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  1. On Channel 7, Adem Yze said his focus for Richmond over the off-season would be kicking skills. I bet they hope he has more success with that for them than he had for us.
  2. Channel 7 reported that Clarry had recent knee surgery and also that Melbourne is not interesting in moving him on.
  3. That result just rubbed salt into my already gaping wound. When are we going to get the killer instinct and confidence to win important games?
  4. Maybe the clubs could learn how to do a properly Mad Monday by copying the Xavier school boys. 🫣
  5. We’re a biased lot, aren’t we? 😀 We criticise the votes on the one hand, saying umpires don’t know what they’re doing. Then we use the votes as evidence that Viney should have been AA and that he’s better than Parish. (Of course he is, but our arguments would fail year 11 critical thinking - if there’s still such a thing.)
  6. Surely Harmes won’t be with us.
  7. I saw on one of the “What they’re saying at…” posts, that someone said our Fritter had a punchable head. 😖
  8. I rarely start a topic, but watching Cox, Maynard and Zorko last weekend got me thinking. Who are the AFL villains by club? And who would supporters of other clubs say is their Melbourne villain? So I’ve nominated Cox and Maynard for Collingwood and Zorko for Brisbane. Let’s share our opinions for all 18 clubs.
  9. Inevitable outcome. A combination of the Melbourne tax and the Collingwood subsidy.
  10. Has anyone been watching Toby Bedford star for GWS this year? He is heaps better than the small forwards we kept.
  11. I don’t think so. We clearly took the advantage. It’s not the umpire’s job to recall it if we mess it up.
  12. I was really upset with Langdon missing that goal after taking advantage. Wouldn’t you think there would be a club policy of not taking advantage for a free kick awarded within 30 m of goal? Or don’t they think that deeply?
  13. Might have written too soon. Swans back in touch.
  14. Right now, we’d struggle to beat Carlton.
  15. What a week. My big brother is in hospital. My best friend is starting his chemo. And my wife has just been diagnosed with diabetes.😭 I NEED A WIN!
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