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  1. Pedanticness is an accurate expression of my meaning
  2. You're pedanticness is driving me [censored] nuts demon stone !!!!!
  3. I'd want something in return Laze I'm not entirely altruistic! ( To be honest I'm not [censored] altruistic at all )
  4. Well [censored] the negativity! Maybe I'm Shiraz pumped but I just gutted my Sportsbet account on the Dees at $2.04. When we win , I'll buy a bottle of Grange!
  5. Fair comment! Viney is setting the bar high because he is just crazy in the way he plays ... if only Weid had a bit of that mongrel!
  6. You're correct dazzle, it is a terrible comment , if it is construed to mean lacks courage. Anyone who plays footy at that level does not lack courage. I was at the game on Saturday and payed particular attention to Viney and I wan't to share some observations. There were two occasions, I won't detail them, where he ran flat out to make a contest that he could not possibly make. But he just would not give up. Another of note is after Kossie kicks the matchwinner and players surround him laughing and congratulating him. You see Viney near the group but not actually joining in ..... simply because he is totally and utterly [censored]. My point is that Viney is a totally maniacal competitor ........ he just can't seem to help himself... it's in his nature. Weid has skills .... he has demonstrated that but he lacks that total competitiveness of a Viney. Jack Watts was a bit like that. Some players have it ....and they play above their skill level. Others don't and either succeed or not. That's just humanity I suppose.
  7. Sounds fine ....................... if we actually wanted him!
  8. This just highlights what a low life dog of a club Essendon is. To leave Rutten in such a lame duck and humiliating position is unbelievably shabby treatment.
  9. Perhaps you could ..... err ... post some pics...... of the err bruises WCW. .......................(leer ……. leer)
  10. I was just watching it ...... again, when you posted loges!
  11. Just arrived. Final siren. The dees girls easy winners
  12. Sheilas Badass Women of Australian History - Eliza Reilly - Google Books.pdf
  13. I know it's 2000 and something! What's your point!
  14. No chook, disagree with you on this - deranged is just fine! ( I'd also accept maniacal)
  15. If I hold off until 4 o'clock it will prove that I'm not an alcoholic. Bloody hell Red! If I mention maid and spigot together, I'll get more "rehab" for sure!
  16. Things are deadly quiet at The Manor too Red! Nearly time to uncork a shiraz.
  17. Gates open at 415 Dub, so I'm guessing the sheilas start shortly thereafter.
  18. Will this now become the standard defence in all such matters?
  19. There can no longer be any doubt The AFL is a corrupt organisation. They should offer workshops to The Bandidos, Comancheros et el to improve their corporate performance. [censored] me ! Why stop there, go international - I'm sure the generals in Myanmar could learn a thing or two from the experts! This is now beyond a joke. The AFL is a powerful billion dollar organisation. Surely there need to be some sort of judicial enquiry into their governance.
  20. FMD !! If this goes much longer my shiraz supplies will be severely depleted
  21. Rather, I would suggest, the best way of justifying getting him off!
  22. Organise a couple of false identities and receive some dud pension or dole money chook. It's what the AFL would recommend.
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