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  1. Concur with all the sentiments on here. He was a great player and is a great Dees man. As Pert mentioned I hope he stays with us in some capacity. Maybe an assistant to an assistant coach. Whatever he does going forward he will remain one of our favourite players and bloke. Take care Gus and trust you stay well and remain around the club.
  2. IMO there is no middle ground here. We either come together as one BIG unit or we fall away big time. Let's trust it is the former. Adversity can bring unity if all buy in. Time will tell.
  3. I'll be putting a few greenies on that!
  4. Whilst we have wasted the last 2 years we should have won more finals particularly last season. We proved we are as good ,if not better than all other sides. It's well documented what our issues were up forward. Gawn stays injury free, Oliver gets up and about sooner than later and with the newbies I believe we are well and truly right in the hunt again this season and next year. After that not to sure.
  5. Get him right and we will be there for the flag again.
  6. Agree he will most likely go end next season hence we need to get, and keep him fit this coming season and it will certainly put us in line for another flag.
  7. Gives us additional incentive to win the flag again in 24, 25 and 26.
  8. Maybe Chook we could also throw in a Davey.
  9. If he has the guts and determination of his old man then I will be very happy and will be a great addition to the Dees.
  10. Gee WCW will be disappointed at the ground. This is not good for the women and club in general. Maybe Goody should get out of the box.
  11. Reckon we have this one but next week will be tough.
  12. Yep and this is a BIG IF. If he can get fit and has a decent run at it I reckon he's a lock for best 22. Guy can play providing his body stands up. Good move by us.
  13. Reality check. Maybe we aren't as good as everyone thinks. Crows with big bodies and some classy players showing us up at the moment. Need to reverse this real quick or it could get ugly.
  14. You can have King, Wade, McKenna and Hudson in our forward line and still wouldn't kick a winning score. King just a youngster starting out whilst Wade had Goggin then Krakouers, Mckenna had Price etc hitting them up on the lead whilst Hudson had the whole forward line to himself. Until our current Mids learn to lower eyes and deliver correctly then no big name in our forward line will get us to the next premiership. Would prefer mids with elite disposal and awareness and stay with Petty JVR etc. Give me a Guilden like player and I'd be happy.
  15. I think Kent is taking the Mickey !!!
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