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  1. Only my view and no information from anyone but me. we need a replacement or help for Max KW needs to be asked will you nominate the Demons. His answer to that question this year and next will determine the next choice for ruck. we need a replacement for May, he is getting older and more easily injured. teach whoever we pick all you can. and I think we need someone to aim at up forward who can help in the ruck in the F50 JvR will I think be great , but he is too young just yet. And Mr Petty seems injury prone. that brings us to the centreline and the mids or wingers. we might have the players here to swap about but a good user or deliverer of the ball would be nice. As long he was strong enough to get it. In JT we trust ! Interesting times. hate the pies, but all you need is to score more than the opposition. How much does not come into it.
  2. How about a transition from player to a coaching or development role at both Casey and Gosch’s paddock. keeps them training, keeps a productive return keeps the football knowledge instructs the youngsters how to train thats for both players are their payments part of our cap or do they really need to retire
  3. He has the right colours on ! funny jumper but good colours
  4. Purchased a lotto ticket this morning they were wearing a Collingwood jumper i almost choked and then walked out !
  5. I really think in the Garand Final the umpires are the best of the lot. I note we have #21. And # 23. But not free kick Carlton ! they will not have much influence
  6. You could always put it on a Dart board or make it a voodoo doll
  7. You will have all seen the cartoon of that thug on the morning paper lift out. just not appropriate, any other player FMD !
  8. Come on Roy Boys !! ABC It’s easy
  9. Can we speculate please, I have no idea. But not talking about them until 6pm tomorrow is probably the right thing to do
  10. Now that JJ has picked Sydney, does that leave room for Harmes to lose a bit of weight, get some speed back and play some cameo roles in the midfield for 2024 or have I missed some and he had said he wants to leave and nominated North or someone. Does any know ?
  11. Again “on the other hand” we live on to see another flag, perhaps soon perhaps not do soon. cheers unlike JH and other members from back then.
  12. He was definitely there, old enough anyway myself on the other hand only joined a couple of years later with John Hartmann. RIP
  13. I always told a couple of Niece’s (GLS) that whenever they looked at a 70 year old guy, there was a 16 year old stud looking back at them and thinking like a 16 year old.
  14. First finals game this year I picked correct hope it runs through to next week
  15. With the luck the demons have had in the last month. He will be leading with two rounds to go and lose by one vote
  16. Pies one point win. Gives me the sheets
  17. How many times were GWS players grabbed high but no free kick ?
  18. I can see why we let Bedford go , Not quite good enough in this pressure. Mind you we have one or two others
  19. Joined last Sunday got an answer for it all ! like the avitar though
  20. A favorite player, and good luck. I think he will need it, but, I don’t think your mind was fully on the 2023 job you had, in the last few minutes of the last two games. far too important those games, just another piece of football “ luck” that did not go the demons way in those two games. just my view!
  21. Just another question to those that watch Casey, Bowey came up late 2021 played fantastically, not sure who came on in 2022 but we had McVee in 2023 Who from our list at Casey WILL make a total difference, One from Casey, one from the draft We are looking great again I think we should all get hats with MMGA all over them in big letters (or MDGA)
  22. Eviscerate, what a lovely word when associated this way
  23. I totally accept that losing two tickets into the PF by less than one straight kick is not acceptable , Not once we did it twice. differing reasons for each perhaps, I personally think team selection was NQR. and discipline and team structure at times vanished. A wasted season , yes perhaps, definitely disappointing. I think this loss in particular will burn into the senior players and 2024 we will get there again. dud you not at the very end of the game, after the siren the ball was in the air it went to Max on his asset in the middle. He belted the ball away in what I perceived as disgust. I do think it will burn. A game plan to keep control of the last 3 minutes. Straight kicking , and better use of the pill. Different coaching staff probably. Go Dees
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