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  1. Yes, does seem to be an issue. It seems like we've fallen back into our previous years bad habits of not holding much width around the stoppages.
  2. Keeping tabs on interstate developments that may influence and/or impact the AFL: NSW want the other states to give them their Pfizer because NSW have been doing all the 'heavy lifting'...edited for accuracy - spreading! NRL players on notice as Jeannette Young says she's close to booting the league out of Queensland
  3. @Jesse Christ on a bike, suggest you brush up on your persuasion skills!
  4. Conjures a vision of Dame Edna dressed in a MFC guernsey.
  5. Does this mean BYO slabs?
  6. Haven't looked at the AFL website yet, how many votes did Goodwin give Frost?
  7. Hmmm..maybe we can if we don't touch any surfaces and then touch our eyes, nose or mouth.
  8. If I recall correctly the bloke on the left has 'special needs'. However, the bloke on the right has no excuse.
  9. We need to smash them and send them spiralling towards the wooden spoon.
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