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  1. As I just mentioned in the Changes thread the Govt up here still has Vics banned. If the AFL get permission to fly in/out then it better get sorted tonight as it doesn't give the club and players much time to prepare and gives Suns a huge start. Train in the wet at Casey today. Play in the warm sunshine Saturday up here if it goes ahead. Be a huge effort to win this one if this is the case.
  2. Not to sure if we have a ground to play on at moment so no need to do changes. Heard on news up here that you poor Mexicans ( I was once one) are still banned. Got no idea what is going on but in any case if we get to play somewhere I just hope we get a decent team on the ground that can actually pass to a team mate. Be great to see.
  3. I reckon our issue is similar to the past in that our bottom 6 or so players are now not putting in as much as earlier in year. When we were winning well all players were contributing including our so called bottom 6. We need a even contribution from all to be a finals chance
  4. Couldn't agree more Binman. Dogs skills were so far better than ours. They actually kick it to a team mate!!. Bont and Mcrae hardly miss a target whereas Trac and Oliver just throw it on boot and hope for best. They, unfortunately are not alone. Bont also in that last quarter showed the difference in Captains. He lead and carried the team particularly when we got close whilst Gawn played OK but he is not yet a leader like Bont. He needs to show a bit more grunt and enthusiasm to lift his mates when it gets tough.
  5. Don't mind the weid in for Jacko as he is way off at the moment. Still a kid and will be a great player for us but is not doing enough and even can't mark over smaller opponents. Would keep Jordon and give Spargo a spell. Similar to Jacko and not giving us enough as a small.
  6. I think you do not know much about footy Picket. Viney did well tonight. At least he showed some leadership.
  7. I am very bullish on this game. Well I think so as I will be picking them and only a couple behind in HS and AFL tipping comps. Assuming the leaders will go with the Dogs our Demons might help me catch up a bit. You have this Dees.
  8. Spot on Brownie. When opposition put huge pressure on like Hawks did we seem to fold and go back to the past. This is where our midfield leaders need to stand up and lead the way. Unfortunately not happening and they just throw the ball onto boot and hope for best.
  9. I'm with you on Jackson. Give him a spell. Does not impact the game at all.
  10. The last 5 rounds we have gone WLWLW. We cannot afford to be slack on Saturday. Must come with total focus and win by heaps. But I will take a win by what ever margin. Need this to keep the wolves at bay.
  11. That Daniher has no genes from his old man or Uncles. He is as soft as Western Star.
  12. Agree. I'm south of Brisbane and was looking forward to seeing us live at Metricon. Stuffed me up big time. Will now look forward to flights etc. back to old home town of Melbourne to watch a final.
  13. Just about our best win so far. Picked them to win by 16 points. Off the margin but happy for the team. Now we must get back to basics and turn up next 2 games and give Hawks and Suns some horrible beltings. Will turn up at Metricon for Suns game being only one up here in Qld and do not want to see the same performances as against Crows, Magpies and Giants.
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