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  1. Great quuestion but would they have got the money from the Government that Geelong received. Each suburban ground would have been challenged by their location but perhaps some would have worked. St Kilda at the Junction Oval could have been a winner. The old Lakeside Oval is a great location as well. The others were all a little harder perhaps. The real failure is Docklands. Imagine if teams playing there received Geelong like returns. Instead they barely break even on many games
  2. With the new capacity at Kardinia Park you might find that Geelong play all their home games down there. I remember the Geelong CEO saying they could make as much money from playing at KP as having a 60k crowd at the MCG. That was before the expansion so it could be they will need a 70k crowd at KP to match the revenues. Geelong really have the golden goose by effectively controlling their own stadium. Catering rights, pouring rights, advertising, super box revenue.....all into the Cat's "kitty".
  3. My guess is that they like the idea of closed training. Will always be a drawback at the Paddock. I hope they had the witches hats out at Casey replicating the size of Kardinia Park.
  4. He was well beaten yesterday for hitouts by the Port ruckman. Around the ground neither was influential. Finding a tall who can ruck and contribute around the ground is not an easy task
  5. Nightmares of a Pies v Cats GF It's not unlikely
  6. On today's VFL form you would have to say Chandler is a chance to replace Bedford
  7. And to think ... this is the easiest game of the next 8 !!!
  8. what is it about our goal kicking Even 50% accuracy seems beyond us
  9. A little bang bang bang would not go astray at this point AND wow another one !!!
  10. Second half Tomlinson on for B Brown and Petty to the forward line This is danger time
  11. A little like last week with zero touches for Bedford and Pickett in the first quarter
  12. So we win by a point this time on that basis
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