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  1. Now I thought this kick was heading to Spargo who was clear. Hand in the air, but it dropped short he changed direction and made a tackle ball up. But if it had carried to him…. yes your aunties an uncle but we won
  2. Well we perhaps will know the answer to Who he supports most, in the next couple of weeks, blue collar work man for our club, and given a short straw in my opinion, Never the very best but rarely the worst either. I would have loved to play 10% as well as he could. Take all the support we can, Go Dees B2B, we are in this up to our necks, it is just so even.
  3. I need to say. Any poster who suggests we were not playing to our potential and thus playing poorly Are entirely dismissive of the ability of Carlton and how hard they were trying to ensure their season. they were serious And the blue baggers websites are quite possibly saying much the same. They played well. Underestimate our opponents at our peril go Dees B2B
  4. Random thoughts, great pressure game all night, Carlton deserve to be rated on that game, As good as against Geelong last year, but that was on the teev, last night we had a crowd, Our lot never gave up. It should give us a Hell of a lot of self belief (and learnings). Hunt played really well when he took the play on, looked calm and direct. Melky playing better each week, both want a finals campaign I reckon, and know it might be their last chance. Missed last year want it this year. Spargo, Viney looked for him in the last but the bullet pass went too low, Spargo changed his run and took the player, and a ball up resulted, but prior to the low pass he was heading into space hand aloft and it didn't happen are never mind I couldn't do it in the ammos so what do I know. But his tackles stay tackled. We can only beat who is on the field on any one game, and we are building well over the last few weeks, Geelong have beaten no one of ability (apart from us) Collingwood, no one (apart from us) and with unbelievable forward kicking. How many top 4 versus top 4 have we played in, I think we play them all and a couple twice. This year the race for the flag is very even, but we have every chance to go B2B. no standout leaders in my view. Changes, I really think Bowey should be in, with Hunt going to the wing, this probably puts Jordan into Medi sub again. Also think we badly need Harmes for who ever you might swap him for. And J Smith as an alternative tall either end, but he is a bit like Frosty used to be. Anyway it ended a really good night but it was very very cold at ground level I do enjoy reading this stuff after we win, puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Question does this mean my lucky under pants worked again ? got premiers 2021 stitched into them.
  5. At one point in the last Fritta ran and tackled a blues player, the sound when he hit the body was unreal, fast and hard and legal into his shoulder and arm, Absolutely no backing off Great to see and hear
  6. Just back in south Melb Carlton played very well. It was very tight game, they stuffed up the last two minutes. I thiught every player deserved applause they all put in Some perhaps more obviously than others. it was freezing at ground level. and some of the umpiring was bizarre but that was a sweet sweet win bestvoressure game I can remember us winning.
  7. Did anyone see what the free down the ground that resulted in frittata goal was for. Did not see it here at the ground. And it’s bloody cold freezings
  8. Ok so what is the name of your app. That I need to search. Ta. I like weather apps that work
  9. On the way. Come on Dees slow drive to Melbourne No police please
  10. Cripps will play, so what, his head is going to be so full of the tribunal action he will be pretty much useless. IMO. and if we cannot beat them then we cannot beat time with a stick and we can forget this year. But if Harmes is the sub and we need fresh legs in the last quarter FFS will someone start limping. Go Dees see you saturday
  11. The longer the deliberations the greater the chance of overturn the result
  12. I new that didn’t look write but too tired to worry
  13. I will have a glass as well. Ta
  14. Think you should throw in Hunt and Hibberd can only think each had specific goals or run with roles to shut down specific players. Not sure that held with our pour conversion into scores or the ease the ball came out of our 50 still think this side should beat the blues go dees do it Saturday just for me!
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