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  1. Can understand your thoughts but if we are going anywhere in 2025 one of these three needs to make a meaningful contribution. I'd also give Jefferson a game or two and return Petty down back while managing May. 2024 is a write off IMO FWIW I think we are on the right track gameplan wise but it needs work/tweaking. Chandler's position is a worry. It seems that we can't lock down anyone in that role. Cannot see a role for Spargo going forward unfortunately.
  2. Not so much a rebuild as management of players to improve the team in 2025. I'd be playing Billings and McAdam for example to see if they give anything. Woewodin the same plus Laurie. Rivers a full time mid. Viney can have every third week off as can Gawn. This allows game time for the likes of Tholstrup Fullarton and Verral. 2024 isn't our year. Meandering along on the present course is simply draining our limited resources It won't be done of course but in some form it has merit
  3. It's not simply that we lost. We should have won by 30 points given their outs. It was a 70 point massacre on the big stage. Nothing in the cupboard at Casey unless we want to reward NQR players. Why was Laurie selected on no more than a workmanlike VFL performance.
  4. And their VFL forward kicks his third What can one say
  5. Who is Harvey Harrison Perhaps we could recruit him
  6. I don't think he got the message but in his defence it was perhaps mixed.
  7. I thought we might just luck into the big one this year but it seems that we are well and truly on the downhill slope
  8. Collingwood are injury riddled and we are playing with zero injuries to our best 22. Should only be one outcome...but??
  9. Geelong have lost after being 40 odd points ahead. Small joys in these dark days
  10. The delivery wasn't great but my biggest concern was that he rarely got separation on his opponent. Needs to work on his leading patterns
  11. McAdam showing he would have benefited from a few more weeks at Casey. Good game from him today without ripping it open
  12. Still no real forward system Jefferson unable to get separation on his opponent
  13. A few cameos from McAdam but not much to get excited by system wise. Better connection than the last few weeks. Looking for more from Woey and AMW in the run and carry area. Perhaps too quick to give off the handpass. Final entry inside 50 is mainly high kicks to the pack
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