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  1. Finding the order and some of the players included in the 100 utterly bizarre but its a great read, effort and format!
  2. McLean was fourth in a rising star, third in a B+F, 10th and then 2nd in a B+F from 14 games. For two or three seasons he was the heartbeat of the side, with James McDonald, and then he was traded for a first round draft pick. Very good player at his best and then placed in a Carlton B+F as well.
  3. four members of the coaching group/match committee can give players between 0-10 votes per game - max 40.
  4. Unusually off point here - Cameron drafted Chris Lamb, Cale Morton, Addam Maric, Jack Grimes who all underachieved. The concept of using teams doesnt work because of tenure length differences. Youve also not put forward the best 22s. James Magner would be in Prendergasts as an example. To say Prendergast only drafted two AFL calibre players is Spiritedly wide of the mark and unfair to at least a few of Howe, Jetta, Tom McDonald, Scully, Watts and Jurrah. Of course he wasnt a good recruiter but he still made some very good picks and Gysberts was traded for Cam Pedersen and the origin points of Fritsch, May and Sparrow’s careers come from Prendergast’s recruiting. He also had the worst coach in Melbourne’s history using his talent and interfering.
  5. The backend of his career he sought of lost momentum, but he was very unlucky to not win a best and fairest (more votes per game than Jonesy in one of his years but played one less game) and went toe to toe with Buddy Franklin in his prime and held his own.
  6. I think if no bid comes we will draft him with our last pick anyway, similar to Toby Bedford situation
  7. Good post, but I'm not really sure how your dot points really conflict with my post. I'm just suggesting that expectations of him as a forward be tempered because of the level of competition he was up against at WAFL colts level, which were basically and mostly smaller non-AFL prospects, and because as a 194cm specimen multiple clubs who would definitely love to have a forward with those dimensions bypassed him. That's not to say he won't develop into a fine player at all.
  8. To be fair he hasnt trashed the player in my view, but rather the concept of drafting him with a high pick - and with some sensible reasoning. I don't necessarily agree but have never felt his comments had anything do with him being from Sudan either, other than that fact linked him to our academy. He's been very unflattering about Mac's arm girth, all the same.
  9. Incredible football oddity, Richard Lounder, but he was actually a mature age behemoth when drafted and with the turning circle of a polar ice cap. The skinniest ruckmen/KPPs to pass my eye and be drafted were Andrew Erickson to Sydney and Tony Bourke Carlton. They were absolute rakes and I think Bourke played a couple of games but Erickson didn't. I think both struggled to add meat to their frames which killed their careers. Neither had Andrew's spring or ballskills, so they arent good guides i dont think. He is pretty much a completely unique footballer that is impossible to project.
  10. Not sure in what way I've been tough. I've said I thought he would be drafted higher and surprised that Brisbane - and Sydney, in particular once Tom Brown was taken ahead by Richmond- didn't take him ahead of us to be honest. I've compared him as a defender to a good player in Harry Petty, but i think as forward, whilst he's performed very well at Colts level and other junior levels, there isn't a big positive sample size of him beating the ilk or physique of player he is going to come across at AFL level and without seeming to be outrageously skilled or uber athletic that puts a question mark on whether he can be a dominant AFL figurehead forward, remembering that when most Demonlanders were waxing lyrical about Jack Watts dominating an under 18 game, he was playing on Brad Sheppard with a 10cm and 12kg physical advantage. Watts I think was a good player, but these concepts are behind the reason I think he is at Pick 19 in a draft incredibly bereft of his type of player and not in the top half dozen picks. I think its a good list management pick from a positional list build viewpoint and you are 100% he comes into a great situation for himself at the Dees (most, it has to be said, will, given we have a very balanced list) and I think he could be a good player, maybe a Nick Larkey type, but unlike someone like the patronising and condescending Spirit Of Norm Smith, I'm not going to guess and shamelessly make constantly wrong and grandiose statements or inflated comparisons and bombard the site with drivel. Rather am just providing what I pray to be a balanced, honest assessment. I hope he is the second coming of Neita, but at this stage Im only happy to concede that he is at least going to be a handy structural spine player. Its a great pick by you to identify him as the man we were going to take and I think its going to be interesting for you to compare him and Andrew going forward, because their careers are going to be kind of the lab study of your thesis about Andrew and youve got a very good chance to be proven right. but I need to see him beating good players to be confident. Josh Schache was routinely murdered by Jacob Weitering in his draft year and Van Rooyen hasn't played on someone like that. I need to see either optics of dominance or class, or to see him beating quality players first to be confident. AFL comparison: Harry Petty or could be a Nick Larkey, whichever way you swing.
  11. Unfortunately much of Van Rooyen's best forward work at WAFL colts level is not on freely available game tape, but he was dominant in multiple matches against mostly mediocre opponents. Most of his high-profile and watchable footage was played in key defence where, stylistically and in terms of trait, he is very reminiscent of Harry Petty - steady overhead, big wingspan and an effort player. It sounds like the club view him more as a key forward, where he projects to be more of a solid structural piece than a star, which is the question on him and why he is down at pick 19 - does he have the class and or athletic specialness to be a dominant AFL level key forward? I was surprised given the dearth of key position options that he was available at this pick. Think it's a sound list management pick but not necessarily a sexy decision. If he fails or is ineffective as forward, should at worst make it as a second or third key back.
  12. Dazzle is ther any word re: interest in Brown from Sydney, who widely mocked to take him and there are rumours of them meeting with his management quite fervently.
  13. Nah gawn, jetta, Howe and t mcdonald doesnt quite have him in the deadsite imbecile category, the category of someone who never gets things right :)
  14. If thats the case, one complication with executing that plan is that a package of our first two picks wouldnt be if much value to the Giants as the second pick would be swallowed matching a bid for Josh Fahey, they just dont get any benefit unless they can quickly trade it for something futuristic. Otherwise there is just nothing in it for the Giants to the naked eye.
  15. I wouldnt be concerned if I was Chesser, Doerre is the second worst judge of football talent who regularly comments on the subject!
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