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  1. Ethan Read is an young ruck in Suns Academy with terrific ruckcraft but very light - he could be a first rounder too.
  2. Harley Reid - needs no introduction Darcy Wilson - skilful mid Coby James - good little player Zane Duursman - my number one pick, forward/mid- in the game bailey humphrey re-emerged Duursma was BOG by a space. Patrick Hughes - quality midfielder Archer Reid - very promising key forward Joe Pike - promising ruck are al names to lock in as possible top 25s
  3. He looked good (potential top 25, 2023 draft) in the champs which is all I've seen of him playing as wingman. He's the son of Derek Hall (doesn't qualify for Father/son) who was a handy forward for Geelong and played a game or two for West Coast.
  4. His highlight bear a striking similarity to Luke Pedlar's who the Crows drafted a few years ago!
  5. Kicked 24 in a game played Xavier firsts, no idea how he has ended up at Mansfield, but kicked 24 in game. I did know the club planned to have someone train through preseason for a supplist spot but didn't know who. Perhaps they have pulled the trigger early.
  6. Kicked 60 goals in 7 games in the Goulburn Valley under 18s.
  7. He's a good little player, I guess clubs would be in a quandary about where to play him - too small to play midfield and not enough tricks up forward maybe. Should get taken today but that's his problem, clubs looking more for players they can see actually having a functional team role.
  8. As Adonski mentioned they lost a top 20 pick, likely making it less easy to part with another one. Still possible of course.
  9. Theyve been compromised by Swans early bid for Rowston.
  10. The list is definitely not definitive, it's more of a list of NGA players that are possibly draftable prospects. As well as Keeler, there are other discrepancies.
  11. I didnt realise you can have 3 Catagory B rookies so that gives Emile-Brennan a chance. The AFL will surely produce a list of nominated players soon because Cooper Vickery (Hawthorn) Nathan Barkla (Port Adelaide), Jasper Scaife (Fremantle) and Yuyu Ashwin ( Collingwood) would be certain to be wanted as rookies at least by their clubs and theres been no mention of them being nominated.
  12. Not sure what you are meaning, Jack? Like you, I don't really see much point in club's investing in academies if they don't get access to the good players they develop, but the Emile-Brennan situation, if indeed the club as I suspect has not nominated him, would merely be down to a recruiting/list management decision from the club. I don't how club's thinking specific NGA graduates aren't good enough or the right fit for their list is relevant to evaluating the system.
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