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  1. Some commentator says the push was with the shoulder. I don’t remember the rule saying that the push had to be the hands. I’d have thought a push was a push.
  2. I’m disappointed that I didn’t receive anything from the club in 2019, 20 and 21, despite automatic renewal of overseas membership each year. I’m not sure how other overseas members were treated.
  3. What a great two years it will be if the Demons can get it done today. The men last year, Casey this year and today (hopefully) the spirited Demon women. Go Demons!!
  4. I always assumed it was an unhealthy dose of cognitive dissonance.
  5. So we were worried about the game being too defensive and we thought more fatigue would help. We reduce the number of interchanges. Now we might be adding an extra player. Huh? Meanwhile we were worried that standards were falling. But we’ll add an extra player to each team meaning 18 players who wouldn’t have been good enough to get a game, now are. And we can add another team, meaning a further 23 players will get a game. The way this is going, I’m a chance for Albury’s team in 2031.
  6. Not forgetting the dual premiership player, the great Alan Rowarth. Only 70 games because of injury, but a great Demon with a 70% win rate. Thanks Alan.
  7. The trouble with this post is that it makes total sense. There’s no place for comments like these on this thread.
  8. Maybe not, but he is a tool just the same.
  9. And didn’t have a particularly good second half of the season.
  10. I remember asking that one 50 years ago.
  11. Our biggest backline problem is when the ball hits the ground. Neither Tomlinson nor Petty are the answer to that. Petty forward for me.
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