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  1. Devasted. Just Devasted. BUT. This is why we recruited Billings. And it gives us cap relief. We should throw everything at Tim English.
  2. praha


    Gameplan won't matter if the club's leaders persist with their delusion and naivety.
  3. praha


    I'm pretty disappointed and disheartened. I can't really support certain individuals given this happened on their watch. I think someone needs to take accountability here because it's a trend, and individual players are continually scapegoats. It's symbolic of a cultural trend and the longer the supporters put up with it the longer it'll fester. If the club falls away this year then the CEO, Board, and Coach should all resign. Seems pretty harsh but the implications and accusationa are following this club around and so long as they are still at the club, every single little that happens at the club will be blown up. I'll be there day one (not day 0 because flights were too expensive), but I go in pretty [censored] off overall with the club. I feel like the premiership window has slammed shut now for at least a few years. We need to fail quickly and get beyond this bump. Pretending it doesn't exist is just making it worse.
  4. We effectively picked Chandler over Bedford.
  5. lol why am i wasting my Sunday on this.
  6. Gee the pressure or Gawn is already evident. Such a colossal error giving up so early on Grundy. Gave in to media pressure. Pace is still an issue because structurally we play high pressure which is vulnerable on the turnover and doesn't let us take advantage of the pace we do have. No matter how quick you are, if you're playing a kick behind on the transition you'll never catchup. It's a Goodwin coaching speciality and has been since 2017.
  7. Teams seem to go end to end with such ease against us.
  8. look I'm one of the worst posters on here but this is ridiculous.
  9. I work in comms and it is a daily battle for me. I argue weekly that we need good quality content that takes time to produce. The outcome is quickfire memes that get good engagement but die in the [censored] quickly. Does nothing for brand recognition or growth and merely boosts your social media klout albeit temporarily. The people you're targeting aren't organically engaged in your primary product and so when you actually start talking about football, they disengage. It's the offseason. You could run Top 100 goals, marks, plays, and tackles for 2023. Countdown of the best games vs each appointment. Interviews with players. Instead we get TikToky garbage. This is my daily battle.
  10. Starting the season poorly makes finishing in the top 4 more difficult? Huge if true, durango.
  11. Someone told me Petty was injured in training today? Did I miss something?
  12. Geelong lost Corey, Scarlett, Enright, Wojinski, Ling, Mooney, Milburn, and Ottens in 2011, 2012, and 2013. They still finished 3rd in 2014 before missing one finals series for the decade in 2015. They lost Toohey, Stokes, Bartel, and Enright in 2016, and finished second in 2017. Add losing Ablett in 2010 as well. They finished 8th in 2018 with the league's second best percentage. In six seasons they turned over a team that won three flags in five years and finished top 4 most seasons and made a GF and Prelim in 2020, 2021 and 2022. We're not even close to losing what they lost in retirements over that period. Missing finals would be a colossal failure for this group.
  13. Winning a flag is tough. It's too high a benchmark to set. In my opinion, Top 4, and winning a final are our benchmarks. From there if we win a flag then it's a bonus. But making the Prelim should be the minimum goal for the team. Not winning the flag won't be a failure.
  14. My wife was 15 at the time and there with her dad, step mum and sister. They only just escaped the wave and spent 3 nights on a hill waiting for support and to get a flight out. She still suffers PTSD to this day. I vaguely remenber Round 1 2005 but I was there and remember we won.
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