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  1. Yes but we have to try something because it ain’t working
  2. If we are relying on Tom McDonald up forward we are in big big trouble. We need to try a Petty, Mitch Brown combo because unless Max drifts down there our forward line has no presence at all.
  3. It really frustrates me how McDonald and Tomlinson can get games ahead of Petty and Mitch Brown
  4. We look like we are going at 50% and Bulldogs at 100% McDonald ordinary again
  5. We will never get anywhere while we are just gifting players games based on their salary..... ie Tomlinson
  6. Considering we have 3 of our top four mids out and our main big two targets injured , it’s not a bad effort by a team trying out some kids against the best midfield in the comp
  7. Tomlinson is a waste of space and we are no good without our most important player in Clayton Oliver
  8. Good on him, hope he gets a list spot.
  9. Seems strange to me that some of them pick Petracca to win the Browlow but Demons to miss the 8
  10. AFL just said it won’t happen full stop
  11. Pert just said vehemently that we will not be budging. Highly unlikely that our game will be moved.
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