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  1. Can anyone offer up a reason as to why his early season games where so much better than his finals performances this year?
  2. I don’t understand either. A Saturday night home round 1 game against a team that we have a good recent rivalry with at the G, with the weather being mild and the game being on FTA, and yet people need to complain??
  3. That would rely on Dogs fans attending the game in their droves and as we saw in this years game, they didn’t. They also only got 45,000 to a Richmond V Dogs MCG 2022 Saturday night game. Always good to start the season off the G with a home game. However a round 23 MCG game would be great too. Last 4 season we’ve ether been sent interstate or to Geelong to close the season.
  4. With Optus Stadium likely unavailable for round 1, I wonder if that opens the door for a Luke Jackson grudge match at the G for round 1??
  5. Because our best 22 is so perfect or Laurie is no good, or a combo of both?
  6. I reckon Laurie will define if the 2020 draft was a success or barely a pass mark. He would want to be getting senior games by year 3.
  7. Yeah, assuming a better run with injury there's no good reason why they should miss the finals given their very talented midfield and the fact that they have two coleman medalists in the same forward line. If they do miss finals, then questions will be asked of Voss.
  8. We might know our round 1 fixture by tomorrow night. In terms of the wish list, I'm not as concerned with playing a number of top 6 teams twice. Clubs come and go pretty quickly and who would've thought Port and GWS would miss the 2022 finals this time last year while the Dogs did all they could to miss the 8 until Carlton imploded at the last minute. Therefore one or two of Geelong, Sydney, Collingwood, Brisbane, Melbourne or Freo will likely have a poor season and miss the finals. Sounds silly but every year a quality side falls off the cliff the following season. I'm way more concerned with having an even travelling schedule as opposed to the shocker we had this year. We cannot have a repeat of the Adelaide - Geelong - Alice - Docklands - Perth five week debacle that we copped this year. Have to think that had some sort of impact on our finals performances mainly due to fatigue and having 5 weeks away from our home venue where finals are played. Did any other side have 5 weeks away from their home ground? It was great having the first 9/13 games at the MCG but it did us no favours at the back end.
  9. Read the thread title and assumed JDG stuffed up over night.
  10. Carton blokes at my work reckon Carlton can straight out win the flag next year.
  11. Would also been keen to know what you mean by tomorrow Carlton?
  12. They'll be a contender next year with the additions of Dunkley, Gunstan and Ashcroft. Clearly their list has been bolstered and they would be aiming for a grand final next year. It's still a bit hard to reconcile that this mob beat us with 1 and a half quarters of scintillating footy, only to disgrace themselves a week later.
  13. Well thought out post overall. Lobb actually kicked 36 goals this year and must have been heavily considered by our club (prior to settling on Grundy) as a very solid forward/ruck option given T Mac had a serious foot injury, Jackson was half way out the door and BBB had a poor year and has a chronic knee issue.
  14. Spot on. The most recent premier has had it's ruck department questioned for at least the last 5 years.
  15. Still hope he plays the majority of minutes in the forward line. We need to utilise his amazing goal kicking talents as much as possible. He can do things around goals that nobody else can. As for his re-signing, if it's not done by the mid season break or thereabouts then I'd say he's gone for sure.
  16. Any good? He’s the highest rated unpicked player so far.
  17. I’m thinking definitely not. Lobb kicked 36 last season. Jackson would be lucky to manage 20 across a full season.
  18. It’s irrelevant who is the home and who is the away side in terms of finances. Every club will get an even distribution from the weekend. Melbourne will still get their 10 home games at the G and 1 NT home game assuming that arrangement is still in place. What would be annoying is if we’re the designated home side against Geelong in Magic round and then cop the return game away to them at GMHBA in the final month. Hopefully it would be the reverse.
  19. Heard that one as well. Not sure if that’s people’s opinion because of the Grundy “grudge” match. Or if there’s some substance to it. It would make for juicy round 1 game and a bogey of some sort for is to get over. There’s also some speculation we’re off to Port in round 1.
  20. Are you getting Luke Beveridge vibes about Goodwin?
  21. I think Bell is desperate for a key forward at Freo and is trying to sell his message to the members as they have one of the least potent attacks on paper of all the contenders. The fact they were around the 12-13th mark last year in scores “for” underscored this, and they won’t be going near a flag next year if they don’t improve in that area. Jackson couldn’t catch an over sized beach ball in the 2022 finals when playing as a key forward. Either he mentally checked out of his footy club by finals time, or Bell is incorrect by claiming his best footy will be as a key forward.
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