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  1. ‘Bozo’ seems appropriate, not giving our head coach any credit?
  2. The way Hibbos playing I’d give him another 2 years, he’s been fantastic since coming back from injury
  3. Hahaha love it, remember when Eddie always said that Sorry Ed we’ve got waaaay bigger fish to fry
  4. Bring it on, just another hurdle that we’ll easily jump over Don’t worry about Yze not a big enough name or ego for them
  5. As a 50+ supporter the Northey era for me was our best chance to win a flag Should’ve won it in 1990 But this mob could be the group for a huge shot in the next 3 years
  6. It’s a 10 day break until the Queen’s birthday, by then Langdon would’ve had 17 days rest. He’ll be raring to go. Agree with Salem to rest if he’s still got a niggle In Langdon Out Melksham (not that l hate him like so many posters, he’s just not performing)
  7. Don’t underestimate ‘The Pig’ No challenge is to big or small for him, he’s a competitive beast
  8. Remember Mitch Robinson’s comments about us a few years back “Softest team in the comp” Lets see what he thinks of us 2021 style Wish it was at the Gabba so we could [censored] them on their own dung heap
  9. Also his inconsistency, his poor games are horrendous, if he could improve his defensive pressure & consistency he could be a 60+ forward
  10. 6. Oliver 5. Lever 4. Harmes 3. Petracca 2. Rivers 1. Spargo
  11. Well said, these idiots that hate one of our own bore me to tears with their Melksham hatred. Probably the same so called experts that think Spargo should get 30 possies a game
  12. Well nearly everything 😉
  13. Completely disagree Parish is excellent at both, he’s becoming once played in position a very good footballer. But we have Oliver who is elite at everything
  14. Yeah we got it the 1st time & it wasn’t funny then
  15. Have a little faith, we’ve lost 1 game & if not for a gutless umpire would be 10 zip. Im not saying we will win the flag this year but let’s enjoy the ride, we’re having a fantastic season We don’t need these so called experts dissecting our deficiencies
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