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  1. I know it’s hilarious, spongy grass, humid, wet, cold, windy, heavy dew, light dew, slippery. Excuses excuses, just get out there & play the game!
  2. Spongy grass is going to take it out of them!!! FGS they’re highly paid professional footballers
  3. Anyone So that’s why he’s still in the team?
  4. 6. Gawn 5. ANB 4. Tmac 3. Salem 2. Kozzie 1. May
  5. I agree, we can’t keep trying to find positives, give Jeffo a go or Tmac forward or Thommo forward, let’s face it 5 possessions a game would be a bonus
  6. People need to really lighten up a bit & enjoy a40 point win. We’re not head & shoulders above anyone in the competition, we’re in 4th position & will be fighting it out when the whips are cracking with about 12 other teams
  7. Well it definitely hasn’t been from overuse this season
  8. If you’re finding this atrocious l suggest you go home, I’m actually enjoying hopefully a 10 goal win
  9. Still find it hard to swallow that Goodwin preferred Hunter to Jordon
  10. Max thrives on being the big dog, no other ruckman can keep up with him, we tried with Grundy looked what happened. He will get a few little chop outs during the game Looking likely to being a 7xAA ruckman this year
  11. Looking forward to Scotts press conference, wonder who he’ll blame this week, probably the AFL for scheduling his mob for playing in Darwin
  12. 5 Petracca 4 ANB 3. Sparrow 2 Gawn 1 Windsor
  13. Good point but we’re on this page to bash the umpires haha
  14. Umpire 22 has pride & place on my dartboard To think it’s umpire appreciation week😂
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