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  1. American basketball coach of mine was super hellbent on respect for the opposition. No ridicule or poor sponsorship. Shake hands. Respect the competition and love the game.
  2. Not necessarily. The club can refuse a trade and either force a signature or pre-season draft where he ends up at North. I'd want Lobb and a top 10 pick as a BASE. If Freo wants a quick swap then can give us Brayshaw. This'll be the second KPF Freo would have taken after Hogan. I say they get absolutely [censored] and we play hard ball if Jackson doesn't want to stay.
  3. we should be targeting sustained success and identifying key pillars in that vision. Players like Sparrow, ANB, Spargo, you love them and you're glad they're along for the ride but they are ultimately replaceable. Guys like Jackson and Brayshaw are part of a group of 5-6 players that are truly once in a generation types at their position. It's a bit like playing NBA 2K22 My Team and landing multiple diamond players for your squad. You don't trade them out for more card packs in the hope you'll land more diamond players. You keep them for as long as you can. Three years of Jackson ain't enough and anything less than him being a Demon For Life would really hurt.
  4. In all seriousness, that was one of the finest performers by a forward ever. 14 disposals, 10 goals 2. I remember it well. Wasn't a great night for Melbourne supporters but it stuck with me as a night I witnessed perhaps the last great game by one of the game's all time greatest forwards. The only thing I remember from the 1999 season. Alongside Jeff White missing most of the first half of the season, and Alistair Nicholson was our fill in ruckman.
  5. As an AFL member who alternates between AFL Members and behind the Melbourne Cheer Squad AND Olympic Stands, I can say that the crowd was probably 55;45 Melbourne's way. BUT Brisbane were undoubtedly louder. And more confined. Strong performing interstate teams (GC and GWS aside) always get a good showing. Especially Brisbane and Sydney. I think our attendance as a support base this year has been okay... we are lucky to have played a lot of top 8-10 sides in home games.
  6. 3.7 that quarter. At least four of those behinds were absolutely gettable. Should be 60+ ahead.
  7. brb putting humble pie in the oven.
  8. Brisbane had 7 shots from 10 entries. We had 5 from 13. We badly need to tighten up defensively if we're not going to quickly turn things around offensively.
  9. we are comfortably the worst team going forward. Both of our goals have been ****ty random goals out of nowhere.
  10. Brisbane is in second gear. If they go up a notch it's a 10+ goal loss on current pacing.
  11. case in [censored] point. two entries for two goals. this is pathetic.
  12. I can't see us winnjng this unless Langdon, Salem, Petracca and ANB start giving us some [censored] space and run. Every single possession is under pressure. We go forward and it's high and slow. Teams go forward against us and almost always have a clean shot on goal..It's just rubbish.
  13. Dumbest 6 minutes of football I've seen in years. Jesus.
  14. It's ultimately a battle of the midfields tonight. The best offense vs the best defense. If we can't score against Brisbane's leaky defense then I'll have major concerns. Teams are scoring off the back of transition from defense after poor entries -- the rebound over time kills you. It could get very ugly if we go forward the same way we did against Collingwood, and Brisbane transitions as quickly. No matter how strong we are defensively it is so difficult to stop Brisbane's momentum. Genuine 50/50 contest tonight.
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