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  1. 75% occupancy designed for distancing and the AFL auto ticketing system closes a significant proportion of the upper level of the stands. It will happen again next week against Hawks
  2. Easing the lid off the jar Great win
  3. Maybe there is a football god after all. Go Dees
  4. well big last quarter coming up Following the Dees is never easy
  5. Thank you... nice one to finish the half
  6. Petty should have been the sub if fit You can cover a mid fielder but a KPP is another matter
  7. swirly strong winds we need some luck with our goalkicking for once
  8. how the other half live... what's on the menu ?
  9. other than one game he has never dominated at VFL level so he's no star. The real question is whether he is useful to team structure and he doesn't show that either. With Jackson and BB fit (plus the enigma of T Mac) he's behind the proverbial 8 ball.
  10. 11-12k at most Could be as low as 8k Maybe a 1000 local Crow supporters... certainly very very few from Adelaide
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