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  1. "Dad Joke Alert" it's now the Year of the Ox so shouldn't he have pulled a calf? I will see myself out...sharply!
  2. Makes sense if we continue to butcher the ball.
  3. Good on him, wishing you all the best Majak.
  4. Low risk move (adhering to the 3-word analysis format)
  5. Hell, condolences to Kozzy and family.That's a real blow.
  6. When does Job-keeper roll off?
  7. Thanks @dazzledavey36, did he clarify which year?
  8. Now come on @dieter. Dan Andrews is an Essendon supporter. Over the past year he's made some good calls and some questionable calls (including backing Eddie McGuire to retain his presidency). The good calls must of course be discounted somewhat because, as stated earlier, he is an Essendon supporter.
  9. My first thought was that Emirates, as key sponsors, would be horrified. However, having been sent this photo from a mate in Germany, it may not even raise an eyebrow (shout out to @dieter)...
  10. When it comes from @Biffen, it comes from the heart.
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