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Demonland Player of the Year - Round 14


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Not a criticism but today is probably an example where maybe the voting system should be reconsidered.  Nearly a dozen players deserving votes today, whereas in a couple of matches there have been one or two worthy.   

In any case: 

6. Jack Viney

5. Clayton Oliver

4. Tom McDonald

3. Max Gawn

2. Jay Lockhart

1. Sam Frost

Petracca, Salem, Brayshaw and May were all good contributors.

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6 Viney

5 Oliver

4 Salem

3 TMac is back

2 Lockart

1 Petracca

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6. Viney

5. Frost 

4.  Oliver

3. Max

2. Brayshaw

1. Lockhart

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6  -  Viney

5  -  Oliver

4  -  Frost

3  -  Lockhart

2  -  Gawn

1  -  May


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9 minutes ago, DeeZee said:


5. Viney 

4. Lockhart 


2. Oliver

1. Brayshaw

This.  Those leaving Gawn out of the votes clearly didn't watch the game.  His influence was incredible as usual.  Thought Frost was great too.

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6.  Clarry

5.  Viney

4.  Gawn

3.  Salem

2.  Frosty

1.  Lockhart

HMs to Harmes for keeping Fyfe much quieter in the 2nd half after going to him towards the end of the 2nd (i think), Tracc, Gus & Tmac (2nd half).

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6 - Viney clearly Bog

5 - Gawn 

4 - Lockhart. Bog at half time. Stood up when a lot didn’t 

3 - Oliver 

2 - T Mac what a second half! Did not see that comibg

1 - Frost. Great run off half back

harmes very stiff. His role on Fyfe was amazing 

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A nice variety of votes due to so many solid contributors, which is great to see.

6  Viney

5  Oliver

4  McDonald

3  Gawn

2 Lockhart

1 Frost

Honorable mentions -  Petracca,  May, Fritsch, Harmes, T Smith

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