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  1. With regard to Riccardi, if you're going to go after 23-year-olds you'd want to make sure they can play the game. In his first two games he kicked six goals and won rave reviews. Has pretty much done nothing since.
  2. May was pretty darn good! McKay got a goal from a good tackle on Brayshaw. Got one over the back when the zone collapsed for some reason. Last one from a relay free? Can't remember. Given the intercept marks, massive spoils and great ball use May had a good game. Fyi, Matthew Lloyd had him second best on...
  3. Played worse than last week and we won! But reading all the threads after the game I've established that Salem, BBB, May, Lever, Sparrow, Jordon Spargo, ANB, Jackson, Hunt etc. should be dropped or are no good! Weird that we can be so bad and beat a dog hungry Carlton!
  4. Thought Jordon did some great things tonight. Won a heap of one-on-ones, brilliant tackle on Motlop, five intercepts, played the defensive wing really well. I don't know what else people want. He's paid to be boring!
  5. Spargo out. Not sure what's happened to him. Gone from a solid contributor to invisible. In. Chandler.
  6. 6. Melk 5. Oliver 4. Salem 3. Hunt 2. Jordon 1. May.
  7. Has Petracca had a touch? Melksham and May good. Jackson better. Saad doing damage setting up. Carlton ultra defensive, flooding back.
  8. As much as Gawn is an asset he's also a liability!
  9. So what I know of Ratten is he was a brilliant midfield coach at Melbourne under Daniher. A premiership winning senior assistant at Hawthorn. Did a relatively good job at Carlton all things considered and at the Saints saw them play finals for the first time in eight years. I agree with you on some of the list management decision (Hill, Crouch, Jones, etc) but the blame shouldn't be all on him. Same coach that has some of the kids (Wanganeen Milera, Windhagen, etc) playing decent football. And by the way, if you're resorting to ad hominem attacks after a relatively innocuous comment (saying if I had any small idea) your argument can't be too sound or you have a few issues! I think it could be the latter.
  10. Not sure not being able to kick a goal from 20 metres is necessarily Ratten's fault!
  11. I'd trade King. Has cost the Saints quite a few games this year and they'll get plenty for him.
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