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  1. Tim Kelly for quality, Dan Butler for value. Nonetheless, Langdon has brought us much-needed outside run.
  2. Good observation, previously he has been kicking off one or two steps and across his body; a dodgy technique that led to quite a few scrubber kicks. Now he looks far more purposeful.
  3. 6. Oliver 5. Petracca 4. Lever 3. Brayshaw 2. Weideman 1. Langdon
  4. Rather than the forward flank, I'd prefer to see Viney resting in the forward pocket. It would suit him better as he does his best work in confined spaces.
  5. Harmes follows Sidebottom. When Sidebottom goes into the starting 4 in the square, then one of our other mids moves forward or to the bench.
  6. In: Gawn, Viney, Lockhart, Out: T.Mac, Jones (rested), AVB/Melksham (omitting captains seems to work wonders)
  7. I tend to agree with you. HBF doesn't seem to suit his instincts; tonight he was below-average. Could be dropped, however I'd like to see him played as a tag next week on Sidebottom - I think we need to assume the midfield battle will be halved against the Pies so we need to curb Sidebottom's creativity.
  8. It's very hard to pick up on TV (as opposed to being at the game) but I suspect his pace is making it much harder for the opposition backs to organise themselves against us.
  9. Jackson was impressive, Spargo very neat and creative, not so much to write home about re T.Mac.
  10. Good to see a bit of 'killer instinct' in that last quarter.
  11. With straight kicking and straight umpires this would've been a 10 goal win.
  12. Petracca gets legged, Gold ducks, then a tiggy. This is bent umpiring.
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