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  1. Petracca , Salem , Max , Brayshaw trying their hearts out. Why Does our defense all of a sudden look so fickle?
  2. Forget about the noise and what it means snd all the emotion and just give your absolute best and focus on being absolute animal maniacs at the ball
  3. McCrae is like the invisible man. For someone that gets it so much, he hardly gets noticed.
  4. Bont gets all the doggies votes, he should win it, even though I’m hoping for one of ours
  5. I’ve hardly missed a game in 55 years, and all I’ve ever wanted is to see one premiership in my lifetime. My earliest memories of going in the rooms and meeting my idols, Hardeman, Flower, Alves, Biffin, Baker etc to now seeing the best team we have fielded means a lot. Bring it home boys!
  6. That was just for the hell of it. I defaced the Bont poster in a humorous way . All part of the fun and “ Give em Hell” as they say .
  7. I live in deep on enemy territory footscray and my house is decorated in red and blue. l proudly go for my daily walks in my Dees jumper, and cop heaps of remarks, but all fun banter. This morning I went for a walk and defaced a few Bont posters.
  8. I will drink and at the end of the day I will know things
  9. Don’t worry , behind closed doors our narrative is better. The boys are doing it for us, the long suffering supporters who have never seen a flag. Its a lot stronger than Bevos whinger mentality .
  10. If they get a run on a kick a few goals in a row , we may need a B plan or spanner in the works to get things going our way. I would love to see Jackson played as a ruck rover to Max and take the ball high and then dish it off to Clarry or Trac, or pump it forward. Just something different to mix it up if we need to.
  11. I gave my barcode away to a friend of a friend who lives in Perth and they asked if I wanted any money for it, and I just asked them to scream their lungs out in support of the boys, and that will make me feel like I’m a part of it in some way.
  12. Dogs don’t really deploy a stopper or tagger in their line up do they?
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