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  1. Port missed the finals last year after a customary fade out and got very close to winning it all this year. There has to be some allowance for injuries, close losses, young players tiring, new players and coaches adjusting etc. Because we can pretty much repeat 2020 and change 1 result and make finals. Which won’t be satisfactory to me. Or we can change the game plan, blood some young defenders, shake up the midfield mix and persist with a very inexperienced forward line (even with BBB) and actually get closer to a flag. We should do all that and make finals, but there’s a
  2. I feel like the afl have to take a fair bit of blame for this one. The deal with the players wasn’t finalized, which meant the salary cap and deferment of payments and so on is also up in the air. Collingwood and the Dogs probably couldn’t get exact details confirmed. But it’s the AFL’s fault for making sure finances aren’t agreed to in trades. Then if there’s unusual amounts due to this year’s unique circumstances they could be fighting over them now. But 50k max not 200k!
  3. That's from Mitch Cleary. Then this from the AFL press release: So it looks like the Category B isn't restricted based on the number of A rookies. It's independent of it and capped at 2. So we should be going out and finding another Cat B guy at the some stage. But the main and A list are restricted to 42 total. So we really should aim to just have 36 on the main list. Given we're currently at 34 that might be hard to achieve.
  4. The minimum senior list is 36 not 37, but we'll have at least 37. Given we have 1 Cat B in Bradtke, I'd suggest the best thing to do is to have a senior list of 37, and then 6 A rookie spots (filling 5 initially). If we went 38 main list, Bradtke, max 5 A rookies we'd be paying 80k extra in the cap for no reason. So we either take just the live 3 draft picks or we demote someone back to the rookie list (assuming we still can) if we want to take a 4th pick or a delisted free agent on to the main list.
  5. No clarity on whether he’ll have to be demoted to a rookie spot and then replaced or whether they’ve got all his payout in to 2020. Although it reads like they might’ve. All largely academic. As for the player - we got the medical report badly wrong. And we so badly that we were prepared to go to 3 years rather than a 1-2 year punt. In fairness other clubs probably thought 1-2 was worth a go so there was likely competition. But the lesson is don’t stuff around with guys with bad concussion histories, it’s not worth it for anyone.
  6. Just seems odd that Hawthorn would give up on him when it was clear this year was going to be a challenge for many young players. Unless they think the lack of endurance, work ethic or injuries just aren’t fixable. Let’s get him in for a summer with Burgo and see if he can earn a list spot.
  7. Maybe it’s the socks up look but to me he seems a bit stiff in the hips and a bit of a straight line mover. Most of his tackling is straight on and same with his ball winning. Medium forwards who aren’t proven mids and don’t project as the right athletes to be good pressure players often drop. Curtis Taylor was similar and it’s still a question if he’ll be a steal or a flop. Melksham’s declining value to us similar. At that height defenders can shut you down more often than not so you have to provide value with pressure, skills in congestion and/or midfield versatility.
  8. Mat Walker from the Hawks is an interesting one. 188cm forward, kicked 23 goals from 15 games in his first year including 5 and 4. Overlooked by the Giants as an academy player and now cut quickly by the Hawks but he can find the goals. Might not have the tank or speed to be a good pressure and defensive player but skilled goal kickers are hard to find and sometimes make nice half backs as well. From up your way, any insight @dazzledavey36
  9. His kids live in Adelaide I believe. If he wants to be back home I could understand that. But we’d want a proper succession plan
  10. Gawndog has us bidding on Coleman and Gulden from the Lions and Swans pushing our second pick out 2 more. Whilst our first pick will be pushed back by at least 3 spots and possibly more. Could be 21/22, could be 25/26, or could be as above where we bid on some of the players
  11. I think Chandler can play, I’m glad we kept him. He’s a good package of athleticism, has a decent aerial game that covers his lack of height but more than anything he has skills - can kick on both sides - and natural footy smarts. I’m not sold on the half back move but I’d like to see him play a mix of forward and on ball at Casey.
  12. Mahoney has said the pursuit of Smith was about leadership as much as outside run. The Hawthorn system coming with Yze surely played a role. Lewis Jetta hasn’t played wing for years now and was never good at the contest, I don’t think he’d be good in that role. He’s been great at times for the Eagles at half back but he’s also had numerous flat spots and tailed off since 2018. I don’t think he’s really up for the contest any more. Theres a good likelihood Nev would like to have his cousin. Possibly Koz as well, assuming he’s also a relative. But Toby Bedford’s family is from a
  13. Clubs and managers would’ve been surveying the delistings and uncontracted players for weeks now, with the ability to trade a token pick for anyone we really wanted in the trade period. Anyone actually in demand will get picked up soon, but the most likely situation is doing what we did with Brown and Corey Wagner, having them pull out of the drafts and signing them after. Yes we could create list spots other ways but Lockhart was the most obvious. The promotion on a one year deal is just a token gesture.
  14. Don’t think so. Any Cox or other DFA pursuit would’ve been before we locked in the last 5 guys including promoting Lockhart. Cox is probably rare as a delisted free agent worth a gamble on 2 years. Most other names available look like supplemental list types. If we had secured Cox we could’ve just kept Lockhart on the rookie list.
  15. Phil Merriman. Bummer. I was thinking they could work out a succession plan with him and Burgo.
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