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  1. We have plenty of areas to improve and no need to worry which or any of our recruits will be in the round 1 side glad it’s March!!
  2. Best half forward line in the hole competition, absolutely no doubt
  3. If you have neither then go to the local pub and watch it. Foxtel or Kayo Should of realised I could go to the pub, thank you keeps me on the straight road. Just like a real game , Go Dees
  4. OK not a terrible team, some interesting selections to watch. BUT that's the question how do we watch it, if we do not have foxtel or whatever 3 hours away from Melbourne, can I still watch it ?? Have looked but no real clues anyone, please.........
  5. Are they both being telecast, I have a little difficulty driving for 3 hours to get there.
  6. I have followed the Mighty Demons for 65 or more years. Yes I am TBO. I cannot think of another player that has had a better first 100 games than Clayton O. Robbie F was fantastic, and so consistently great, for a longer period. Clayton might reach that level for us and I hope he does. He certainly has the potential to be one of the very best. I hope he reaches an agreement and stays to become that great player. Go Dees, good luck monday to Clayton and all the others.
  7. Does anyone know when the team sheet for both the Casey game and the Melbourne game might be released ?
  8. Agree with all of the above, but not just the starting 22 now, a couple of others to look at, Go Dees
  9. Can I have a glass half full ? would this injury or could it have caused his fade out in the 2019 or 2020 seasons, might it be a contributing factor, at the very least, and of course can he get over it ? Hope it has not happened of course, but.. the glass might be more empty than full. Any Sports Medicine type doctors can reply ! or indeed anyone at all. Go Dees
  10. Much better 2nd half and its February Go dees
  11. Any news on what has happened to Chandler is that him sitting on the bench in the blue top finished for the day ?
  12. Much better quarter from Melb, Tigers will not be happy, they seem to be standing still, like Melbourne previous quarter. We have a bit of fluidity Spargo Chandler (does not go backwards) Jackson Rivers all doing well
  13. Jackson 6 and Spargo 9 standing together obviously twins !
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