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  1. 25% of the season for the Pies, but only 60% game time? For Adam's mental health he'd best steer clear of watching Kramer Vs Kramer.
  2. From Chris Doerre (Knightmare) The ultimate transfer of wealth - the AFL delisted free agents clubs should target Forgive me if this has been posted before
  3. Reminds me of what they say in Brazil..."Brazil is the country of the future and always will be".
  4. Lynden Dunn? Also the last one they repulsed.
  5. COME ON @WERRIDEE, you can do better. That was the diet-coke of rants!!!
  6. Didn't watch much of the Eagles this year. Demonlanders' who did, some questions: Why was he dropped / only played 6 games? Does he still possess skills and pace?
  7. Well, I guess 'Dogga' is better than SOM
  8. ? M.Daw J.Pittard J.MacMillan M.Williams P.Ahern M.Wood B.Jacobs
  9. Dare I say it...we may have benefited from Yze Magic!
  10. Fair enough. I'm not having a dig when I ask, just curious if its a rumour, or a rumour of a rumour, or a rumour³?
  11. Where's the info coming from @Patches O’houlihan?
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