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  1. Funny game isn’t it? If the Weed didn’t kick a goal you would all be crying blue murder!
  2. Bring in the Weed for Spargo, one small to many!
  3. If he keeps on kicking a few in the Seconds may be able to trade for a pick 20/30, otherwise keep as injury insurance. Reminds me a lot of David Cordner who struggled to play fifty games or so.
  4. Big stuff up get ridding of Hannan, about to pay the price.
  5. One of our youngest and most promising players in Oscar gone, for what? Magic? Another ridiculous blunder!
  6. I need answers, is the President living in his car, sleeping rough? Hasn't worn a bag of fruit for twelve months, what’s with the shirt! A member can’t stand for the board without being an insider? I need answers! Please tell me this is not Gutnick version 2! “Only I can be President”.
  7. There’s something badly wrong here. These people are going to negotiate millions of dollars worth of facilities for our boutique club? No way!
  8. Yes, Oscar was a fine ruck prospect and forward before he landed at the MFC graveyard, Preuss could ruck a bit too.
  9. Bring back Oscar, much better footballer and a decent bloke!
  10. We moved to the Junction in 1986, Cameron Swab suggested we move lock stock and barrel to Casey in 2010, here we are, still nomads, staggering around on the flip of a coin.
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