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  1. The development aspect is perhaps even more important than the recruitment. That is where we have improved.
  2. Not sure it is as black and white as this. The North members voted to stay and James along with Angus' dad, Mark were on a board that had to implement the wishes of the members. They did this pretty well to be fair and reached finals in most years.
  3. We won't pay him what the Weagles are paying him. At 31/32 and only averaging 10 games a year for the past four years the Weagles are right to hold off talks. I'd rather someone with less miles on the clock.
  4. Another beat up. Roos are a couple of decent key backmen and a goal sneak or two away from being very competitive. Get games into the kids. There's no hurry. Paul Roos had three years and he never made finals...
  5. Kinda glad Fritta's old man didn't hear it! One of the toughest bar stewards I've ever come across!
  6. The Cats are an interesting team. They slingshot from defence and they are exceptionally well drilled in how they move the ball. They don't put as much emphasis on clearances as others. They don't do chaos Losing Dangerfield makes helps because he is the one guy that can set up a Cat chain. Disrupting their precise ball movement and having some weapons ourselves will be the key.
  7. Why does Anthony Hudson mention the MCG 20 times a game?
  8. They play to their strengths. Move the ball better than any team. Carlton win clearances and contested ball but it is chaos and must be so taxing physically. Cats sit off. If Melb. are to beat them our outside runners are going to have to have a day out.
  9. As much as it is popular to bag Geelong, they are exceptionally well drilled. Carlton work so hard to win contested possessions but the Cats sit off and wait for the turnover. They move the ball with system which means you don't need contested beasts like Carlton, Melbourne and others have.
  10. One of the beauties of AFL is how much form can fluctuate dramatically from week to week. I suspect it is the physical nature of the game but that probably doesn't explain everything. Brisbane thrashed us for three quarters last week... at the MCG. GWS, who look to be the most talented side in the comp, thrashed the Lions. Teams will lose games they are expected to win and win games they are expected to lose. It all sorts itself out in the last week of September.
  11. Interesting observation. Essendon were particularly strong in the air. In 2021, with Jackson, Gawn, TMac, BBB May and Lever that was our modis operandi too.
  12. McKay has generally been excellent this season, Gresham useful and Goldy decent.
  13. Forget Hugh then. Notoriously bad kick.
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