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  1. Deakyn Smith and Jefferson look very classy too, beautiful movers.
  2. Petty is a competitive beast and we don’t have one of those up forward, which is very much needed.
  3. No I am David Zorko, the good twin
  4. My initials are DZ Hence Dee Zee
  5. They must’ve found something damning in the review to sack him like this
  6. How many senior games did he end up playing?
  7. I rate him highly as a footballer and especially as that outside winger we need, but I’ve heard some horror stories about his off field behavior , which I’m hoping are all behind him.
  8. Always really liked him and hoped like hell he would succeed . Very popular around the club and a genuinely nice guy. But lacked that mean competitive streak which I hope he finds at his new club. All the best Weed.
  9. They may have him earmarked for that third tall back spot if Petty goes forward
  10. I wonder if the pies fans will boo Grundy or Langdon next year? or are they all Duck no Ruck?
  11. We seem to be downgrading this trade period. Out Weed In poorer version of Weed Josh Schache Out Jackson In pick 13 and future picks
  12. I’m still scratching my head at how we lost a generational talent who was a top three pick and Premiership star, and we didn’t even receive a pick in the top 10.
  13. He was always going back home. Otherwise we would have tied him up with a longer deal a year ago. 7 million to go back home and play for the club you supported as a kid? Who wouldn’t take that deal of a lifetime?
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