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  1. The article mentions human rights commission or a state inquiry, but I would’ve thought the AFL could pick 1 or 2 members, the AFLPA 2 members and the AFLCA 1 member and they hold it under afl rules. Maybe give veto power to each body to rule out anyone deemed untrustworthy or biased. The hearing is to determine if afl rules were breached, it has to be at least held in relation to the afl even if they stay away from it. At the end of the day legal actions and settlements are likely to come no matter which way it breaks, but as tricky as it is the players have to step forward I think.
  2. I believe Hunt enjoyed his time in WA after the grand final last year. Maybe his desire to leave is as much about a change of scenery as cash or footy reasons. The travel wouldn’t be great but that means a number of games in Victoria a year. And the payoff is new golf courses, great beaches, good weather. He’s hardly going to be under huge pressure to perform or stalked in the streets.
  3. Grundy might be a whale but he could equally be one of those big sun fish that just blob along and do nothing. He could also be very good yet render Gawn to a very marginal role, giving the team only a minor gain. If we only need a minor gain to get over the line then happy days, but I can’t blame fans for being disappointed. A key forward or skilled mid would be far more exciting
  4. AFLW team playing at Frankston for the rest of the season, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing
  5. Essendon have so little faith in themselves they have to hire a career 50% coach who fell in to some prelims and left a giant mess behind him? Yze dodged a bullet if this is what they prefer.
  6. Google maps right now, Main St Mornington via Penn Link and Mordi Fwy to the Hawks facility at Dingley is 33 mins, to Casey is 40. Swap directions is 37 a piece. Dingley is ideally placed that players are within an easy commute of the peninsula and the inner bayside suburbs. It’s a genius move from Hawthorn.
  7. Shorter in time with direct freeways outside of peak hour rather than clogged arterial roads
  8. Watch Hawthorn attempt to own the peninsula and set up a Geelong east set up out of Dingley with players encouraged to move down the coast. Not impossible from Casey but it’s actually further from Mornington than Dingley is. The roads are a mess. Public transport is non existent. The community has little to no interest in afl footy. Little interest in anything but kfc, long commutes in mid sized SUV’s and roundabouts. In fact I’ll even go ahead and say all the suburbs out there shouldn’t exist. They are future slums way way too far from Melbourne and not at all connected with a satellite city. The Casey fields precinct is lipstick on a pig. One big collection of sporting facilities because they can’t get developers to actually spread them throughout these awful excuses for suburbs. And the community doesn’t use them enough to justify them so they’re all rented out to elite sporting clubs. The entire area is a shrine to abysmal urban planning and development, corruption and greed.
  9. That’s an aggressive contract that suggests we see Tobes as more than depth. Not sure I really see it, and if I was his manager I’d probably suggest he go with the team that provides him easier game time. Tricky decision for him.
  10. 1.midfield Sautner 2. Mid Sautner 3. Mid Sautner 4. Chandler 5. wing Sautner 6. back Sautner 7. JVR 8. Punxsutwaney Phil 9. half back Sautner Great to see so many young demons pushing their case to play afl.
  11. Salem, Bowey, May, Rivers and even Petty can all run and kick the ball, the biggest issue is coaching and fitness refusing to let them put the ball through the hands to the fat side then kick to space. A defender will win the ball back and either kick or handball back in to the dead pocket, to someone who then bombs it down the line. Smarter, more cohesive footballers will chain handballs across the backline that allow for kicks or corridor run. Without getting those disposals that bring you to the fat side to begin with you’ll never get effective run and carry. We’ll miss Hunt defensively and we’ll miss his rebound from early 2021 when he took off and would combine with Langdon by hand on the wing. We won’t miss him kicking it. 2021 and this year was his best footy in years because he stopped kicking it!
  12. Corbett’s never looked remotely like a winger to me, that could last about as long as Tomlinson’s mfc wing career. But the point probably stands - you’re then adding a career VFL player to a new position, that’s even less exciting. I’m not expecting miracles, I’m ok with Grundy, a back up forward like Corbett and then a couple of possible pieces to the puzzle. Use the draft to add top 15 players, find a few more guys to fill out the 22-30 spots on the list, rely on our current role players to do the job of 15-22 as they did when winning a flag. That’s better than paying overs for the 16th best player who now costs money we don’t have.
  13. A tall footballer who exists, often through the midfield, more than a midfielder.
  14. I don’t mind him. He’s not great - always lacked a little speed or skills, but we could get him fitter and doing a job. He was one of the covid nightclub guys which would’ve put him off side at the eagles. If they sign Hunt looking for speed we could get Nelson for free, give up some speed but get back a little more skill. He might be the best half back I’ve seen available so far.
  15. He’s either 90% of Spargo at half forward or a less upside version of Bowey as a half back
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