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  1. Break even points are influenced by many factors. Sure you can break even at the MCG with 20k IF they are all paying attendees IF you give priority to MFC, MCC and AFL members gate revenue = zero Sell a few beers and pies but you could probably make more at a busy Bunnings sausage sizzle.
  2. Well one things for sure out of that game.... There's a coach more under pressure than Goodwin Atrocious performance by a highly skilled side
  3. this is one instance in which I hope the world screws big Pharma and reverse engineers it immediately. Cost recovery only and a Nobel prize should be enough.
  4. I follow it closely and Russia is just doing a slightly looser stage 3. Mass production if done would still be in the new year. Putin just loves playing mind games and he does it very well. The real question is even if successful how in the hell do you roll these vaccines out across the world. Usually that would be a five plus year process. I still hope for rapid cheap and accurate self testing. That would be a game changer
  5. The problem is that's way below break even point
  6. It'll be FDA approval first of that you can be assured
  7. IMO best case scenario.... Stage 3 vaccine results are due just before Christmas. (let's say 1 December) Assuming success the vaccines need FDA etc approval... let's say Jan 1 Allowing for production and rollout realistically we are looking May to August before mass vaccinations completed. So unfortunately 2021 will be a lot like 2020 with at best limited crowds at least for the first half of the season When will intra Australia borders open up.... who knows (And then there is the big debate over to what extent vaccinations will be mandatory for mixing in large groups,flying etc)
  8. It's going to be wet on Saturday. No confidence in Preuss but short of playing T Mac in ruck and Brown up forward is there much choice
  9. That Essendon draw did us no good at all. Had Essendon lost it would have opened up 2 spots in the 8 for us to take...Pies and Saints with both Bombers and Suns trailing us. Bombers beating the Saints is good but it gives the Bombers a big leg up. If Saints win it gets harder to take their spot. Lose to Collingwood and we will be well out of the 8. Looking increasingly likely we will need ten wins to make the 8 which is probably at least one win too many for us. LH I believe a Blues win is best for us as it puts to bed any chance of Freo making the 8 and we are yet to play them GWS are vulnerable but hard to see them losing to the Swans
  10. Not sure about that MFC has always relied on other teams losing. 1987 is the best example Nothing wrong with that... the ladder is both up an down
  11. Plus the bus trip to the airport plus check in and wait time plus bus trip from Cairns airport to venue More like 4.5 hours door to door. Not ideal if done on game day
  12. No mention of Baker or Dunkley. Are they in the hub?
  13. Usually I think most on this Board over react to external criticism but as LH has pointed out Wallace is off the mark save for 2020. The time for Weid to play in unpressured games and develop was post bye 2019 but he was injured. His Casey form was usually middling at best. Lacked the fast lead and constantly pushed under the ball. Fix these two things and we have a long term FF
  14. Yes if Viney goes No idea if he's worth it
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