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  1. Agreed. Whether the frees were there or not, the Crows appealing for them so hard made the umps put the whistle away I reckon.
  2. I reckon if Carlton were trying to get the win instead of Adelaide, there would have been about 5 frees paid in that last minute or so.
  3. That duck of the shoulder and throw the head back from Tex Walker was embarrassing.
  4. Once again the umpire is in the perfect position. I guess here the edge could pick up something he didn't see, but just let him make the call.
  5. Why are we reviewing that? The umpire was in the perfect position. There is 0% chance that was touched past the goal line and the umpire knew it.
  6. If I were a St Kilda fan, I don't think I would have survived the 2004-2010 period with zero premierships to show for it. It would quite literally have killed me. Just imagine we lost in 2021 and exited this period with no premierships. It would be intolerable.
  7. Partially related, whenever I hear the name "Bailey Dale", I have to respond by saying in my most annoying voice "Daily Bale." It's a sickness.
  8. Port Adelaide training this week:
  9. Completely different intent but ended up as a dangerous bump that was lucky not to send him into next month. Butters was charging in to collect the ball but got him on the chin. Umpire had to have been blindsided because that is as clear a free as you'll see. Should be a week as well, and lucky not to have really collected him and been out for a month.
  10. Exhaustion is relative. We were't exhausted compared to how you or I would be playing at AFL intensity week in week out, but compared to a desperate Brisbane who came off an easy win and had their bye already it was night and day. You only need to be off by a bit - we were off by a lot.
  11. We just looked absolutely cooked, midfield banged up, forward line completely shot/disinterested/burned by poor delivery, and out on our feet. Lost a player after 10 minutes as well which didn't help. Bye comes at a very good time. Brissy will go on a tear over the next couple of months I think - they're still a quality side.
  12. Oliver can't even handpass the ball - thinks he's playing rugby out there.
  13. Rayner is destroying every young mid we're playing on him. Woey was responsible for him in that pack marking contest, but it doesn't matter which one he goes with he's too crafty and strong for them. Need to put an Oliver or ANB on him.
  14. If we're tired after being up for a month, you have to wonder how the coaches didn't see it through the week. If we thought we'd just turn up then the players need to get their heads checked. This is last year's grand finalists we're playing.
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