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  1. One easy step is to get the recipient club to provide the compensatory pick (no adding points etc) That forces them to trade a player so it comes with some pain
  2. they are under pressure in the current negotiations. The lack of clarity on the new salary cap and list sizes is worrying The AFLPA has three distinct groups that it represents... draftees and under 3 years 3-7 year okay players the stars They are hopelessly conflicted as an organisation (throw in ex players as well)
  3. The only thing stopping this from being a disaster is that there are so few free agents. Statistically the number of players getting to free agency status are less than one in ten and half of those while good players don't attract mega interest (think Nathan Jones). The AFLPA have been arguing that unlimited free agency should be available much earlier in a players career (3-5 years).
  4. The problem with free agency and the bigger clubs was recognised at least two years ago when Lynch went to the Tigers. Lots of talk then about handicapping the bigger clubs.Cannot recall how it was to be done. It might have been loss of draft picks or similar.
  5. combine that with Bruce and BT = hell
  6. The problem with the modern game in a nutshell. How to solve it ?? As an aside if you were a purist and were designing a football team GWS would almost be your perfect team. The fact that the defensive game has blunted those skills is not a good sign.
  7. Does the Richmond team deserve three flags in four years? It doesn't come anywhere near the great teams that have done this in the past IMO but #@^& happens Go the near suburban felines Storm v Penrith Panthers is the bigger game !! (lots of cat teams this year as against the more usual bird teams)
  8. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/cricket/seven-and-cricket-australia-fight-over-broadcast-rights-expert-20201016-p565sl.html The Channel 7 v Cricket Australia arguments continue Next could be Nine v Tennis Australia Increasingly I am seeing reports of the magical vaccines not being available to health workers until mid 2021 which makes mass vaccination prior to September 2021 unlikely. It seems that while the trials are almost finished for the initial candidates the trial evaluation process will take around 6 months 😪
  9. Gil has been CEO since 2014. I think he will be gone at the end of 2021 (volountarily pushed) as the game looks to recover and move on in the post covid world. Different skills are required in what will be a non expansionary market. It will be lead by the clubs who are now calling for the enquiry.
  10. spot on ... but it also underscores that the media money is heading down not up Foxtel might put up the money if they got the prime games and 7 got the crumbs
  11. On another thread we were ranking Goodwin against other coaches. Objectively he would have to be in the bottom four. These are the measures I used. Improving players Game day tactics Gameplan Team selection Player management Skill improvement Competition respect You could add other criteria but except for the "good bloke" factor which helps him in the area of player management he doesn't excel at at many if any of the others.
  12. Hi guys I'm a bit late for the Caulfield Cup but just wanted to wish you all a happy Spring Carnival. Amazed that we didn't sell the Melbourne Cup to Queensland like we did with everything else. What's the Cox Plate field looking like quality wise this year ?
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