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  1. Lucky buggers. Sutton refused to commit to MCG and Marvel games next weekend but Metro has followed regional in pretty much every setting. I think there is a chance we could get 20-25% to the Dons V Dees games next weekend. The bad news is that barely any MFC member would be able to attend and probably 2,500 AFL members tickets to fight and scrap over I think there is a good chance we could get 20-25% to our GWS home game the following weekend which would pretty much cater for everyone who would like to go that day.
  2. If we're to win a flag, history (from 2010 onwards) says that the premier goes at least 6-3 in the last 9 games and goes into a finals campaign with rock solid form. Richmond have gone 8-1 and 9-0 and 7-2 in the last 3 flags, in the run home to finals. The average record is 7-2. Even the Dogs who had a patchy home and away season in 2016 went 6-3 in their last 9 games before finals. A 5-4 record would suggest inconsistencies and not the very strong form you'd want to carry into the finals. It's fantastic we've banked the wins but we need to maintain this rate, and most cert
  3. Prefer Dogs to win. Absolutely no difference between finishing 1st and second. We need to keep an eye out for West Coast. Don't want them to get on a complete roll and finish top 2.
  4. I found yesterday's loss easier to accept than the Adelaide game. Whilst we didn't bring the usual defensive pressure in the Adelaide game, we did play good footy at times and a few things conspired against us late in that game. Yesterday we simply stunk it up and played a lazy game of football and got what we deserved. Unlike the Adelaide game, yesterday's opposition was by far the better side and accordingly lead for about 75% of the game. Our defensive intent was non-existent and our skills were simply atrocious. We were willing to accept the 4 points but weren't willing to work f
  5. Fair point re: Geelong’s first home game in a few weeks. I would hope that when we play GWS, we don’t transfer it to NSW, regardless of the finances.
  6. Good on Geelong for standing their ground and utilising their home ground advantage. A footballing over finance decision. Doesn’t paint a rosy picture for many restrictions to ease on Thursday, if they’re already calling the interstate transfers.
  7. This game should’ve been played at the MCG irrespective of fans or no fans. We’re playing for sheep stations at the moment and playing a game at a venue that a) clearly didn’t suit us and b) where we won’t playing in September did nobody any favours. As I said during the week, we need to play as many games at the G to prefect our game plan and therefore the out of town home games need to finish, while the VIC government allows us to still play at the MCG.
  8. It’s been a great year so far but I’m getting pretty sick of not turning up against garbage sides. A clear pattern of behaviour has been established in the last 7 weeks, starting with the first 3 qtrs of the Hawks games in round 5.
  9. Jackson - 6 marks in a quarter of footy. Nice.
  10. Have we actually played a good first quarter against a bottom side this year?
  11. 1993, 1996, 1999, 2001-2019. Some of the senior citizens around here may recall if some Queens birthday games actually occurred between the two sides prior to 1990. The supposedly Queens-birthday game in 2000 when Farmer went nuts with 9 second half goals actually occurred on the Saturday afternoon of the q’Bday weekend of 2000.
  12. That’s a pretty modest amount. We must be desperate for every cent if we’re willing to sacrifice valuable MCG minutes, in preparation for finals.
  13. Any idea what sort of cheque Gladys B will be writing to us after the game? Hopefully this is the last of the relocated games this year.
  14. Clearly one of the games of the year, and the earlier North V GWS game was pretty damn good as well. An excellent day’s footy. If West Coast are to finish top 4 and go on to make a GF, I reckon they’ll look back at the Carlton win last week more so than tonight. They were not really supposed to beat Carlton with all their outs and then be on the verge of missing finals. Sure enough they won the game and now they find themselves in the top 4 mix. They’re a dangerous side with Kelly, Shuey and McGovern to return.
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