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  1. Some people simply cannot let the bloke leave the Club gracefully, because he didn't bucket the Club in his interview. However some simply have to have a cheap shot at the bloke as he leaves the building. So what,if he has limited ability. He was draft pick 51 so knew he had to work his bum off to at least play a few games. Credit to his attitude and efforts !!!!!!
  2. TMAc could provide the ideal Big Man Interchange package. He has experience at both ends of the ground. Remember he was touted as a possible AA at one stage, then went as a FWD , but has been injured the last year and a half. Prior to his injury he was THE endurance athlete of the club. SO !!!!!! he is big enough and strong enough and quick to cause some damage coming down the ground. OH... by the way he is a very good lead and a good overhead competitive mark. I am really looking forward to TMac's 3rd coming. This forum seems to give everyone a chance as long as his name does not start
  3. The difference between Danger and Jack V is that Danger kicks it further.
  4. Think I would take Dusty first. Even the coaches would be frightened by his presence. However there is a bloke who might fit into our side Black hair , around 188cm , reasonably strong. Has improved markedly in the last two years. Equal 3rd in Brownlow . Think I would go for him , would not impact our salary cap either.
  5. Agree wholeheartedly with Ungarie Boy. Some Posters : Use possessions as their criteria under rate the opponents especially for the defenders , do not take into account what /and how the ball is coming down to your zone/opponent. So many people have criticised OMac for Membrey's mark . There was nothing he/or 90% of AFL defenders could have done. Once a bloke gets 3 yards in front and the ball is delivered in the right place all you can do is hope !! A lot of criticism of players really does go beyond the pale. They are all young men with different attributes wh
  6. Pretty hard to be contributor when you are injured. Be fair !!!!
  7. Remember that the DKF idea came BEFORE he di hid foot. Let us see if he can rewsume at his previous level, because he was our best endurance athlete up until his foot injury. I AM SURE he would not like how he is palying this year, because he has been a VG player for us until trhis.
  8. What about getting the ball skills. Sparrow is a development player, why strat him off them ship him off to get another kid who is starting from scratch
  9. ANB is a lock because he brings fwd pressure and pretty good delivery. Probably Hrmes in to provide some vigour.
  10. Referring to Rusty Nails comments above, I agree because it was balanced. We seem to always play with heart, but often not with head. e.g. Jack V : plays with sheer heart and courage ,BUT so often does not trust the other players aroiund him so he gets caught rather than getting the ball out. Petracca's first instincts are to move the ball on. In the last few week CLarrie has been more expnsive with his ball in hand (eliminating his dinky handballs). He is now bursting out of congestion which gives us a chance. Gus provides that Midfielder who seems to be the link man but he cannot get the b
  11. Whilst people are entitled to make comments, I do not feel some of the comments made here provide any positive for MFC and its injured players. They are not pieces of meat as some people intimate. Too often the news of a serious injury is treated as " big benefit to the Club"or "this will affect our trading" So it might be a time to reflect on the tone of some comments. Angus is a positive player for the Club and deserves to be treated as such.
  12. Brayshaw and Harmes : did not turn up. Oliver & Viney : too many ineffective stats Trac : trying too hard. OMac: allowed Walters too much latitude. TMac: missed the plane.
  13. GAry Lyon was very constructive tonight (and hurting) . He summed it up that we have a very strong midfield group who try (possibly) too hard and as a result dor not play as a team. Hark back to 2018 when Brayshaw was part of that group and was being used better the team played better because the ball was moving, not going around in circles. The three games that we won and until he did his ankle Gus was getting to his better level and the team was performing a lot more cohesively. Look I think Clarrie & Jack are sensational players, but they must bring players into the game. I also t
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