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  1. His only error I thought made a couple of great saves, Up the other end we did not have enough shots on goal. Great game though still taking and making chances inn the last minute
  2. Hidden gem indeed, from those highlights he does not juggle a mark , one grab. is quick to handball or choose an option. moves around the ground and gives off to better positions we might have pinched one. Will impress at Casey anyway.
  3. Pretty much as expected. 1 GWS Aaron Cadman 2 Brisbane Will Ashcroft 3 North Melbourne Harry Sheezel 4 North Melbourne George Wardlaw
  4. just looked, what a fantastic opportunity for the new tall bloke, Kyah Farris-White to learn from Gawn and Grundy. Hell, he might not play for 2 years then be the main man for 8. Go dees
  5. Reading this mornings paper, clearly Hawthorn need more time to chill out and eat more Bananas. But then they employed him with no name, I still thank Don Scott !
  6. No dispute about some problems, 10 zip then losing the 2 finals. you are correct and how we lost those games after half time. Bur relying on G.H. for his opinion and insight. You cannot rely on Healy. Turned his back.
  7. In my opinion Gerard Healy can stick his opinions where is wallet sits. He turned towards the money years ago FO!
  8. I thought the problem was like Herpes, it never goes away
  9. My apologies if this has been put up before but I could not remember it. if you see a Collingwood supporter riding a push bike in front of you. why should you swerve and avoid them ? it’s probably your bike !
  10. No C, led their cheer squad in the early 70's most of my friends at that time were in various cheer squads, and he at that time was Doncaster way. Carlton, Collingwood, Richmond, Melbourne, Hawthorn, Saints, Geelong, South Melb and Fitzroy from memory had low numbers, long time ago now my memory is terrible, cannot remember north, essendon or the dogs at least I can still try to remember, a lot from that group failed to reach 60. anuther flag please before i forget again.
  11. I have my opinions that I try to keep to myself but the continual degrading of players, ours and others, past and present worries me. coaches are a bit different, more like paid employees or hired guns. I do feel sorry for the saints supporters who are in for a lot of pain. My old mate Phil in particular. Apart from the little old lady that hit me on the head with her umbrella about 40 years ago at Moorabbin. Perhaps I did not have a lot of couth when I was younger. I might have deserved it.
  12. Only 22 played. 23 should have, but only 22 did
  13. Appreciate these views and I endorse the cringe aspect, but I do think that the players in the 22 or 23 deserve recognition but also those on the list also contributed, perhaps to a lesser degree. But if you were a listed player in the MFC you deserve something (not sure what) an open door to the bar whenever you return perhaps. Similarly if you were a member in that year. Should not be forgotten. I do have a photo of the flag with all the names that was pretty good, perhaps a higher pixel copy ?? Those who helped, in whatever small way should be honoured. The 22 who played on the ground will always be a bit more special, thanks bruce.
  14. You have my vote. For what ever it counts for.
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