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  1. Calling @dieter ! Hey Skinny, I know you're a Brocken down hack fast bowler, so that makes you an authority. See my above post and tell me your view on Shielas playing cricket. I would also ask @Biffen who claimed to be a batsman of some note but he's usually under the influence of drugs, so any reply is questionable.
  2. Can someone tell me what this Sheilas playing cricket for The Ashes is all about? When I played cricket the Sheilas used to bring afternoon tea. Nice stuff too - jelly slices and quarter cut sangos............. and of course, they were there for the after game desert! ( after a jolly good booze up ) Arrrrh the good old days. Why change a perfect system?
  3. @special robert. I have heard you were moved on from your squat.
  4. Mmmmmm ................. there's a fair bit of strumming though.
  5. watching the cricket now. England have got one of their Sheilas opening for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weak bastards !
  6. Oh ye of little faith WCW ................. of course I thought about offering the old girl a ride.
  7. I must (for once) share a true story. I was slumming it in Lancefield yesterday. And, while enjoying an al fresco coffee , I watched this old lady trudging along behind her walker toward me. I gave her a friendly greeting and she commented on my Demons polo. She told me that Ron Barrassi was her hero and , she pointed to her cheek, and said she got a kiss from Ron when she was a youngster. She said she didn't wash that spot for weeks! She was a lovely old dear. A bit dotty and I guessed well into her 80's . She was heading to the local clinic which was nearly 2 Klm's from where she lived ! What a tough old bugger! Soft [censored] today call for the paramedics when they sneeze.
  8. My apologies for the delayed reply skinny but i had some pressing matters at The Manor that required my attention. The accusation re the fat gutted fellow has been levelled at me before. I wish to lay it to rest. It was not my good self. I must say that while I admired the fellows's healthy physique his taste in attire was appalling. I am offended that anyone would think that I would dress in such a bumpkinish manner. Re the non de plume that I have stuck you with. We had this conversation some years ago and I know your name has nothing to do with Jenny Craig. However, as I am a rude and churlish fellow, I have chosen not to change my manner of address.
  9. We won the flag so, as far as I'm concerned, it's a total reset!
  10. No idea on that but I'm sure there is a poster that can enlighten us
  11. I recall reading during a previous spate of ACL injuries among the women much was attributed to basic biological differences Apparently the different shape and structure of the female pelvic and hip area can lead to a gait that raises the likelihood of knee injuries Another report also claimed that menstruation can be a significant factor I imagine that there is and will be considerable further research/investigation into this matter.
  12. FMD skinny - I just slurp the stuff during and after a good session in the dungeon. History! Pfaff ! ............................... but go on ........educate me.
  13. Harder to judge her defensive work from the armchair but she has contributed offensively my my viewpoint.
  14. I've quaffed a few on occasion skinny but they're not on my regular slurping list.
  15. Good pick up Fanatique. I am at a loss to explain that gaffe. Perhaps I need a shrink of the Sigmundian school to undertake some delving into that slip.
  16. Red, I am deeply wounded. After all my years of valuable and profound intellectual contributions to this thread you still misrepresent my tastes in vino. I hereby declare and caste aside all doubts, Chateau Cardboard has no place in The Manor's fine collection of plonk. ( excepting of course, those occasions when The Manor's budget is a tad strained)
  17. We Romsey sophisticates do not flaunt our lavish lifestyle dc -it unsettles the peasants.
  18. The monicker "Stiffy" (over) qualifies you to become a contributor.
  19. Of course - I am not an inconsiderate man ! The Manor's carpet layer leaves his used knee pads behind.
  20. Nothing so ostentatious at The Manor John - just a simple $100 or so dollar Riedal glass . Which , naturally, I smash into the fireplace. ( Keeps the maid alert)
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