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  1. Thrilled with that win, too many horrific memories over there. Another +1 on the Bowey train, already oozing class and clean in the wet. May & Lever handling the gorillas and nice to rattle their defensive stocks with Brown crashing packs and causing headaches. Trac & Oliver what a dream duo. Go Dees!
  2. Well I guess this calls for a snap end to my Dry July.
  3. It's a game of two quarters.
  4. 3pm game - hopelessly optimistic, still waiting official word
  5. Cheers old dee! Tix sorted, on the wing ?
  6. I liked our game last week, past two weeks the free count riding at +21 against tends to influence momentum.
  7. Finally a game I can attend with my son.. but how do you buy tickets?
  8. 6 Brayshaw 5 Spargo 4 Rivers 3 Jordon 2 Harmes 1 Fritsch
  9. We made them look very ordinary. Go Dees!
  10. David Neitz with the huge park mark, hang on.. that's T-MAC!
  11. It has taken some time but we are finally seeing the fruits of May & Lever with Tomlinson being the manure to make this defensive core blossom. So much confidence in the back six. The rest up the ground is just party time.
  12. 6- Salem 5- Trac 4- Lever (7 marks) 3- TMAC crucial goals 2- Oliver 1- Viney Complete performance by all, huge win for Rivers and Jords.
  13. The boys look [censored] off, hungry and like they've had enough of Richmond. GREAT QUARTER. Two more to go.
  14. 6- Gawn 5- Lever 4- Salem 3- Oliver 2- TMAC 0.5 - Petracca / Langdon
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