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  1. Lol, McGovern flopping possibly cost them the game. That was a good pick up by the guy.
  2. Cheers, when we played Freo a few weeks ago Goody's media conference was on the Tuesday.
  3. We trained at Casey yesterday going by photos on the club site. Main session I'm guessing and we usually hear from a Goody presser, but nothing. Will we have our Captain's run at the Gabba tomorrow after we fly out or before at Gosch's?
  4. Are you talking about Cordy? He was cleared by the tribunal.
  5. That’s what I’m trying to work out, if he dropped back with numbers after the bounce he’s done it with lightning speed. From the TV replay it looks like he was already stationed inside our defensive 50 after the kick forward by the Carlton mid. Was curious that’s all, wanted to know if anyone at the ground noticed it.
  6. Apologies if it’s been mentioned elsewhere and I’ve missed it, but did we send Fritsch to the backline for the last 11 seconds? This photo on the siren suggests so and on the replay it looks like it just can’t quite make out if it’s him. Wonder if this was planned for a tight finish or decided on the spot.
  7. I'd like to hear from the panel what level of 'crazy' they went to when kozzie kicked the winner. As a club were we happy with the last 2 home attendances?
  8. Lions favourites (slight) next week. Would that be the first time the market has us opening up as ‘underdogs’ this season?
  9. A lot to like about Turner the more you watch him.
  10. 6. Melksham 5. Brayshaw 4. Hunt 3. Oliver 2. Petty 1. Gawn
  11. Did not rate the Blues, until tonight. What a spectacle AFL is.
  12. I’ve said it before, I’m enjoying this season. Like many on here I’ve never seen our team defend a premiership. 15 wins, not too bad hey? It feels like every team has played their ‘GF’ against us. I know it sux to lose games, but you can’t be too despondent with the fact the boys in Red & Blue have been in almost every single game (21). If we go back to back it will be something remarkable for all of us. Back them in!
  13. Not many guests cared about the game until the last few minutes layz and came piling into the bedroom lol. What a finish!
  14. Here’s the 16th Birthday getting interrupted by a frantic finish. Reaction after Kozzie’s goal. IMG_1369.MOV
  15. There’s a lot of whinging about umpire standards and how the game is played these days, but if tonight’s game doesn’t tug at your heart strings you aren’t human. I might drive to QLD next week.
  16. Harmes in Sparrow to medi-sub. Harmes might kick a one or two.
  17. If you told me we’d win a flag then win at least 15 games the following season I would take it in a heartbeat. Couldn’t go tonight as my daughter had her 16th Birthday…double celebration for her.
  18. Yeah…we need luck sometimes. We’ll take it though. We found a way and that’s the main thing!!!
  19. Not easy being defending champs. Come on Melbourne…just win this any way possible.
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