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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. He's listed as omitted Moonie .... but I agree, I thought he was worth another run
  2. It now seems that while you can't have "low" impact you can have "negligible" impact. Is that so? [censored], just when I didn't think the tribunal could outdo Charlie's exoneration ! It's a [censored] lottery.
  3. GWS are quite clever in challenging. Given recent miraculous outcomes, you might as well challenge anything/everything.
  4. No shame in the occasional sullying of the bed linen Demonland.
  5. I needed to bathe in someone else's misfortune so I had a look at Saint's Bigfooty. Had to share this gem. "My [censored] has put up a better fight against a colonoscopy prep than this s**t club did tonight."
  6. If the "Bumbers" win, my multi ( which the dogs got off to a good start ) will be [censored]!
  7. Based on my very extensive experience kev, confusing dates is a sure sign of being a [censored] pot!
  8. You're a bit slow on the uptake tonight Moonie ! ( Too much of the cheap swill that you think is decent vino I suppose ) Don't you remember the ABC slogan. " Watch it on the radio" ?
  9. Anzac is eve is great when it's a home game ... but not so much when it's away. I'll be watching it on the radio. I'd send you my ticket Moonie but .... as you have no friends to take with you ... it would be wasted.
  10. I'll bet my lefty that the MFC won't get any advantage out of whatever changes are forthcoming.
  11. The match review/tribunal system of "adjudication" has moved beyond ludicrous into some sort of ultimate fantasy realm. It's pointless being outraged or shocked anymore. Just look forward to to the next piece of wonderfully creative whimsy.
  12. Punching Dipwood in the head would have to unreportable ... surely !
  13. Getting close to the first bounce. I'm guessing @Sir Why You Little is slurping on a nerve settling double in some sleazy Thai sports bar!
  14. Not while you're a Dees supporter deever!
  15. Don't generalise bin's p a ( or worse still patronise ). I am among those ' landers who have pumped up Windsor. I've also touched on the comparison with the great man. However, myself, and I'm sure most 'landers are also realists - we know there will be setbacks and flat moments during the development of a career. Let's just enjoy ( or dream about ) the highs for the moment.
  16. They'll certainly come hard Dub ... but I reckon we've got them covered.
  17. Tonight's game is just about one of those famous "eight pointers" ! Going into the bye with 5 in a row and just one loss would be a huge start to the season. Brisvegas , on the other hand, is facing a disastrous start so they'll be flat out to recover their season. Our backs have been pretty slick. Big Joe will find May rather more difficult than some kid from Norf and I can't see Dipwood getting on top of a rejuvenated TMac. As always Charlie ( super player) will be the danger and a real challenge/experience for McVee. Max Trac and Viney will win the crucial Mids battle ( Neale's 250th notwithstanding) but what would really seal the deal is a big one from Oliver - it's due. Kozzie leaves a hole for sure but it has provided an opportunity for the "Kolt" - good luck kid. Hopefully BBB draws a crowd and allows the others a little more space. Fritta kicks 4 and we win. A couple from Trac sneaking forward would also help cover Kozzie's usual contribution. Really looking forward to watching Windsor again - this kid is pure class and quickly becoming a favourite. ( I'm also starting to understand the comparisons with our famous number 2) That's a bit long winded for me but your poor old Uncle Bitter has been a bit under the weather of late and couldn't sleep! A life time of hedonism may finally be catching up. Prediction. Dees to win by 9 or a full blow out and a 39 point victory. Happy days - go Dees!
  18. There is always a "spare room" at The Manor WCW. ( Imagine a lustful font for this post )
  19. If you wanted proof of what a decent human being Trac is, watch how he shepherded that little kid Eddie through 360 tonight. Wonderful stuff.
  20. Dc do you have the rule or document whereby "low v medium " contact is defined?
  21. Time for another Jamieson to soothe the beast SWYL !
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