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  1. too small for a serious modern training facility. Two ovals indoor training facility pool plus gym admin complex That's the minimum
  2. King Island would be nice for a training ground Think of all that salt grass lamb
  3. it's contrived... how many contrived rounds can one stand AFL should just let the season and fan interest build naturally
  4. Interesting... wonder if the market in Oz is big enough but there's definitely scope to expand the non traditional media area Good luck Ben
  5. So once again we have the contrived round of relative equals. The AFL just cannot help themselves these days. Once it used to be a few blockbusters now it's whole rounds manipulated. Saturday night assuming decent weather maybe 50k. Might go to the Hawks v Bombers game if our "transferees" are selected
  6. Could have the Tramways Band for mood music I like it
  7. Got to admire the fans that made it to the games in Qatar. The accommodation and travel logistics encountered by most made Russia look like a breeze. Getting to the round of 16 match will be another level of difficulty again
  8. I suspect you're right Freo has given Port the play book... Pick 16 anyone??
  9. so it's back to where we were five odd years ago with the fresh legs being added in the last quarter. Amusing doesn't quite describe the change of mind
  10. Okay but Similar.. he was being at least partly paid from the VFL top up bucket used for players and not from the soft salary cap. This will be another version... could be wrong but I doubt that he's making a comeback
  11. IIRC he was on the Collingwood list as a salary saver for 2022 and I expect this is similar for 2023. Frees up some of the soft cap
  12. Season 7 at a competition level was a fail for so many reasons it's hard to know where to start. Will Season 8 be any better.. probably not.
  13. 35 predicted for game time at Ipswich. Great timing Gil
  14. time difference makes watching difficult. oh the joy of when it was in Japan and Korea with a 5pm and 7:30pm game Melbourne time. SBS on demand site is rather clunky for me. Very difficult to control the rate of fast forward etc Tunisia match is the big one to state the obvious. Go Roos PS Got an email from my Airbnb host where I stayed in Kazan Russia in 2018. What a difference four years makes. His elder son has fled Russia and after a years exile in Georgia he's now computer programming from Bali The local paper in Kazan reported that the Australian supporters drank many of the bars dry the weekend of our opening match. A bit different in Qatar
  15. Played the long bomb to the pocket far too often
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