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  1. season opener is still 2 months away, so a bit of water to go under the bridge just yet...
  2. normally we'd be saying 'he'll debut in round 1' these days it's a case of 'will he make the casey 1sts given our depth?' 😈
  3. nope, let's wear it proudly as the reigning premiers
  4. I'm presuming they're injured too Decent side regardless
  5. that's ryan '2015 premiership player' schoenmakers, and a great comparison 12 years on an afl list - 121 games, 51 goals, 1 premiership, 1 acl, 1 achilles not a bad career at all
  6. fixed 😈 can't see laird playing anywhere but midfield - he was their best and fairest winner as a mid in 2021 i think it's more likely they'll re-tool sloane into a different role, a la the peppies sending heppell to the back flank to clear space for zerrett and ellen to do their thing as their 1-2 mids
  7. didn't get past first line as laird is a midfielder for the crows, not a defender anymore
  8. everything but the girl but...not tracey thorn
  9. Plugger Mac was great until injury late in the season; great to see him polling so strongly
  10. best guess is probably the same as everyone else's: 1. oliver 2. petracca 3. gawn 4. lever 5. salem
  11. at some point other clubs are going to refuse to trade with us in the full knowledge that we're a pivot point for picks
  12. cows and pear have been crying out for a friday night game for YEARS afl relents...and makes the game a foxtel / kayo exclusive in a head-to-head against the reigning premiers and the peppies 😈
  13. the answer to this one is super simple - two board members at the dogs work for disney, who are the naming rights sponsor for docklands you scratch, i scratch...
  14. our fixture looks less than ideal from a commercial attendance pov but should be 5 of the first 6 games on prime time fta
  15. i'll take that bet, particularly if you caveat it with 'home' friday night games vs 'away' friday night games
  16. based on his first seven games, should be raging hot favourite for rising star winner in 2022
  17. if his high school high jump records are true, i think the aoc is a bigger threat - by the time the 2032 olympics roll around in his home town of the gold coast he'll be cherry ripe to claim a medal
  18. i think the athletic demands of 'modern footy' has meant that players are hitting their peaks later, once they have the incredible fitness base that is required to compete against experienced, hardened opposition
  19. what the official crowd figure? i know they said 'around 35k' but it felt like more the demon roar is so loud and true when it rings out at the g great turnout, great day
  20. 14 and a mad demon supporter, along with his younger twin brothers
  21. it'll be packed it'll be our home game presumably we'll play carlton the following thurs?
  22. absolutely they did first they picked the eyes out of the rotting corpse of ol' fitzroy, traded off assets to bring in more, and then used the cola allowance to maintain a list that was paying 125% more than 14 other clubs
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