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  1. I remember that goal. We lost the next week to Footscray (I think). We went on to win the premiership through Crompton's goal. If it weren't for Hassa's goal, we'd have missed the finals altogether.
  2. Good. Now, if he can just learn to take the first option and to kick with his right foot. Winner.
  3. If there's a tie, the other places slip back. E.g. First, tie for second, then it's fourth.
  4. Thanks Dee-lusional. I figured that out just after I posted the question and my espresso kicked in. 🤣 I hope that spells the end of references to Wagner's and Wagners'.
  5. Would you please explain the '96ers club? I'm not familiar with that term.
  6. Ben Silvagni was drafted on name alone. They needed more Bens.
  7. Wow, it really doesn't pay to have a different or independent opinion, does it. Ok, so I was mistaken about Hore and Collingwood. At what stage was Hore leading the AFL intercepts makes and how many did he have compared with others?
  8. I really don't get the enormous hate for Oscar or the love for Hore. Oscar: by no means perfect but he is a good kick and generally a good decision maker. Yes, like all fringe players he makes mistakes sometimes, but look at our Demonland votes and notice he's in the top 22. Provides the extra height needed against tall forward lines. Hore: couldn't get a game at Collingwood. In 2019 he was frequently caught out of position and gave away unnecessary free kicks. Now he has been passed by Trent Rivers - a 19 year old in his first season. Even if he is retained, I doubt we'll see Hore
  9. Sorry, John Demonic. I clicked the angry icon instead of the smiley one. We're cool.
  10. Well done QD. But a bit harsh on Lever (The Great Pretender) and I can't see how you could possibly think Hore is The Real Thing. Have you ever watched him play? Rivers is in first few games is miles ahead of Hore. Doubt we'll ever see Hore play in a Melbourne team again.
  11. I think we'd be crazy to bring Jackson in after a long lay-off, especially considering it's likely our last game for the year. Instead, give him every opportunity to get fit and hungry for a brilliant 2021.
  12. Unsurprisingly, the best 22 here are pretty much our best 22. Many might argue that Oscar isn't, but hey, they're our votes. Oscar is valuable against taller opposition because he frees-up Lever to play his intercept role.
  13. Very creative content, members! This thread would be even better if someone were to compile a final list for each game from the excellent contributions of members. Seeing Joe Boy started it, maybe he'd consider being editor for a final list? If not Joe Boy, is anyone else interested?
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