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  1. A big no from me. Carrys a bit of baggage and has been a bad boy behind the scenes. His forms been ordinary the last couple of seasons too. Wouldnt be great for our culture. Id rather go hard for Tarryn Thomas
  2. With Bedford most likely gone then ANB or Sparrow takes his spot
  3. He really should give being the forwards coach a try. He was a great forward himself.
  4. Lowball over from the club so had no option, more money and longer contract at the Weagles
  5. I like that idea, Bowey could make a great winger. ( Maybe Salem replaces Smith down back )
  6. Turner is the ideal replacement for Petty if he goes forward, he looked great in the VFL grand final and after another preseason will be ready. The resting Ruck plays forward anyway so maybe alternate with Grundy in the forward pocket. Salrms skills will be much needed on the wing to deliver pin point passes to the forwards and Brayshaw can play his role down back. ( maybe they could alternate)
  7. I thought I’d have a go at changing things up with a few positional changes for next season that might give us lift and hopefully be strong contenders again by using player’s strengths . Brayshaw was all Australian squad at half back and Petty is the competitive beast we need at full forward. Salem on the other wing to utilize his elite kicking to the forwards. Turner May Bowey Brayshaw Lever J.Smith Langdon Oliver Salem Gawn JVR Bedford Pickett Petty Fritsch Grundy Viney Petracca I/c - Chandler TMac Jordon Spargo
  8. As much as I dislike their coach Lord Farquaad. They probably deserve it this year.
  9. Turner looked very good in the Casey. Grand final and will be better than Thommo. Another preseason and he will be ripe to take that spot, and we also have Joel Smith who can play the role.
  10. Petty is a competitive beast and exactly what we need as a focal point in our forward line. Now is the time, and the parallels with David Neitz are uncanny. I really think it would be the final piece of the jigsaw for us , especially with JVR as support.
  11. I just don’t think the umps like Clarry
  12. He was at the final against Brisbane too
  13. Had an interesting convo with a club insider during the Casey grand final. Said we had too many players carrying injuries into the finals in Lever, Salem, Petracca , Jackson , B. Brown and Oliver, and that Fritsch who couldn’t jump because of a knee issue and Gawn with a sore foot shouldn’t have even played. Reckons that bar injury we will be back with a vengeance next year. Also said Joel Smith was offered a contract on low money which he didn’t accept and almost went to Sydney who offered him a 3 year deal.( Longmire is his godfather). MFC came back and upped the offer so he decided to stay.
  14. I’m here hoping for a win. Not a bad turnout
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