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  1. She's hardcore Richmond. Zero chance.
  2. It's so easy to predict future performance. if club finishes top 4 = premiership contender if club finish top 6 = top 4 contender if club finishes top 8 = changes needed if club finishes anywhere 9th-10th = not up for it. The prediction analysis is the same every year. Same with ladder predictions.
  3. They've been given an absolute handjob from the league in an attempt to boost the city's economic growth. That they can now lure the likes of Cameron to the club absolutely has to raise some suspicions. Dangerfield, Selwood, Hawkins, and now Cameron all likely to be on $700k+. They're doing something.
  4. I do hate to say it but privatisation may actually be the only true saviour and I suspect Sydney and Hawthorn will be hinting at that in some capacity. In that instance Melbourne would likely be saved given its relatively strong financial independence and history, which presents strong branding opportunities. Dogs appealing from purely an asset perspective. But North would be unable to find a suitor unless it seriously considered relocation. GWS and GC may as well merge at this point, or at least each fold into Sydney and Brisbane, respectively. Brisbane could rename itself to South Queen
  5. Norf has screwed us enough over the past 10 or so years, I'd rather not let them do it at the trade table.
  6. If we lose Jack Viney it will be James McDonald x10000. Simply cannot lose him.
  7. it may have something to do with the fact they've missed finals and haven't been home for like 3 months.
  8. Not sure where else to put this. A mate has messaged me saying Tom Browne has claimed Carlton is actively pursuing Petracca because apparently he is unhappy. I called BS given he signed a contract in Feb. Plus search across Twitter, Bigfooty, Google, everywhere has yielded zero results. Nothing on Tom Browne Twitter either. Asked him where he heard it and he's stalling. Is he pulling my chain?
  9. Saw an interesting point made somewhere: We have perhaps 4 of the top 20 players in the league in Gawn, Petracca, Oliver and Viney. Brayshaw, May, Salem probably top 50. Fritsch, Hibberd, Langdon top 100. Lever, Malksham top 150. Other players that would likely make top 22 in any of the top 8 sides: Vandenberg, Rivers, Spargo, maybe Pickett and Wiederman 17 of 22 players that would walk in to any finals side, if not based on their 2020 form alone then based on their potential. We of course improved over a disastrous 2019 but: We had q
  10. Dogs have been in lockdown mode all game.
  11. I'd have rather they were belted than be this close. Dockers are also being absolutely belted around the ball and the umps give them absolutely nothing. As always umps giving Bulldogs a ride. As they have for 30+ years for some bizarre reason.
  12. he's not wrong. he played his best football at melbourne as a floating flanker.
  13. Nothing against Freo and I think they're on the right track but I can't believe we lost to this mob. We don't deserve finals. Sorry but we had two opportunities to lock us in and we failed miserably. Dogs are in second gear here, Freo genuinely trying but they're just very average.
  14. Okay time for me to log off for the offseason like I always do. See you all next year. Hopefully at the MCG.
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