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  1. get a grip man gws were pathetic no forwards , mumfords a spud no pressue in there backline dees will smash these geriatrics , wont know what hit em when its real and its not played on there little school sized oval
  2. been giving a rabid cat fan mate hell the last few weeks he said he might have to jump on the dees i bluntly told him theres no room haha
  3. fan bloody tastic that was special had to watch the last qtr again woohoo
  4. gutted by this , this is a bad loss as far as im concerned, if i was to say what i think ide be banned from here
  5. no change if possible also need to give whoreforn a bloody good thrashing this week % will be very important
  6. pretty cool this i remember the talk about it on demonology at the time it was kicking off so its been awhile in the making , hope they can keep the grass green
  7. yep i was into ology for quiet a while dunno whats become of it , twas good
  8. sorry yes i know its off topic but brother in alice is looking for a ticket to the game up there next week if anyone has one spare or not using ? help much appreciated cheers and go dees
  9. haha yeah i remember that was listening on the radio pretty sure it was at junction oval commentators were stuffed
  10. this game is not fta but rounds 3 4 5 are ch 7
  11. yeah have had a few not too bad at all cheers
  12. bet he wishes he was still on that island , but seriously it just shows that anyone or anybody can get the rotten thing
  13. not hanging crap on melb , ( i am really its a hole now used to love the joint ) the city do you people still cram into trams trains etc if so whats the difference in goin to the footy ? also was talked about on sen the other night about members wanting a refund if games are played with no crowd if this happens its just lousey i paid my fees for a few years ( cant anymore ) knowing ide be lucky to get to 1 game i seen it as a donation more than anything else
  14. [censored] off but proud of the dees this year but gotta murder lower teams stk etc losing those games is just not on
  15. jezz its tuff on fritz i woulda swapped spots for spargo fritz in forward 50 spargo out , but who am i to know whats best GO DEES , RAISE HELL
  16. no way stay away its a con talkin about a cooked swan
  17. need some quick goals early on get back to the smash and grab hit hard and fast cmon dees just do this
  18. us by ,,,, anything but hopefully lots ( better for the ticker )
  19. was listening to sports tonight before the news came on and this geelong player ( mug ) was it james stewart ? reckons ( our players ) we will be [censored] ourselves come game time well sunshine whatever you think hehehehehe
  20. love em but you left a name out JHK complete game great kick and has nuts has improved so much well done him and harmes woweee super game
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