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  1. Happy with Spargo keeping his feet, much stronger. happy with Harmes Lever and Tommy. not happy with Jones missing easy marking targets across ground. Too many observers only watching us, we aren’t too bad.
  2. 1)Curtin overruled Churchill to bring troupes home to defend australia instead of defending the jewel in the Crown, India, by sending them directly into Burma. You wouldnt be speaking Russian if Churchill got his way, youd be speaking Japanese. 2)Churchill still saw Aussies as canon fodder in WW2 after he had been sacked as 1st lord of the Admiralty for his ##up at the Dardinelles in 1915. At least Biff you got it right as it was the navy. And you spelt Churchill correctly.
  3. With 4 months of Pre-season training under our belts, Id hope we will be playing the most expert player for each position come pre-season match against the Tigers. Whomever shows they play each position with best statistics and team orientation should be picked 1st. If it means the nibbler over Kozzie or Tom who has been carried for 2 years, missing out to Petty Im all for it. We need to be lean and mean and no favorites. No "seeing how they go". Bring the best forward.
  4. The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ― Charles Bukowski Abdolute confidence.
  5. Rather than trial players in other positions, why not pick the player that plays that position the best and most professionally and let them show it in a practice match? Scratch matches and training are good spots to try other positions. I think we seem to be experimenting players in other positions too much in the Goody years.
  6. Id love to see his action kicking a goal from 45 out. Ive only seen his athleticism which seems excellent and would be very happy if he was a natural footballer as well.
  7. This is exactly how I had always thought I would react, hearing about this unfortunate meeting. Stynesy wasnt backward in coming forward about his personal health. I dont like Scully but always thought this would have mattered more than a drunken young ruckman spewing. But to be sure, $1M a year wins hands down.
  8. I see where St Kilda's coach has stated that last year he allowed players to play their game and not overload them with instructions, just to be their best. It seems to have worked. Im not sure which team it was that interviewed the players and asked them which position they could be the best possible asset to the team in, and tried to allow the player to concentrate on that role. Another interview I remember reading from yet another coach that interested me in that he said whichever player was most professional in that position would be chosen to play there. For each of these different v
  9. We have tried different methods with many players and given most of them enough rope. This year I want only those that look most professional in that position/role in training and lead up games playing there. For me Melksham actually starts behind the 8 Ball as he has already been given 2 years to shine. He hasnt shone. The thought that we are still in the mind set of trying out the players we already know in the same possies while we hear that some coaching tweaks are being used, makes me very frustrated. I read about MarkC and he was a great Demons supporter who just didnt live long enough t
  10. Thanks for your effort Luci! great work
  11. Sorry Wellsy. We cant afford to give another year to project players. This is the year it has to come together for finals + or this build is lost. Smith Kozzie Hibberd, TMac and Melk have to start off on the good foot without "a few games " to settle them in.
  12. Im not agreeing with everything the good Doc has put up but Sparrow and Pickett are 2 players that I have queries about and would be surprised if they are regular players. Im surprised how a slowish not super skilled mid like Sparrow is spoken about reasonably highly and hope Im wrong in my negativity. Those that rate Pickett as 1st class and about to explode (theres quite a few), are plainly wrong I think, and rose coloured glasses abound. Look at the Stats. Why would we draft 2 similar to take his spot? About as spectacular as David Cordner (look him up) and about as useful. Im picking
  13. All i can say is I will write some negative or IMV even handed posts without being told to go away if that's what I think. Im not going to write positive notes about training we cant get into or BBB and TMac fanfared returns as it is a hope not yet galvanised or proven. Not that I have anything else to write now but Ill think of something! Please put me on ignore and think happy thoughts.
  14. I nearly added to my original post, that its not only negative reviews of training that were met with derision. Any negative or even my even handed post gets chicken Little responses that the club should shut down. Then a long soliloquy about things we already know just to round it off. Yes we want to see Tmac's progression. But again, there may not be one. Yes a practice match will tell us more. Lots of Ra Ra doesnt add to the discussion.
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