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  1. been looking forward to this thread i do like the first reply to the op: In the second game we won the free kick count 25-11 which was the main reason why we won that game. Haven't had Dunks, Treloar or Martin in either game which gives us a different look. we point to our excuses in rd 19 and they point to theirs in round 11, but r11 in particular bares zero relation to the grand final, but you'd think r19 would be closer but it's really not - far more informative to look at the form in finals both teams love the helter-skelter of high pressure and contest football they've completely changed their mid rotations (smith playing as a half forward pushing up to the contest, virtually no cba's, etc.) harmes has actually gone to a high half-forward role for us; he actually made this move in the second half of round 19, and we got on top of footscray but they ran away with it again late for the prelim, they brought in a ruck who hasn't played in four months the best tall defender they had in r19 - schache - has been playing forward i agree with @Jaded - they can win it, so can we; should be a cracker
  2. premiership team medal premiership squad medal problem solved
  3. the afl from memory, the afl makes 75% of its non-broadcast revenue during the finals series, hence why they are so keen to make sure crowds can attend
  4. they were, but they got gazzumped by the bears as the team of their generation
  5. one of my favourite moments of the last 20 years
  6. i can't see him being hugely in demand - he's he's a good player but he's a frustrating player fourth round pick swap which we then bundle and trade to a team who needs points
  7. sparrow might want a lower number, or woewodin #2 can be #2 or cerra can have it 😈
  8. think you'll find we've got the same approach as the 2 week gap til the prelim run around on the monday, a couple of days off, big session on the saturday afternoon / evening to simulate match conditions, then a normal training week into a game thereafter
  9. playing an internal scratch match is the traditional approach for a team with a week's break been happening since time immemorial mountain: molehill
  10. ratcat should be starting onballer - nirvana before there was "nevermind"!
  11. on friday, bought my mum flights from adelaide to perf this morning, bought my mum a ticket to the grand final unbelievable!
  12. yep where robert del naja goes, banksy artwork appears
  13. he is also part of a massive attack
  14. our mids are gonna wanna be 'on' in a fortnight
  15. yep, anb confirmed that they watch it together as the game time coincides with dinner time
  16. the only thing i care about is that they've shown how schache will play lever - back shoulder, pushing him up under the pill, just like he's doing to aliir x2 pear pressure non-existent; will be interesting to see how footscray go with ours
  17. pear now trying to play keepings off to stop the forward momentum
  18. hoping for a thriller a bruising, wounding, exhaustive, soul-sapping thriller
  19. i don't think there is any way plugger mac will move back; we won't want to mess with our 'structure' i could understand if hunt was brought in for hibberd if may does get up...but at the same time i can't see any change being made pear: dixon marshall (georgiades?) ladhams / lycett gray fantasia motlop rozzee / butters footscray: naughton english hannan weightman schache vandermeer johannisen we may need hunt's pace
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