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  1. Jeffrey (Woofer) Guild (RIP): North Melbourne
  2. Viney : Equal Accumulate more DIstribute Clarrie : Lower your eyes Kozzie : 300 Set shot practice Gus: 500 set shot practice Brown : Stay away from TMac Tmac: Stay away from Brown Petty: Keep improving
  3. 6 Salem 5 Petty 4 Petracca 3 Gawn 2 Hunt 1 Fitsch Lever cannot hold a direct opponent, Viney cannot distribute, Clarrie bombs-> Fwds suffering, Jackson, Brown & Mc Donald running in different directions
  4. Shift Viney to small fwd (provide tackling pressure ) ala Cyril (but not as quick !!) and use Kozzie as an On Baller (outside Mid)
  5. I am writing this from Koowingebora, looking for players to fill all the changes you want to make. In the paper this morning "The Koowingebora Chronicle"ther is this side called Melbourne on top of the ladder. Some people must have done something right over a period of time to get there. Like Jordan (Spieth) we can all miss 2 footers.
  6. Too much inaccurate kicking from set shots . Not enough kicking to people. DIfference between Spargo & Salems disposal ánd the "bombers". When we play badly we "BOMB"the ball forward. When we play well we move the ball fwd. It does not matter who the foorwards are if the ball comes in like it did tonight then even Lockett, Dunstall & Coleman would be struggling...........and we do not have any L D & C.. Plus the sides that have worked us out : Adelaide, Collingwood & HAwthorn have played keepings off and taken our tall defenders out of the game !!!!
  7. Yeh, Bring back Doug Heywood & Percy Beames with Alan McIlvray for special effects. Eddis McEverywhere thinks he is broadcasting on radio whereas TV allows people to see the actual contest. WHere commentators (the good ones) are handy when they present the wider picture that is not shown on our screens at the time i.e. when a side gets a really good ball movement down the ground. TV does not show that very often.
  8. Have been arguing for some time that JV clogs our midfield up. He would be brilliant as a small fwd. He would have a more restricted role and be more explosive, whereas in the Midfield he does not "clear the area" and it (the midfield ) becomes clogged up
  9. And the reason we play 1 loose in defence is that Lever cannot lock an opponent down . He is an excellent intercept mark, but does get lost a little when dealing with a direct opponent
  10. Salem TMac May Gawny Petracca (apart from turnovers) Oliver (especially after 1/2 time)
  11. I know this is the greatest catastrophe in the history of Mankind but : Too much see ball get ball in the middle. Lever is one of our strengths, but his decision making is sometimes perplexing. A few times today (and many times previously) he continually ignores a shorter free option( in the corridor) preferring to "bomb"it to a contest (or anybody) . He can dispose of the ball well but seems reluctant to use some finesse. Jayden Hunt , I am sure, in the benefit of hindsight he may have not tried to do too much (and paid the penalty each time) Kicking for goal. We work hard to get the ball there and then ....... This what nearly killed us last week too. We have the best CHF in the league, but he is playing as the sole fwd. Give TMac (at CHF)some space because he uses the ball well and is very very mobile & big. He always provides a contest . See above re the inability of the smaller Fwds to match their earlier season work. With only one big bloke providing a contest there is limited supply to them. GWS are not a bottom side.
  12. Obviously we lost by 50 points !!! Probably from trying to do the right thing, but I agree
  13. It is an old cricket saying, that sometime our biggest strength is our greatest weakness. It is well worth noting that Lever is a terrific intercept player. The problem thewre is that he is not a good 1 on 1 palyer and yesterday exemplified that. Collingwood used short low disposals to move into the fwd line and our defence were waiting for the ball to be in the air. Secondly Clarrie and Trac are sensational; footballers, but they were up against Pendlebury , Sidebottonm & De Goey on a day out. However they did not lose the number count, but the quality . As a result our forward line were chasing "bombs" and did not have a real chance. Plus Maynard was briliant yesterday. We need to learn from that.
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