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  1. Petracca 5.Lever 4.Oliver 3.Gawn 2.Salem 1.Fritsch
  2. Give him a break, he’s coming off a 6 week injury, give him a week or two before sticking the boots in Fair dinkum!!!!
  3. That’s rubbish, a perfect opportunity to give two exciting and undefeated (at the moment) teams a chance on prime time Friday night, but no let’s watch Richmond again, what’s that 6 out of 8 rounds. Melbourne vs Sydney would be a great & deserving way to showcase to all footy followers someone different for a change
  4. 6. Gawn 5. Hunt 4. Kozzie 3. Langdon 2. Viney 1. Petracca
  5. 1. Flower 2. The Ox 3. Neitz 4. Lyon 5. Oliver (probably No1 at the end of his career Tingay, Farmer & Jimmy could easily slot in
  6. He has been a bit underwhelming in the ruck the last two weeks for mine He doesn’t seem to be jumping at the centre bounce, seems more intent with holding the other ruckman out Was happy to see his work around the ground was much improved than against Freo
  7. 6. Clayton (sign him now) Oliver 5. Salem 4. Neil Bullen 3. Pickett 2. Tomlinson 1. Jordan
  8. I’d like to see Max dominate tomorrow, should’ve last week against a 1st gamer but was pretty ordinary This week He will be up against Shaun McKernan, say no more!!!! Hopefully he will try jumping at the contest instead of standing there trying to hold out his opponent A couple of goals would be nice also Max has talked the talk all pre season, time to deliver
  9. Not that l doubt what you’ve heard I find it hard to believe that Oliver thinks that Carlton are any closer to finals than us. As for the midfield battle we have them covered & why would Carlton want another midfield bull along with Cripps unless he’s going back to WA By the way l think Oliver is better than Cripps😉 and if we lose him l doubt l would be able to forgive the club
  10. I think Lever & May are our best on field leaders Would like to see Lever as our next skipper
  11. Oliver’s first 100 games is the best I’ve seen by any Melbourne player, to think the next 200 could be for Carlton or Essendon is stuff made of nightmares
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