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  1. Love it. We have Daisy as one of the legends. Plus Kate Hore. MFC AFLW B&F winner 2022. I love how she plays. Attacks the footy. Loves a goal. Tackles like it’s personal.
  2. From todays announcement, got 5/8 for the new players. If only I’d seen Hunter in 12 as you had noted it’s be 6/8. Great to see JVR get #2. I’m sure Stephen May #1 will get into JVRs ear about what defenders try to do. What a better mentor could you wish for.
  3. It’s a sign that the club really really really see JVR as part of the future. And want him to stay no matter what the two western Australian teams throw at him in years to come !!
  4. Hopefully both get to Casey but it’s wait and see.
  5. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2022/12/06/the-two-biggest-hard-luck-stories-out-of-the-2022-afl-draft/ I think surely it makes sense for Szybkowski to be added to the Dees train on group and if not picked up, then get a gig with Casey. He gets the footy no problems. He’s a local Beaconsfield boy so makes sense.
  6. I’d definitely have Will Lorenz slotted into this group. Displayed such skills and decision making. Love to see him in contention for one of the Dees picks in 2023.
  7. It’s great news. Revenue $55million. Wow. From where the Dees were 10 years ago. Laughing stock of the league. Bottom club with players leaving to chase glory elsewhere. Premiership drought broken. Premiers 2021. Casey premiers 2022. AFLW premiers 2022. Have to make sure good decisions continue to be made. It’s a tough competition and the hunger needs to be maintained.
  8. Maybe the kid should just rest up for another year and ensure he’s fully recovered!!! (#DeesNGApick)
  9. I like it. Pace and some skills. Hoping he can get his body into great shape. With Choco as well guiding his development. He’d be a handy addition. https://central.rookieme.com/afl/player/trent-burgoyne/
  10. Lingers new hairstyle Clarry ultra shaved sides with mullet (thank goodness he’s a LEGEND FOOTBALLER)
  11. Good luck Sauce. He’s a quality young bloke that was behind too many good players. Simply too good for VFL and needs a chance.
  12. This kid Verrall looks like the type to develop over the next 2-3 years. I like his size and ability win the footy. Not just a tap ruckman. His highlights show a good footy brain as well. Hope we can keep him interested and happy whilst maybe not getting a MFC game. Interesting to see if he gets his body built up that we might have him get a few development games to allow a rest either for Grundy / Gawn later in the campaign around rounds 18-20.
  13. Really surprised this kid didn’t get drafted. He looked good in national championships for Vic Country. He’s from Maffra and like to see him given a chance at Casey. Youngsters with pace to break lines are a good asset for any team. Dees will need to look for more midfield pace in the next draft imv.
  14. here’s my spin of the wheel 1. Steven May 2. ** Lachie Hunter 3. Christian Salem 4. James Harmes 5. Christian Petracca 6. ** Brodie Grundy 7. Jack Viney 8. Jake Lever 9. Charlie Spargo 10. Angus Brayshaw 11. Max Gawn 12. ** Matt Jefferson 13. Clayton Oliver 14. Michael Hibbert 15. Ed Langdon 16. Bailey Laurie 17. Jake Bowey 18. Jake Melksham 19. ** Josh Schache 20. Adam Tomlinson 21. Jacob Van Rooyen 22. Blake Howes 23. James Jordon 24. Trent Rivers 25. Tom McDonald 26. ** Jed Adams 27. Luke Dunstan 28. ** Will Verrell 29. ** Daniel Turner ** 30. Alex Neal-Bullen 31. Bayley Fritsch 32. Tom Sparrow 33. ** Andy Moniz-Wakefield** 34. Deakyn Smith 35. Harry Petty 36. Kysaiah Pickett 37. Kade Chandler 38. ** Oliver Sestan 39. ** Farris-Smith 40. Taj Woewodin 41. Judd McVee 44. Joel Smith 50. Ben Brown
  15. Yes it’s the annual “guess what number the new recruits will be wearing”? Available numbers 2, 6, 12, 19, 26, 28,29,33, 38, 39 recruits Grundy, Hunter, Schache, Jefferson, Adams, Verrall, Sestan, Farris-White. with Chandler getting promoted to the senior list, he might be “upgraded” to a lower number will Moniz-Wakefield get a lower number. I’d like to think so
  16. Talent and needs fulfilled. Certainly put in place the succession planning across ruck, key forward and key defence with youngsters Verrell, Jefferson and Adams. I think Sestan was just that wildcard who was too good to pass up. Raw ability and different pathway than the standard NAB League. Like to see more Mids with pace next year in the draft with our picks. Two 1st rounders should get JT a nice bounty once again. JT
  17. Some very impressive ruckwork here. Could be a very good rookie and time to develop without risking him too early.
  18. @Whispering_Jackhave to invite these two lads down to Casey for 2023. Unlucky not to be drafted but would be great additions to our premiership squad. Szybkowski wins plenty of the footy but needs to work on his defensive game. Schuback is an elite ball user and has the speed to break lines across wing and half back. Mitch Szybkowski Position: Midfielder State: Victoria Country State League Club: Dandenong Stingrays Community Club: Beaconsfield Date of Birth: 09/01/04 Height: 186cm Weight: 86kg Jonti Schuback Position: Medium Defender State: Victoria Country State League Club: Gippsland Power Community Club: Maffra Date of Birth: 18/03/04 Height: 183cm Weight: 75kg
  19. He’s a giant and not unlike a Luke Jackson type of kid.
  20. Yes. That’s a good pick. Plenty of time to develop
  21. Beverley Hillbillies theme song updated Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed Well the first thing you know ol Jed's got drafted Kinfolk said "Jed move away from there" Said "Melbourne is the place you ought to be" So they loaded up the truck and moved to Casey”.
  22. He’s a big strong lad. Just needs to get his body right. Certainly a good mark and looks to be a key defender in the making.
  23. 2022 Draft Prospects Jonti Schuback Teams Vic Country/Gippsland Power Position Defender Date of Birth 18/03/2004 Height 183cm Weight 75kg A medium defender with composure, elite decision-making and precise kicking to set up the play from midfield or defence. He had a consistent 2022 season, averaging 20 disposals (77 per cent efficiency) across 13 matches for the Gippsland Power, with his speed being a feature of his play. While not father-son eligible, he is the son of Jacob Schuback, who was selected by Adelaide in the 2001 Draft and played seven games for the Crows. Tested very well at the State Draft Combine in Victoria, with his 2.98 seconds for the 20m sprint, 8.3 seconds on the agility test and 6:39 seconds for the 2km time trial all strong performances.
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