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  1. That would be awesome. Let me know if you're ok with me using that stat (only) It's the minor missing ingredient in the player ratings i put together. Will mention you in the credits of course 😁
  2. Had a few quiet periods but he was involved in a few chains and assists that resulted in goals. Love to know what his score involvements and goal assists were. If he isn't marking on a lead his mere height and reach often results in oppo defenders panicking. They sometimes end up chopping arms etc in an attempt to spoil resulting in the odd free and shot at goal, often from very good angles as we witnessed in this match. Put a nice pass into Schache at one stage from memory who goaled? Took a very nice pack mark from behind on another occasion. A chopped arm free on another occasion that he slotted. Defensively his biggest weakness is of course when ball hits ground but a VG coach will recognise this and adjust structures around the drop and behind the ball in an attempt to limit the damage where possible but also use it as an opportunity for quality mediums to crumb & goal. His overall game was certainly nothing outstanding but BB rarely kicks a bag. Often consistent though with a bit of an off year last season. Goal averages 2023 > 3.0 2022 > 1.6 2021 > 1.9 There must be a reason/s he isn't getting a game till now and the FD obviously have alot more they see and know within the four walls that we have no idea about. Having said that if he did manage to tick 90% of all the boxes bar defending ground ball (including loading and fitness KPIs etc)....i'd be bringing him straight in for a small this week which we've had too many of IMHO. Either that or he comes in for Joel. Somewhat unfair on Joel probably but had his chance and failed to impact the scoreboard.
  3. Thanks Wheelo. Is it possible to post the HO to Adv by player each week or too much work?
  4. Would prefer two attempts at goal of the year
  5. Was a Clarryesque game for mine. Never seen Tracc will himself to so many contests. Just stuck his head down and gave the impression that he wasn't gonna leave the park without a W on the board this week. He even took a very rare contested mark and from that hit Chandler lace out at true CHF. Nearly fell off my chair. Hope he brings that white-line-fever to most of the remaining games.
  6. Thanks wheelo ....do you have hit outs to advantage by player by any chance?
  7. A few more useless stats... Up to and including last week vs the Dockers, 26% of our inside 50s have been converted into goals (season average). Last night we only converted 13.6% ... our lowest in any match so far by a country mile Using the season average we would usually score 15 goals last night for a total of 92 points, not including behinds. Our best result this season was against the Swans where we posted an impressive 35% for a score of 21.8. 134 Round 7 vs North was our next highest ... 34% (rounded down) with a score of 22.7. 139 In steady decline since then.
  8. I see where you're coming from AF but it shouldn't be effected by anything we do with ball in hand. My understanding is it would just stay at whatever level it was previous to us getting the ball while maintaining possession. The rating only changing again after we lose possession and start applying pressure acts again while the oppo has the ball.
  9. Very impressive 2nd half from Grey. Attended a number of CBs and looked 'ok'. Pushed forward for some quality involvements and goals then a fab marking attempt that resulted in a free on the boundary late in the final quarter was very gutsy to hold up play and get us going towards 50. Shown some very good signs in patches in a number of other games over the years but today was another level imho. What do the Casey experts think and where are we at here in terms of getting him on our list?
  10. There was a marked change in the way we defended the ground last night in our front half, compared to recent weeks, which no doubt contributed. Will be interesting to see time in forward half comparisons for this week and prior. Would be very surprised if that stat doesn't back this up. Thought we managed to lock it in for longer periods and had more repeat entries than recent weeks. Pressure was not only higher in general but we played a tighter, up in their face game, from about 30-40 meters out. Some zoning of course higher up the field but even that wasn't as loose as we witnessed recently. Overall increase in pressure (in terms of closing down the oppo...time it takes...not so much pressure acts themselves) from much tighter methods and zoning right from the first bounce. As ive been harping on for over a year now, the loose fold back zone just doesn't work against anyone except maybe the bottom 4 to 6 clubs. And even then they're a chance if they have a few decent ball users off HB plus some run & carry. Not even if it's used in just the odd quarter or so would i toy with this method..... it's that shonkey. Not sure why Goodwin does. Madness (until last night). Maybe if we're 50/60 up in the last and taking foot off the pedal to conserve for following match. That's the only stage of a match i'd consider using it. Forward craft (various issues), cohesion between mids / forwards & delivery to them.... still a long way off and needs a ton of work. I'm not sure that's fixable in season & not sure Stafford's the right man to do so. Even in the off.
