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  1. Well we are lucky as Demon supporters even if the state government imposes a limit of 25% we can still sit in comfort with about the normal amount of crowd well apart from the pies and tigers hope to see some footy in 21 !!
  2. if this is true, then hope he wins the "bluey" I think he gets involved in score opportunities more often than those that think he is NBG do. He gets to where the ball gets ! And usually gives it to a better position or scores, Go Dees
  3. Half will agree with his demons listing half will not, both views have their own relevance. But He will straighten us up, Weid and Jacko get the poorer defender. That must be good for those two. Probably taking TMacs spot, means TMac must work harder to be best 22, that cannot be bad. If TMac gets fitter BB must work harder, definitely win win situation. I laughed at his long run up, but he is very effective with it, If he kicks 3 or 4 goals a match, hip hip hoo ray !! If he does well, the Demons in 21 will do well, I for one hope he blitzes the game, Coleman Medal
  4. I had about 20 members cards from 67 till 90, in a draw , gathering dust. We got robbed. Why would anyone take members cards from when Demons were terrible. Those and the Hasselblad system. I was devastated. Keep them safe !
  5. Agree hope Tracca is watching Dusty !!
  6. Good question ! What I want to know Was he wearing his club blazer and tie ? And if not, why not.
  7. I think i agree, mostly a rolling scrum, with no application of "in the back" or "incorrect disposal" just shovel it to your guys ! At least there are no distance limits and 4 downs, stuff made for TV. But its getting there, and we can all speak with a Californian accent, and Vote for Donald. Cannot wait !
  8. Whatever anyone thinks about Hardwick, and I do not like him at all. He has proven to be a competent and able coach. It took a while perhaps, but he is good at what he does, coaches footballers. He has no idea what to do with perceived criticism. Still don't like him but he can coach
  9. My only take on this question is that if JKennett thinks its a good idea, then the only person who would benefit and then only in the short term is JKennett and the Dorks. Think the same for the Sydney Swans. I doubt very much if anyone from the Melbourne based clubs. Apart from those with the biggest fan bases would gain much at all. The clubs pushing this are not interested in the whole of the competition success rather their own individual success. They should structure the games so we all play each other twice, Home and Away. Increase the number of games played, and the players
  10. I managed to put a very little on him about 8 weeks ago. Only got 15 to 1 but its probably better than what he is now but not as good as the start of the season. Come on Tracca !!
  11. Yes indeed, The reports of the track watchers in the previous years, always had me believing the best was about to happen. Last year much better, I was just hoping and wanting the best. but far more realistic. Hope we get the same this pre season.
  12. really good to Eddie sitting there pleased that goal I wonder if he will smile ?
  13. To perhaps understand. If you were in the cheer squad 50 years ago the games at Windy hill were always difficult after the match. Bastards. the relationship with the bombers cheer squad, like all the other clubs at that time we’re fine. But their supporters, probably the young ones in gangs, could be dangerous. Can remember being surrounded by 10 or 15 of the .....ts a couple of times. Hate them more after the GF in 2000.
  14. It’s always good to see the pies being beaten. pity it’s geelong. Too many cats supporters around here. Dont like the cats much, arrogant bastardised club. But they are better than the essendcum or blue baggers full of cash or hawthorn dont like htm either, but in this case ABC ! go cats
  15. Somehow this Rumour needs to be put to bed. By the Club and player, otherwise as they say, it will go viral. Get its own legs and take off. And who knows where a rubbish rumour will end. in tears probably.
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