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  1. A very good view Rogue. Bowey stays as he did nothing wrong and can only improve which is scary. Tomlinson comes in as he is a big body and also has upside. Unfortunately Hibbo goes to Casey however a very useful back up and I would use Hunt as the sub for a few games early as he can play back, wing and forward. Great position to be in.
  2. And Cairns!!!. This aside I'm with some of you. Don't care where we play as I think we will be even better in 21. The depth we have is very good and can cover injuries any where including one or two of our stars. We have the Weid , Dunstan, Tommo and a host of very good youngsters who will do the job if asked or required.
  3. AFL is one huge joke. Near on 4 bottom sides in 21 play Thursday and Friday nights to start 22 and we get the Wednesday. Unbelievable. Oh well in any case as being up in Qld I can watch it on Wednesday night. Just trust we get a big crowd and the ratings is better than the Thursday and Friday night games. Only way Channel 7 and AFL will take any notice.
  4. Trust all you Vics enjoy the day on Sunday. Can't wait for the cup to get up here in Brisbane. Have a beer for me as it's my 69th on Sunday 5th
  5. I live in Brisbane and got my email this arvo at 4.10pm. Would love to be there but will need to wait for the cup to come up here. Enjoy the day you lucky Vics.
  6. 58er we are talking about the old days when you could BYO.
  7. And the footy. Take the tallies and use the empties to stand on and miss the stuff coming down the terraces from behind !!
  8. And trust it continues. Pick number 31 initially and wears number 31. Great omen and can only hope he does RDB's number proud going forward.
  9. Our bottom 10 whoever they maybe are the most important 10 players.
  10. Amazing that this guy even got a game then proceeded to cement his place and kept Hunt out. He will be one of our best going forward. His skills are nearly elite already. Great work and congrats to whoever found him.
  11. We can improve which is scary HOWEVER it is above the shoulders that count. Keep our feet firmly on the ground and have the desire again then I think we can do it again.
  12. Faulty. Can't be far away. Got my stuff delivered here in Brisbane today. Only a month.
  13. Just brilliant stuff Mighty Dee. Don't want to bring up old stuff but geez that goal by Max that was given a point could have been an issue if a close game. Thank goodness it wasn't.
  14. Concur. A Tiger mate of mine reckons he was instrumental in getting Dusty up a cog or two and no doubt has done similar with Trac. Very important piece in our coaching structure.
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