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  1. By the sounds of the comments in this thread, Robinson is having the desired effect. Throw in a few controversial selections to rile people up. It doesn't matter. It's just an opinion.
  2. We signed Harmes for five years and look how that turned out! :)
  3. You never know I guess. Unlikely that he can come in straight away. AFL fitness is a massive step up. Then again there are a few cases of VFL players making the step albeit with a full preseason!
  4. Think we'll finish top six if we can plug the gaps. We still need to find two tall forwards, a wingman, a small defender, two consistent small forwards, and a couple of flanker types rotating through the midfield. That's quite a few ifs!
  5. A 24-year old, 195cm mature wingman that is good overhead. Sounds like the club have identified a pressing need!
  6. Always remember Tommy Lahiff saying the best player he ever saw was Demon Jack Mueller. Four-time premiership player and a couple of Blueys. Gawn might be the best ruckman we've had but is surely behind Barassi, Norm Smith, Flower, Warne Smith, Mueller, Lyon, Neitz, Dixon, Spencer, Bob Johnson and many others!
  7. Likes: Lever, Jordon, Chandler, Max, Oliver, Langdon, Petracca. Jones in last quarter. Dislikes: Hunts tackling, Baker's second half, Harmes' free kicks, Nev going with 195cm forwards!
  8. People underestimate Barassi. If the Norm Smith medal existed in the 50s and 60s RDB would have five of them!
  9. There ain't much to excited about. unfortunately. Jordon OK. Lever and May not bad. Salem, Oliver and Petracca haven't touched it. Gawn and Harmes turn it over.
  10. Yeah, nah, Positives Jordon, Lever and May. Not much else unfortunately
  11. Nice goal from Jordon, Lever good. Spargo ok
  12. Jordon, with an o. Let's spell his name correctly, please.
  13. Ah, no! Clayton Oliver won a Morrish Medal! Redman played two pretty ordinary TAC Cup games at the end of 2019.
  14. This is a big call! What have trackwatchers seen that justifies this? Just playing devil's advocate, he was drafted on virtually no exposed TAC Cup form although he apparently did well in pre-season practice matches leading up to the cancelled competition. What we know is he is an amazing athlete, that he is decent overhead and has an awkward kicking action. What other traits make him a round one starter? I sometimes wonder if fans forget how difficult it is for anyone, let alone teenagers, to make that transition from underage football to the big time...
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