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  1. I have no caption for you, but Maxxy is surely the most demon-esque Melbourne captain of all time. Show this footage to a fellow from the mid-15th century and I guarantee he would expire on the spot.
  2. SWYL aiming for 55. You heard it here first.
  3. Please. No one including Carlton knows where Carlton is this year.
  4. Dog act from Nankervis to interrupt a young lad's debut goal celebration. Good on the Dons for sticking up for each other. Just need to do it for another 10 years without any suppliments and they might win a flag.
  5. 17 down, 15 more to go. A long long way, so let's pace ourselves.
  6. Yep - that about covers it. Something rib related is the result.
  7. Just amazing how people's goalposts have shifted since we've become a good side. I get that we're better now and should expect better, but my word the entitlement creeping in here is worrisome.
  8. We lost to Adelaide this round last season bro.
  9. Almost the best game of Oliver's career. He destroyed it against Adelaide in R10 2021 but we lost, so it takes a tick of the shine off, but today he was brilliant in everything he did, and also played just a fantastic team game. The next 5 weeks/4 games are so big.
  10. This is going to be a better start to the year than last year (something I never thought I'd see), and most of the people here sound sad. Bizarre turn of events.
  11. Bedford has blistering pace. Would not be disappointed in seeing him on grand final day, though he's probably a year or two away from being truly ready.
  12. Great pressure and speed there from Bowey to pressure the North player enough that he kicked it out on the full. And then the effort from Bedford.
  13. Oliver has played a spectacularly disciplined and team-oriented game today - and has been brilliant in his typical Oliver way on top of it. Absolute gold-star performance.
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