  11. A pitty you missed SEN. Will be a rush on hemorrhoid cream this weekend at Brunswick Sth Chemist Warehouse
  12. 6. Tracc 5. Fritsch 4. May 3. JVR 2. Judd 1. Gus
  13. Round 12, 2023 MCG - Demons vs Blues Pretty hard to watch, especially 59 inside 50s for only 61 points, but a win's a win. Tracc topping the ratings again... 22 effectives @ 69%, 1 contested mark (great to see as he rarely takes them, think this as the one on the arc and he then shot a pass to Chandler directly in front), 2 marks i50, 7 clearances, 3 rebounds, 4 inside 50s, 4 tackles, 9 score involvements, 9 intercepts, 307 meters gained and a goal. The only blight, a hefty 9 turnovers the most on the night from both teams. Surprise surprise the Tomo effect! Lever notching up his best rating for the year, knocking off his 4.150 against the Lions in Rnd 2. Including a game high 12 intercepts and 8 one percenters (2nd best on the night). Fritsch posts a season high rating eclipsing his 2.95 against the Eagles in Rnd 4. We have to go all the way back to Rnd 22, 2021 vs the Crows for a rating higher than this where he posted a 4.375 Let's take a peek... 13 effectives @ 72%, 3 contested marks, 4 marks inside 50, one 1 percenter, 5 inside 50s, 1 tackle, 8 score involvements, 3 intercepts, 397 meters gained (pretty impressive for a guy that usually plays as a fairly deep forward), 2 goals and just the one miserly turnover. Roohey's highest rating of his short career. Some of his highlights included 14 effectives @ 87%, 2 contested marks inside 50, 2 tackles inside 50, 3 inside 50s, 6 score involvements, 1 intercept, 268 meters gained and a goal with only 1 turnover. Player Rating Rank C Petracca 5.150 1 A Brayshaw 4.650 2 Jake Lever 4.350 3 B Fritsch 3.975 4 Ed Langdon 3.825 5 Jack Viney 3.825 5 J V Rooyen # 3.350 7 S May 3.300 8 C Salem 3.100 9 T Rivers 2.875 10 Judd McVee 2.725 11 T Sparrow 2.650 12 Max Gawn # 2.350 13 A N-Bullen 2.350 13 L Hunter 2.200 15 J Bowey < 54% 2.200 15 K Chandler 2.125 17 A Tomlinson 1.925 18 B Grundy # 1.900 19 C Spargo 1.750 20 Joel Smith 1.150 21 K Pickett 0.800 22 J Harmes > 26% 0.550 23 Team Rating 62.53 Top 6 25.78 Bottom 6 9.65 # Hit outs to advantage not counted < Subbed out / TOG % > Subbed in / TOG % Stats courtesy of footwire.com
  14. Maxys left planting foot ....ducked outwards to the left as usual and that's where the ball skewed. I dont get how he cant fix that at least most of the time???
  15. Can we pls get soemone into the club to teach forward entry and forward craft... We really need to. It's not even VFL standard
  16. Premiership quarter...chance to put them away and Goody goes with the inferior Grundy in the middle!!???????????????????????????????????????????
  17. Judd's our cleanest ball user with the best disposal and run
  18. Some of these kicks from outside the arc have so such poor penetration (keep it clean folks!)
  19. Who would you rather have up forward? Max with 46% accuracy Or Grundy with 67%
  20. Big ask for Tomo but been ok at times to date. Very flakey free to Mckay for his last shot
  21. A very hard game to watch but last weeks was worse imv Gawny is competing but wow ... nothing like the Big Max we've known over recent years after the return. Needs a serious vitamin B injection
  22. Please send a photo of whatever you're drinking 227
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