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  1. Who'd have thought it 11-2 going into the bye. What a performance For me the highlight has been the overall team performance. A few stand out performances in some games but on balance everyone doing their job and in the main doing it well week in and week out. The Brisbane win was my highlight. It was against a full strength team who were on a winning streak. Bulldogs win was good but I thought their tactics of going wide almost gave us the win. Individually the two players who have impressed me are Jordon and Spargo. Not the best on ground but two relative fringe players w
  2. comes down to where you think Brisbane is going to finish and whether a Geelong win provides an additional buffer allowing Geelong to finish one or two. If you don't think Brisbane can finish 1 or 2 then it's not that important. Similarly if you think Geelong can't finish top 2 then a Dogs win might be better. The Adelaide and Collingwood losses could come back to bite us at seasons end but who knows. If Brisbane finishes 2nd it might be better to finish fourth than third
  3. I assume it will start again the weekend after this coming one perhaps with crowd limits. Would hate to think of living under major restrictions into July 🥵
  4. I'd play Weid down back for Casey for the next three games and get him involved.
  5. when he plays in front he's easily pushed under the ball
  6. It could have been worse... seriously Imagine if you were at the MCG surrounded by Collingwood supporters watching that game
  7. Darcy Cameron is certainly not a known goalkicker 😪
  8. Collingwood footy manager (I think) just on 3AW saying the rebuild is a 3-5 year process. Interesting timeline and you wonder if fans will buy in not to mention players at say age 25.
  9. Chook That quote is "straight to the pool room"
  10. Have always wondered about people who spend so much of their time videoing the game. Went to the Soccer World cup in Russia in 2018. People would video games from start to finish. Sure a minute here and there but whole matches. Whoever would watch them?
  11. Must say I thought that at first but I think he had his forearm between the ball and the ground. It was certainly close
  12. Eagles definitely lacking in the last 40 seconds defensive drills. I suppose they had the two guys back on the goal line but once it was in the Eagle's forward line it should have remained in their half.
  13. two behinds to the Eagles that should have been shepherded through for goals PS did I speak too soon
  14. stop worrying about Richmond unless Dusty has a blinder they are 50/50 against the top ten teams Brisbane are on the way up and if you want to win this year is it
  15. More like two old boxers slugging it out for that one last chance of glory The young ones are taking over... whether it will be us or Brisbane it won't be these two
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