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  1. Here is an excellent article explaining when and how the GF can be watched. Foxtel/Kayo replay available at 11:15 Game can be streamed from 7plus app but only on certain devices (why I have no idea) You can stream the Grand Final live on the 7plus App, but only on selected TV’s or set-top-boxes. Importantly, you cannot watch the game through the 7 App on your mobile phone or tablet, as is the case for all AFL matches and the Brownlow Medal, which caught many people out on Sunday night (see below for info on how you can watch it on your mobile). This is due to broadcast restrictions put in place by the AFL. You can watch the game through the app on the following devices: Telstra TV, Samsung Tizen (2016 and later), Fetch TV, Apple TV, PlayStation 4 & 5, Android TV, Google TV, LG TV. You cannot use Chromecast or AirPlay to watch the Grand Final and you cannot watch a replay of the game on the app. https://www.austadiums.com/news/1054/how-to-watch-the-2021-afl-grand-final-+-live-stream Breaking news you can watch it on a mobile through the AFL app Some good news late Friday night by the AFL, with confirmation the AFL Grand Final will now be able to be streamed live on your mobile device through the AFL Live Official App
  2. I thought Jimmy Stynes as well. You can pick out the J and the S 1998 was his last year
  3. Congratulations to the selected 22. They have the chance to join that very special group of players. Go Dees
  4. It's fair the market determined Treloar was worth $X in 2021. That is what the Bulldogs are paying. Collingwood on the other hand are paying a $300k per year "penalty" to Treloar for getting the sums wrong. It could also easily have been us paying $200k a year had Tom Mac been traded last year.
  5. the doctor could lose his licence.... GF or not
  6. I have always thought that Smith and before him Petty made the better substitute simply because it is easier to cover a mid/small forward.
  7. Interesting discussion but there is this rule.... To be eligible for a medical substitution, the club doctor must decide that an injured player will be unable to play a game in the next 12 days.
  8. Love that Does it exist as a Gif that I can send to my bulldogs mate
  9. Premiership Merchandising is big money. Tigers in 2017 got around 3 times what the Buldogs pulled in after their win in 2016. I'd pay good money for a replay with alternate commentary and analysis by the coach and players. Like the extras that often came with DVD's. Let's hope that I'm still interested come Monday
  10. Wonderful photo Took me a while to orientate but it's the intersection of Bourke and Swanston looking up towards William Street. My guess is 1960/61 from the cars. I wonder if the Tivoli had become a cinema by then.(Can just be seen in the left foreground).
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