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  1. It's understood Oliver didn't want to be in the same studio as Viney so Jack elected to take his family to Adelaide instead of coming back to Victoria.
  2. Gawn’s first half was that dominant that the umpires didn’t even bother reviewing his second half.
  3. Gawn managed 4 votes across those two ordinary MCG losses we had. Expect him to poll 3-5 more votes in the NSW hub games and be near the top of the table after round 7.
  4. Assuming he’s not in the clink next year I’d love for us to have a look at him. De Goey and Petracca rotating between mid and forward is quite enticing.
  5. Port and Brisbane have been the most consistent sides this year and were both impressive in week 1 finals. Both club supporters would be entitled to be disappointed if they drop their respective home finals - particularly Brisbane who have played a whopping 2 games outside of QLD.
  6. Swans eh? Is that the club that used to regularly get 5,000 to their home games (and we're not talking a COVID restricted 5,000)
  7. Hard to feel sorry for Geelong in the trade department when the best player in the league fell into their lap at the end of 2015 and agreed to play for well ''unders''.
  8. Exactly. St Kilda had a tremendous membership increase this year but I'd be interested to know how many token 1 and 3 games members they had compared to what we had.
  9. Can someone please explain to me how some VIC clubs are going survive next year if they’re still hubbing in SE Queensland and playing in front of 1,000 people at Metricon?
  10. The whole idea behind this waste of money initiative is for Melbournians to still feel a part of the grand final experience despite not seeing an ounce of home and away footy this year. It hasn't worked on me.
  11. I also wouldn't be surpised if Gil and the boys want SE Queensland hubs to continue next year so they can continue the junket and escape Prison Melbourne until a vaccine arrives.
  12. Wouldn't be upset if he left. Hopefully Lockhart can take the next step and play all games and Rivers is a quaility small defender. In so many games he played this year he went off injured, came back on, went off injured again and was highly disruptive to our rotations. Played like a veteran near the end.
  13. A long as there's no hub garbage from next year where 350 people are attending games, then I'm excited.
  14. If we need to make a tough decision out of Hunt and Hannan, I'd re-sign Hunt and show Hannan the door. He was disappointing this year aside from the Richmond and NSW hub games. In 4 games towards the end of the season he averaged 5 possessions, 1 tackle and 0 goals. That can't cut at it this level.
  15. I thought the same thing. Occasionally players like Brodie Grundy have a poor season after signing a contract, which could've happened to Petracca but thankfully didn't. Perhaps the poster is concerned that he won't be as dedicated this pre season as he was last pre season - just prior to signing his extension in March 2020. Would love nothing more than Petracca signing a marquee 5 year extension this time next year and becomes one of the MFC's best and most loyal player in its history.
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