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  1. They are an accurate reflection of the game. Wouldn't have had a Demon anywhere near the top 6 or 7 players on the ground.
  2. Best 7 were Gawn, ANB, Pickett, Rivers, Viney, Oliver and Fritsch, but all were a fair way behind the Eagles best. Probably go: 6. ANB 5. Gawn 4. Pickett 3. Fritsch 2. Viney 1. Rivers Having said that, it was a poor a performance as we've seen since the dross we served up in Cairns in 2020. May - worst game in a very long time and he had plenty of mates. Our mids were flogged by the Boy Wonder and his counterparts.
  3. I coached the young fellow in junior footy and cricket. He's a terrific kid. Played for Gippsland Power and represented Vic Country in the National Champs. I messaged his mum yesterday to see how he was. He's seeing the specialist Monday to work out the damage but it'll be sometime before he hits the field again. They are very much a "what happens on the field stays on the field" family. Poor form from a very experienced (and very good) AFL player. If that isn't worth 7-8 weeks I don't know what is.
  4. I never thought I'd see a better Melbourne player than Robbie Flower, and I probably still haven't, but Max is by far the most influential - on and off field.
  5. If it was an award that wasn't exclusively mids then Max would be looking at top 3 right now behind Heeney and Merrett. He is having a superb season.
  6. 6. Tracc 5. ANB 4. Gawn 3. May 2. Viney 1. Windsor
  7. Good to see the Footy Show gave it to the HS today for failing to include Gawn in the best player list. Their votes by the way went to Lever(9), May(8), Z. Guthrie(8) and Gawn(8).
  8. Again, at the game and haven't seen a replay or read any commentary. 6. Lever - was outstanding in the air and sure on the ground. 5. May - again controlled Hawkins, although the Tomahawk is rapidly coming to the end. 4. Gawn - a quiet first half by his monumental standards, but dominated when it mattered and was easily the most influential player on the ground in the last quarter - not for the first time in his career he was the difference. 3. Petty - great to see him hit the packs hard with arms extended. 2. Oliver - welcome back Clarry! 1. McDonald - although Cameron contributed to his quiet night with some unbelievable misses, Tom had the leg rope pretty tight all night. I really rated Viney, Windsor and Langdon. The defensive efforts of Chandler, Pickett and Neal-Bullen stood out. Petracca seemed off, but I notice some people have him in the votes so I'll watch for that on the replay.
  9. Rivers played well but had 3 contested possessions, and one contested mark and one tackle and went at 79% Lever was great but no tackles and 15 of his 26 possessions were uncontested. 2 of his 10 marks were contested. Obviously the 15 intercepts were a highlight and I thought he was in the top 3 on the ground. By way of comparison, Gawn won the ball 23 times, 16 being contested. He took 10 marks, 4 being contested. He laid 3 tackles, 5 clearances and kicked an important goal. I think whoever decided the medal got it right.
  10. Was at the game, haven't seen a replay yet. I know I shouldn't be surprised at some of the negative commentary on here, but here I am, surprised again. The first half was an arm wrestle and there were certainly some skill errors, but the Tigers were competitive and have a lot of quality players in that side not withstanding their wretched injury run. 11 premiership players took the field for the Tigers, and that's not counting guys like M. Rioli and Hopper who both played very well. We were off in the first half with our skills and sometimes decision making, and that can sometimes happen in AFL footy. We don't have a great record post bye and we were maybe a little fortunate that we played another team coming off an extended break. But we did have Gawn, and boy is he in some great form. Along with our defence, he really stood up when the game was there to be won. Some nice cameos from some of the younger, less experienced players, a rollicking performance from Ed Langdon and a real injection of speed and sure ball handling from Pickett made the second half a pleasure to watch. Petracca, Viney and Oliver once again not as influential as we'd like but that's also a silver lining. Our improvement is right there for all to see. The night itself was great as always. This has probably turned into my favourite footy night of the year and well done to both clubs for the way they put the show together. Appropriately solemn and respectful and the atmosphere before the game enables some serious reflection about what the evening and the following day means to us all.
  11. 6. Gawn was easily the best man on the ground. Ground down another quality opponent (and another not so good) 5. May played a great first quarter and a good game thereafter. 4. Lever padded his stats later on but was stoic when the pressure was on and intercepted beautifully. 3. Turner was a great find and very influential 2. Langdon back to his running machine mode of 2021 1. Pickett provided a really important spark to the midfield tonight.
  12. Still my favourite footy day - Round 22 1987. That trip to the Kennel was just an amazing experience. The place was rocking. The next couple of weeks were like a dream - winning our first two finals by 118 and 76 points. The prelim against Hawthorn is still my greatest disappointment in sport. It was a game we had so many opportunities to put to bed but we just kept fluffing our lines. Yeats, Campbell and Eishold, then the free passage Hawthorn got to land the ball with Buckenara who at that time was probably the best shot for goal in the competition. Jim's 15m is in the history books and everyone knows how it finished. Carlton deserved to win the flag, but we made it easier for them. Hawthorn were badly beaten up in that prelim, as were we. Losing Wilson and Flower to injury would have made for a fairly limp GF performance from the Demons, especially in the heat of that day. 1987 was a triumphant year for the Demons, and Northey was a wonderful coach. I still feel we should have got at least one cup in that era. 1990 was the one that got away.
  13. Geez, Gawn stiff in 2018. Wins the AFLCA Player of the Year but can't crack Demonland Player of the Year. Won the Bluey in a canter that year too.
  14. Gawn now equal leader of the Age Player of the Year
  15. Solid enough debut. He was the least of our issues on Thursday night. He's definitely got the right stuff.
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