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  1. Yep - Carlton can't get it out of the centre. Should be very interesting next week!
  2. Especially the way Carlton are dismantling the Bulldogs right now.
  3. I don't know that they've got on top, but they've at least broken even. Hickey roved a couple of Max's taps for his clearances and Jackson did the same to Hickey. Your point about predictability is a valid one, but not because of Jackson's taps - he rarely gets any. His best work is on the follow up to the other ruckman's hitouts - almost a Max in reverse situation.
  4. And before everyone goes completely off the rails about Gawn and his value to the team, look back over the first 6 rounds. Even Simon Madden wasn't best on every week. He's not been beaten in either of the last two games (both the Age and Herald Sun listed him amongst the best last night). Not at his best perhaps, and definitely we've looked worse because of it, but suggestions that we are better when he isn't in the ruck are ludicrous and based on a very small sample size. Let's see what the coaches and players come up with this week. I'm expecting a return to regular programming next we
  5. Great analysis and exactly what happened. Jackson is not a ruckman at this stage. He plays the role of nuisance value at the ball up then acts as an extra mid. His follow up work is very good, but for us to win the flag we need much better connection between the premier ruck in the game and the midfield at centre bounce. Viney will make some difference to this. Love your work, Nasher.
  6. This is a great discussion. I've read how we look better with Jackson in there. Jackson barely wins a hit out. What he can do is play as a an extra on baller and will sometimes clean up the opposing rucks hitout. It is an ok occasional strategy if he can clear it and move it forward. The problem is that Gawn and most of our midfield work better in real congestion, hence why we almost always win clearance around the ground. We will get the centre work right and when it does happen we will really mess some teams up. Those advocating Jackson spend more time in the ruck however are not seeing
  7. Finishing top is overrated. Last side to win the flag finishing first after the H&A was Hawthorn in 2013. The next two were from 2nd and 3rd, the Bulldogs in 2016 were 7th after H&A; the only year the Tigers were first was 2018 when they dropped the prelim. The great Brisbane side never finished on top either. I'll happily take 2nd, 3rd or 4th after round 23.
  8. Yeah, not sure about that. Last game in 2019 Gawn absolutely pantsed Goldy - 3 goals and 3 Brownlow votes. They didn't play each other last year. I think it was 2016 when Gawn polled 2 Brownlow votes and had 60+ hitouts against Goldy. Goldy did kick 5 that day and got the 3 but it was an epic duel. I reckon Max was just off today. Goldy hardly had a stellar impact on the game, with a 19 year old kid jumping all over him.
  9. Yep, it wasn't his best game but to say Goldy slaughtered him by having less hitouts, marks or disposals is a big stretch. Jackson was close enough to best on so I'd reckon it might count as one of Goldy's poorer games too.
  10. Using what metric? Gawn had more hitouts, disposals, marks and less time on the ball.
  11. Good sides grind out those games. North played good footy in the first half. Gawn, Petracca, Oliver and nearly everyone else was well below their best. Jackson, Pickett, Jordon, Langdon and Salem got us back int the game and Fritsch was outstanding as a target. Him kicking straight today made a huge difference.
  12. 6. Fritsch 5. Pickett 4. Jackson 3. Langdon 2. Salem 1. May Oliver played a nice last quarter but was nowhere to be seen in the first half. Petracca was serviceable at best, Gawn wasn't beaten by Goldstein but was largely irrelevant today due to Jackson's influence.
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