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  1. Daisy is the football equivalent of the Get Smart character Simon the Likeable. (The tennis equivalent was/is Ash Barty.) Who doesn't love Daisy? She's charming, intelligent ... [insert other adjectives here]. However I'm glad she has decided to retire. She was pretty much cooked as a player. Shame she's going to the puddy tatts though.
  2. I have a cunning plan* Kick the ball to the wing. Winger to hold the ball for an eternity, then kick to forward (left) pocket where everyone is congregated, ignoring any leads from teammates elsewhere. *Well, Baldrick should take some of the credit.
  3. Yeah ... size isn't everything ...
  4. What time is training at GS tomorrow? Might swing past while on a bike ride*. *subject to the climatic conditions
  5. My son likened it to the Jack Fitzpatrick tunnel ball incident.
  6. I'm concerned that this thread seems to have dropped off everyone's radar. 🤔
  7. Metaphorically speaking ... He did a great job. Saw him at The Sporting Globe a few times during interstate matches.
  8. Australia 1 - Denmark 0 .... Socceroos through to round of 16 !!! Wow !!!
  9. Indeed ... the jury's will be well and truly out for a few years. At first blush he seems similar to Weiderman and Watts, but hopefully he has more mongrel in him.
  10. Are you serious? The Hogan thread got to 400 pages, so this one has a fair while to go.
  11. I used to subscribe to Viz. I used to find it really funny, but it is kinda the same joke/s. Perhaps change to one of the other Viz characters? Sid the Sexist, Mr Logic or Finbarr Saunders?
  12. Not sure if anyone has already made this comment, but Spargs needs to get more of the ball ....
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