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  1. Nope, I think exactly what we all feared happened, and I hope we are better prepared next time the tactics used by Adelaide and Collingwood get used by another team in the finals.
  2. What worries me most is that teams are working out a way to beat us by using short sharp passes playing quickly and not bombing it in to Lever and Mays advantage. Lots of pressure on the ball carrier meant we were often under pressure when going forward and bombing it in ourselves while their backs smashed us in the air.
  3. 6. Jackson 5. Gawn 4. Jordan 3. Petracca 2. Oliver 1. lever
  4. Forward line had their pants pulled down today.
  5. No run and support today . Far from a selfless game. We just couldn’t match their intensity.
  6. No Grundy and we still aren’t doing well in the middle. They are playing up tempo footy and we are behind the pace at the moment.
  7. Lyon and Mitchell would be Favourites for the Blues or Pies.
  8. This looks like being Buckley’s last game, they’ll be fired up.
  9. Love Sam and I really want him to succeed but he is not quite there right now, and not clunking his marks. I have no doubt he will be a good forward, but we have to try Brown again at some stage, so Sam has to go back and work on his craft for a few more weeks, and if Brown fails then he will be right back in. ‘At least we are giving both opportunities to grab that spot. Better to experiment on the right forward combo now than just before finals.
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