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  1. OK folks I'm out. This is just far too slow to keep going on with. DM me if Trac or Clarry get on a roll.
  2. Aiming to be the longest broadcast of the year in spite of The Queen's funeral emerging as a late challenger.
  3. Both Brayshaw boys are like…why are you interviewing US???
  4. Petracca is no chance right? His second half of the year not good enough...
  5. Clarry getting completely ghosted by the umps…
  6. The older I get the more I just want this award to be some nameless official walking out with a slip of paper and announcing the winner, before walking off and putting the medal in the post.
  7. Umps don't see him. You need to have a TV camera zoomed in on him to catch his brilliance.
  8. Dees were pretty good in the early rounds of this year…forgot about that. Wonder if we'll see that again when it counts next year.
  9. You feel the lions might just pinch this. Zanker and Bannen unsighted (Zanker since the 1st and Bannen all year).
  10. Great work lads. Imagine, if the AFL side had turned up this finals series we'd be a very strong chance to take out all 3 comps this year. Oh well…
  11. Pathetic from the Southport lot. How about show some hardness in the contest and maybe you wouldn't be losing the granny fellas.
  12. We'll always have that magical 10 minute period in the 3rd quarter of the grand final but let's get a couple of great picks for him and use them to bolster our 16-22 player zone that consistently has let us down this year.
  13. I'm not going to begrudge the Irish from hating the English monarch.
  14. Well, there's always last year...
  15. I'd play Petracca forward, Jackson as a mid, bring in Wied as backup ruck/forward, and drop Brown.
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