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  1. Seemingly every AFL player watches the NBA. And seemingly every NBA player who is on a bad team likes to jump off as soon as they can - contract or no contract - and get to a good team. Guys are now getting paid enough that whether it's as free agents or pre-agents (the year prior or maybe even 2 years prior) they will start pushing for trades if their club doesn't have a path to success. One look at the B+F results tells us our best 12 players are in their premiership window. After that the votes drop away to a few almost players in Melk, Vanders and Tomlinson. Almost good, a
  2. Clayton's offseason to do list: 1. Keep working on getting his arms free and legs moving at a stoppage 2. Learn how to ride contact and dish handballs rather than simply avoid it 3. Develop range on his kicks, a long and high clearing kick and a short hit up kick 4. Find a left foot 5. Stop playing on at all costs, in particular no more advantage! 6. Become more comfortable in the media so he can be a public leader 7. Get traded to Carlton Seems legit.
  3. Yep. At least when we did it with Watts we dressed it up a bit as though it was going to be better for him to go rather than stay. Plus we were never getting much anyway. North have tanked Brown's value and now they've told him to go find a new club he's in an even stronger spot for that new club to say we aren't paying all that much for this guy.
  4. Joe last year: 25.6 years old, 2 years removed from a 65 goals, 352 disposal, 153 mark season. Ben this year: 27.9, 1 year removed from a 64 goals, 108, 244 disposal season. If we say key forwards are done at 30 then Joe had 4 or 5 years of peak and a better peak - 50% more marks and disposals. Ben has 2 or 3 years of peak and it's a lower peak. The age factor is the key. You can't pay too much for a guy who's only giving a few seasons even if they are good seasons.
  5. Is Shaw attempting to build good habits or is he a desperate young coach preaching a mantra of contest and physicality because he doesn't have the ability to teach skills and ball movement? Shaw has decided that at age 27 despite playing the same way for his career Polec needs to add hardness and contested ball winning. So he sends him to tag Cripps. A move that pretty much anyone would suggest isn't smart. It's a disaster. He then frees up Polec from the tag - but still has him play on ball - and he gets 25 touches and is key part to North's comeback. David Teague gave Polec the 4 c
  6. North 2019 - 7th (Ben Cunnington 242, Robbie Tarrant 227, Todd Goldstein 192*, Trent Dumont 192, Ben Brown 190*, Jack Ziebell 190, Jared Polec 184, Shaun Higgins 170, Jasper Pittard 169, Shaun Atley 158) Port 2018 - 5th (1. Justin Westhoff 179 , 2. Tom Jonas 162, 2. Ollie Wines 162, 4. Robbie Gray 152, 5. Jared Polec 151, 6. Chad Wingard 143, 7. Darcy Byrne-Jones 139 8. Dan Houston 131, 9. Travis Boak 126, 10. Tom Clurey 110) Port 2017 - 22 games, Not top 10 Port 2016 - 17 games, not top 10 Port 2015 - 5 games Port 2014 - 24 games - not top 10 So he didn't get a l
  7. I significantly doubt that. He's always been super professional and a great runner. Guys should add a bit of muscle over summer or lockdown when they aren't copping all the bumps and bruises of games, and especially coming back from a knee injury they would've done a lot of work on Tom's leg strength. I reckon the shaved head and tight match day jumper plus the early season muscles on his shoulders and legs might've given him a look of bulk but he never had an ounce of excess weight and the same lean running build. If there's anything that the lockdown did it might well be th
  8. He's no chance of getting traded and if you chucked him in this draft group I'd imagine he'd go somewhere between picks 3-7 I just wasn't too fussy with the categories. He's not the same value as Petracca or Oliver and would go somewhere in the top 10 that's all. Similarly Rivers I'd imagine could go slightly earlier than 15. I considered bumping up Fritsch, Lever and Viney too but I think teams would be reluctant to straight up trade a first rounder for any of them. You can find inside mids and shaky tall defenders elsewhere for less.
  9. No, I just don't overrate our list or what other clubs would pay for them. There's no reason for us to trade most of our best players, the majority of which are contracted anyway so we'd rightfully ask for a lot more to give them up. There's a couple of guys I might sneak up a little bit but if they played for other clubs that's about what I'd pay for these players.
  10. Top 5 pick and more: Petracca, Oliver Top 10 pick: Jackson 15-20: Rivers, Salem, Pickett, Gawn, May 20-25: Fritsch, Viney, Langdon, Lever, Weideman 30-40: Sparrow, Petty, Brayshaw (with cash), Harmes 40+ pick upgrades: McDonald (with cash), Spargo, Hunt, ANB No draft value: The rest
  11. Most years we keep 1 or 2 guys in limbo depending on the outcomes of the trade period. When you add in list sizes still up for debate and probably a 1-2 player swing on those negotiations that’s 4 spots. Add in the draft class surely being one of the most difficult to assess of the professional era and it’s a lot of uncertainty. I hope no player wants to be delisted but at least these 3 have some certainty. It might be a rough time for half a dozen more.
  12. Otherwise: Centre square: 1. Gawn: is not always a great centre square ruck. Doesn't jump - especially when coming back from a PCL, so often hits to one area of the clockface. Battles as well as he can to follow up but it's hard for him to chase guys far younger and quicker. Jackson hopefully starts to see some centre square time next year, he can be a real weapon in there. 2. Individually: the mids all have some issues. Brayshaw can't defend. Petracca isn't great at it either. Viney battles to give off creative handballs to free runners. And Oliver. Oliver gets sat on and then giv
  13. Does any have a breakdown of the stats? AFL tables isn't updated yet for round 18 but we had 458 clearances for and 436 clearances against. If we're winning more than we concede then we really can't be 15th. We also had 684 inside 50's whilst conceding 641. Not a huge difference, but I'd imagine it's much harder to win a clearance in your own forward line when you're trying to kick a goal than it is to win a clearance in your backline where the aim is to just get it and hoof it clear.
  14. I think they pick between Viney and Brad Crouch as free agents to replace Tim Kelly. Then use the picks start finding some tall prospects. Of course Daniher and Cameron will have a street in Torquay with their names on it if they wish to head down the highway
  15. If we don’t match we get compo. Could be a start of the second round pick. Most likely is after our second rounder. If we do match we either keep him or trade him to Geelong. In which case we can ask for a deal involving one of their 3 first round picks. Currently 11, 15 and 16. Of course the risk there is that they’d probably be a lot less interested if they had to trade.
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