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  1. Casey listed best player - James Munro MFC listed best player at Casey - Sam Weideman Best first year player - Casey. Ryan Sparkes Best first year player - MFC listed - Jake Bowey
  2. Saturday forecast for Perth 21c sunny. Dropping to 9c overnight so probably 15-17c around 5-8pm.
  3. Clarry should win it. Predict 32 votes with 7 “3” votes!! Only danger imv is Bont due to the umps love for the Dogs.
  4. I’m exhausted mentally already and we still have 8 days to go !!!
  5. Pressure will be the key. How we bring pressure , apply pressure and manage the pressure. Controlled and disciplined aggression. That’s the magic !!!
  6. Dees fanatics. Don’t be afraid any more. Come out of the shadows. Be proud. We are Demons once again. LIFT YOUR HEADS AND PLAY LIKE DEMONS Lets all lift our heads We will play like Demons. Give Em Hell
  7. Courage. Loyalty. Toughness. That was our Nathan Jones. A legend. A Demon man forever.
  8. Great story. He has really been a great addition to the team, ahead of time. He got his chance and hasn’t looked back.
  9. Agree. Trac showed last year that umps notice his breakout and burst clear style. He also loves a goal which gets the umps attention.
  10. I think he’s been very unlucky in 2021. Only out of the team due to Spargo having a real breakout year. If Spargo had dropped off, Melksham would probably have come back in. Jake’s Goalkicking is a huge asset. If you had a player to take a shot from 30-40 out, he’d be my pick (ok Maxy is our new sharpshooter!!! 🤣) Hope Dees keep this and other news “under the counter” until after GF. Don’t want this distraction.
  11. It’s all about capability and belief. We now have both. I just want to taste success. It’s so close. So close. GIVE EM HELL
  12. Yes Ben Brown is showing why we got him. He is a key target and has shown his Goalkicking ability. He will be another key player in the GF. BBB IS THE MAN !!!
  13. 302 games. We love you Nathan Jones. A true legend of the Melbourne footy club. 16 years of service. May life be kind to you forever more. Jonesy… Always a Demon !!!
  14. I screamed at the TV in round 19 as Daniels was let free and gathered 34 possessions (yes 34 possessions) as a half back setting up play and rebounding off half back. Goodwin seemed to let him run loose. ANB will be needed to shut him down and make him accountable. Sparrow should go to Bailey Dale as the other dangerous rebounder who sets up Dogs attacks.
  15. Definitely will get this one. Collectors edition. Might buy two. One to keep and one to squeeze during the game.
  16. Assume the lads will organise for the smart suits or at least trendy looking smart casual gear for the Brownlow. I’m sure Langers and Trac as MFC “fashionistas” will set the standard. Also can someone help Clarry prepare an acceptance speech, just in case he nails it!!!
  17. Petraccccca. Hope he has 30+ possessions, kicks 4 goals and rips the game apart for the Dees.
  18. Supply of beer Supply of Oxygen Supply of beta blockers Defibrillator Cheese board Smiths chips (plain salt) 1Lt bottle of water BBQ (early 5pm ish) dinner half time - party pies Dees merchandise and red and blue streamers throughout the house control of the remote
  19. Only focus on the GF. Let’s hold off this discussion on Weid until Tuesday 28th September. Then next season begins (post GF and Mad Sunday and Monday).
  20. Clarry is a champion and might win the Brownlow, Norm Smith and a Premiership medallion.
  21. Too soon for trade talk. We’ve got a Grand Final first.
  22. Yes I don’t want to put too much pressure on the young bloke. As a 20 year old, it’s simply amazing that he’s in the GF. But he has an important role to play. Dogs will find him hard to match on. Duryea? He probably has done the job for the Dogs. He saved them v lions. But Kozzzy could destroy him. Rourke Smith could get first crack as he has the pace and run to hold Kozzzy. No matter what … we all love you Kozzzzzzy.
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