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  1. Love the Dees ! Loved the GF and Premiership! Hate Tattoos !!
  2. Vanders - lovely bloke, tough player. Very unlucky with injury. Wish him well.
  3. Clarrie is a tough bastard but the whack shook him up for a moment. So, high, deliberate and let's say low impact. So how is not scrutinized? It's all very well to say haha we won, doesn't matter ..... but it is yet another example of the high farce that the match review/tribunal process has become. A total disgrace that it's been shoved under the bull [censored] carpet.
  4. Been a great player and a terrific kick for goal ...... but not for us..... too old.
  5. Bont was bloody lucky for mine ! Have a look at the replay and watch Bont - no eyes on the ball - he is lining Oliver up.
  6. Lucky Dad !!! I purchased myself the same hoodie and T-shirt.
  7. I just had a look at the Norf's big footy page to see what they had to say about BBB. While there was some to and fro about him, what infuriated and disgusted me were some vile and disgusting posts about Daisy Pearce by a couple of absolute pigswill and moronic posters. It stems (they claim) from a comment Daisy made about BBB leaving Norf for Melbourne. I have now moved Norf to the top of my most hated oppo supporters list and fervently hope that their ****ty club remains cellar dwellers until they are disbanded.
  8. I was given some Coopers in a GF hamper Bombay, so I'll cleanse the gob with a couple of those and then I'll start murdering the Shiraz
  9. I've shown reasonable restraint ....... but .......I've just cracked my first tinny.
  10. If you want to watch something unfunny and mind numbing, check out the longest kick on fox. It will take your mind off the gf FMD !!
  11. Hope you've got some of that fancy Liqueur on hand picket . No doubt you'll be quaffing at a furious rate!
  12. Sage advice chook! I'd also suggest that od opens one his famous single malts and partakes of an early libation - for medicinal purposes of course.
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