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  1. Good luck to all Demonlanders, enjoy the game. To our Team of RED and BLUE it may not come around for years, Go hard
  2. I still have a 64 poster I got from Mr Friedman’s paper shop, on that Saturday night, folded and a little ripped, I had it plastic embalmed so it would not get worse. still think the Weg posters are better. Go Dees
  3. I want to pose this question ? Seeing that we have fought long and hard to change the attitude of the playing group from being individuals to playing for the group (and supporters etc) Do we want a player who is trying to get the most benefit for himself, surely a backward step.. Go Dees
  4. Hope he is not missing on Saturday !
  5. Think we are all jumping at shadows, take a bex and have a good lie down. 3 sleeps to go then get antsy.
  6. I hope the CLUB makes those invitations.
  7. Now I am over them, its been 20 years since I drove up to the snow, and not in a 4WD it was a BMW 325 and mid week at that. And if they mention the platter at least qualify the type of cheese and what glass of red wine goes with it. And we do not just deserve to win this game. Our players need to "turn up" for the hardest game of the year. And I think some of our supporters need too as well. We are good enough to win, its got nothing to do with the past 57 years, its all about this year and NOW. Go Dees
  8. liked the symbolism and 35 year drought
  9. he doesn't play for St.Kilda, he's a Demon
  10. Fully expect he will win the Rising Star. Just so composed when he gets the ball. Knows what he intends to do with the ball and proceeds to implement that. Will play 200 games absolutely no doubt . He is a ripper !
  11. We do need to remember, a fortnight to enjoy that we are in a Granny. Haven’t lost yet or won it so we can enjoy this feeling of euphoria that we are the best. Top of the ladder and we have a week extra to prepare. Have a very hard run later this week then have 8 days to recover any bruises. And ENJOY this very long gran final week Go Dees
  12. This would be mine Gawn and Viney fantastic. And wholeheartedly agree with the bottom line. It was enormous to see the playing list in the circle last night,,
  13. Now I do not know what the 186 defeat was like. Left a day before and was in Canada and back then, phones and internet was very ordinary. So tell me what is better. I cannot see any time we have played better in the last 50 years. Goody got the brickbats he deserves the plaudits. But are we avenged?
  14. Agree except it’s 66 years. Cannot remember a more dominant performance. 55-64 was pretty good though, but to be fair I was young and not taking much notice of the footy. Go Dees
  15. The build up and demon support in the media for this game is pretty strong, how can we stand two weeks of MEDIA if or when we win tonight. Only the A game demons. Go hard all night
  16. I am confident we will win. Not concerned about 2018, we are not facing west coast and the home crowd factor. I am concerned that we might sit back like witches hats at training and watch jeelong kick multiple goals like couple of weeks ago. They will not allow such a cone back again. So hard at it all game. we have been the best team all year, this week and the GF it is time to prove it for all to see. If we wait much longer RDB will be too frail to pass the cup or raise the flag. I do like having the whole list being part of the build up, whether they make the team list or not. And I like the past players putting in a bit of input as well. All about developing a culture that lasts. We are the administration, the players, the past players and the whole supporters base. it’s our time. Not a walk in the park but I really think it’s ours to lose if we do not dare to dream. We have the players with the ability. Dare to dream dare to win. Go Dees
  17. Been to plenty of them at the South Melbourne ground. now that was an experience, at my tender age back then, trying to go home late at night after a few beers.
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