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  1. 5. 2004 (I think) Semi Final V The Crows (We Lost) The most amazing see - sawing final Iv’e ever been too. 40 points down at 1/4 time then something like 27 points up at 3/4 only to lose. Pretty sure Simon Goodwin was playing that night too. fantastic game should never have lost, needed to move a couple of players so it was not stale going into the last, but they stayed in the same spots pizzzed me off badly but it was a great game
  2. I was hoping for some natural improvement in the playing group. We need more than one elite player, but yes he might have a few more to win
  3. Can I ask How old were the other players when they won the Bluey. To try and work our how many more he might win !
  4. The other awards are more interesting and the top 10. Difficult to pick. Definitely interesting to see who the football department thought were in that top 10.
  5. Could we have a clause, like DeGoey’s. In terms of unexpected medical breakdowns? and the ferals paying out any remaining contract years.
  6. Yes by making fake news so common. no evidence up front, just accusations. dates or times or rebuttals. Fake news is one sided. except where the previous Nth Melb caption is concerned. He sliced up north for years
  7. If it was within Hawthorn FC and stayed there perhaps but the Journalists got hold of it or were given it, and whether true or not it has ruined all the accused and North Melb and Brisbane. Mud sticks. especially Merri river mud from cricket pitches on football fields.
  8. In my view, Donald has a lot to answer for. He has single handedly sliced and diced the Republican Party and half the US population,
  9. I don't wish to defend anyone either, after investigation a certain level of guilt may be apparent. But to report a story and you have not interviewed those accused (Both Fagan and the other bloke said they had not been contacted, until just prior to publishing) Is plainly biased and one sided. Poor journalism, only out for the scoop and notariety. Donald Trump fake news, and I can believe it was "anti-inflammatories" , everyone I know sprinkles that on their porridge. or perhaps not.
  10. How can anyone believe what is written without attribution if this is not a legal court it is an open kangaroo court, everyone seems to accepts the coaches are guilty. there will be some truth perhaps but only perhaps. but very little is said about any rebuttal and without giving the accusers names it might be BS. Being able to take legal action later Is not a substitute. . the reporters should have reported both sides of the storey . it’s like I know what numbers are up for lotto next week And I have no like or dislike for those accused but it is not fair ! Now bags of little white powder, I can decide for myself the probability.
  11. I am not sure there is credibility in any accusation until the accuser puts up their hand and say Yes I, accuse, unless of course they are underage or mentally poor. If someone is charged in a legal court, supposedly innocent until proven guilty, but you know the names of both parties and can make your own judgment or opinion. How can you in this case, I do not know who the accuser's are.
  12. Just think Malcome, soon, if we don't look at the final scores first, we will be able to watch it and have a new win in a final, year after year. It's about the only win win situation i can see coming up. Cheers mate.
  13. And the winner is…………. not football, poor exhibition of our great game. Now last year was totally different, but I am a little biased a half fit Demons dude would have done far better. Definitely the year to have gotten to the GF. Poor player management, there better be some very big learnings.
  14. Does anyone know how much the tickets would cost, if we had made it of course, Have I saved $2000 by us losing both games ?
  15. So who should I barrack for on Saturday, only askin' cos my wife has no idea ?
  16. Just saw that on the demon website can understand brown but I thought Rosman was a player who had an upside . Obviously our FD did not
  17. What I don’t understand is why he did not change things this year, once it became obvious we were slowing. Say round 7 or 9 maybe it was the learnings
  18. Sorry I just like this thread, so many varying views and so little written animosity. when I make points to my friends who follow other clubs I am looked at as knowing. That’s BS but I like it. so. Was it really simple in that we had no rest after the GF in 21 and then no rest to players around the time of the the byes so really poor player management. I know the longer the season went the more we faded in the last. Loading seemed the reason but if we had too many sore players . Then we were stuffed. Comments please
  19. I would think it’s strong always plenty of support at the games and in the local rag. alwsyx seems to be some young fellow or girl trying out for some better comp.
  20. Fantastic result pies down by one point Sydney will be lucky to beat jeeling
  21. Not in todays side. I do not follow this league apart from finals and there will be a very inebriated group only 5 minutes away. I hope they stay there .
  22. Seven flags in a row for Koroit saints wet day must have been a slog Koroit. 5 goals 15 points defeated North Warrnambool 4 goals 5 points koroit in seventh heaven
  23. It’s the potatoes and the soil. Put a stick in the ground , water it and watch it grow
  24. Not real bad for Koroit’s saints. Taken two boys there for football training and cricket the whole town gets involved Thursday nights at training are huge. So much support for the kids coming through
  25. A flat in south Melb, house at tower hill . I am from Melb so not local in koroit, but my darlings family in Warrnabool Been here 8 years.
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