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  1. Fritsch kicking the ball into Dunstan's back .... lol (cue Benny Hill music)
  2. That booing at Jee-long is doing my head in.
  3. I've voted - postal vote. Preparing lentil soup, may sit outside in the sun after that and do the cryptic crossword. Not going to the match .... hate Doglands and have a commitment tonight (see below). I'm predicting a woeful attendance ... 25,000 is my guess. Attend Don's Party tonight. (The younger folk in this forum won't understand this reference.)
  4. Fun (useless?) fact ... There are 2 hamstrings in each leg. Years ago I had one hamstrung removed to be used as part of a shoulder reconstruction.
  5. Indeed ... and we will presumably be 10-0 after playing Norf. Interesting times after that ... Demons yet to play Freo, Swans, Brisbane & Carlton.
  6. There were a few times where players didn't pass to a teammate in a better position .... BBB Tmac Kozzy ... although he ran into an open goal but poor Lingers looked pretty pixxed off not to receive the handball Having said that, they all kicked goals ... Trac ... guilty, and missed a couple of times I presume these are pointed out in their reviews.
  7. The last 2 games have shown why Tmac is well ahead of Weid. I'm sure i differ with virtually everyone else on this forum but I think that Bedford deserves a one week suspension for that tackle. I'm not a great fan of Melksham, but I think he would be a suitable med sub if Chandler cops a suspension, particularly to help him get closer to 200 games.
  8. Indeed .. I also remember when the Swans were on a losing streak of about 30 matches ... guess who they had a win against to break that streak? To make matters worse, I was at that match!! PS. I was also at the loss v Essendon VFL side.
  9. Hey, where's everyone watching today's match? I'm going to The Sporting Globe in Richmond. If anyone else is going there, I'm the bloke wearing the Demons cap !! 😉
  10. Has anyone ever seen that bloke smile?
  11. Can't hear the crowd chanting Jee-long clap/clap/clap Jee-long clap/clap/clap
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