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  1. We have lost this week looking like we wanted the break, and very much we might have needed it. my worry is that, from my memory we do not return after a break very well. How have we gone in the last few years, does any one know ?
  2. I hope the FD and coaches study the tapes and make a review. There must be some learnings there unlike the last game 2018. nothing to learn , nothing to see, we lost, we know why, move on.
  3. FWIW I think a low price 2 year deal, go back to Casey, develop a bigger body, confidence, learn to give confidence. I cannot see any other team wanting him for what we would accept. He needs to grab marks, demand the ball, and given his kicks on goal a game ago learn to kick goals. That will give his team mates confidence in him. Come back next year unless something extra ordinary happens. He does have potential, its there somewhere. Go Dees
  4. Agree with most of this, disappointed, but we are 11-2 at half way, we played like a tired side that had just beaten a couple of top four teams, looking to a break. memories of the end of 2018 come to mind. we can be as good as anyone but we need to play high pressure footy for 4 weeks not 2. how you organise that amongst the players heads, I don’t know. you cannot play your best 22 for all the games but you do need best 22 cherry ripe for the last few games and the finals. Whose job, Football department, fitness and coaches, I have no idea enjoy the break.
  5. Four points. Methinks it should have been 24
  6. Colling wood are absolutely terrible
  7. Loved the preamble to the gas. But I thin a tad bit optimistic about the margin, 24-30. My guess. win go into the bye look to reset for the second half of the year. a whole new ball game except we are in a very good starting point ! go Dees
  8. At least we can see it, I would think mine is further back than yours and some friends from the cheer squads way back then no longer have a future, on ward and upwards. Motto from Kyneton High Scool
  9. I think whoever put this stat together should do an in depth analysis of other small forwards so those who understand statistics and football can dissect and discuss this. a bit like making sure you have enough bananas in the fruit bowl!
  10. You wil break the telly, just have a large mirror and watch the opposite view You cannot use the one on the ceiling cos it gives the same perspective. East on the telly is still east on the ceiling but appears west on the opposite view. This is an amazing statistic !
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