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    I can't believe the Ravens lost to the Raiders. Such a crazy finish. The Raiders defense does look stronger and they'll always be able to do something on offense. Interesting team. Cardinals, Eagles and Saints the big winners from week 1. Time will tell if they are quality teams or not. The Eagles jumping up in the NFC East as the Cowboys (turnover luck) and Washington continue to be lopsided teams would be very NFC East. Packers and Titans the big losers in terms of teams expected to be at the top of their (very weak) divisions.
  2. 6 - Gawn 5 - Petracca 4 - Viney 3 - Salem 2 - Oliver 1 - Pickett Apologies to Brown, Spargo, Bowey, Langdon and many others.
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    Vikings 49ers Ravens
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    I'll have another go and try to stick with it this year. AFC North: Steelers AFC East: Bills AFC South: Titans AFC West: Chiefs Wildcards: Pats, Chargers, Browns In the mix: Ravens, Dolphins, Broncos NFC North: Packers NFC East: Washington FT NFC South: Bucs NFC West: Rams Wildcards: 49ers, SeaHawks, Saints In the mix: Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons Teams in Bold are the ones I think are genuine superbowl contenders. AFC North and NFC West (both 3 genuine chances) and the AFC South (0 great teams) probably the hardest to pick. MVP: Stafford
  5. Really sucks for Joel, but I think the hope is Hibbo’s had a good freshen up now and can do a job as required. The reality is we don’t have perfect match ups for Cameron, Esava and Rohan no matter who got the nod as the 6th and 7th defender. Especially with Duncan, Touhy and Isaac Smith rotating through the forward flanks and demanding attention. Throw in Max Holmes too who can really motor from contest to contest. Sadly Geelong have moved away from the strategy of loading up with nothing half forward flankers who could be zoned off.
  6. The Cats had us covered until they started resting their stars at 3/4 time last time we met. It's going to be a huge test. They've definitely improved their side with their changes this week as well. Sounds like our boys had a good first week in the hub, getting some much deserved rest, but it has to be all business from here.
  7. Surely he’s just specifying which car park it is. He could easily say ‘which is further to the west’.
  8. He completely lost it at the umps at one stage in a fashion that really should result in a fine if we're trying to protect umpires and set a good example. Not a huge issue, players from all teams have done it, but that kind of stuff isn't on. Otherwise I thought he was fairly restrained.
  9. Smith came in for Fritsch in the prelim
  10. Spargo played in 2018. Langdon is the other one.
  11. Birchall was in a genuine marking contest, nothing wrong with that. Was a hospital kick from Gus I think. The only positive was Birchall couldn't get his hands on the ball and gave away the free kick
  12. Sounds a bit complicated, I was just planning on borrowing Tony Mokbel's yacht and wig and hoping the winds are favourable. Might stop at Rottnest rathing than sailing all the way up the Swan to Optus just to be on the safe side I guess.
  13. Surprised how much midfield Sparrow played, especially in the first half. Whilst they sent Harmes forward to keep an eye on Rich and Birchall. Was a bold call given how strong the Lions midfield is.
  14. Being completely surrounded by the free way and off ramp isn’t a great plan. Doubt it’s functional. The club has to know the best car park is the one facing Gosch’s. There has to be a reason why is isn’t preferred. - expanding aami stadium? - foundations, pipes etc? - access to the medical centre? - access to the rugby field or public access to aami Theres got to be reasons. How valid they are we clearly don’t know.
  15. Thought Smith was clearly on Cameron for the first 2, but the first one he had to go for the aerial contest. Relies on his team mates to cover the ground ball. 3rd goal not sure. Free kick goal was rubbish, but a more experienced defender doesn’t get sucked in. Allowed Cameron a simple mark to set up the Daniher shot too. Im a Joel fan but he still stops to think which costs him half a yard. That half a yard kills you more than lack of speed.
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