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  1. It would be helpful if would grow another 10 cm.
  2. If you were very old, you would know that that comment should be directed to Joyce (aka Rosie Sturgess). I am old*, but it was slightly before my time. I think I need to adjust my medication. *but I am happy
  3. Being paranoid doesn't necessarily mean that they're not out to get you.
  4. Whatever happened to 'the huddle' from kickouts?
  5. I dislocated my shoulder while body surfing at Palm Beach a few years. I didn't require rescuing. Don't worry though ... I survived.
  6. Why the concern about Angus? I thought that POS Maynard was the victim here .... at least that's what the filth people, and the media seem to be portraying.
  7. I've had 2 glasses of Lachlan Ridge pinot grigio. 2 litre cask is $8 @ liquorland. Great value.
  8. You seem to have forgotten their best known supporter ....
  9. You seem to have forgotten their best known supporter ....
  10. There's a doco on Duran Duran at 7.30 tonight (SBS). I think I'll watch that.
  11. Certainly doesn't seem the sharpest tool in the shed.
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