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  1. I rate him. 2018 Sutton Medal, 2016 Premiership player. Turns 28 in December, played 173 games and a lot of those have been excellent, including a couple of games over 40 disposals. Seems to play well against us. As has been pointed out by others he's strong defensively and offensively. He'd be an asset.
  2. My absolute favourite day at the footy. That last two months of 1987 was absolutely remarkable.
  3. Gawn and May both missed multiple games. Oliver missed one. I still think Clarry gets it just from Petracca, Brayshaw and Viney and then either Gawn or May.
  4. His shots on goal look horrible from time to time but he did kick 13 goals 14 behinds for the season. So beyond woeful is a stretch. Petracca on the other hand, went at 19 goals 31 behinds (and a substantial out on the full as well); Nibbler at 9 goals and 17 behinds and Charlie Spargo 10 goals and 12 behinds. Interestingly, that is the first time in Charlie's career he's kicked more behinds than goals in a season. Luke Jackson kicked 11 goals 12 behinds. I'd say Max's accuracy, whilst it could be improved upon , is certainly a damn site better than some of the blokes who are actually paid to kick them.
  5. Phil is from Robinvale. He was actually really good mates with Jamie Siddons who is my wife's cousin. Leon is originally from NSW I believe. Not sure of any family connection there. A bit of background on Phil's experiences. https://www.sunraysiadaily.com.au/football/3050896/racist-taunt-almost-dashed-career-of-a-sunraysia-footy-great
  6. Phil Egan, former Richmond and Melbourne player, was commissioned to write the report for Hawthorn. He was tasked only with gaining the perspectives of the former indigenous players at the club and then offering recommendations for further consideration. Its author, former Richmond player Phil Egan, commended the bravery of First Nations players who shared their experiences and described the review’s contents as “unprecedented”. “The report noted a range of recommendations for the club to address in relation to creating a culturally safe environment for all,” Egan told The Age. “These include further and immediate investigation of the findings; reparation and compensation for the affected families if the allegations are validated; and policy and structural changes to ensure cultural safety is embedded within the club.” Egan, an Indigenous man who played 125 games for the Tigers during the 1980s and endured his own experiences with racism in the game, said he felt privileged to have been tasked with the review because of its sensitive nature, and that Hawthorn deserved credit for commissioning it.
  7. He did. After he was discriminated out of Carlton when the trainers refused to rub him down because of the colour of his skin, among other things.
  8. We beat them twice in 3 games, 3 times for the season and our closest final was a 6 goal victory. It was the most comprehensive premiership since 2007. Gastro or not, they were never beating us that night.
  9. Congratulations to Cripps. He's a worthy medallist, just as Miller, Oliver, Neale et al would've been. He's been an excellent player for a long time. I watched Gawn get ripped off in 2018, when he was clearly the best player in the comp (AFLCA winner) and he didn't even poll the most votes in his team - Brayshaw 3rd and Gawn 4th. We are very fortunate to have so many outstanding players at the same time who have combined to give us one flag and hopefully one or two more still to come. It's a team game and there's one medal every Brownlow winner would trade it for, including Cripps. Oliver, Petracca and Gawn and 20 of their mates already have one of those.
  10. Not a vote for May or Fritsch. Bizarre
  11. Topped the club vote by the look of it. Think we just pipped Geelong by a couple. Clarry polled in 12 games but not enough best ons unfortunately.
  12. Fortunately for Clarry he plays in the same team as Gawn and Petracca; unfortunately that will cost him a Brownlow. But you wouldn't trade that premiership medal for anything.
  13. I'm not into conspiracy theories as a rule but I am beginning to believe there is a real dislike of Clayton from other players. The last two years he didn't get near the MVP despite winning the AFLCA award in both years. Blokes like Pendlebury come out and blacken his name with his "elbow into the throat" bs. Just seems like there is a bit more going on here.
  14. Freo, was on Fox "On The Couch". The panel chuckled and said "Blicavs is a role player - you'd pay a million a year for a role player".
  15. Jon Ralph just spoke about Jackson. He said the club already knows and possibly announced as late as next week. Apparently has been promised a hybrid Blicavs style role which appeals to him.
  16. I'd agree except that Petty can play forward but has been anchored to the back six all year when we were crying out for a decent tall forward. Goodwin's lack of imagination was a positive in 2021 but an albatross around our necks this year.
  17. Not according to the MFC app. And he was drafted as a utility who has played both defence and attack. He was a key defender only last season for the WA national championships. Not disputing he looks an effective forward. Just raising the possibility he could be more than that. I do laugh though at the overreaction - lunacy. Might even be creativity. Something that's probably been a bit lacking this season. And a tall utility is a great asset to have. https://www.afl.com.au/news/672918/nab-afl-u19-champs-finn-gorringe-jacob-van-rooyen-strong-as-western-australia-demolishes-south-australia https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1033254/drafted-demons-land-jacob-van-rooyen-with-pick-no19
  18. Possibly, however the match committee no doubt realised we had Tomlinson as tall cover in defence and our weakness in the seniors was our forward line. Watch this space, I reckon.
  19. Van Rooyen was a very good defender in underage competitions. Perhaps he is the answer to releasing Petty forward. JVR, May, Lever as the back three and Petty forward. That gives us flexibility to switch those two around as required. JVR may well be that very rare breed of key position utility for those old enough to remember in the Terry Daniher/Ross Glendinning mould. At 193 cm he's a little shorter than Petty but he reads the play well and I'd imagine he'd play the intercept game pretty well.
  20. Since 2011 when Geelong won the flag, the record of reigning premiers is as follows: 2012 - Geelong loses elimination final after finishing 6th in H&A 2013 - Sydney loses prelim after finishing 4th in H&A 2014 - Hawthorn wins flag 2015 - Hawthorn wins flag 2016 - Hawthorn loses semi final after finishing 3rd in H&A (straight sets) 2017 - Western Bulldogs finish 10th - 11 wins 2018 - Richmond loses prelim after finishing 1st in H&A. 2019 - West Coast loses semi final after finishing 5th in H&A 2020 - Richmond wins flag 2021 - Richmond finishes 12th - 9.5 wins 2022 - Melbourne loses semi after finishing 2nd H&A Nobody has come runner up the year after winning a flag in this period; two sides have made a prelim and lost; three have bowed out at the semi final stage; one in the first week and two didn't qualify to defend. Our performance was about the "average" for a defending premier over this period. A very hard draw, untimely injuries to important players and perhaps a lack of imagination (or too much faith) from the coaches box all contributed to the seasons result, and should provide some confidence that we will be in the frame again next year.
  21. Whateley on AFL 360 said in his segment with Goodwin and Hardwick that the narrative around Jackson to the west has changed recently. Goodwin maintained the give him all the time he needs line. I reckon it's likely he stays.
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