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  1. We will [censored] the Suns and Crows. The run to finals really starts now. We can lock away a top 4 spot with three wins against three teams we should undoubtedly beat. If we miss the top 4 from here it'll be up there with 2004. Actually it'll be up there with the entire Daniher era post 2000.
  2. If we slip to 5th, unless we win the flag his entire 2022 will be on notice. I think he has coached well this year. But just like the Daniher years we lose to poor teams and it ultimately costs us good strategic ladder positioning. We should probably have been undefeated going into last night.
  3. Was a solid game of footy, awful umpiring aside. Dogs are a great team, we ran them off the field at Marvel and they beat us in a good contest at the G. We played okay but tbf I don't rate us as a top 4 side. We are thereabouts with Port imo and could go either way. Lions will make their way into top 4.
  4. He'd have slotted right in to a 2000s Richmond team.
  5. We're not winning this but we have competed well. Hate to say it but umpires have definitely influenced outcome.
  6. Jesus [censored] Christ. What a wasted quarter.
  7. Caleb has so much [censored] space. I'm going to throw my phone at the TV.
  8. They consistently have players sitting out of stoppages. What a wasted effort.
  9. Bruce the biggest downhill skiing forward in history and consistently does well against us. Sick of it.
  10. End of the day if we lose tonight it's not surprising but losing to deadbeat sides and drawing against the worst team in the league pretty much relegated us to 5th spot.
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