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  1. If Hamish and Basil are the chief commentators this year then I'm boycotting the grand final and will find out the score the next morning.
  2. You're stuck with CH 7 adds. Last year Fox Footy showed footage of an empty studio for 3 hours.
  3. Happy with this. T Mac's not getting any younger and we're not going to ever have the dream injury run we had this year. However, the onus is on Sam to lift a cog or 2. His AFL performances this year ranged from average to diabolical and we're all entitled to expect more from a top 10 key forward that showed a lot of promise in his first 3 seasons.
  4. They’ll be fine. Nothing to see here. Sure if this happened in Melbourne there’d be 64 cases by GF day but Lady Luck has smiled on every major Australian city not known as Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra since the pandemic began.
  5. Surprised he’s never been to a GF before given that he was a captain of an AFL club.
  6. Was Mollison the umpire that stuffed up the deliberate call in our loss against Adelaide? He certainly umpired in that game.
  7. Apparently the club is staying in Perth for weeks.
  8. From memory JFK was woeful that night. Can’t recall how Georgiou went.
  9. That’s excellent you got a credit. My much better half talked me out of booking Perth flights in August because she correctly pointed out that if the GF is in Perth, then VICS won’t be allowed to attend.
  10. Our forward line would be a little scary if we picked McKay over Weideman. But, you can't win them all and our drafting has been terrific these past 3-5 years.
  11. If we lose we’ll all be ecstatic we missed the game.
  12. There's no way I want us to lose on Saturday as there are just way too many benefits of winning a flag outside of simply enjoying the win on the day. Eg- increased membership, sponsorship, destination club potential, marquee fixtures and just general pride as a supporter of the club. However, if we were to lose, I'd take a small amount of solace in the fact that there is still that live chance of seeing the club break the drought in person at our beloved MCG which is what we all dream of...not watching it in severe lockdown with a curfew. As for the day itself, I reckon being able to watch the game at a Melbourne pub with a hundred other MFC fans would go some way to simulating the match day experience and would've definitely softened the blow of not being there. But alas, not to be.
  13. If Oliver doesn’t get the 3 against Adelaide then I was watching a different game.
  14. That is pathetic. Nothing against the young kid winning the prize but one would think the prize could go to a kid’s family with more modest finances than one owning a tennis court.
  15. Just another of a long list of punch in the guts for citizens of the most locked down city in the world.
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