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  1. 6. Hanks 5. Pearce 4. Zanker 3. Purcell 2. Heath 1. Hore Apologies to most of the rest. It was an outstanding team effort. Many excellent role players, who play their part so well. Really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Against better opposition we should get a much better gauge on just how good we are. My guess is that we will win both!
  2. Another powerful win by a very powerful team. Loved the way they stood firm, and came to the assistance of their team mates, when the Hawks tried the faux tough stuff. Hanksy, and Pearce the two ‘standouts’ for me, but everyone played their part. A team of outstanding role players.
  3. It’s Prelim time in the AFL, and I’ll be taking a close interest in both matches, but nearly as much interest as I’ll be taking in Melbourne vs Hawthorn in the AFLW. Go Dees!!
  4. I’m thrilled for Adem, and his appointment to Richmond will force a change to our coaching panel, which won’t necessarily be a bad thing.
  5. For a pod where we all remained (understandably) enveloped in a mood melancholy, that was a fantastic effort guys. Great analysis as usual, giving sound cause for hope in 2024, and of course, huge optimism for the 2023 AFLW season. Thanks for all your hard work, which consistently makes the Demonland Pod the best in the business! Go Dees!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  6. Kossie: increased consistency and improved discipline.
  7. 6. Hanks 5. Pearce 4. McNamara 3. Hore 2. Gay 1. Harris
  8. Vale ‘Mr Football’. A true legend of the game, and a great citizen to boot. Will never be forgotten. Deserves a State Funeral. ❤️💙
  9. Jeez, there’s a touch of our AFL team in the way we are playing.
  10. 6. May 5. Lever 4. Smith 3. Spargo 2. Hunter 1. Petracca Well done to Tracc for taking out the DPOTY Award for 2023, and many thanks to Andy for all his hard work running the comp.
  11. I’m truly gutted to the core! We can make all the excuses in the world about injuries costing us tonight, but I’m not wearing it. Chronic inaccuracy in front of goal, horrible delivery forward of centre and disgraceful discipline cost us, plain and simple! I’ll be licking my wounds for a while now. I need a cave to sulk in.
  12. We must play like there’s no tomorrow, because there is no ‘tomorrow’. If we’re all switched on to this mindset, and play as a team, we will win. I know we have it in us, we just need to produce it. Dees by 9 pts.
  13. I value my time on Demonland too much to say what I really think about this decision.
  14. Geez, I hope the AFL have what it takes to exercise (what I believe is their right) to appeal this decision.
  15. Outstanding work as usual guys! I was as ‘flat as a pancake’ after the C’wood result (including Gussy’s trauma), but the poddy has somewhat lifted my spirits for next Friday evening. Well done! The work you put into the Pods is phenomenal, and appreciated enormously by this interstate Demonlander. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  16. 6. Hore. 5. Hanks. 4. Purcell 3. Bannan 2. Heath 1. Lampard
  17. Just home from a very chilly Manuka Oval. What a win! I think it’s the most powerful and complete AFLW ‘team’ performance I’ve seen, but of course, account also needs to be taken of the quality of the opposition. Team highlights for me: - run and carry outstanding; - running to position/support, both forward, middle and back, as good as I’ve seen in the AFLW; - ability to handball out of trouble, and to advantage, has no peers that I’ve seen. It seems to have improved significantly from last year; - Kate Hore, perhaps the most complete AFLW game I’ve had the privilege to witness. Likewise, I thought her leadership (which you can only really appreciate at the ground) was high quality; - strong and reliable ‘support players’ on every line. They know their roles, and they play them really, really well, almost all of the time. Great win! The quality of the AFLW game is clearly on the rise, but IMO we are the team to beat in 2023. I can’t wait to play some of the ‘stronger’ AFLW teams to confirm our credentials, and I can only dream of an AFL and AFL Premiership in the same year.
  18. I’m expecting another powerful win to stamp our authority on the competition. Dees by 30+ points at chilly Manuka Oval (which has MCG dimensions). PS. I need a decent win to overcome my ongoing ‘Thursday Night Blues’.
  19. Clearly our forward line will need some adjustments in the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in. What will our forward half look like on Friday night? Also, I need a major injection of positivity. Please go to work guys!! Love the Pods!
  20. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. May 3. Bowey 2. Oliver. 1. Neal-Bullen
  21. I’m gutted! We had our chances and blew them, but gee we showed some ‘ticker’ in the last. We live to fight another day, and so does the dream!
  22. Any win over C’wood is delicious, but there are no words to describe how I will feel when we win this. Dees by 20, and going away.
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