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  1. Yes. Fatigue, loading and 5 or 6 day breaks mean a hell of a lot to the whole 22. some might be super fit but the average AFL player feels the difference.
  2. They remind me of the way melb used and sometimes still play, long kick forward into the pocket and our of bounds reset and score if you can, I do like the way Tex plays, but he is too bloody old, but better than stringer
  3. Your reporting has made my weekend, not for bill training but your remarks about Mr Oliver, he has come a long way. cheers thanks
  4. Last night JUH did not play, is that correct, Hard to see their forwards playing much better, maybe he will become surplace ?
  5. Difficult round. I normally get 2 correct on rounds like this, Saints, crows,Port A, GWS, Lions, Dockers, Swans, Hawks. 6 of those within a goal or two. Dockers for knockout
  6. Agree with first comment but think Hawks will win. North at the moment are rabble, hawks only a little better but they have frosty
  7. And Petty at least got a touch, not sure it can score if its only a handball. Still not sure how the forwards are supposed to play well if we lobb the ball long and high. Kick it to their lead or into space. Saw 2 blatant attacks by us into open forward and we just kicked it long and high to a waiting Bears player. Need a strong side to play well, get the points, get some confidence, and I hope percentage
  8. So who are you gunna pick 4 games could go either way another 2 well not much difference. perhaps Fremantle v eagles should go to freo Brisbane v Geelong I want both to lose, glad we have a break
  9. Will someone from our FD watch this match and take notes, irresponsible if they did not, Go Dee’s. Beat the tigers back on track
  10. Come on eagles. Get me 5 out of 8
  11. Good points, I was [censored] off, had a poor sleep. But non of us learn much, habits are hard, will do it all again against Richmond just like I was when I was 19
  12. A bit flat this morning, like my coffee. why use 3 games in 13 days as an excuse normally it’s 3 games 15 days started well enough, Kolt had 4 touches but no stat after 3 minutes or so. He needs more work but will fit right in. Oliver just NQR like Petty for the first half, we kicked the first goal, then got run over by a truck until Brisbane relaxed, so for almost 3 quarters we kicked 2 more they got 10. They were “on”, we were flat and slow. Too much effort in Adelaide? thought AnB and TMac had good games. Windsor so quick then kicked to them. Tracca did the same to an open F50. BBB had not much to do in the first half but the ball never got there. ditto Fritta and Petty. perhaps positional changes were needed before half time. But they beat us across the centre and the midfield our backs always under pressure. Brisbane played us well
  13. Joe boy. Hard on some Dee’s. Needed the zip
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