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  1. Yeah, not expecting to Brayshaw to be actively seeking a trade but it wouldn’t knock me for 6 either if he was elsewhere next year.
  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if he seeks a trade, win or lose, independent of the Cerra trade. How many more years does he want to be known as the player that plays the sacrificial wing role? The blokes a talented midfielder by trade and would have a strong desire to get back into the centre square and increase his goal kicking tally from 2 a year.
  3. Not at all but surely there will be no change. Would be a bold call to drop someone after last week’s performance.
  4. In the 2015 GF West Coast wore their away jumper as opposed to their clash jumper if that makes sense. West Coast’s clash jumper was white that year and they were more than happy to wear their away royal jumper with matching shorts. Fat lot of good that did them as they got trounced that day.
  5. I reckon he will wear the long sleeves. The precedent has been set as he wore them in warmish twilight games against GWS and Adelaide in the earlier rounds. Hunt would’ve been questionable but he ain’t playing, sadly for him.
  6. I haven’t been reading DL extensively this week but I reckon this is the first post I’ve seen that’s tipped the Dogs. The confidence is sky high.
  7. Aside from this year we usually wear the red back against the Dogs in away games. We won’t be wearing it in the GF unless we request to.
  8. Eddie also dropped a bombshell news story that Melbourne won’t be coming back immediately after the GF, instead electing to celebrate the win ((hopefully ) and take holidays in a state that doesn’t have COVID or severe restrictions. That news rattled me. I thought the club would be on the red eye after the GF and celebrate in VICTORIA…. via ZOOM.
  9. If Bont gets 38 and kicks 3, Macrae gets a PB of 50 and the umpires give the Dogs a +30 free kick differential then we can all blame the curfew for 50 years to come and we can put the Norm Smith curse to rest.
  10. Then you’re a better person than I. I guess I’m anxious that this might be the only opportunity for us to win a flag in our lifetime and to miss out on all the festivities that the Richmond, Dogs, Geelong and Swans supporters got to experience in their drought breaking wins would be a little sad IMO. Still, nothing changes the fact the a flag would be awesome regardless. That’s why we barrack for our club.
  11. Nice article. I think she echoes many Victorian based MFC diehards in that a premiership this year would be nice but the true dream is to see the boys live at the MCG celebrating with friends and family in more normal times.
  12. He has publicly said doesn’t want to go and is happy to watch from home. Not sure why this petition is still going?
  13. It’s garbage. If you can’t get yourself up for GF day regardless of your previous month , then you may as well hand over your opportunity to another club. The break may have advantaged the Dogs as they’ll have Keith back and have a well earned rest but the break will not disadvantage us IMO.
  14. Lyon’s the best available given the circumstances. Clearly if it were in Melbourne there would be far better options at our disposal - Ronald Dale, Daniher, Neitz.
  15. If you're in Queensland wouldn't you have to isolate for 14 days in Perth and thus miss the GF? Or are you currently in a very low risk state such as NT, SA or TAS?
  16. McGowan would just laugh this off. He probably wouldn't even let Morrison in his state. And would Neale be even up for a long flight given his current plight and personal care needed.
  17. I agree it's mad and would've been nice to watch the game with mates. But we can't so I won't.
  18. If we're going to do that, we may as well have the GF at the MCG. The rules are there for a reason (even though more than a few don't follow them)
  19. Apparently Luke Darcy is a Bulldogs supporter but you wouldn't be able to tell given his perfectly balanced commentary during Bulldogs games.
  20. Absolutely guttered that many of us (25,000-30,000 MFC/AFL/MCC members) could be missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity in seeing our club win a flag live. This is not even including MFC royalty starting with RDB, Daniher, Neitz, Jones etc…(aside from Lyon who is there) I saw Sydney, Geelong, Doggies and Richmond all break their droughts at the MCG and the supporters of those clubs had the day of their lives at the MCG and then celebrations after. Meanwhile we’ll have to put up with BT’s 16 commentary mistakes per quarter.
  21. I’m sure we would’ve beaten Geelong regardless of their virus. We were at our absolute best last night.
  22. I 100% agree with this. There’s no sugar coating this - the Victorian MFC people ranging from Demon Royalty (Barassi, Daniher, Neitz) to the rank and file member with a GF guarantee membership have been robbed the opportunity of a life time thanks to COVID and a couple of NSW removalists.
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