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  1. For 2020 we were actually fixtured to play Geelong in Geelong in a late season Saturday twilight game but the fixture obviously got torn up when COVID hit. We eventually played them at the G in front of nobody. So we've actually been fixtured at Kardinia Park 19/23 times since 2000 if you count the original 2020 fixture. For some reason in 2001 we got to play Geelong twice at the MCG, and won them both.
  2. The round 4 win was a ripper IMO. Kind of signalled that we meant business for 2021.
  3. He also gave away a free kick to Tim English despite SWYL’s claims that he denied the Dogs the ball in the centre.
  4. LJ had a direct hand in one of our 7 goals by way of a beautiful clearance to Oliver. Every other goal was manufactured by others. Gus, Oliver, Fritta, Viney and Trac were epic in that quarter and it does my head in when people claim that we wouldn’t have won the GF without Jackson. It does a total disservice to his teammates.
  5. BBB and Hibberd spent portions of the game on the bench with injury issues which was mentioned on the broadcast. Given it's a 5 day break, you'd suspect at least one of those three mentioned might run out of time to get up for Thursday night.
  6. I love our defence and I love Petty in defence. So I wouldn't move him. We just have to hope that our outstanding defence and outstanding midfield is enough (to win a flag) to offset our average forward line. We've averaged 106 points in the last fortnight so things aren't that dire up forward.
  7. Despite the mid season hiccup, you could argue we're tracking even better than this time last year. Last year we were second but on equal wins with the leading Dogs at 12-3. This year we are clear top albeit with the same win/loss. Our percentage was 12 points lower last year compared to this year. This year we are 2 games and a truck load of percentage clear of 5th. Last year we were a game and a tiny bit of percentage clear of 5th.
  8. A few points. The umpires had a poor game on Saturday. People have rightly pointed out their mistakes. Umpires have been having poor games since 1897. The umpires on Saturday will be penalised in terms of finals chances and even demotion for next week. Can someone point me out to the rule that states that the free kick count has to be even? The umpiring had no material effect on the result on Saturday. The umpiring had a material effect on the result in last year's round 10 game at Adelaide Oval. Can't quite understand the heavy reaction to the umpiring from last weekend. It was bad, but "let's move on" bad I would've thought.
  9. Cerra was absolutely out of contract last year. When an out of contract player nominates his club of choice, the out of contract player gets to his club of choice. It's when the on-contract wantaway players such as Papley try to move clubs. That doesn't always proceed.
  10. The days of finals at Marvel Stadium are long gone IMO. The writing was on the wall when the AFL refused a Marvel final for the Dogs against Adelaide in 2015.
  11. Any news on Kozzie’s strike? If they grade it as medium and intentional then he’s cooked for next week.
  12. That’s my concern too. He’s not exactly a spring chicken either.
  13. Agreed. Certainly a different side to the one they put out in the first half of the season. Both in personnel and attitude.
  14. Eagles only down by 17 despite 3 more scoring shots late in 3rd qtr. WC could kill off Richmond’s top 4 chances.
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