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  1. Agreed, but they did host the Tigers there a few weeks back so it's not an unfamiliar scenario for them.
  2. Good summary, but Trac has trailed off a bit I think. I'm not sure if it's the return of Viney unbalancing things a bit, but other than his Port game, he's been only average in the last few games. We need more from him. He needs to spend more time forward and Gawn more time in that centre back role he plays so well. Oliver is having a great season and at the moment probably only he and Lever are operating at optimum level.
  3. From Peter Ryan's 4 Points in today's Age. GOING NOT GAWN Melbourne’s Max Gawn remains in form but with Luke Jackson battling and the midfield disconnected from their bearded skipper the area needs a freshen up. Between rounds 1-12 Melbourne were ranked eighth in clearance differential and sixth in the scores from stoppages differential. Since round 13 they are 15th for clearance differential and 13th in the scores from stoppages differential. They can’t ignore the issue.
  4. Too much common sense here Titan. We've also not lost any match by more than 20 points for the season and in all bar the Collingwood game we've had more or the same scoring shots than the opposition. I'm still a believer.
  5. I think we'll do ok. 3 out of the last 4 is definitely achievable but even if it isn't to be others still need to pass us so there is a lot to play out. Ignore the media analysis - it changes nearly by the minute. Just take it game by game and trust in the method that has us in such a good position this late in the season. We haven't been beaten by more than 20 points in any game this season and we have had more or at least the same scoring shots in every game bar one (Collingwood). We are right in this. This is a different Melbourne team to those we've seen before. Is there room to improve? Absolutely. I'm confident we will.
  6. I think Gawn's efficiency last night was impacted by the way he got his possessions. Lot's of kicks out of the ruck. He barely handballed (2 for the game). It's much easier to have a higher efficiency when you handball more, even though it often puts team mates under pressure. His DE has been pretty good most of the year.
  7. Great perspective Dr. G. It was a decent game where we fell short. The reasons were obvious and Bontempelli is a star. When we meet them again we need to put more work into curbing him.
  8. My advice - steer clear of ladder predictors! Forecasting results in this competition, at this time of year, up to 4 weeks ahead is impossible. Injuries, suspension, covid complications. Just take it one week at a time. We control our own destiny. After this round at worst we are third (hopefully the Tigers can get up today). If we win next week we won't be below third.
  9. First I heard about loads was back in the late 90's when Neil Craig was the fitness guy for Malcolm Blight at the Crows. It seemed to work for them. They'd have an average finish to the season and then blitz finals.
  10. Jackson for Weid is a no brainer, especially if the fixture doesn't change. I think we need Melksham and I reckon Jones might get another go. Probably Harmes and maybe a rest for Jordon.
  11. Thought we were pretty good tonight. They were just a little better and they had Bontempelli who made our mids look silly in the last quarter. The umpiring - meh . Our inability to convert pretty straightforward opportunities was more of an issue. Well done to Oliver and Gawn who had good connection tonight. Lever was really solid. If we can make top 4 we are still a real shot. Our challenge is to win three out of the last four to make sure of it.
  12. Ditto. If Brown could kick straight he might've got in.
  13. John Northey got everything out of that group. They had a great record against Hawthorn - better than any other side over that period 87-91, when the Hawks won three flags and were runner up in another play off. Putting them out of the finals in 1990 was probably my second greatest footy memory, after round 22 1987.
  14. You'd hope that next season the mathematical genius who develops the AFL Fixture might let each team play each other once before any repeat games are scheduled. That way, if the season needs to be shortened it can be done fairly. I've never understood why we play some sides twice before we complete a match against all sides.
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