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  1. A mate mentioned this potential trade today and I thought he was joking. That's a hard no.
  2. Rivers again clutch in key moments laying a big tackle when the pressure was on. This kid has got it.
  3. Viney looks great tbh, at least he is giving a [censored]
  4. 98% of crowd is red and blue though Good vibes
  5. At the game Can confirm the umpires are citrus friendly 🍊
  6. Haha I am feeling exactly the same, not sure if I'll make it out of the Aussie Nash.
  7. We lost to Brisbane (4pts) and Geelong(3pts), teams I think we match up well against and can compete with.. we just need to make it there.
  8. What a whirlwind 48hours, just picked up tickets to go to this game at the Gabba. 😬
  9. Give the man a list and lead him to glory. Would be a massive upgrade.
  10. Honestly, we are just not good. The Roos experiment ultimately a failure, this team was designed to be competitive right now and we can't even make finals.
  11. Petracca, Rivers, May, Viney, you can stay.
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