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  1. Sounds like Blundstone Arena - 2017 v's North. Except there was a 50m line for the mens as well. And you'd have to sacrifice a quarter if you wanted to line up for a pie and beer. Hopefully things have improved since then.
  2. Used to enjoy going to Princes Park, particularly because we had a pretty decent record there, including winning the last ever game there. The ground had a bit of character as long as you ignored all the Carlton bits. Whitten Oval was ok, sitting near the Melb cheer squad on the outer wing and having a couple of easy wins over Fitzroy in the mid 90's. I only have vague memories of the old southern stand (circa 1989, 1990) as I was only 8 years old at the time. Can anyone describe it for me? Were facilities ok or was it in dire need of a face lift in the early 90's? Were there many food/drink concession stands, TAB's, pubs etc... in the old southern stand... Was it general admission throughout the entire stand or was there an AFL/VFL members section?
  3. Are we expecting a big win tonight or was Richmond's dominant win last week too good to ignore, and do our outs hurt us?
  4. Very sad news. From memory he was close to getting a game for the club in 2018 after a 4 goal VFL performance but then got injured I think.
  5. Guthrie and Close should've received an invite to the MFC celebration day as without their kind gestures I'm not sure whether we would've won a flag from outside the top 2.
  6. 2018 being the game when Zac Tuohy kicked a goal after the siren and GFC and MFC supporters picked fights with each other all night. Roosy's last game was a picnic compared to the horrid ending to the 2018 night.
  7. It was indeed but it would’ve been nice to go down the highway that night just to see the mood of the locals. Especially what Geelong did to us in 2018 down there.
  8. Beating them by a point in a grand final after the siren(at the MCG not Optus Stadium!) with Selwood giving away a dubious free kick on the buzzer would go some way.
  9. Put them in a bubble through to 30 September. Only allowed to leave home to train, play and travel for interstate games. I'm sure the players will be up for that.
  10. Backing in LD to win the 2022 Norm Smith medal.
  11. Hibberd’s definitely not in my best 22 for this year.
  12. Top shelf depth for this year. Probably misses round 1 if we’re at full strength. We’re in a great position to have May, Lever, Petty and Tomlinson fighting for 3 tall defender spots.
  13. No issues with a 5 day lockdown before the kids go back to school and way before footy season.
  14. The 2022 flag will be even better than the 2021flag if the above scenario happens.
  15. If and it’s a big IF, Essendon can knock off Geelong (MCG) and Brisbane (Marvel) in the opening fortnight, I can see 65,000 for our round 3 Friday night game. This would effectively almost compensate for losing the QBDay gate this year. Ofcourse that’s dependent on us starting the year in good fashion.
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