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  1. Yep Clint. We need to sort this out ASAP and at least even it up. We win our share of centre clearances which allows BBB and TMac plus the smalls to be one out and good chances for quick goals. Keep it up same as last night and very difficult to keep kicking winning scores from back half.
  2. We certainly have quite a few older, long suffering supporters. I was 12 at the time and went to the game with a mate and his dad. What sticks out for me about that day was after the game we raced to the rooms as in those days you could get into the rooms after the game. On this GF day though we couldn't get into our rooms as they were full, so we went into the Magpies rooms and there was big Gabbo sitting down in his full kit with a bottle of Melb Bitter in his hand. Never will forget it.
  3. How's the weather down there for us Qld fans. Will the forecast rain hold off ?
  4. He's still only young as a key forward and really has done nothing to excite me. Potential is such a bad word. This aside I hope he stays with this group as his time will come and be a big part of the dynasty that is building. Stay with a group that is gong places or get a game in a shambles of a side/club for sake of playing one's. For me I would bide my time as a game is not that far away. Then it is up to him to deliver.
  5. Also as the years move on you would think the cap will go higher therefore money to cover Kozzie and Jacko etc.
  6. I reckon. It's amazing that GW makes comments on the physical side of the game when he never played and even now would not get a game in the under 12's and just follows up on the so called footy writer for the HS view. Not sure if Robbo played but he also would not know what physical stuff is as he would have been under the weather on the Saturday from Friday nights sessions. Both absolute useless and never bothered to mention their boyfriends incident in the GF last year which was worse than Fritta's and got off.
  7. A long way to go however if you asked me at the start if we would be 7 Zip I would have committed you to the looney bin. Take the 7/Zip and hopefully move on. Just hope when we do lose a game that we bounce back the next week. With this start I am looking for a top 2 finish and home finals.
  8. Have to appeal. Yes he got him in the head but the guy was actually going in low and nearly falling. As mentioned in another post if he was upright it would be a chest fend off. We must appeal and if not shows the club is still weak and a puppet of the AFL. Show some support to the players please CEO etc.
  9. Yes but wasn't out marked thus giving our other forwards chances.
  10. He will be better for the run remembering has not played for a long time. Fact was we were beaten up around the ball early but as is happening this season we found a way to get back into the game then run away with it. Brown also brought the ball to ground which helped Fritta and Kozzy score. Good signs and as minimal changes as possible. Cover for those injured only. No dropping on form for this game
  11. No way. The North player was falling into Fritta and led with his head. If he was upright then the fend off was at chest height. I reckon he has nothing to answer for.
  12. Love it that the Collywobbles lost to the Suns even though I picked Magpies happy they lost. Bring on QB
  13. Just shows what a great position we are in when we have quite a few in the two's including the Weid that would normally be playing in the one's. Also it shows how good we are if he leaves for another club at end of year because he can't get a game. Normally they leave for a better team and opportunities to play in finals. It is what it is and I hope he stays as a 23 year old key forward don't come around that often.
  14. Surely we can get to the magical 50k
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