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  1. GF 4 weeks ago. Still buzzing !! I suppose it will wear off a bit sometime during the 2022 season.
  2. That contest shouldn't have even happened. 30 seconds earlier Kozzy was strangled 30 metres out from goal ... nothing to see ... play on!! I'm not sure whether I have posted this before. Apologies if I have. I have a particular meeting once a month. Football is inevitably discussed. One of the attendees is a Bulldog. At the most recent meeting (a week after the GF), not a word about the Grand Final. If the Bulldogs had won I would have said to Mr Bulldog "I was disappointed about the result, but congratulations on the win". I expected nothing else from Mr Bulldog. He is not a quality person.
  3. He actually doesn't like the whole "positive Lingers" thing.
  4. I hate Jee-long (clap/clap/clap). Especially Scott, Selwood, Rohan, Hawkins. Not keen on Dalhaus or Myers, but they are largely inconsequential. Colin Jazz-knee looks like he's cooked. Stewart and Tuohy seem like reasonable blokes. Ol' Smirky should have come to Melbourne when he had the chance. Poor Henderson ... what a way to finish his career.
  5. Clarrie says hi ... his performance v Adelaide ?
  6. I love him. All Demons supporters love him. In fact all AFL supporters love him. And possibly all non AFL supporters as well. Wow, what a media career he has ahead of him once he retires !!!
  7. Of course they're back on the track. They have another premiership to win.
  8. As if Jee-long would want a 22 year old.
  9. He looked fine from game 1. I knew he'd be a ripper, and he is.
  10. Anyone watching the Socceroos World Cup qualifier v Japan. Socceroos down 1-0 after 8 minutes. Terrible defensive blunder. Nearly half time. Some of the turnovers by Socceroos have been poor.
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