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  1. Calling @ManDee - any local knowledge you can provide re this young man?
  2. Please try and keep religion out of this.
  3. Leave @orion alone...he/she/ze's having a dip!
  4. Are you able to self-report yourself on Demonland?
  5. "Chonky"??? Strong, but with knees that are wonky?
  6. Maybe West Coast have been encouraging him to spend time with Jack Darling?
  7. From the cartoon Teen Titans...our daughter's personality is similar to Raven's. "Behold, Trigon! Master of the dark, destroyer of dimensions, enslaver of civilisation" --Trigon https://teen-titans-go.fandom.com/wiki/Trigon
  8. Please don't judge him Demonlanders' until we establish whether that's Bourbon, Irish, or Scotch.
  9. I must say chaps, I am rather looking forward to receiving my telegram.
  10. Well yes @roy11, but to put it into perspective your reposting a tweet from a man who puts the Derrr in Dwayne.
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