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  1. And as per 2019, club are kicking amazingly accurate scores against us. I mean who kicks just 2 behinds in a game! And Geelong didn't score a behind in the middle 2 quarters.
  2. Outstanding game of footy by Petracca yesterday and clearly one of the best of his career. Looked "on" from the first minute. Listening to him in the Ch 7 post game interview, and I know words aren't everything, but that appeared to be a player that is heavily invested in his footy club and won't be going anywhere else anytime soon.
  3. Kudos to the MCC for closing level 4 of the southern stand on a wet afternoon
  4. I guess they’ve weighed up that a couple of Melksham potential goals and one or two of his immaculate inside 50 entries outweighs a few pressure acts from Sparrow. Either way I don’t think Sparrow and Melksham are going to be the difference between a win and a loss.
  5. St Kilda reek of Melbourne 2019. Pre season injuries, lack of hunger, bath water etc...
  6. If that’s indeed Philip in the photo, he’d be the oldest looking 50 year old I’ve ever seen.
  7. You’d have to wonder if they stuck with Rioli and Caddy over debuting those 2 youngsters the result would’ve been different?
  8. Anyone hoping for a sneaky Brisbane over the Dogs at Ballarat? I hate getting ahead of myself as I don’t trust our club yet, but a low scoring 4 goal win over the Cats and a Dogs loss - and guess who’s the league leader?
  9. Sunday will show us if we're any chop. Lose badly and the narrative will be that we've beaten 3 sides that were not only injury depleted before the game but copped 1 to 3 injuries during the game.
  10. And didn't we also have our hearts set on Mitch Georgiades until Port cut our lunch and got in a bit earlier. We ended up using that pick on Rivers. I like Rivers but Georgiades looks like he'll be a gun forward for the next 10 years.
  11. Fingers crossed the rain stays away. Given that we kicked 12.19 under a roof, I shudder to think what we'll manage in 33 K/PH wind.
  12. So we're expecting a wet and windy Sunday afternoon and they're possibly closing the top level of the AFL members where it's under cover. Makes complete sense....
  13. Returning Australians should be forced to do 18 days hotel quarantine and then submit a negative test before they jump on a plane to Australia. Aside from family members being reunited, there is absolutely no upside for returning Australians to come home, considering we have the virus under control at the moment. But a topic for another thread.
  14. Very disappointing that they've paused Thursday night footy. They've had Thursday night games since round 1 2020 so it feels like it's been a way of our footy watching lives and the weekend feels like it comes earlier with a Thu game. I guess the 5 day breaks are a major hurdle here.
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