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  1. 6 Oliver 5 Lever 4 May 3 Hunt 2 Gawn 1 Petracca Minus scores for Fritsch, ANB, Spargo, Jackson, Brayshaw, Langdon, Jordon.
  2. I’m with you, Deever. Health workers are under appreciated. Had my two Pfizer shots a couple of months ago. Apparently I’m a Bi-Pfi now.
  3. I was going to mention that (and the obligatory apéros) but thought it might sound a bit snobby. 😀 GO DEMONS!
  4. Game day already? It’s 6:45pm on Friday here. I’ll have to eat dinner, watch TV, sleep, have breakfast and vacuum the pool in my Demons scarf.
  5. Serious question… I always thought it was dump kick. What do others think the term is?
  6. 6. Oliver 5. Petracca 4. Lever 3. Hunt 2. Spargo 1. Fritsch
  7. Max hit it straight to Petracca running through.
  8. I have a great memory to share. In 1989 at Leicester Square London, I was standing behind Hassa Mann in the queue at the half price theatre tickets booth. I said, “Excuse me. You’re Hassa Mann.” He turned and immediately held out his hand for me to shake and said, “Yes, pleased to meet you.” He could easily have thought, oh no, can’t a guy have a holiday without being recognised. We had a very good chat while waiting in the queue. Turned out my sister and his wife were good friends and I got to meet them at my sister’s house a couple of times years later. It’s a wonderful memory for me because Hassa Mann was one of my favourite players when I was a kid. I also met Ronald Dale a couple of times but neither time was as memorable as meeting the great Hassa Mann.
  9. Sorry, my response was to Binman regarding monopoly.
  10. Is that true? Or has Champion Data bought a licence from the AFL? Or is it just that the barriers to entry are too high for competition? What is to stop me from counting kicks etc and publishing them?
  11. Um, I think Champion Data is a business. Why would they give away the information they generate?
  12. Did anyone notice when a free was paid to the Dogs and the ball went out of bounds? A Dogs player picked it up over the line and played on. The umpires let them take the advantage. What?!
  13. Probably going to be difficult now, but I get your point 😁
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