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  1. carlton look set to have 10 night games?!??
  2. personally, would be surprised if he's in their starting 23 if they can teach him to kick - something that not even choc could fix - he'll be a more than handy player cos his workrate and running is excellent
  3. questions for jason: how has covid affected the talent pool coming through, particularly in victoria, with two years of lack of exposed form across 2020 and 2021 in particular? every year the media narrative seems to be 'next year is a bumper draft for talls / mids / talent' etc. - do you actually see a difference in draft classes over the course of your time as a recruiter? how far out from draft years do you start assessing junior careers? i.e. under-13s or earlier? how do you assess our future father-sons (and father-daughters, mother-sons, and mother-daughters) that will be emerging over the next period of time? with the expansion of aflw, do you have any visibility of future recruiting pathways for aflw as well as aflm, or do you solely focus on the men's game?
  4. technically, it was scheduled to be released 'exclusively' by the sunday herald-sun - they'd been promoting that earlier in the week before oztraya vs argentina was even a possibility i'll also run the counterview - i think it's smart cross-marketing to release just as kick off was happening with so many sports afficionados up and watching the soccer this morning; makes sense to capture captive eyeballs
  5. dogs fans won't turn up and we have a dedicated 30-35k who are regular attendees 42,000 would be a a titch disappointing turn-out but would be a likely total imo
  6. you need to start making it five on the pine these days @WERRIDEE
  7. personally i think carlton should've been a regular finalist for the last five or so years they've massively underperformed methinks that's about to change
  8. reminded me a lot of our choke to miss finals in 2017 their top tier players - cripps, walsh, curnow, weitering, mckay - are superb their depth is questionable, at best
  9. from my understanding, we looked at it very seriously but it was too small and then it was completely surrounded by new housing development
  10. based on the minimal highlights, i'd say he most reminds me of tim membrey
  11. Full quote: Though Adams said it would be “pretty exciting” to go to the Magpies which from the outside it looks like a “good fun club”, he has no qualms to moving interstate. However the West Australian said his mother might take some convincing to get on board. “Open to the opportunity, mum might be a bit disappointed losing another one of her children because my sister’s over in America at the moment,” Adams said. “She might be upset, but I won’t be too mad, I might get mum getting off me about cleaning dishes.”
  12. i'm a mod of a facebook group that 'remembers' the 90s oztrayan music scene - it went out and about across there in the lead-up to the shows, and people in the know found out pretty quick it's nick cave, warren ellis, colin greenwood from radiohead on bass, larry mullins from swans / iggy pop's band on drums, and three besides on beevee's - apparently the shows have been crazy good
  13. listened to the roffey interview and didn't infer any 'back to square one' from it either next year is, according to our five year plan, when we need to see some movement on the 'home base near the g' come to fruition as well as hit 70k members and average mcg attendance of 50k i think the latter two are more a stretch goal than a home precinct
  14. i'll personally be seeing saint nick and wild man waz at the same time tism are on good times, indeed
  15. was sick for the croxton, couldn't get to the prince, but the billboard show was great fun make sure you see deftones for me!
  16. let's see how many of them have as many best and fairest awards after seven seasons
  17. the top tier kids start media training at under 15 level
  18. we'll just have to get him back from gc17 in the years to come
  19. disagree quality of the competition is getting better every year
  20. all the moaning and groaning about low scores, do people realise the aflw is in its 7th year, game time goes for around about half that of vfl / afl, and for some bizarre reason for most players that can't kick more than 40m they reduced on-field to 16? 1903 vfl grand final score: the filth 4.7.31 beat fitzroy 3.11.29 i'm sick to death of those talking down the competition!
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