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  1. given that dogga and gus share the same manager, my belief is that we won't hear about the latter before the former, unless they're announced simultaneously...ideally in the lead-up to the game vs freo
  2. more likely that we'll trade out of next year's first rounder, into this year's first round, and 'bank' some third and fourth round selections to accumulate enough points in 2023 to cover the recruitment of kynan brown in the likelihood he goes mid first round
  3. taxpayer park! their funding long predated andrews being in charge, and shows how beneficial being in a swing electorate at state and federal level has been... they've been sucking on the pork barrel teat since 2003
  4. rip to his father, who died suddenly this morning legendary afl figure
  5. refuse to believe forward line is an issue personally scores in wins: rd 1 vs footscray: 97 rd 2 @ gc17: 82 rd 3 vs peptides: 99 rd 4 @ pear: 68 rd 5 vs gw$: 120 rd 6 @ tiggas: 76 rd 7 vs hawks: 91 rd 8 vs aints: 93 rd 9 @ meth coke: 112 rd 10 @ north: 100 rd 15 vs bears: 117 rd 16 @ crom: 94 that's some decent scoring
  6. hard to disagree, especially if they set it up so that his dad is the new ceo too the issue being that their second obvious leader - luke mcdonald - is essentially playing the same role as gus is now, as a half back interceptor / set-up player behind the ball
  7. haven't we gone over this umpteen dozen times on this board? our entire successful structure is predicated on the tall triumvirate of may - lever - petty being in place down back the coaching dept is, quite right, not going to mess with a good thing
  8. i maintain that the week to announced dogga and gus' contract extensions is in the lead-in to playing in freo
  9. eddie was the filth president for years and regularly commentated their games it's why tim lane walked away from a very lucrative contract with c9; didn't want to commentate filth games alongside their pres the oztrayan football media landscape is a joke
  10. the shortened break is irrelevant, more or less, as casey's break is about two hours of game time and one 75 minute flight shorter than the break for mfc players and i'd rather keep a gelling team together than have change for change's sake
  11. got a shout out by the commentators at one stage when he was in a contest around the 50m arc "hair-raising? he's played 100 games and never had a hair out of place!"
  12. 6: Oliver 5: Petracca 4: Langdon 3: Viney 2: Lever 1: Salem
  13. if you think such a massive change to our structure doesn't have a significant impact then you really don't get it
  14. he's doing the best he can and is competing in the air at ground level he gives up nearly 3 inches to windscreens o'brien who is a very, very good ruckman
  15. late deliberate forced him from the ground broken ribs STRAIGHT TO THE TRIBUNAL 6 WEEKS
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