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  1. McCrae won't really hurt you himself. He is not as dynamic as Bont, Oliver and Petracca. But if Libba gets first use the Dogs can play their linking handball game which brings in Bont, McCrae, Hunter, Treloar, Daniel, Dale, etc That is where they can win and nullify our strengths. It's as simple as they have it, we have it or it's in dispute.
  2. Agree. I'd have Hunt as the sub. Can cover forward and back. The only issue is if one of our midfielders goes down who will replace him? ANB, Angus/Rivers, Kozzie?
  3. Seeing his best mate win a Brownlow might be the extra motivation he needs to win a Normie.
  4. I do not like Stevic or Nicholls. Shame Razor won't be there. Loves the Dees and specially Angus. If whoever gets let's it go like they did in the prelim that'll do me. Could not bear a game decided by contentious decisions.
  5. 4. The Red Fox himself, Norm Smith. 12. Jack Mueller and Todd Viney. 14. Ivor Warne Smith and Rod Grinter. 3. Gérard Healy and Garry Lyon
  6. Jackson was a basketballer who started AFL seriously as a 16 year old. Mac started Aussie Rules at Wantirna South as a seven/eight year old and then moved to Berwick juniors a few years after. That's 10 or 11 years of junior footy. Many of us that saw him play at Berwick would never say he lacked football nous. Skinny and easily pushed aside, sure, but that's not 'football nous'. The representative games he played were spectacular. He's played much, much more football than Jackson which is the original point I was making.
  7. He's played much more Aussie Rules than Luke Jackson at the same age... So why wouldn't he have football nous? Bizarre take. This is not a guy plucked from obscurity. Have a look at the available footage and you'll see not only his huge athletic potential but also his footy IQ.
  8. Unlike Jackson who was able to play straight away, Mac you'd reckon will take at least two or three seasons to have an AFL ready body. Makes you wonder with the short-term pressure and general impatience AFL clubs have to perform, whether they are willing to wait the time needed for a return on investment. That run, leap and general athleticism is so tantalising I hope clubs take the short-term view.
  9. Interesting development. Not sure I like any such announcements during our grand final fortnight but maybe it is his manager getting his name out there early and not the club. In 2018 he was close to our most important player. Able to tag the opposition's best defender and kick a few on the counter. Always felt confident with ball in hand. Not sure he'll get the extra year or two he is looking for. That ankle surgery really slowed him down. Would be well suited playing at a small ground like the SCG, but doubt the Swans have room for him.
  10. Salem for me. With that said the Dogs seem not to tag in the midfield so Oliver, Petracca Gawn and Viney have to be a chance if we win.
  11. Ollie Wines for me, Bont second. Clarrie will fly home in the last eight rounds but early on Tracc, Gawn, TMac, Lever, Salem and Langdon will have their fair share of votes.
  12. Can't recall the outcome now but remember the debate two or three years ago. Google tells me Gill backed down at the 11th hour.
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