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  1. They'll get absolutely torched by quicker sides, especially those who have talls who can bring the ball to ground consistently and not get outmarked by the WCE talls. I have the utmost fear of West Coast after witnessing that harrowing day in 2018 first-hand, but I think we can legit bring it to them with our list and gameplan even over there.
  2. Or of being a Collingwood supporter. Good luck to the Pies tonight then!
  3. I saw this on the Brad Hill thread on Bigfooty and just had to post it. This is possibly one of the worst individual efforts I have ever seen, and it's a very good example of why the Saints loss to Richmond means nothing in the context of the ANZAC Eve game. No one in a Melbourne jumper is going to do this next week, that's for damn sure.
  4. Rowell, Jackson, Pickett, Serong, Rivers. I was a massive wrap on Rivers from day dot, and he's going to get better and better.
  5. The defeatest carp going on in this thread is deplorable. What relevance the Saints being shocking has to a game Melbourne plays NEXT WEEK I've no idea.
  6. Possibly the greatest isolated fraction of non-goal-related pure football brilliance I've ever seen.
  7. Just putting it out there, but Brayshaw must have some currency now after the season he's playing.
  8. Never saw that one before. A year before my time (footy started in 2000 for me). But it's very weird watching footy of years gone by. Most of the time the biggest change isn't in the skills of the players but in the "interpretations" of the rules. Would've been deliberate out of bounds in Farmer's favour in c.2021, but in 1999? Fair play!
  9. I think the only answer to "why do you keep bleeding" is "because you keep killing it."
  10. Who gives a rats about scores from kick ins. It's just like scores from turnovers, in that they should never score and we should never turn it over.
  11. Being younger than some of you lot, I don't have the terrible associations with the royal blue. Don't get me wrong, it's navy all the way if you'd ask me to pick, but I love that we have a great clash alternative that is both historically meaningful and looks fricken awesome. Can't hurt that I love disco vibes as well.
  12. I didn't know Ed Langdon could talk. I've never seen him in an interview before. He continues to impress.
  13. By the way, anyone worried about our president resigning any more?
  14. I have never been 100% convinced that Oliver has the team-first mentality to take us to a premiership. My mind has changed. To go all-in and sign so early in a season when we promise something but haven't delivered yet shows he not only wants us to get there but is willing to bet his career on it. Lovely.
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