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  1. Before the Weed came into the team we had Fritta trying to take speccy's in the goalsquare. Worst gameplan ever! Weed comes in and Fritta is told to lead to a pocket. Missed many shots from there despite technically being a beautiful kick. Confidence was blown to smithereens. Should have had 30-35 goals this year which would have been outstanding. Wouldn't be surprised if other club's are sniffing around because I know his familiy haven't always been happy about how he has been used at Melbourne.
  2. My rubbish bin goes out more often than me so I say cheers... virtually.
  3. Would have been nice to beat the Cats and Lions. Should have beaten Swans and Dockers. Had good attacking wins over Hawks, Roos and Pies. Good defensive win over Saints. Crap against Power, Tigers and Dogs. It's a fine line. Wins against Cats, Lions, Swans and Dockers would have made it an excellent season. The good were Petracca, May, Oliver, Langdon, Max, Viney and Lever. The three draftees all showed plenty. The concerns were TMac, Harmes, OMac, Smith, Hannan, and Melksham.
  4. There are options but all with question marks: 1. Daniher. Injury prone. 2. Cameron. Too expensive 3. Harry McKay: Bit soft in my opinion. Carlton would want a first rounder 4. Jesse Hogan: Off field concerns. 5. Ben Brown: Has he still got it? Averaged under a goal a game this year. 6. Mihocek: Any better than the Wied?
  5. More to the point is the number of people that left Salem out of their votes!
  6. Na. Will get better with age. Late developer.
  7. Out: Baker, Smith, Weid. In: HArmes, Jackson, Bennell.
  8. Looked to play with freedom today. He and Saad would be brilliant off half back.
  9. 6. Salem 5. Brown 4. Hunt 3. Fritta 2. Oliver 1. Petracca
  10. Great quarter apart from Fritta's conversion. Salem playing best game of year. Vanders terrific. Gawn, Viney, Oliver and Langdon doing great.
  11. At least the umpiring is excellent! Thanks Ray. Fritta's kicking the opposite
  12. I like it. Early second rounder should suffice. He's a classic example of clubs scouring the VFL and finding gems. Papley (Casey) is another. Would love it if Melbourne put a few more resources into this.
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