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  1. A million bucks for finishing 5th (AFLW) and 6th (AFL). Gotta sort out whatever that finals malaise is that we've got going on. Nice comeback by the women but too little too late.
  2. I've not seen any footage of Lever playing forward or mid like Leake. Hird comparison stands up on size, versatility and skills. Seems to know how to lead, how to deliver under pressure and how to be clean in a contest. Obviously these are highlights only and only give a glimpse, but it's a pretty impressive glimpse.
  3. Moves a bit like James Hird. The clean marking from some difficult spots, his clean hands around the ball, looks a decent field kick. 187 cm - interesting size. If we don't take him with our first pick he won't be there at our second.
  4. I've been told by someone who should know that Watson is the second best natural footballer in the pool behind Reid. He doesn't believe his height will stop him excelling and he said if he was 6 or 7 cm's taller he'd be well and truly in the conversation for pick 1. The same person said Melbourne are keen on pick 1 but would be happy to be in a position to draft Watson. At the moment they are not in that position. He is of the view he's a top 5 lock. Source is a player manager but not his manager.
  5. He'll go at the end of 2024. No way they wait until he's out of contract. Let's hope he has a big 2024 and increases his value.
  6. WC and Melbourne have been talking for a while. They'll have told Lamb exactly what they want. All the Petty talk is for a reason. It's not in WC interests to work with North right now.
  7. It's part of a bigger plan. I'd say Petty is going. They are going hard for pick 1. 10 from Adelaide and McAdam for Petty, gives us 6, 10 and 11 to work into pick 1.
  8. He has done a number of effective run with roles over his career. My personal favourite was the 2018 final against the Cats when he played on Selwood and drove him completely insane. Probably one of Selwood's most undisciplined games in what was a very disciplined career. Played well on Libba in 2021. Has done less of it more recently. I wish him well wherever he ends up and will be eternally grateful for his important role in breaking the drought. He got to live out a boyhood dream. His dad was president of the junior footy club I coached at before Jimmy got drafted and the family are Demon mad. Will be an adjustment for them when he changes clubs!
  9. I like the way Geelong does it. They take out each players 4 lowest polling games as a way to neutralize games missed through injury. So for instance, Gawn's 4 games that he missed through injury don't count (his vote tally wouldn't change)but the others around him would also have their 4 lowest polling games removed (Pickett his two for suspension plus next lowest polling games). That get you closer to the actual best player and not the most durable. Hard to argue with the top 10 though. Trac and Viney standouts, good to see the defence get rewarded - Lever, May, McVee and Rivers all in the top 10. Pickett and ANB the only forwards and both perhaps moreso for their defensive work. Gawn was a top 5 lock bar his month missed.
  10. Former Junior Australian Basketball Captain. Last played in the semi against us last year. Can take a mark and a reasonable kick for a big guy.
  11. 28% of Collingwood's goals this finals series. In all sorts of different conditions. He literally won them the flag.
  12. A decent game to watch. It was entertaining enough but I think the closeness of the scores perhaps made it seem better than it was. I benchmark GF's against 1984, 1989, 2005, 2009, 2012 and 2018. They all had incredible moments of skill, courage, brutality(in some) and a great storyline. I thought this one was really like most of Collingwood's finals except they scored a bit more. Kudos to them for getting it done again in a close one. That speaks volumes for their spirit and self-belief and McRae's coaching, because nothing about them screams out outstanding premiership team which will become a dynasty. Howe, Sidebottom and Pendlebury might have one season left. And they'll all be less effective than this year. Of their best side only McStay and Adams weren't available. Adams is injury prone now, McStay's season stats are below average in most categories, the rucks are plodders, Moore was shown up again for his incapability to play man on man defence, unlike guys like Harris and May and Weitering, who can intercept and lock down; smart recruiting made their forward line functional because without Hill this finals series they were in huge trouble - Collingwood kicked 29 goals in 3 finals and Hill got 8 of them. That's 28% of their total goals. It's unlikely he'll get that sort of freedom again. And then you have the other over 30's like Hoskin -Elliott, Jamie Elliott, Mitchell, Crisp, Mihocek, Cox. Nearly half their best side is the wrong side of 30 at the start of next season. They might do a Geelong but they play a taxing style that won't lend itself to blowing sides away too often. Congratulations to them. They had a clear strategy to invest in the now and trading Grundy out was a masterstroke.
  13. Agree with everything but the last bit. I don't think they do. They are a very experienced list. Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Howe are all at the end. One year tops and probably a declining year. DeGoey is always one big night away from being finished. Cox and Cameron are unreliable. Adams injury prone. They have a lot of grit, are well coached and have a couple of superstar father sons but they won three finals by 12 points in total. I think others might get better quicker.
  14. Gee they are great to watch. Kate is having some sort of a season. Leadership really agrees with her. 6. Hore 5.Purcell 4. Hanks 3. Paxman 2. Pearce 1. Mithen and about another 16 who could have polled.
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