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  1. Can you call someone a dancer these days?🤭
  2. I’ll be watching in a beautiful hilltop town called Belvès, in the Dordogne, France. Go Demons!
  3. Although in our case, we (the parents) ran away from home.
  4. Melb 16 - 8 104, defeated Adelaide. 9 - 9 63 Not sure why this wouldn’t be part of the original post, Whispering_Jack.
  5. Excellent job by Dogga, first quarter aside. I was very concerned at quarter time because he had been clearly beaten. The next three quarters… sensational.
  6. I wouldn’t go that far. He did ok, but looked a bit underdone to me.
  7. Um, do you think they are the only other top team? I said, top teams. Freo seems to have been doing ok. And as I recall, we are the only one to have lost three in a row.
  8. Fatigue from loading keeps coming up. If we were the only loading team, that would make sense. But surely other top teams are loading too. They must be handling it better than we are.
  9. Yes, I support Tomlinson as sub. Their three tall forwards (Daniher, McStay and Hipwood) could be a problem. And if one of our talls goes down, we’ll need Tomlinson for backup.
  10. He’d been pretty much KO’d by Cowboy Neale. In today’s environment he’d have been off the ground with concussion.
  11. Your sarcastic reply, cute at the time, unfortunately is proving to be true.
  12. Didn’t say “every”. But that’s a nice glass-half-full view. With time and dedication he could turn into a one-grab marker. Mind you, he’s had the time already.
  13. Beg to differ. His marking method is the double grab, which makes it easier for opponents to spoil.
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