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  1. Harmes needs to be dropped Or played as a midfield tagger, he’s not smart enough to find the ball himself, he needs a good player to lead him to the ball
  2. Goodwin out coached already, can he see that they’re playing keepings off Man up!!!
  3. Footsteps afl love child Paddy Cripps
  4. Pruess is VFL standard He’s been injured all year & if he hasn’t had any match practice, Goldstein absolutely destroy him Id go with Jackson & Tmac at least they can get around the ground Hunt for ANB & l suppose Hannan for Viney
  5. 6. Oliver sensational 5. Viney 4. May 3. Petracca 2. Weiderman 1. Brayshaw 2nd half
  6. Billy

    Go Get Garry

    Wow I’m extremely disappointed with the posters hatred towards a club great & great leader. This is a forum, to put ideas out there, Gary Lyon imo has a great football brain has a hard edge about him & could be a great coach, If not head coach he may be interested as a forward line coach, who knows without asking
  7. If the MFC traded Oliver l would never financially/spiritually support this club ever again
  8. 6. Lever 5. Lockhart 4. Hibberd . 3. May 2. Oliver (Kicking poor, commitment great) 1. Petracca
  9. Billy

    Go Get Garry

    Hopefully just for the sake of you moving on he will be our next coach Talk about holding on to a grudge you probably know stuff all about
  10. Billy

    Go Get Garry

    You don’t need a good bloke matey mate with the players, these blokes are soft and need a hard *rs* coach like Clarkson, Lyon or if willing Lyon. But no we will end up with Yze r the like
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