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  1. Trimming down may help but it's mostly a mental issue with Tom made worse by a bit of technique and not helped by the coaching. The first thing I'd do is get him taking a lot more marks at training to sharpen the way he jumps to protect himself with a knee up and keep his hands open and clean. He swallows the ball up in the same way May does rather than crisply grabbing it from the air. Then the next thing I'd do is tell him he's not to jump at the same contest as Gawn. Just stay out of it and save the effort. On kick outs he should lead to the opposite side of Max and give us a dif
  2. I'm led to believe the club went in with 5 options they thought were going to be an upgrade on Vanders and superior to bloating the cap with Tom Phillips - a short term gain but possibly not enough of a long term answer. 1. Harmes. He has the tank, he can win aerial contests and his decision making/kicking errors are less concerning on the wing. We just haven't seen a lot of him in preseason because they've used him on ball. The issue is with Fyfe in round 1 are we really going to go head to head against Fyfe? Or trust Jordon. Either way, Harmes has some solid pros if we can settle him in
  3. No they're highlighting the dearth of ready made big men in a year when state leagues shut down, list sizes shrunk and the style of play has been consistently shifting towards less big men who have to be better athletically and do more (usually ruck and provide forward pressure) just to get games.
  4. Alcoholics Anonymous? The only disappointment I have is if Carlton knew they were going to lose almost all their tall forwards (Curnow, Casboult, McGovern, De Koning, McKay) to injury they might've taken on Tom. We could've kept Oscar as he's no better or worse and saved a few hundred thousand.
  5. We play an opposition not just circle work. You can’t simply ‘open the forward line’. Move the ball slowly and the forward line will congest. In fact a big problem is we spread a lot and try to get forwards deep and then turn the ball over between the lines. And we don’t play the aggressive defensive press any more where every defender starts equal or forward of their men. We start behind and drop May and Lever in to gaps. Our ball movement was dreadful yesterday. Slow to react. Very little risk and creativity yet somehow also reluctant to go into a switching model which is the
  6. No return date for Smith or Hibberd, Lockhart out probably for a month, Nietschke and Hore done for the season. We needed a small defender for a needs basis, so even if the kid could barely lace up his boots he had a path to a list spot. If he’s showing promise at training and VFL level and is aggressive and athletic with scope for development then it’s a no brainer.
  7. Rivers mixed a few up in the last, at least turned the long bomb in to a long fake and bomb and resulted in a goal. I'm hoping they've got a few more tricks to show but it was really poor, I don't know what May was thinking. In general I thought May was off a bit in a lot of ways. He has a bad habit of hanging back and hedging his bets when his man is leading inside 50. I'm all for it when it's contests on the flank. Let his man go and hope the other talls can cover, he did that well. But when it's inside 50 he has to take care of his man first and trust his fellow defenders. Lever and e
  8. Wasn't listed as an emergency and reports had him in the rehab group. He's better on the lead than Tom and can kick (particularly field kicking) but he's just as bad if not worse at forcing contests. He's very poor with any physical pressure. When Tom attacks the contest and gets out and running he still offers more than M Brown who really only plays well on days the opposition give him huge breaks and let him play uncontested lead up chest mark footy. Unfortunately Tom's worst is even worse than Brown's when he stops leading and starts moping around. Even in the last quarter today Tom s
  9. A look at his highlights and he clearly doesn't have elite speed for a small mid/forward. What he does have is great agility and classy decision making, but I think he'll have to burst around a contest and run all day rather than be a break away speed guy. Crash, bash and out sprint is never the best way to play footy though, clean skills and burst is the way to get it done.
  10. Nic Nat is the only ruck in the comp who can do damage at the ball ups. As good as Max is he doesn't trust his knees to run and jump at the ball and hit in multiple directions. More often than not he's just doing a dance with the opponent and out reaching or out timing them. Jackson has the leap to win some dominant hit outs but not the Nic Nat level leap and hang time. So whilst it's good to fire him up every now and then to try to land one of a moving mids chest it's not a sustainable plan. Unless they axe the center circle and go back to bouncing it properly on hard cricket wicket
  11. He has moments where he can stick a tackle and his work rate is good, he clearly keeps the engine running. Struggles to win the ball, his use isn't terrible but not good and he's one paced. All up it's an odd package. I know he's one paced which isn't what we really need but I'm surprised he hasn't been used on the wing. He's got to be better than Baker. His big motor would clearly be of more use if we ever moved the ball and could reward his tank. The complete lack of that today hurt him.
  12. I thought both May and Lever were very good at the contests they got to but slack at times when they didn't get where they needed to be. They are also both the main culprits for our horrendous ball movement from the backline. If both of them had 5 turnovers missing simple kicks it would've been preferrable to what they served up. There were times where May grabbed the ball from Rivers for the kick out and did nothing with it. And times where Lever was sitting 30m out for a short kick and wasn't used and just copped it. Troy Chaplin was the one assistant we kept after last year and he
  13. FB: Rivers May Tomlinson HB: Hunt Lever Salem C: Harmes? Petracca Langdon HF: ANB McDonald Spargo FF: Pickett Jackson Fritsch Foll: Gawn Oliver Jordon? Int: Bowey, Brayshaw?, Sparrow?, Chandler? Jones and Jetta are shot, we need to stop picking them. Jetta's lost his defensive ability, he can't close out a lead and he's never done much of anything with the ball. Jones looks ok at times but he's just too slow and can only bang the ball forward. Baker is rubbish right now, just gets caught in all the wrong spots. Vanders no better. The wing is a mess. I'd imagine
  14. With the new man on the mark rule it's just inexcusable not to move the ball around more. Steve May set the tone by just blasting kick out after kick out 80m from goal. But really all the defenders had plenty of chances to move it around. It made the game super contested and dangerous too. Beware a Melbourne game, both sides will get injuries due to how often we just hack the ball around to all parts.
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