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  1. Harmes out and doubts over Viney, Langdon. Hopefully they’re back. None of Melk, Bedford or Dunstan impressed in any way. Doubt Salem will be ready. Left field options would be Turner, Deak Smith, Rosman at half back with Gus to the wing. Baker on the wing. Or Andy Moniz-Wakefield. Personally I’d really consider a look at Deakyn Smith down back and move Gus back to the wing.
  2. Some classic Melk marking contests that resulted in easy marks to North too.
  3. Whilst day to day life might become easier they’d be a lot of scrutiny on his move. It might just be easier to play out his last two years at Richmond then see where he’s at after that. I’m also not convinced the Swans would sign right up for his salary. That might require a bit of give and take from all 3 parties to make it work.
  4. The only complicating factor is the Harmes role. We saw exactly what Goody did with the 5 covid absences being covered as like for like as possible. Harmes is the 3rd wingman, an on baller, a pressure forward and a marking forward. No one can cover all of those roles Harmes plays. I think it will be Bedford primarily forward and we’ll see Sparrow or even Fritsch play some wing, and ANB and even Bedford on ball for stints. But there is a case for Dunstan in to fill the midfield minutes and to fill the wing and forward minutes with the resting mids
  5. Tom’s not great but better than horrific defensively. Mitch did nothing for 3/4’s then kicked a couple as the Hawks ran out of legs, it wasn’t anything worth getting excited about.
  6. Mitch Brown doesn’t get games because he’s inconsistent at the contest and poor defensively. He’s a backup in case of emergency or if needed for a specific role. Even though Weid isn’t quite consistent at VFL level his contested work is stronger, hence why he’s preferred. Young players will be considered and picked when they demonstrate consistent AFL like efforts not just 1 flashy game. Bedford is now a consistent performer. As is Chandler. They chase, tackle and win the ball. Hence they are next in line. JVR played close to a complete game vs North, if he starts to do that regularly against decent opponents he’ll put his name up. Laurie was barely a factor in the game until the last quarter, it wasn’t the kind of performance coaches would be impressed by.
  7. I’m not saying he won’t be a good player but he doesn’t rack up the ball at VFL level yet and his defensive work for a small forward is miles off the pace. That’s not a combination that is anywhere near an AFL debut if there’s ready to go alternatives like Bedford and Dunstan
  8. Bowey was best on ground in his first VFL practice match and performed well for most of the VFL season. They gave him things to work on and he ticked them off. The current crop of youngsters have played 1 good game against absolutely hopeless opposition. It’s unlikely they’ve suddenly ticked off all the things they need to do to play well at VFL week in week out, yet alone prepared for AFL. They all need to show consistently good VFL form, otherwise a debut is a waste of time.
  9. The issue with the tackle is Chandler being a lefty he wants to take him down on his natural left side, he jumps and puts a lot forward momentum in to the tackle. It takes a long time for Chandler to come down and that makes it really driving. Chase down tackles really need to pull a player back and down rather than drive them forward. Combine that with the rotation back towards front on as Foley attempts to brace himself and it’s a bad result. The big contributing factors are the rock hard turf that they slide along and the fresh player coming on full of running due to the sub rule.
  10. It’s slippery largely in part because it’s so hard, there’s no traction when players change direction. It looks like wearing footy boots on green painted floorboards
  11. When we lost Frawley we were bad and needed draft picks. The only reason not to be absolutely delighted with pick 3 was our history of draft bungles and even that was a stretch. When we lost Hogan we immediately put pick 6 on the table and got May in because we were in our window and needed a ready made replacement. There’s an argument to letting Brayshaw go and using the pick and money to trade or draft a competent wing/flanker and coming out ahead in youth and dollars. That’s easy to see. I don’t think it’s easy to replace Jackson and with his age it’s hard to sell it as a win for the future and it certainly costs the present. We’d owe it to the current team to find a ready made ruck/forward replacement and that isn’t always easy or cheap either. At the end of the day though I don’t think we’ll be aggressively choosing to keep them or move them based on what we’ll get back. They’re good team mates and people as well as good players, you don’t push guys like that based on theoretical returns in 5-10 years time. We’ll offer the right contracts based on their value to us, if the players go then we’ll decide how to maximise the returns.
  12. A lot of his value comes from being as mobile as a smaller player, allowing us to play 2 rucks, a couple of clunky tall forwards and the up and down Fritsch and keep decent forward pressure. If he left there'd probably have to be a domino effect on our forward structure as well as the hole to fill in the ruck.
  13. Laurie has lovely skills and some tricks, but otherwise I’ve seen nothing from him that looks like an AFL ball winner or pressure player. Not to say he won’t get there, but right now he’s still adapting to winning the ball at VFL level and still a few steps off the pace defensively. He cashed in against North in the second half but that’s light years from proper afl level. He has cleaner skills, but he’d average 6 touches a game on a flank right now. Bedford might only be 10 touches a game but he’d contribute defensively. Melk, maybe 12 touches and a little overhead ability, iffy defending - still a better package than Laurie.
  14. Assume so. Both he and Mitch Brown didn’t play for Casey.
  15. He’s a certainty to be suspended. Unlucky, did little wrong, but a certainty
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