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  1. Yeah agree, I’d actually prefer it if the club kept a bit quiet and Max just said, hopefully our actions will speak loader than words Leave it at that
  2. We would all love him to add those layers to his game. l would love to see Tmac kick 75 goals a season too Would love to see Clarrys heat map, don’t thing he goes deep into the forward line often (coaches instructions maybe) If only we could get some class on the end of his immense ball winning, it would be pretty exciting
  3. That’s a woeful post, you need to find yourself a hobby
  4. You need to watch Clarry closer, he does so many great things already He’s as good as any midfielder in the comp
  5. Seriously we need to back off on Harrison Petty, he’s played 11 games since being drafted in 2017 & just missed the 2020 season with injury Hope you’re right but he’s coming from a long way back
  6. Not sure, but he has a magnificent left foot
  7. Can someone please tell me about Petty, a lot seem to love him but to be honest I know stuff all about him Attributes etc..
  8. Yep but they’ve played about 20 games between them in 3 years
  9. How can it take so long to get a player that North don’t want, we do & he wants to get to us!!!!
  10. Why was it a mistake? At the time he was a terrific player that had just come off a 50 goal season at Full Forward and was still a very capable Full Back, not to mention as a 2nd mobile ruckman He has been loyal & stuck with us, injures are a [censored].
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