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  1. Any danger they can release the games and times by now?
  2. We didn't have to travel there in 2017 - only because their stands were being re-developed. Oh and in 2020 the AFL were nice enough not to schedule us there (in the revised lock down fixture where nobody could attend the MCG!)
  3. Happy just to play them once next year excluding finals. Losing to them twice in the one year was soul destroying in front of 50K filth each time. I find Pies supporters as a collective to be far too much to handle when they're up and about. Kind of felt like they willed their team over the line in our round 21 game.
  4. The Herald Sun have just revealed when Grundy and the Dees will play Collingwood, but it's behind a paywall. Would find it amusing if you signed up and paid to see the article only for the Herald Sun to announce it's the Kings Birthday.
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing him go well at the Dogs. Did nothing wrong with us other than being down the pecking order. Just hope he doesn't kick the winning goal in round 1 next year!
  6. Well he has history. I'm sure it was reported he got involved in a Perth night club dust up just after the GF (separate to the one that the Dees and Dogs reportedly got into)
  7. I heard the AFL are releasing the exact times and dates of rounds 16-23 (not 24) in one hit, around the mid season point.
  8. They were ranked about 12th in scores 'for'. They're nowhere near a flag until they can improve their scoring output.
  9. Wish it was Jase Burgoyne rather than Trent. Jase looks the goods.
  10. Can anyone offer up a reason as to why his early season games where so much better than his finals performances this year?
  11. I don’t understand either. A Saturday night home round 1 game against a team that we have a good recent rivalry with at the G, with the weather being mild and the game being on FTA, and yet people need to complain??
  12. That would rely on Dogs fans attending the game in their droves and as we saw in this years game, they didn’t. They also only got 45,000 to a Richmond V Dogs MCG 2022 Saturday night game. Always good to start the season off the G with a home game. However a round 23 MCG game would be great too. Last 4 season we’ve ether been sent interstate or to Geelong to close the season.
  13. With Optus Stadium likely unavailable for round 1, I wonder if that opens the door for a Luke Jackson grudge match at the G for round 1??
  14. Because our best 22 is so perfect or Laurie is no good, or a combo of both?
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