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  1. Beat Sydney on the MCG. Almost 11 years. Last win was in August 2010 when we beat them by 70 points. I think it was 8 losses and 1 draw dating back to 2011.
  2. Very harsh. My thoughts: Gawn - Battled not beaten McDonald - Exceptional core strength Brown - Had strong presence Petracca - In and out Spargo - Played above height Melksham - Hard to commend Fritsch - Clearly not right Pickett - Quiet yet pressuring May - Not Buddy's buddy Salem - Career best form Harmes - Proved Demonlanders wrong Jackson - Stemmed Swans Clearances Lever - Couldn't establish position (On Lever - Swans were clearly dragging him up the ground so he was out of position. Longmire coached against us well
  3. My local has turned off commentary and even had a note up for a while saying, "Upon popular request -- no commentary!" They have music on low playing in the background now. Much better.
  4. I feel a lot of people are really understating the significance of last night's win. Sydney were magnificent. They had 40 tackles inside their forward 50 and they threw everything at us. That was a mostly mature and patient performance. The very definition of "trusting the process". Also check out the Sydney Facebook page. Aside from the occasional winge about the umpires, more supporters are praising of the Swans. In a loss. That says a lot about the oppo. We'll be very battered and bruised after last night. I expect us to really struggle to maintain this level for the next 3
  5. We won the game at the stoppage and throw-ins. They stayed in the game from the centre. But we won where it counted and that's in and under. Thus a very important win.
  6. That waw as good a win as I've witnessed from this club.
  7. Would much rather lose to Carlton, which is something I thought I'd never say. A loss has to come and I want us to beat every single top 8 team we play.
  8. Buddy is a star and can still turn it on, but I question them bringing him in this week. Wreaks to me of subtle confidence, like as if they brought him in to get him going. I hope we give them a lesson on that inclusion alone. Especially given they have Pies next week at the SCG and Buddy is rarely 100% these days (and rarely travels interstate).
  9. Melksham brings strong delivery inside 50 and should get better with more games. But he's on thin ice. Harmes I suspect is being brought in as a defensive midfielder to roam wing and put pressure on their transition out of defense which is generally quite strong and could be damaging on the MCG where they normally play well (and destroyed Richmond doing just that). Suspect Harmes will play a Houli-esque role as a small cut-off. Looking forward to him grabbing a few intercept marks across half back and proving many here wrong. I'm okay with these changes. End of the day Melksham
  10. In Collingwood's defense they went all out for a flag in 2017 and were within a kick of one in 2018. I imagine that even with their list issues had they won the flag everything would be BAU for them and they'd be in "rebuild" mode rather on the brink of collapse. Imagine what a difference one goal can have on the future of a club.
  11. Yeah fair point but that's what I mean. They just talk about their team and where they can win and who they should bring in/drop. I found it refreshing tbh. Richmond supporters were ridiculing and saying flat out they were going to win. At least Sydney supporters have some fair analysis behind their comments...from what I saw yesterday.
  12. can you provide more clarity beyond a vague post assuming people saw the story?
  13. Scanning the Swans BigFooty thread for the game, and I must say that Sydney supporters offer some of the more reasonable and balanced football commentary from opposition supporters.
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