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  1. Good question, because if it is possessions, he isnt in the middle and can be starved. He is electric when on. I thought it is either whole game concentration or just fitness to last the whole game.
  2. Marrying young these days.
  3. Jack Viney made them cry. But no soup for you. 6. McDonald 5.Petracca 4. May 3. Kozzi 2. Oliver 1. Gawn
  4. So have fun but Ill be putting this thread on ignore. No what am I saying, ill be drawn to it just to watch!
  5. Prediction: Once the game starts unless Port dont score at all, this thread will be full of negative wrist cutting BS from go to whoa.
  6. I thought we played ok in a torrid contest yesterday. Was there a better match this weekend? We were beaten by a side that I dont think can play at that level consistently. We mainly do play at that level and its just [email protected] some of the criticism. I do think Viney stifled the outlet by being too close for Oliver and Harmes when they were around ballups. If he doesnt get it he must make an option. Its not team play otherwise and there isnt another spot he can master. I think although he has had some bad games there, Harmes needs to ply his trade on the wing and let Angus come into the middle. Harmes is playing much better lately and it hasnt been tried this year because of past failures. I also think Angus will give us much more by being around stoppages. Bring the spy in from the cold. We need to let Spargs, Jordon or Nibbler to rest for a few weeks and bring in Brown. Kozzi should get a couple of weeks more to see if he can work with new forward line. We are playing very well if not at the top of our game and these tweaks should be enough. Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  7. Viney isnt an asset at stoppages. He is again blocking the outlet as he is 2nd to the drop.
  8. I think the Casey game was a pretty high level for VFL and showed we have quite a few options to choose from. Vanders was one of them.
  9. Not for next week and I only caught the last half but Bedfords run and carry and accurate disposal was one step ahead. I am a fan and think he could make an impact, there may be a spot. Vanders wont get faster and even Jones looked quick at this level. But Vanders is pressing for a wing/HFF where there may be a chance sooner or later. Jones played mainly in the middle where it is impossible to stake a claim. Id just promote BBB for the moment. Point is we are being spoilt for choice.
  10. Vanders and Bedford are ready to go.
  11. I come from a family of Bombers. I followed my country cousins with the Demons. These games always make me nervous. I cant believe we are going in so short. They have many talls who hang on to their marks. We should have had a tall sub. Edit: At least we have speed. Uh Oh Jones is the sub.
  12. Last week Essendon's talls took mark after contested mark. They soon almost dumbed themselves out of the win by not connecting run correctly through the ground and not giving any time to controlling (slowing) the game. They just all had the brains of Joe Daniher. They are unfortunately getting better each week and can run. The worst medical sub would be Nat Jones, the best would be Ben Brown. I reckon we will probably win but could easily be out-marked on a dry night which may give them the bottle to take us on.
  13. I wouldnt be upset to have Daw play. He is a unit. It would be like our own Mumford. Just tell him to jump into the other ruckman and punch the ball into our 50. Or when forward, his leads are straight lines and you wouldnt want to block him whether he took them or not. If it didnt work it would still be entertaining.
  14. Its funny how some apologists are not quoting Luke Jackson when bleating Tall forwards take 5 years to make a difference.
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