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  1. Got no idea how Jon Ralph has a job. When they go to him on Fox I turn the TV over!
  2. With you here McQueen on the deep list and flag however no use having a deep list if we don't rest some sore players during the year and play our depth. This is where IMO we fell down in 22. Coaching depo need to do a Cats and give those sore bodies a rest every now and again.. Can't go into finals all banged up again.
  3. Wishing him well but boy he needs to get a bit of mongrel in him if he wants to be a decent AFL player.
  4. Forward line to actually work. I would love that. Goody goes against his own pig headed beliefs and plays the better performers in the twos when some in the ones are sore. Turn the players over and see who can play or some with a bit of potential will go. Clarry wins the Brownlow.
  5. Terrific report and in particular the comments on JVR. If he can mark like Greg Parke and play like Schwarter then we have an out and out champion.
  6. I have no clue but would assume the club chats with the footy dept. and players. Players seem to like playing at Alice and we go OK there so I have no problem in us playing someone like GWS in Alice.
  7. Yep we got to trust the back room people in that they know allot more than us mere supporters. Must have something in mind and if it doesn't work out then we still go into next years draft with a pretty good hand.
  8. Yep. Tried and missed out. Gil as the CEO is at fault here but like all good people in power/politicians you don't here from them when the poo hits the fan. Bit like the Premier up here in Qld. Gets out in front of cameras when a good news story is to be said but goes into hiding when it gets tough. Let's hope our girls get going not like the powers to be when it get's tough. By the way where is the Women's CEO. Livingston or somebody like that I presume. Got no idea about footy. That's it for me on the ranting. Enough said and nothing will change those idiots at AFL HQ. Just do it Ladies and give the Lions a horrible hiding in the heat up here on Sunday.
  9. That's if you go at 3 in the morning. It's a [censored] place to get to and hot as hell out there.
  10. I think you will find it is 1.40pm our (Qld) time and 2.40pm AEDT. Typical of AFL/ ch 7 getting things wrong which they are also doing have playing it out at Springfield. What ever the temp in Brisbane add 3-4 degrees onto it. No matter what the forecast is it will be bloody hot for our girls playing at that stupid time at a stupid place. Not gonna change it so we need to butter up and get on with it. Play around 10-20% better than today and we have a real chance. Will be tough though. Lions are a very good team.
  11. Few players down and must lift in 2nd half to have a chance at the Lions.
  12. What's worse for either us or North is playing a GF up here in middle of the day where I would assume the temp will be at least around 30 degrees. Forecast latest to next Friday is sunny, 18-30 degrees so look out us or Kangas. In addition if you lay turf in your own yard it takes more than a month ( up here in any case) for the roots to grab on. You even try to keep your kids off newly laid turf. I'm sure they will have all the machines etc. to get it up to speed but as an old footballer I would be a bit suss running, turning and twisting on newly laid turf. Completely agree with Kev M. Time will tell I suppose.
  13. For starters we have to win tomorrow then if Brisbane win tonight we travel out to the south western suburbs of Brisbane. Any supporters coming up will need to hire a car or get a train out to Springfield. Its a bit out of the way however should this happen then this family will take a drive out to watch the Dees live. As with most of you be good for the Crows and us to win then we get the support in Melbourne this side needs. Be lucky to get 50 of us up here in Qld to go out to Springfield.
  14. Only one way to find out what the hell is going on here is for all of us D'Landers bombard the club with a simple email. Quote " Will we get a home base in my lifetime" unquote. I'll send one in the morning.
  15. A recent draft recruit by the initials of JVR might be OK and better than unfulfilling.
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