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  1. Agreed. I'd have the GF teams from the year before play each other in round 17 (or 18 with the bye) and possibly round 23. Imagine one year when the 2 GF teams from the previous year are undefeated coming into round 17. The biggest Home and Away game of all time would ensue.
  2. The one player I credit most to our premiership. Big call, but there it is.
  3. Sends a message through the whole comp IMO.
  4. Round 2. The premiers shouldn't unfurl the flag agains the team they beat - it's bad form. Give the wooden spooner a chance to claim the ultimate scalp, or the Premier to get the dream start in front of a home crowd.
  5. I'm a Hibberd fan, but tell him he's dreamin'.
  6. The thing Harmes does really well for Melbourne, and has for years (even back to our 2018 run to finals) is when we're on offensively, he's involved in those long handball chains down the wing that invariably lead to getting the overlap and goal.
  7. Throw Nathan Jones in there and it reads like an early-2010s Melbourne firsts side.
  8. Just casually reading through this thread and whoops! I've accidentally watched the entire 2nd half again.
  9. Just an absolute beast in this finals series. Can't wait to see him attack next year, but I do think he'll never play a full season.
  10. Angus Brayshaw. My eternal apologies mate. I did tip you to be better than Trac early, but boy did I backtrack on that. Let's meet halfway hey?
  11. There are plenty of syndromes that have horrific life impacts, and yet we all jumped on board with MFCSS. Harden up.
  12. I was interested so ran this page through the Wayback Machine. Here's what it looked like BEFORE we broke the drought: https://web.archive.org/web/20210319055523/https://www.melbournefc.com.au/history/premiership-years
  13. Hopefully his body can hold up for another 3-4 years. I do worry about his hamstrings. I wonder with Tomlinson available next year if we could move May into a Hibberd-type role and have him play as a small-medium defender.
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