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  1. IF May tears his Hammy early on in the game we lose. But if Smith isnt available, Id add Majak as an emergency and if May still looks iffy close to the start, Id name Daw sub. Hear me out. He is actually adaptable to play FB in a pinch but he is better at FF running in a straight line if needed. His best position is in the middle. From what I saw at Casey he didn't get beaten in the ruck and was in the best most games. He would beat Steph Martin in the middle as a monster and probably around the ground. I reckon watching Steph tonight, Dogs would prefer him if he was available to them. This would allow Tom to go back and Max forward more. Prefer him to Hunt or Jordan. We should be able to cover a flanker or, dare I say it, a mid. Just a thought.
  2. This dream is for you So pay the price Make one dream come true You only live twice Nancy Sinatra
  3. Me too! I see my life come shining from the West down to the East.
  4. Id just like to refine that and only take frees not paid inside 50 for Melbourne and Port. But I know nothing!
  5. I noticed a difference when Viney started. All of a sudden we were tackling with commitment. Other things happened as well. But Players couldnt avoid going in with intent when Jack showed up.
  6. Toby should have had more caution. Toby waddles when walking like Leigh Matthews. No excuse and he was angry. But I cant believe the hatred. This is not a mountain it is a molehill. I wouldnt be surprised if all those Demonlanders who are civil all the time except on the game day thread, are the ones baying for blood. If it was Hawkins or Danger he wouldnt be charged. It doesnt matter but I did 2 years as an umpire years ago. It also doesnt matter that I like Toby Green and I believe a repremand and 1 week is enough. Lochie Neal got off lightly.
  7. At 1st glance pick 20 might be pretty good for Sam from Woods. But it would turn into 23-25 quickly. I can however see Sam's best option would be to go to the Pies as it means he would be played every week much as Peter Wright has. And after 15 straight games 2M Peter came good, real good. I think if we kept Sam he would get no more than 5 games in a row before needing a stint at Casey, as we might have players pushing into his spot. He then 5 weeks later, gets another 4. That doesnt improve him or us. I dont know if pick 20 is fair or not, but it would seem to me to be a good deal.
  8. As I saw somewhere else Webber, the only player possibly equal to Robbie Flower if he stays on this path for a few more years. So more unique than elite. And that means I have burnt my own favorite, Alan Johnson.
  9. The end really made me think of 1987 Preliminary final. But it went our way.
  10. So all Geelong in the stands behind 50 metre lines? Serious question. Anyone know?
  11. Not that I can get there legally but are MFC members allocated an end?
  12. Sorry if this has been answered. Are crowds allowed at GMHBA this Saturday?
  13. 6. Fritsch magnet 5. Gawn 4. Luke Jackson 3. Christian Petracca 2. Harrison Petty 1. Ed Langdon
  14. To have no injuries you need to play within yourself but still win. professionalism.
  15. Is it confirmed, we wont have crowds at Geelong next week?
  16. #FreeKickHawthorn Doggies
  17. Sam Weideman is not picked in our team for tomorrow. With TMac out it seemed perfect timing to give Sam some game time in this crucial part of the season. Melksham CHF and Sam not on the bench. You better say "Hi Sam" real soon IMHO.
  18. I took it to mean 1st 100 pt win this year for GWS
  19. Michael Green's family was local royalty out Essex Heights way when I was a kid, as was David Parkin over the road and Graeme Arthur over the back fence. Miss Green (M.Green's sister) was my teacher. Must be Tom Greens great aunt! The Greens had a double story imperious brick Edwardian house that stood out among the weatherboards.
  20. You seem sure of yourself. The story isnt over for Sam. Id be surprised if they aren't initiating conversations. Marc Murphy had the opportunity to play where his father John played at the Lions and balked.
  21. Green will go to Richmond if anywhere. His grandfather Michael is in Tigers team of the Century and won 4 flags.
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