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  1. Did you have a lot to drink on your birthday? Otherwise, repeatedly telling people that a football team ruined your birthday is pretty bizarre.
  2. He played some sort of a game. I take back what I said about not paying too much for back pockets!
  3. Over the decades I've made the mistake of continually hoping our young players can make the grade. I never learn my lesson. Tapscott, Gysberts, Chris Johnson, Blease, etc. all played games where you thought: he'll make it! But they couldn't do it regularly and in the end you're left disappointed. Weed is one of those. He's in his sixth season and has only played a handful of games that have been anywhere near the required level. I think he's too nice and perhaps been a touch spoilt in his junior career. He will probably be another tease and based on what I've seen in six years I thi
  4. Things I noticed. Collingwood blocked very well for their key forwards. Collingwood went harder for longer. We threatened but we didn't believe. Our whole forward line was made ineffective due the pressure on our midfield and us being outnumbered regularly. We are more comfortable in open space, especially ANB, Spargo, Fritta, Kozzy and TMAc. SCG doesn't suit us. Defensively, Melksham would have made Maynard less effective. Fritta couldn't match the physicality of Maynard. We needed a change there. Many times we were too safe kicking to the easy option rather than
  5. When the opposition want it more you need to be more skilful than them. We weren't. Guys like McDonald, Pickett and Oliver missing sitters. Fritta, Spargo, Harmes, LAngdon and Gawn going at 50 percent disposal efficiency. Selfish midfield efforts from Oliver, Petracca, Harmes, etc. Too much Hollywood from Oliver and Petracca. McDonald, Weed, Spargo, Sparrow and Petty were terrible.
  6. 6. Jackson 5. May 4. Salem 3. Gawn 2. Petracca 1. Jordon
  7. There are a few lazy efforts today. Midfield not working anywhere near hard enough. There still is hope though.
  8. Compared to other clubs we have been well served by injuries this year. Last year we were exposed badly when our bottom six were unable to at least play a role. With Bowie and Laurie still a while away, I'd be tempted to add one or two classy flankers if they are available... Maybe we can poach someone like Conor Stone from GWS or Sam Flanders from Gold Coast?
  9. The Port midfield really is their weakness. Boak and Wines are good players but their depth is poor. Most teams bat much deeper.
  10. Yep, good point. Carlton's list is probably better, especially if they can get Charlie Curnow up and firing.
  11. Reckon Clarkson is the unknown factor here. Hawthorn's list is garbage and Kennett is a loose canon. He may feel it is easier to rebuild the Pies than the Hawks...
  12. Definitely worth a look at the right price. He's the perfect age and has plenty of experience. But I agree with others that you shouldn't be paying too much salary or draft picks for a back pocket. Not sure how far Deakyn Smith or Bowie are away from a debut. Defending at AFL level is, of course, much different to under 18s. And there's always Lockhart who just needs a decent run at it.
  13. On appearances this team seems better. The whole team defence mantra is a powerful thing. The midfield and defence are exceptional. Another dominating key forward would be great and if Melksham could return to his 2008 form... But then again we're only in June and plenty will happen between now and September. Our 2000 team was fabulous. Great game plan, great belief among the players. Our backline was a bit no name but Ingerson and Ward, in particular, were great. It's a pity Essendon were one of the best sides for 20 years, but a 60-point loss wasn't a true indication of the differe
  14. What about one for our Weird Al Jankovick lookalike, Luke Jackon?
  15. Let's make the most of it. Anywhere anytime is the mantra... Just as an aside. the fact that less than 3% of Australia is fully vaccinated in June 2021 is nothing short of scandalous...
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