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  1. It could also mean we smash Carlton by the magical 10 goals everyone's always wanting (but still lose to Adelaide and Hawthorn).
  2. Robert Harvey Nathan Buckley just looks so weird in Black and White the media......dont think hell be there long somehow. Go coach the Saints Rob Pies Nathan.....at least that would be bearable.
  3. The best side in the comp or a team that is 50/50 over the past month. Melbourne will prove themselves to be one of these things before the day is done.
  4. I'd rather…beat the top 4 teams.
  5. Please everyone take a deep breath. We've proven we can bring it against good sides when it matters this year. Sure this draw is annoying, but it says nothing about our finals chances, and very thankfully hasn't cost us anything in the run home. 2 premiership points is as good as 4 in the context of the season, and probably teaches us a bigger lesson (since we clearly haven't learned it yet) than a 1 point win would have.
  6. A draw is as good as a win technically in the context of the season, but serious questions now have to be asked about our ability to compete against sides that try to dismantle our weaknesses. If a top eight side tries to do that in finals the way Adelaide, GWS, Collingwood, and Hawthorn have, we're stuffed. Good sides back their own system to beat the opposition, and our system is good, especially when we're mentally "up", but when we're down a fraction and we're playing someone (evidently anyone) who is trying to take away our weaknesses, we falter big time.
  7. Ben Brown's groundwork is much better than at any time in his career. If he can get his marking right, look out.
  8. Richmond's quick movement of the ball is exposing Brisbane's slow pace as well.
  9. Mitch Robinson is an absolute weapon. I love watching him cannon into blokes.
  10. They looked putrid against the lions. I rated them highly until I watched that game, but no longer.
  11. I have a sneaky feeling we actually struggle to get up for day games. All 3 of our losses have been day games, and our best victories have all been under a roof or night.
  12. I've got no idea why oil on the arms (and arguably grippo/gloves) are allowed. Performance enhancing surely.
  13. Wait a year or 2 and McDonalds get better again, strangely.
  14. Might have gone too soon there.
  15. He's not what he was, but he still draws heaps of attention and frees up his team mates in the Sydney forward line.
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