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  1. I think it's the raw number of supporters that people point at when they say Melbourne is a small club. Our conversion rate of supporters to members is huge, but again it costs money to be a member. It costs even more to be an MCC member or AFL member, and that's the group where all this merchandise is coming from I reckon (or a lot of it anyway).
  2. You don't get a reputation for being private school going, Bulla skiing, Range Rover driving, grange drinking, Brie scarfing snobs without a bit of cash to back it up. Demons fans might be smaller in number but when we really get going the money is there no doubt.
  3. Can't say I'd be particularly flattered at the likeness if I were Max, but hey it has a premiership cup in his beard so that earns it a lot of points.
  4. That this video is a bizarre mix of small forward magic and "umm no you'll not get past me" small defender godliness is so unique, but the defender portion of Jetta's career was just so good. Imagine Nev from 3-4 years ago in this defence. The other team would never score.
  5. And there it is, the first post-flag controversy!
  6. I filmed myself for the whole game, but that ain't seeing the light of day! This one goes alright though. Caden MacDonald, professional footy nuffy but still pretty raw in his reactions:
  7. Clearly this is a cunning and targeted recruiting strategy by the Saints after seeing the dearth of Jacks that cost them a premiership during Nick Reiwoldt's time (his cousin Jack going on to be a triple premiership player for the Tigers).
  8. Now that's a ladder I'm very happy to be at the bottom of.
  9. This is something that has been dancing around in my mind thinking of ways the dogs could have stopped the run at the end of the 3rd. I think there is still room for a GF underdog (or overdog) to go the biff and pinch a flag from it. There are limited opportunities for the umpires to do anything about it, and I think we'll see a sin bin come in at some stage after a team does this.
  10. Just preparing nicely for next year. Wine has less carbs you see.
  11. Imagine this flag with Nev and Jones in the side. I don't think I could have contained myself, and that says it all. I thought Wrecker was great, but peak Nev was the best small defender in my time.
  12. Sometimes it's nice to have the certainty. Vanders can now celebrate as close as he'll ever get to being a premiership player knowing everything. There's positives in that, and what a player he was for us especially in that defining 2018 run to the Prelim. It all adds up to where we are now.
  13. The other great thing about watching Melbourne win that long long awaited premiership is all the scars it heals. 186 can't hurt us now. Those decades of failure are stepping stones to this day. It's all a balm now. Also, I can go back and watch all those classic grand finals without any sense of poison that I've felt when Sydney, West Coast, Geelong, Hawthorn, and even the Doggies got up and won the flag. We've done it!
  14. Great call. He had the absolute eye of the tiger at that point, and knew he would be the one to win us the match. What a legendary performance.
  15. 6 Petracca 5 Brayshaw 4 Jackson 3 Fritsch 2 Salem 1 Oliver
  16. The best thing about history is it's not all behind you. Here's to many many more my demon friends!
  17. MFCSS got me in the end. I won't lie. In the early parts of that 3rd quarter I thought we'd run our race. We were flat, and had nothing left. I was wrong.
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