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  1. Hmmm...possibly bitter wannabe DINKS who paid no attention during sex-ed classes? Naming your kids Kane and Chad...the 'long-tail' of retribution.
  2. You have strange taste in men, are we married?
  3. As much as I like James Harmes circa 2018, and want him to get back those levels, I agree with @dazzledavey36's assessment of last weeks game - Sparrow more deserving of a call-up.
  4. Back off, his parent's christened him Kane... he's been cursed since birth.
  5. Yes it was, I added a further word play, intersection of Swan St & Church - prayer reference, took a Punt that people would get it.
  6. You're still bound to hear idiotic comments, but can take solace that those making them are not being paid for doing so.
  7. I'm with you on not playing 3 talls in the forward line. However, I see Jackson as a very tall midfielder who can ruck AND go forward if needs be - so he can be in the same side, but not necessarily as part of 3 talls in the forward line all at the same time. I would like to see more pace/ground-ball pressure, the likes of Bedford/Chandler vying with ANB/Melksham for a spot. Spargo Weideman Bedford/Chandler Pickett B.Brown Fritsch
  8. You'd have to start doing that from the intersection at Church St onwards...otherwise you wouldn't have a prayer.
  9. Petty in, T.Mac forward: https://www.afl.com.au/news/608016/where-will-t-mac-play-dees-reveal-plan-to-replace-injured-defender
  10. Christian had a simple choice. A Melbourne contract, or a Collingwood c o n t r a c t
  11. Maybe a new sponsored podcast? Channel the voice of 'Uncle Doug' (for those of you whom can remember)... Brought to you by Haymes Paint. Yes ladies and gentlemen Haymes Paint - paint the town red and blue.
  12. @Bimbo! I read that...get back to work!
  13. I think you're right...only time will tell.
  14. Don't go confusing a schemozzle for a 'master plan'.
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