Liberatore and that's about it everyone else will roam free.
  19. My membership rolls over looking forward to it. Might upgrade but the last time I did that it was a disaster 2019.
  20. Norm Smith is one he got the Swans in the final once which was a fine achievement considering how woeful they were. Northey always left before he got sacked. Blight is another did he get sacked from Geelong? Malthouse situation was a disgrace didn't get sacked until he coached the graveyard. Thank god for Eddie it could have been a Collingwood dynasty if not for his love affair with Buckley. Anyone who has been given the flick as a coach is a failed coach IMO. I hold fears for Voss he failed at Brisbane and he's an assistant in a mentally weak club which is Port. Not a great resume I wouldn't be overly confident if I was a Carlton fan.
  21. This pumps me up all the time just try and do it to him Bont!
  22. The thing that concerns me is the winner hasn't won the premiership since 2017 hopefully this changes.
  23. Absolute champ I think he will retire at the end of the year. Thank you for your service Lord Nev in my top 50 Melbourne players I have seen.
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