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  1. It took us 10 years to make amends but we finally show an old vet the respect he deserves.
  2. Deliberate should not be paid if a player appeals for it. Bringing the game into disrepute should be the charge instead.
  3. Lynden Dunn is someone who got more out of himself than (certainly I ever thought) he could. Congrats to him on a...long…career.
  4. I haven't stopped growing up since I was 25 and the penny finally dropped for me. Surely 29 isn't beyond the pale.
  5. After Scully (of course) I reckon James Frawley is the former Melbourne player most dead to me.
  6. My care for this footy season perished one windy evening in Cairns.
  7. End of an era. It was fun putting that little video together, and I'm well glad that something positive came out of the Jack Watts career! Still, I wonder what could have been had the club been in a better place to develop him.
  8. Talk is cheap. I'm still waiting to see the results of Brent Moloney's big speech.
  9. And the bulldogs go bang. Welp, I can't say it's been fun. See ya next year folks.
  10. Fyfe. Love having a legit gun on your side (even if for just one match).
  11. Freo in it up to their necks. Dogs have a tendency to go bang in one 15 min block of play though.
  12. Was planning on having a nice relaxing evening until I logged on and discovered this game was tonight. Now I'm going to go through various stages of dread, worry, optimism, disgust, and (probably) finally, hatred. Demonland is bad for my health. EDIT: We might win though! (There's the optimism covered)
  13. I'm sure transmissions have reached some planet ~9 light years away and the glorbzorps that live there are distraught, but haven't signed up to Demonland.
  14. Man I hope so. Don't rate Angus, and I think he needs to go for balance. I also think he's bad for culture too. Just a vibe I get from him.
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