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  1. Should have stayed with Weed. At least he has a go
  2. Gone is to far up himself, missed three from twenty metres out, non quirky captain required! Yep
  3. Told him to stay away from Bucks.
  4. The Weed played his role, but you need some knowledge of the game to come to that conclusion. Any babbling [censored] could say otherwise after a great victory.
  5. The Weed did ok, another brick in the wall.
  6. I feel that Brayshaw and Jackson have derailed our year, that’s all one hears about, broody sick of it. Shame on them.
  7. Nope, the dealing with detail would have been negotiated over a period of time. Sounds like BS to me having to fly to Melbourne to read and sign off the contract. I don’t believe it.
  8. Why does his Manager have to fly to Melbourne? Wouldn't he have a computer.
  9. I could go out on the oval with a spray can and mark exactly where May will punt the ball pre game every time, now that is a ludicrous set play.
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