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  1. Get there on Friday WA Dees. Club has confirmed an open session for you. Session Information Friday 17 September, From 9:00am HBF Arena, Joondalup Oval
  2. I didn’t notice it live but after 16 replays, the goal ANB kicked in the first quarter was all due to Sparrow deliberately knocking the ball down to him after jumping over Esava. Kid is playing some sort of a role.
  3. “Hey Max, how many touches for Rohan in the first half?” “ Off the top of my head my guess is….”
  4. Feasting on content until it gets real. Just loving all this.
  5. Even though we lost that one i thought in the second half of that game Ben Brown showed why we recruited him. To me that’s when he started to click.
  6. Happy tears for all of you attending. Make Optus ours. ❤️💙🔵🔴
  7. There’s about a dozen of them here at our workplace in Laverton Nth. Fairly balanced and realistic bunch but today that number has multiplied x3 all of a sudden. People that haven’t spoken to me once about footy in 6 years are covered in Dogs scarves, beanies, caps, you name it. There were 4 Melbourne supporters here but 3 have left leaving me on my own and that’s the only reason why I wanted Port to win. Would have been a peaceful lead-up to the game with no Port support here.
  8. The opposition leader suggested bringing in a family bubble for GF day. I think that’s a great idea, let’s see if Dan allows it. Either way, rules will be broken that day.
  9. “Still Woewodin, still Woewodin” remains one of my favourites from 1998 against Port. What a great running goal, crowd went nuts.
  10. Outstanding work @The Mighty Demons Will feast on this for at least a week.
  11. How exciting for all of us especially the Melbourne supporters that can attend. We’ve played them twice as 1 v 2 without crowds and as much as I respect them as a side I certainly don’t fear them. Hoping to see a huge number of our fans at the game and give the boys the support they deserve for the way they’ve made us feel this season. For the moment I’m looking at the first two words of the thread title ‘GRAND FINAL’ and just soaking it all in.
  12. Dee Zephyr


    Jaguars, Vikings, 49ers
  13. Change of song at quarter time for Port. I Need A Miracle
  14. Port need to phone a friend urgently.
  15. Read a comment earlier from a Port supporter saying they weren’t sure if they wanted to win or not tonight after watching us last night. I’ll take any compliment for now.
  16. There’s another Titanic clip going around with Max’s 50 metre bomb. Viney and Max doing their best Jack and Rose impersonation.
  17. No doubt mentioned somewhere else, second half aggregate scores from our last two games against them. Melb 19.9 Them 3.8
  18. I thought I saw Rivers near the boundary pleading to come off in the last 5 mins and was kindly refused entry to the interchange. Sorry Riv, All-Australians only permitted.
  19. Going to take it a day at a time. Replay on now and will give this clip a workout today. It’s Max day today.
  20. The vice-captain watching the captain last night.
  21. I’ve seen enough vomit gifs over the last few days to last me a lifetime. Sit back with your cuppa this morning and soak it all in everyone. Max broke their spirits in R23 and last night was one of the best individual finals performances I have ever seen by a captain. He kicked one less goal than Geelong.
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