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  1. Yup. And if Lever can get his body right, he will be the best defender we have had in eons. Special player.
  2. Best key defender we have had since..... I cant even recall. Possibly since Neitz was playing as a CHB. edit - since James Frawleys AA season
  3. Yes..... May, Lever, Frost, Petty. Would need multiple injuries to get a game again.
  4. We have plenty of goals scoring options, just look at last season. Its the game plan thats the problem, or has been.
  5. Hell yeah. Already has two lots of 3 goals at VFL level .. not sure how many games hes played but I would guess its only 4 or 5.
  6. I doubt Lewis is on much this season as it was likely a frontloaded contract.
  7. Knew he was going to be a gun player. And I was right as always. It is quite hard being a genius. Some days are much harder than others especially with all the pressure that comes with it, but you do what you can to get by.
  8. Thats gold. Frost has been so good this season.
  9. Bad result for our tiny, tiny finals chances.
  10. A nice variety of votes due to so many solid contributors, which is great to see. 6 Viney 5 Oliver 4 McDonald 3 Gawn 2 Lockhart 1 Frost Honorable mentions - Petracca, May, Fritsch, Harmes, T Smith
  11. Just wait til he and Lever have meshed. Bring on 2020 i say.
  12. Well, we might as well make the finals now. Will Lever and Hibberd ready next week?
  13. Reasons not to smock meth - Exhibit A
  14. That you shouldn't have judged a players impact in a game THEY GOT INJURED IN and that Lockhart is a gun.
  15. Who gives a [censored], we lose players all the time during games. Seems to happen to us more than any other club. Go Dees
  16. Tom McDonald dominant. No coincidence. All our problems have been because of the coaching roles we got so horribly wrong. Why the hell was Rawlings ever sent to the VFL?
  17. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/confidential/the-footy-show-making-a-comeback/news-story/10bc7144533b30c92c8c0468aca6cb5e Confidential Eddie McGuire says they’re “getting the band back together”, returning to host The Footy Show with original sidekicks Sam Newman and Trevor Marmalade.
  18. Never been less excited about a game, but a big win would be welcomed of course. Interested to see how our forward line goes with Jade back at the helm. Actually , the entire team and style should be a lot different with the coaching reshuffle during the week. Ahh [censored] it, Melbourne by 37.
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