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  1. You'll start to see a breakaway now. Any team with a % of <108% is imo out of the running and making up the numbers. With the exception of maybe Hawthorn's whose percentage since Round 6 is 118%.
  2. we literally struggled with the pressure.
  3. I think it's questionable Tassie will go hard at the draft. They will bring in experience and ready talent to compete immediately.
  4. Hawthorn was 0-5 with a percentage of 64%. Their turnaround has been ridiculous.
  5. Crazy that we were ever favourites in this one. We've blown out now and GWS has shortened to favourites. We will struggle with GWS the same way we do against Freo; younger and faster mids, and more agile forwards. Stinks of another belting until it's wet.
  6. Marge: "I'll just have a K Brown." Bartender: "Billings it is." Marge: "I said Brown." Bartender: "Billings" Marge: "B-ROWN" Bartender: "BILL-INGS" Marge: "B. R." Bartender: "B. I."
  7. Now I'm depressed because I'm talking with Melbourne supporters actually entertaining trading Oliver. What have we become? It's like 2003 all over again.
  8. 100%. But saying this is a problem of on field leaders is only more of an indictment. Official team leaders are the only players with direct and impactful influence on a coach. They are like senior leaders in any business, and their relationship with the unit's Head Of or GM. It doesn't bode well for a head coach when literally every leader of the team puts in a shocker.
  9. I couldn't be bothered. I am not normally one to personally go on a rant against people for disagreeing with me. And frequently wear it when I'm wrong. My point is that going on the rant he did after beating Essendon was going way too early. Today is proof. For the record I'm not calling for Goodwin to go but people pretending like he hasn't already spent some of the credits he got after 2021. Some don't realise how many credits he burnt on September 15 2023.
  10. Imagine going on a rant and trying to make a point against people that have a different opinion to you... after beating Essendon lol
  11. Chandler, Sparrow, Salem, Bowey are all liabilities and have been all season.
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