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  1. Surely it's a football act and of course the Crows player moved thus running into the innocent Port player. Apology, wine and roses then move on.
  2. Rivers is the obvious answer and then we backfill Rivers' spot with Hore or similar. Going forward Jefferson and Petty are key. If the latter goes and the former doesn't come on a KPF is our number 1 need. I'm resigned to 2024 being a transition year. Just hope we use it well and come roaring back in 2025
  3. Different rules for medical retirements and additional special rules for concussion Not much use getting a top up player now in the sense that there would be few with the required quality or match fitness available. If there were I think the AFL would look favourably
  4. 6-10 is my guess but there will be at least 8 close games decided by less than 10 points is my prediction. Win all those close ones and we could be top 4. Lose them and we're 10th or worse. In 2024 WCE is probably the only game for which you can predict a relatively easy win. The back to back Adelaide games do us no favour. Hard to see us winning both and we could easily lose both. All the other interstate games (bar WCE) are tough with the home teams probably starting favourite
  5. Chandler has a lot to prove. Along with Laurie and Spargo he seems to be on the wrong trajectory unfortunately
  6. Tomlinson is not the guy to have against a fastball team other than in the last line and we have May for that. Turner was probably the next in line but he's now out for months. Suppose that leaves Howe. Is he up to it?
  7. ooh could we win ? (It would be a moral victory of course)
  8. On that game one would need to agree. Fastball is not just up the middle which is what we try to play. It can also be about fast 45 degree angle play. Will be interested to see how we set up against Carlton.
  9. OMG Mc Vee to someone who fluffs it and yet another turnover Schoolboy stuff
  10. Lost count of the turnovers in that Tiger goal.
  11. The old bomb to the crowded pocket is re-emerging
  12. Tomlinson misses a mark and Tigers run into an almost empty forward 50 for a goal
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