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  1. If it's that Freed from Desire song then I also find the playing of it upsetting...but not to the point of violence.
  2. If we did that it could be t h e l o n g e s t t h r e a d e v e r.
  3. Sounds fair. Just follow 2 simple Covid-sensible rules: No kissing the Cup No licking the Cup.
  4. The Cat fan should really have refrained from posting this on social media. Some callous ba$tards might FEAST ON IT!!!
  5. Pagan Ritual Vs Melbourne Premiership Celebration...no contest.
  6. Easton Wood just announced his retirement. Congratulations on a great career. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-22/easton-wood-announces-shock-afl-retirement/100560092
  7. To make it worthwhile stick in a new station MCG near Gate 1.
  8. Max's comments illustrate how much the system has changed since the 70's and 80's.
  9. Rocky IV gives them the template:
  10. Sier was electric in the first half of the 2018 Grand Final, finished the game with 21 disposals and seven clearances. Curious as to why he didn't develop further?
  11. I hope you're wrong - but not saying you are. The egalitarian nature of AFL has always been a strong suit of our game, as opposed to the socio-economic effect that pervades across Soccer, Rugby Union and Rugby league.
  12. Hope your mail is accurate @Dante. Car Park F area would be great, especially if there was a member's facility attached to it.
  13. Just waiting for the Chris Scott version of the Downfall bunker scene to emerge (if it hasn't already).
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