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  1. If culture is important at Melbourne, we shouldn’t give him a nano seconds thought!
  2. Seems to me that he is bitter about his departure from the Dees, and in particular, not being President in our Premiership year. This has clouded his judgment to the point where he is now happy to undermine key people in the club he once presided over. Quite sad really.
  3. Hunty's pace and 'dash and dare' would be great assets off the wing, but I doubt that he has the tank to play the modern (up and back) wing role. Perhaps this is why he's rarely, if ever, been tried there in recent years.
  4. Thanks again guys. Looking forward to the ‘Season Review’ pod in the next few weeks.
  5. Not a question, but I want to acknowledge the huge amount of work that Andy, George and Bin have put into running the pod each week over the season. Whether or not I agree with the points of view, I value the different perspectives, and love the ‘Demon banter’ that goes with them. Thanks from me guys, and I expect I also speak for the vast majority of Demonlanders!
  6. Well done Clas. You have carried the team on your broad shoulders in 2022. More awards to come, no doubt.
  7. Very strange game with a good result. Next weekend should tell us a story. Strong four quarters needed!
  8. Casey Dees did a lot that the Melbourne Dees couldn't do last night. Ball movement and F50 entries so much cleaner. Some nice young prospects as well (esp. JVR, AMW). Nothing will ease the deep pain of last night, but that was the equivalent of a Panadol.
  9. 6. Petty 5. Langdon 4. Harmes 3. Petracca 2. Oliver 1. Neal-Bullen
  10. Bitterly, bitterly disappointed. Gutted! Heartbroken!
  11. This morning’s news makes me flat and (almost) disinterested. It just doesn’t feel like Gameday. I need a spark. I hope the Dees can ignite it with a thumping win!
  12. Some Demonlanders have a ‘blind spot’. They need to visit their ophthalmologist, and they’ll be fine.
  13. No Dunstan and Tommo suggests Tracc and Rick will play.
  14. Either that, or he wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as he did.
  15. How much of the $4.5 Billion is shared between the Clubs?
  16. Lucky it’s the greatest game on earth!
  17. Another enjoyable and informative pod. The prep and effort you guys go to week in, week out is amazing. Thank you!
  18. It was certainly a lacklustre performance by some of our boys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goody’s gastro impacted quite a few in our team, but we will never know if that was the case. We don’t make excuses!
  19. I’m sure that Tracc is in great hands with our medical team. He will not play if there is risk of further damage, or his performance will be significantly hindered if he takes the field.
  20. I do hate the handbaggers, just not as much as the Filth ………. but l loved your comeback!
  21. That was unbelievable. An ornament to the greatest game on earth!
  22. ………… be at the ‘G’ to cheer them over the line, and to sing the song until l have no voice left, along with most of you good folks!
  23. 6. Oliver - Simply outstanding. Absolutely busted his gut for our team. 5. May - Excellent overall, but gee, it’s hard to overlook the couple of critical clangers. 4. Petty - Great throughout. Solid as a rock under enormous pressure. 3. Langdon - Just the usual from Lingers. 2. Fritsch - Solid game. Wish he had a bit more help in the front half. 1. Sparrow. - Was next best imo, but there wasn’t a lot of competition.
  24. They brought their pressure, we brought ours. Theirs was better tonight.
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