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  1. I know he is a bit small, but he gets to where the ball is ! Far more than some of ours. involved in a lot more passages of play than some watchers on this site are prepared to give him any credit for.
  2. Bulldogs will not lose, and he has not been picked for months. His season is over, why be so judgmental. Just another little disappointing thing this year. Judge the players or selectors from our losing games with the same amount of discipline.
  3. I would give him a break. Until it’s all finished for 2020. We do not know all details. Too many here too willing to throw a talent away. It’s the end of the year for him. Give him any benefit to be had. Some far to quick to judge. Thats not to say he is innocent or guilty, just give it a break.
  4. I Think Fritz and Hannan need to look at the way Hunt is playing !! Come on Demons !1
  5. Essendon clearly do not want to win the Question is do We ??
  6. I think Smith is going OK today All the backs are doing well !!
  7. Weid should have run in and kicked that too easy to stuff it up !!
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