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  1. Off memory we wanted Georgiades ahead of Rivers.
  2. I’d be hoping the games return to normal length games next year. I will still put a small asterix next to this year’s premier simply due to there not being traditional length games this year.
  3. Absolutely agree. Gawn bails us out with his defensive 50 marks. Will miss that more than his actual tap work. Conversly, Goldstein’s ruckwork won’t be the deciding factor in them winning the game. It’s his around the ground influence and his goal kicking ability.
  4. We kick the ball so poorly going inside 50. Jack Watts is a very good kick of the footy. Do you see where I’m going with this?
  5. There is absolutely no context or relevance in this post but Weideman has the 5th best average of goal per game in the league of 2.0. That last quarter 50 metre set shot goal against Port may have turned his set shot woes around and boosted his confidence. Kicked nicely vs Adelaide.
  6. May would be the obvious choice but he might be still paying the penalty from last year’s drinking incident. Have a sneaky feeling it might be Lever, though others on DL have suggested it’s Melksham.
  7. Has Preuss played a scratch match yet? If not, I’m assuming that’s the reason he didn’t get selected. I’ll rate this win if we can get the job done. North have always caused us problems, we have 2 key outs and the win will get us a half game out of the 8.
  8. What did you guys expect? He’s not in the Dangerfield, Cotchin, Martin, Burgoyne “boys club” so he was always going to cop full tote dividends. At least the tribunal has saved Goodwin the job of giving him the tap on the shoulder as he was simply warming the seat for Kozi, and he was quite frankly poor on Wednesday night.
  9. I know this sounds like I'm setting the bar very low here but I'll be impressed if we beat North this week. This club has completely owned us since 2007 and it's been an indictment on our recent history. Its not as if they've been a dominant side such as Geelong, Hawthorn or WC of recent years. Cunnington, Higgins and Brown have been the major culprits. Fortunately 2 of them will be missing. I hate to admit but I think this is the first week Bennell gets dropped as opposed to rested.
  10. There's a lot of teams that tank but North aren't one of them. Let me give you a history lesson: North played Brisbane Lions in round 23 2017 (that same horrid day we lost to the Pies) at the GABBA in front of barely a North fan. All North had to do was lose to 18th place Brisbane and pick 1 was in their lap. They were 5 goals to 1 down at qtr time. They then proceeded to kick 18 of the next 24 goals to win by 50 points. That mob simply doesn't tank. I also agree with you in that they'll be primed for Sunday night.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but Woo-hoo man made his debut in our win over Port in 2016? Roos's last win as coach. Hopefully he's up and about in the last qtr on Sunday.
  12. Oh well if nothing else we clawed back the entire percentage we lost last week. Jackson our first rising star nominee since O Mac?
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