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  1. Remember Brent Crosswell? Barassi used to switch him from end to end. And Crosswell truly was a gun.
  2. Ah, let’s just win both and be done with it.
  3. It’s crazy that the VFL season starts at AFL round 5. Surely that has to be fixed next year.
  4. Sign of maternity for sure, to be able to take well intentioned feedback. (And in that spirit, it’s rapt, not wrapped - or wrapt as we sometimes see on this forum. Rapt, as in rapture.)
  5. 6. Gawn 5. Viney 4. Lever 3. Petracca 2. Langdon 1. Oliver
  6. Have we gone a bit early with the indignation? I didn’t think the side had been announced yet.
  7. Good post, Lucifer and others. But a slight correction on these distances. This from AFL... The Mark shall be set at 15 metres from the centre of the Kick-Off Line towards the centre of the Playing Surface at Kick Ins. This was previously set at 10 metres.
  8. Interesting. I have a friend who is a mad St Kilda supporter who, like you, doesn’t follow other teams. I thought he’d be the only fan with that approach. (He’d never heard of Caleb Daniel or even about the new man on the mark rule, but he seemed to know the vital statistics of every Saints player.) It’s great to be passionate, but the trouble is that it is easy to get carried away with our ability and not have a realistic view of the opposition.
  9. You mean her diction is FOIN? it’s true the French are particular about how they speak. I am too, and always have been. Clearly you and I have different standards, but that’s ok. What would a forum be if we all just agreed?
  10. A good win, spoiled only by the shocking voice of Kelli Underwood. « He kicks down the loin »; « has he got spaaace and toim?» Fox should send her for elocution lessons. It would be well worthwhoil.
  11. Jones is a polarising figure on here. I thought he was ok today, and at least better than in the first two rounds. On the votes thread, someone included him in our best six. Meanwhile, others are saying drop him now or let him get to 300 and retire. Proving once again, you can’t please all the people all the time.
  12. 6. Gawn 5. Langdon 4. Hunt 3. Pickett 2. Salem 1. Viney
  13. Rivers: best 2021 game Jones: pleasantly surprised me
  14. Would you have liked it better if I said a cheese sandwich and a glass of red? Because that’s all it is.
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