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  1. I think Goodwin will give those he brings in, a few weeks. This is Melkshams 3rd. When Chandler or Bedford come in they know that they can settle a little and wont be out the next week. Mitch Brown just had too much against him, so he had to go.
  2. What time today do we hear? 6.45 on Ch 7?
  3. on the other hand, this from a senior sports writer at the Age https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/four-points-demon-flag-not-so-fanciful-tigers-biggest-challenge-top-pick-thrills-20210425-p57m7h.html
  4. I try to enjoy the Coodabeens Saturday morning. I like to think ive got a fairly thick skin but every reference - even the ok ones- to us includes "well done number 9" and they always crack up as if it is as fresh as ever. Been hearing it for 30 years now I reckon. I now dont turn the other cheek but turn to Off the Record on 3RRR which is a great Sat morning show. So... skins not that thick.
  5. They are playing for each other and I dont think we should crack what they got going. Unless there is an injury.
  6. 6. Christian Salem 5. Christian Petracca 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Rivers 2.TMac 1. Max Gawn
  7. who was that? great mark and goal!
  8. Bedford bad 1st qtr, Petty playing with poise.
  9. Who is the Casey runner? 😄
  10. Bet there will be a qtr time melee. Lots of attitude out there
  11. bedford misses from 15 mt dead in front
  12. Maybe Petty as sub. Can play forward or back/
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