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  1. Speaks bloody well, knows the bloody game and would provide a sense of bloody realism, etc.
  2. Love it. Did anyone else notice Oliver’s terrible ball drop on that last goal? Sometimes everything goes right. 😀
  3. Dear all… now that I’ve watched all of the Demons’ finals games multiple times (11 for the GF alone), I am very proud that the boys never resorted to rough play or arrogant grand-standing. What an amazing bunch of young men we have! If only one of them could have married one of my three intelligent and beautiful daughters.
  4. And JJ clearly put his hands on Bowey’s shoulders. Watch Bowey… he’s expecting to get a free kick.
  5. Are you sure that’s original? I think I read that one.
  6. Anyone with lingering doubts about Goody should listen to how Burgo speaks about him.
  7. Thank you so much. Excellent work, as always. I’ll miss these podcasts over the off-season and look forward to their return next year.
  8. Well, yes. A sort of Anglo version of that name.
  9. I’m not a hyphen but my surname is so long I could easily fit in two or three.
  10. Charlie won’t wear out his kicking leg. But as long as he keeps finding a teammate inside 50, that’s fine by me.
  11. I think we’d all love that. But first we have to keep him. Wouldn’t it be great if he signed a contract similar to Trac’s?!
  12. So in Robbo’s view, the sixth best player won the Brownlow and there are three Demons in front of him (plus one ineligible).
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