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  1. Planning their exit from Tassie into another another district DS? Competition for hearts & minds is fierce and not limited to on field performance.
  2. A lovely set shot kick for goal anywhere within 40 meters. Beautiful text book kicking action. Doesn't kick too many high balls which will work in his favour on blustery days. Reads the ball well, uses the big frame to hold his space and very strong overhead. Plays pretty much a deep stay-at-home role at Casey. Would need to work on his wheels / tank a fair degree to make the step up to AFL and also go with his opponents when they're on the rebound / quick transistions. Would love to see him work on his left side a fair bit. Reminds me just a little of a less agile stay-at-home Jack Reiwoldt without a left side.
  3. When asked by Robbo whether we had backed off at all after the GF my take was that, if anything, training went up a level. Could this be an indicator/hint that we trained too hard, too early? This would make sense given our 1st half of season vs 2nd half (plus awful finals result) discrepancy / fadeouts.
  4. Up there with some of the better posts this season. Especially the last part about defending leads. As i said throughout much of the 2nd half of the season, very hard to defend an 8 to 12 goal game. 14/15 feels a little more realistic. The more the better obviously. Nice summary thanks Jnr
  5. 100% PF ... no wonder their record there is outstanding. Their Ws should have an asterisk W* AFL assisted (Stadium courtesy Vic taxpayers)
  6. I prefer the idea of leaving fresh legs on the bench, allowing others to do that instead (Swans, Pies, Others!) as we slowly grind to a halt!
  7. Sucked dry by the Vampire [censored]
  8. If they give the NS to Danger i'll
  9. Eat them at your own risk! Of all ppl you should know this SPC!! Back beans and Spaghetti ....mmm
  10. Might wanna PM Uncle with that one Brownie
  11. The Cats have brought mostly man v man pressure with a slight drop away from that in the second quarter. The Swans have completely crumbled under that pressure. When we played them (twice), we brought our usual 2/3 rds rolling zone giving them too much time and space, making them look a million $$. Hopefullly Goody & the FD will recognise this and change things up a fair degree in 2023. If they don't and continue to drag out the loose rolling zone at the start of 2023 i'll be super worried about our chances.
  12. There is more talent on Robbie's left buttock than pretty much that entire bunch other than the drummer (not bad!)
  13. Yes man v man almost everywhere in the first 10 minutes or so Mr Hood. Think the bigger taller bodies of the Cats plus the all ground pressure unsettled the Sawns. Especially their younger brigade. The Swans have a few more sub 50 gamers (effectively rookies) than most finalists i believe.
  14. You mean play most of the top eight teams at GMHBA CYB?
  15. So Reid gone already? Why did they play him.... too risky
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