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  1. Cheers and thank goodness. OD needs to give the source a thorough flogging.
  2. Thanks heaps Picket. From the Praccy match thread some concern re Tom Mac. To put the rumour at rest ( I hope) did he train mate?
  3. Poor coaching or not. Does it occur to anyone that maybe, just maybe our girls are not good enough or are they and it is solely the coach ???. Me thinks a bit of both. Like the men's we fall away on talent big time.
  4. Appears to me that we are a bit soft. Dogs roughed us up and now pies and we can't handle it. Every team now will go at us hard and look for us to roll over which is happening here and last week.
  5. Jones can get to 300 Werridee but he must earn his spot. If others in his position are performing better then naturally he sits out at Casey until he knocks the door down. I hope he gets there but we can't gift it to him
  6. Listening to Lamb (I think) during the one's mentioned we may only take 2 by early March and keep a spot for mid year selection. So if correct and only 2 spots available the Wiz Jnr may miss out. Who knows but will be tough on who ever misses.
  7. Werridee we will have to wait until Channel 7/9/10/Fox or Sen let us know as for sure you will get nothing from the club!!
  8. They keep on emailing us etc to buy membership but treat their members poorly. Not rocket science to at least give a little bit of info on the website
  9. Great photos. Observations , Daw is one hell of a unit. Good to see Gus & Jack training with I assume the main group and not rehab. Smith with no knee bandage
  10. Yeh I got the survey and live in Qld. Answered what I could and mentioned most probably unable to attend a G game as will not be able to get back to Qld !!!
  11. Concur PF. Also we had 2-3 years with KK and know what head knocks can do. I just hope he gets on with his life and enjoys it.
  12. Not sure I'm all that bothered really. The Weid is just a player and whilst at times has shown some promise has not lived up to most demonlanders (me included) expectations. As long as BB gets back in early course then we will be OK with Jackson, TMac, the other Brown, Fritter and smalls to carry the load until BB returns and then IF Weid returns mid year and show us/me something to get excited about. One door closes and another opens as most coaches will say.
  13. Be nice if the club actually promoted this as a prominent story on their website. It is a good feel story.
  14. Sorry DeeVoted. I have no idea which league I was in but team name is Dpcs Demons. Keen to go again.
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