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  1. The first choice Richmond mids have our guys covered easily. Dusty alone does, but Cotchin, Prestia, Edwards might not be perfect but they can find targets. The intensity and work rate was a long way down but Goodwin mentioned skill execution for a reason, because when you keep giving up easy intercepts against an organised defence you start panicking in to bad choices rather than sticking to the plan. We knew Collingwood are highly organised and drilled, the aim had to be to move them around more than just ram in to a wall. We need to study the tape of how the Pies got so many
  2. He’s often behind because he’s still running back to make sure we have a deep target when a midfielder plays on for no reason. It’s certainly a weakness of his game but a big problem is he team mates just don’t time it up with any of our forwards. Nor do they kick with the right weight to drop a ball for a forward. It’s either bomb it high or try to lace it through 4 defenders.
  3. Neither Oliver nor Petracca have any kind of left foot. Nor do we have a left footer at the moment in the centre bounce set up or the entire midfield. That's certainly one thing that hurts us. Similarly our lack of forward marking ability hurts the way we want to play because the mids lose confidence in getting it in quick. The centre square should prioritise quick entry rather than lace out entry when the other side is putting on great pressure. If you can't get a good clear handball then bang it forward and deep. But we also couldn't get our mids on the move and attacking bec
  4. His success last year came on the back of a number of games in 15 a side footy where he had to get involved in play a lot. His VFL from should've set him up well this year but he had a few easy kills against Last year his best games were also as the main target alongside Jackson and without Tom. He came up the ground to get involved in contests on the wing at times. And at other times he was used as the deepest forward and got some genuine leading chances. One of the issues I see right now is he's not getting those wing contests and he's not getting deep enough to be used as the full
  5. Should the Weid dye his hair big bright peroxide blond so his team mates can identify him and actually wait until he's in position? Worth a try I reckon. That might be something that's helped Brown and helps Gawn.
  6. Jordan Roughead's a very good defender and Darcy Moore is a freak interceptor. There's not a lot of shame in getting beaten by them in one on ones. The issue for Weid is the lack of easy ball. None. He's often running back to stretch the defenders when the kick comes in, so he has to turn back around and he doesn't have the agility or reach to then contest yet alone win. There's some big midfield problems there as well. Brown does have a natural leading ability but if the game plan says get deep to force ground balls in dangerous positions and the mids don't kick it to him that
  7. We might be better off with one of Brown or Weid come finals, but I think it's clear Weid needs a spell and Brown can't come back in on no form or games. Let's get our pressure game back on track then work out if we need the extra tall. There's still a long way left in the season
  8. Tom McDonald was no better than Weid. What's his excuse? Neither was Fritsch. Our forward line function was off and that means it was a team issue as much as it was any individual. The thing that continues to worry me is we don't have a single quality kick in our midfield. Petracca can hit the occasional lace out 60m beauty but his short and medium kicking is far too hit and miss. The rest - Oliver, Sparrow, Jordon, Harmes, Langdon, Brayshaw are long odds to ever pick out a 30m target and weight it to them. On a wide dump of a ground like the SCG you have to hit up forwar
  9. In: Viney Out: Weid Under consideration: Brayshaw for Chandler or Jones. Our forward line was better with the 1 tall forward and Jackson/Fritsch. Viney back means more Harmes and Petracca forward as well. Brayshaw is so pitiful. Just miles off his man all game. Don't tell me it's structure either because JJ and Langdon manage to get on theirs (less so this week). If a half back got caught up the ground he made no effort to cover back for them. His ball use is awful.
  10. Welcome to demonland, but please read the injury updates. Viney isn’t back until after the bye. Also there’s no way Harmes would be left out even if he was. I doubt this is the week they give up on Weid with Brown lacking serious match practice, but that’s a different issue.
  11. FB: Heath Birch HB: Lampard Colvin Goldy C: LizMc Paxy Sherriff HF:Scott Parry Bannan FF: Harris Hore Foll: L Pearce Gay Hanks Int:Zanker Mithen Purcell D Pearce Magee Emer: Tarrant, Caris, Simmons, Fitzsimons, Petrevski They've locked in their list of 26 which looks something like this I guess. The addition of Purcell and the emergence of Zanker as a midfielder gives the midfield a lot more depth than it started with last year. They can rotate them forward and use Daisy as that smart crumber and veteran forward line organiser. I think the game plan will again focus on lots of qu
  12. I don’t think we’d be getting full value from Rivers having him in the back pocket. Nor do I think he’d be that keen on that job. He spends half the game arguing with May and Hibbo. From the current back 7 I’d imagine Hunt is first in line to move to a more defensive role.
  13. As important as a good lock down medium defender is I don’t think we can put more expensive resources in to a backline with May, Lever, Salem, Tomlinson and needing to keep Rivers and eventually Petty. Probably have to target some cheap additions as well as look at Joel Smith/Deakyn Smith and an expanded defensive role for Hunt. If we spend up on the backline it costs us either keeping or bringing in forward and midfield additions.
  14. Punt road end is to the left of screen. Koz knows what he's doing.
  15. It looks like Japan have managed reasonably well as a non lockdown country. The death toll is a sad number but seems more in line with a seasonal flu than the atrocities seen elsewhere. That said, I do think we’ve suffered less mentally and economically. It’s bad in lockdown here but once the restrictions ease things feel relatively normal. Living with the virus circulating and riding the ups and downs would be very taxing. The anti lockdown people here forget if you don’t lockdown at some stage you’ll be forced in to serious restrictions. Honestly the biggest frustration as a Melb
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