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  1. I'd like to see TISM, but I'm too old for festivals. I used to play in an 80s cover band. Our drummer was a mate of one of the members of TISM (Sean Kelly, same name as the Models guy, but a different person). He got us a gig once. He wasn't the Ron Hitler-Barassi member of TISM ...
  2. As much as I hate Jee-long (which is a lot), that's pretty funny. Classic case of "scoreboard!!"
  3. I don't agree with the 3-2-1 system. You can have 3 players having played well, with not much difference in their performances. The umpires' darlings (e.g. Neale) get 3 votes ... and Oliver or Miller get 1. So, Neale gets 3 times the votes. It's too heavily weighted towards the darlings. I suggest the votes be 5-4-3, so that the votes are weighted more evenly. I doubt that anyone will agree with me ... that's ok, I'm used to that.
  4. The filth supporters are diabolical. They boo and call "ball" from the opening bounce and never let up. Thankfully they seem to have stopped doing the ridiculous "USA/USA" chant. So glad they didn't make the GF. So annoying that they lucked in with 2 excellent father/son picks.
  5. Clarrie looked pretty [censored] off.
  6. I met him a few years ago. He was with his parents at Abbotsford Convent after playing a match for Casey. A charming young man.
  7. Swans just hanging on ... pretty much stopped.
  8. I hate the filth. A magpie pooped on my son's partner (in London) today, or was it yesterday? Hopefully sweet revenge for her.
  9. It took me a few days, but I'm over it too. I'm over the 2022 season ... just hope neither the filth, nor Jee-long win the flag. Can hardly be bothered to watch any further matches. I've never felt that way any other season. P.S. I was in the MCC GF ballot. Missed out ... but don't really care. I won't bother to wander up on the day, which I have always done in the past when I've missed out in the ballot.
  10. I've been totally blindsided!! Did anyone else suspect he was going to leave? I hope the Club doesn't accept some lame offer from Freo. If they can't offer something decent, let him take his chances in the draft. Not sure what compensation we'd receive. He was a #3 draft pick. Rising Star winner, premiership player with 2 years of development. Despite his indifferent form this year, the compensation should be at a very high level.
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