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  1. Defence is looking thin especially if either or both Jetta and Hibberd struggle to find form or are injured
  2. Very close I would think though... I have a hope (not a great one) that we can get another year (2022) out of Hibberd Brayshaw is a conundrum TMac will hopefully be traded (the only reason he wont be traded is because he has another bad year or he pushes out one of the other talls which would be another problem in itself) Baker and Hunt.. no real feel but more likely Hunt goes (did we give him 2 years... not sure why) On the delists... we haven't really seen much of any of them and therefore seems harsh but that's AFL level footy
  3. don't you miss all those wonderful articles written in the 2019 preseason saying how good we were going to be. Best midfield..best this and that and the list went on. I think every pundit had us in the eight and many had us as premiers. Bathwater never tasted so good
  4. the Adelaide quarantine was for the top players only. Only around 15 players and very comfortable not everyone is equal in the tennis world
  5. I can see a future in this thread. How did Langdon go and who played on the other wing?
  6. who uses mail in this day and age Doubt that an MFC election would be a big target for Russian hackers 😎
  7. Hi Macca finally bit the bullet and returned to Oz. Doing quarantine in Adelaide at the moment. Quarantine is based on no interaction with outside staff. Everything is delivered with a knock on the door and you wait a few minutes, put on your mask and pick up the delivery. (Food is very good here by the way.) In the two weeks here the only time I will have physical interaction is doing the 3 covid tests and my entry to the hotel (took about two minutes). Contrast this with the tennis where every quarantined person will interact with multiple people on a daily basis as they go of
  8. with Qld having its first hotel quarantine virus breakout case today that only leaves WA of all the football playing States to experience that happening. 2021 will be interesting to say the least
  9. Zero There will be at least one more outbreak in one of the 5 States in which AFL teams are based before July which is probably the earliest month by which we will have around 20-30% of the population vaccinated. After July the vulnerable will have been vaccinated so the Premiers might be prepared to be a bit more lenient with their border closures. No more than 50% crowds until May at the earliest is my guess in Victoria. TBH the AFL might be better delaying the season openers until May. I'm sure the players are sick of hubs. As it has started, 2021 will be a sputteri
  10. I'm afraid I have mentally written off most of 2021 Can we skip it and move to 2022
  11. Just looking at the set up for attending the Oz Tennis open in Feb. If that's the footy requirement it'll certainly be a different world Pods, dwell zones, codes.... you name it
  12. the financials are until June 30 2020 so many of the staff cuts would not have taken real affect at that time and you would have had redundancy costs pay outs,annual leave etc that would have been expensed into 2020. You'll see those savings mainly in the 2020/21 financial year. I'm tending towards ground rental and match day costs as the savings but I'm not sure. It has to be something large to effectively reduce annual expenditure by around 50% over a three month period.
  13. One interesting issue is how the expenses were cut so quickly giving a drop of $15M in expenditure. One big element would have been the 50% part year reduction in player payments agreed in March.
  14. I think that is reflected in the movement in financial investments fro negative $7M to positive $6M but I agree it's not obvious
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