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  1. He has said it himself. StraIght from the horses mouth
  2. He was told to put on weight last year.
  3. TMac has started doing alot of personal training already to get super fit again and shed some kilos. Wherever he plays I’d say he is desperate to prove the doubters wrong.
  4. Sorry , I didn’t give you time to mourn Isaac Smith. Lighten up 😉
  5. Brown to Melbourne pretty much done. As per Sam Edmond on SEN
  6. Very interesting article. Gee if we get a first round pick for TMac and Preuss we will be doing alright.
  7. As long as we get one winger I’ll be happy. Smith , Polec, or Phillips.
  8. Sounds like he is posturing and wanting either more money or a longer contract from us.
  9. Brown could stay at North as per his manager on Sport 927 today. Ben Brown is willing to listen if North Melbourne gives him a call. Brown’s manager Adam Ramanauskas said there was still a chance they key forward could line up for the Kangaroos next year. “If North Melbourne were to make the phone call, everything has to be considered. But at the moment there’s no phone call being made,” he told the Breakfast Club. Yesterday North Melbourne announced that senior coach Rhyce Shaw had mutually agreed to part ways with the club and there is a possibility whoever takes the reig
  10. Kyle Dunkley also to be picked up by the bombers as part of the lure to get Josh
  11. Hilarious stuff about Gils head, love it every single one of Dustys goals was special
  12. Lots of Drama All time classic
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