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  1. Is understood to be very close friends with Maynard and would love to play his footy with him.
  2. If 25K capacity, the only people to miss out would be members that don't jump online in the first couple of days of sales. I think the record crowd at the G for a Melbourne V Freo game is 27K in 2017.
  3. FWIW channel 7 reported last week that clubs are assuming and hoping it's 50%. They interviewed North's CEO who probably passed that info onto channel 7 news. No doubt with border closures, they'll probably throw this fixture in the bin and we'll start the season hubbing in WA before moving onto Darwin, Cairns and then settling into SE Queensland for the rest of the year.
  4. Sorry to sound like a broken record but he didn’t play for the blue side (with numbers on their back) so either he played for the white side (no jumper numbers) or didn’t participate. Given that the white side got done by 40 odd points in a 60 minute simulation, it’s probably fair to say the entire white team struggled for any ascendancy.
  5. I would say JJ for a possible wing option on the proviso they see him as more an outside than inside player. The non Langdon wing is wide open seeing as though they couldn’t get Isaac Smith over the line. Baker, Tomlinson, T Mac, JJ, Vanders - not particularly great options. Sparrow would’ve gotten some major minutes inside the middle had Viney elected to go to Geelong, IMO.
  6. 1) Hope you’re right with Jordon. Looked the part at training...see how he goes in the pre season games. 2) Which Smith are you referring to who was on BBB.? Joel was in rehab. 3) Would be keen on Scharanberg if we are permitted to replace Hore on the list. Too good a talent to be out of the system, albeit is terribly injury prone.
  7. For the 45 odd minutes of match practice I saw, T Mac played the first half of the session on the wing, ie - he’d start on the wing at a centre bounce and then roam up and down the field chasing a kick. B Brown and Weid were obviously our 2 key fwds. But in the second half of the session T Mac would start as the third key fwd at a centre bounce behind Weid and Brown. However T Mac was given a licence to roam down the field while the other two big boys were more stationed inside 50. Jackson did not play the match practice and was instead running laps. On Weid, he’s going to get s
  8. It wouldn’t be a rehab group in January without the regular customers in Vanders and Joel Smith.
  9. Melksham certainly did not play for the “probables” blue team and if he did play yesterday it would’ve been for the whites.
  10. If Chandler played yesterday it would’ve been for the “possibles” white team. He certainly didn’t play for the “probables” blue team.
  11. ANB played in the blue team and was very busy rotating between small/medium forward and midfield, The thing I like about ANB is he can kick a goal out of nowhere. Will be right in the mix for round 1. I was probably harsh on Harmes as it was only a glorified training run, but he hasn’t looked crisp for a while and is probably down the pecking order in the midfield. Could we try him up forward? Is a true shot for goal and can take an overhead mark. He’s kicked bags of 4 and 3 on occasion.
  12. Sparrow played in the blue side. Played in the mid - half forward area and kicked an easy goal on the run from 20 but didn’t notice much of him. I thought he looked ok mid season last year, particularly against Collingwood.
  13. Yeah kinda forgot about that game.... What a year he had in 2000.
  14. Terrible news for him and a blow for our defensive stocks, already a defender down before it’s all started.
  15. Thanks mate. Sorry, I couldn’t keep up with the white team. They didn’t have numbers on their backs and most of them had caps on to make it even harder to tell. The only bit of Kobe I saw was a set shot from 30 that he just missed. Apparently kicked a goal from reports. Hopefully trackwatchers next week can keep an eye on him. His Dad was encouraging him from the sidelines.
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