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  1. Yep, said Jackson was a second rounder! Actually, he has made some horrible calls over the years. Didn't rate Oliver, Pickett was too high, compared Salem to a slow plodder, etc. Because he spends so much time on drafting, people assume he knows what he is talking about. However, his assessment of talent and feel for the game are terrible.
  2. For as long as Cameron Schwab is alive it will be hard to forget 186. Even now. Wanting to introduce American-style performance contracts had a massive impact on the entire playing group. Every player in the club made their feelings known at Geelong. Bailey was the fall guy but Schwab should have resigned. Stynes was also too reliant on Schwab. Whole episode was a shambles.
  3. Think Tomlinson or Hunt could take Hibberd's spot. Depends on what we're after. Tomlinson perhaps has the better defensive skills but Hunt has that unique dash and chasing ability. Both played well last season. Assume they all have the same starting position come round one. Would love Bowey to be the one to mind the opposition's small forward. Will need to keep working on his defensive attributes.
  4. Going to be interesting to see where he lands. He's a first dibs midfielder who is elite at extracting the ball. He'll be an excellent replacement for Viney if Viney continues to struggle with his feet. Obviously a midfield these days isn't just the centre square blokes. Half forwards and half backs plus bench rotations. Sparrow, Harmes, Jordon, ANB, etc have different skillsets to Luke. Sparrow a thumping kick. Harmes decent overhead. Jordon and ANB incredible aerobic running. Hard to imagine a like for like replacement. But things quickly change depending on form, injury and game plan.
  5. Someone doesn't know how to spell Jordon or Schache...! But otherwise nice job.
  6. Needs to get properly fit. Apparently one of the poorest runners at Gold Coast. Can't see us making a play for him with Kozzie, Spargo, Chandler, ANB, etc. all with plenty of footy left. And if we did he would cost far too much.
  7. Depth can often appear good until it is truly tested. If we cast our mind back to 2020, many here were lamenting the performances of Baker, Smith, Bedford, Chandler, Melksham, the Weed, etc. Of the guys listed Hunt, Tomlinson and perhaps Dunstan have shown they are up to it. M. Brown, Smith, Melk, the Weed and Daw may be able to fill a short-term need. But I'd rather our depth wasn't tested next year! Few injuries and supreme fitness was perhaps the biggest factor in us winning the flag.
  8. Understand after winning a granny we are all prone to hyperbolic statements but I find it difficult to agree with this. Treloar in the GF had 27 possesions and 3 goals. Harmes, if we look at it objectively, had one great kick to Fritsch, four other kicks and quite a few stuff ups.
  9. I swear that was at the MCG Fork 'em. A big roundhouse right to the jaw. We were sitting in the old Smokers Stand and the crowd went ballistic.
  10. Based on their midfields, the Bombers, Blues and Dockers have the most scope for improvement you'd reckon, but there's a long way to go even to the start of the season. I think the Bombers could even be top-four,
  11. Interesting discussion. I, like others, doubt whether Baker will make it and Rosman is a long-term prospect. Howes looks to have a bit of class about him and certainly enough toe to make the wing his own. Another needs selection which is a good thing.
  12. Your obsession is bizarre. You seemingly make every post about Andrew. I wonder if you'd be as obsessed trashing an 18 year friend of your grandson as opposed to an 18 year old kid from Sudan?
  13. I kind of wish you would shut up about Mac Andrew. Post after post you've gone on about how you don't rate him. Must be 20 or 30 posts in the past three months. Once is enough.
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