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  1. I'll always remember you for yelling at Gary Busey on The Celebrity Apprentice. His name was Robert Paulson.
  2. I wonder how strongly clubs will manage players' extra-curricular activity as it gets down to the pointy end of the season. You would hate to have an important player miss a week because of Health And Safety Protocols when you're on the threshold of the eight or a top four spot, or even a final.
  3. The yearly rule changes are terrible for no other reason than the first 3 or so rounds are spent with Dwayne Russell and his commentariat buddies burning my eardrums about whether the rule has worked/not worked/made the game better/made it worse, etc.
  4. Harris might kill someone one week. Absolutely amazing to watch.
  5. McNamara is looking like a blonde Ed Langdon striding up and down the wing in peak physical shape and occasionally shanking it but also laying great tackles and providing a defensive and offensive number both ways.
  6. Sparrow is an absolute beast. After Jackson, he is the young player I'm the most excited about.
  7. 19 points down midway through the 2nd will be my signal we're safe.
  8. Is that 18 out of the last 19 goals in a row to the demons?
  9. The cheer that went around the MCG when this happened in the replay on the Sunday get-together was as big as any. Harmeses have a habit of being involved in Grand Final defining moments, and this is no exception.
  10. Happy New Year (didn't time it quite right but I'll live!)
  11. I just had a thought that might put what we're all feeling into a different kind of perspective. How many pages would a regular season game have if it were 1 v 2, we win by 74 points, and there's 3 months till the next game? Maybe 25?
  12. The first was for the goal itself. The next three were for the context of the goal. "Clayton Oliver goes bang, and the demons have gone bang bang bang." That makes sense, even though there's only 3 goals.
  13. Like a few others I have received my goodies finally as well. I'm a happy boy, and can't wait to wear that premiers tee!
  14. I'd just like to personally congratulate this thread on achieving Full HD of pages (that's 1080p to you plebs). This is truly an inane thread but as an AV connoisseur I feel I must jump on and point it out. See you in another 1080-odd pages. I'm sure you'll all still be here talking about bananas or whatever.
  15. Just got the Blu-Ray, and wow. Let me just paint you a picture: PETRACCA: "I've just won us all a flag. Say, who is that bloke?" THAT BLOKE: "omg he's just won us a flag I hope I don't cry and become Demons folklore…"
  16. My first dose (non-dominant shoulder) left me with a sore arm for over a week - no other side-effects. My second dose (dominant shoulder) was fine after about 3-4 days. No other sie-effects. Wouldn't have wanted to play a football game a week after the first one, 5 days after the 2nd I'd have been fine.
  17. Our entire midfield (including Oliver) went missing for large chunks of that game.
  18. Got it for an early xmas pressie from my mum. It's a great read!
  19. Very surprised at the lack of love from the coaches for Brayshaw. I thought he was critical this year…player number 11 each week? EDIT: Whispering Jack beat me to the screenshot. All yours Jack.
  20. Who had "Mark Neeld" on their Max Gawn speech namedrop bingo card?
  21. Rounds 9-15…McDonald polling very well
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