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  1. I don't think the Cat will change his fur !! He is too heavily invested in Geelong and plus,is entering a new phase in his life . I do not think he is foxing for an opportunity.
  2. Yeh, but Kossie got a few. AND he is still learning. Fritsch is there but not as a gorilla (more a guerilla) Bedford had the fumbles . Maybe Bowey as a HFF and Petty as a big tough FWD Have to agree a couple of key blokes who provide genuine aerial contest (TMac & Petty)would make a huge difference (they do not have to be stars. Our FWD line this year was one dimensional and our delivery in was trying to bounce the ball off Browns Head. Does not work !!
  3. This is just getting more ridiculous by the minute. It just seems some people are determined to find a scapegoat , even if it is the same bloke(s) they were serenading 12 months ago. In 2021 we had a very good run with injuries to key players. The law of probability came into effect this year. Some issues: We played the lower sides in the first part of the year and had the "mandatory" stacked draw after that. So it caught up with us. Casey is a good level below AFL so saviours rarely just step up. The development of many of our young players in the long term will benefit from the year of development Casey brings. The Coaches (and we have good ones !!!) will be developing programs to bring the kids along, which will provide long term benefits. We were beaten by Sydney (twice for the year) and by Geelong after being right in it. (The most disappointing result for the year was losing to Brisbane after belting them earlier. The two best sides (this year) are in the Grand Final. Our Dynasty (re)starts in March 2023
  4. "For christ's sake why do people get their balls in a knot over the brownlow votes, it's an umpires award always has been and will be it's no different to coaches award, media awards or any other award it's subject to their interpretation time to move on and stop being petty that Clarry did not win it, even the so called experts had Neale, Cripps as to contenders. " When you look at it : Cripps, Miller, Neale, Brayshaw A., Petracca & Oliver. Any team would love to have 2 of them !!! The Brownlow is one of the Awards, but the only one delivered by the people actually in the middle, hence is more on involvement rather than impact. Since the modern game has evolved it really has become a Midfielders award. The Coaches award is closer to the impact a player has on the game so the supporters of a player from a club who polls very highly in the Coaches award and poorly in the Brownlow (and vice versa ) tend to criticise the other.
  5. Bit of a problem . Smith was injured for a good part of the season. JVR is not JC . He is a young kid growing into his body and learning what footy is about. It is important to allow kids to develop e.g we did not get the full potential out of Jack Watts because we used him as a marketing tool and sent a skinny kid out on Queens B'day well before his body (and mind) was ready for it. Alistair Clarkson made a comment one day about the introduction of a young player who had been in the system for a while. He said that you can get the best out of younger players by providing consistency in their development not by thinking they are the Club's saviour. Let's develop a dynasty ala Hawthorn, MFC in 50 & 60's. Short term "solutions" do not work in the long term. The general tenor of this topic is one of extreme negativity. You would think that MFC finished 12th this year.
  6. Bowey and Rivers developing. Petty ( a lot of potential) Oliver,Petracca, Brayshaw Gawn, Langdon , May & Viney providing the nucleus. Our success has enabled younger players to develop @ Casey so they will come into a strong system which "protects" them in their development .( ala Hawthorn in their run). ( Just watching Casey in the last couple of weeks and Turner,JVR, Bedford & Chandler all are developing players learning to develop without the intensity of AFL ) We still have lot to look forward to.
  7. Sorry cannot accpet Pickett (even though I like him). He must start getting game sense (lack of awareness has cost us the last two weeks)
  8. Oliver/Brayshaw/Viney/ANB/Petracca/Gawn - Brave Petty & May : Damage done on way down but Brave Lever : Truth is a defence in a Libel suit. Sparrow/Rivers : work on skills Salem : NQR (Physically) Spargo /Kossie: increase involvement Hibberd/Melsham : Buy a watch (Their time has come) Jackson : not our worry it seems Brown : needs another forward
  9. If I made the mistake /kryios tantrum like Lever (with the $$ he is on ) I would be sacked from my job. Inexplicable.lack of discipline by Kozzie, Lever and a couple of other incidents. Keep May,Petty, Oliver, Viney,Brayshaw , Petracca ,Gawn & ANB (Effort plus) . Their efforts were fantastic but were let down by brain fades. I hope some people recognise that they owe the MFC We MUST have more variety in the Forward line !!!
  10. You have got to be a bit fair in that the "degree of turnoverism" = function (the amount of heat in the kitchen) as distinct from the wide open dinner plate. Yeh, i would like his brother ,too (as would 16 other Clubs), but the one we have got is a "contributing" premiership player.
  11. I think we need a definitive definition of a "Turnover" . None of the scribes have mentioned the intensity that Sydney brought to the table the other night
  12. Yeh, but JVR was not in the side !! Either this form is full of doctors or else some people have just googled fibula. Do not know which ?
  13. Lacking a genuine 2nd tall forward. Max must ruck !! Lever a liability in man on man situation. (Less waving arms around and providing instructions to midfield and more practice in using the left side of his body plus manning up.
  14. Oliver May Petty Brayshaw Gawn Sparrow
  15. My tip is that Jackson will play in the midfield for Freo. Replace Fyfe . Can run, can mark & will develop.( Would like him at Dees still though.)
  16. It does not matter ,getting it/making sure the other mob do not is the first step, the rest is icing on the cake !!
  17. Great !!! Yeh ABC. Firsat time I have seen it . Think of the skill. Pickett Pick ball up two &1/2 steps and kicks. Bri- illiant !!!
  18. 12 months ago some people had him out of the side, now AA . Cannot work "some people" out , in that they are so quick to criticise.
  19. Rubbish topic !! All this is doing is inflating Kane Cornes & Matthew Lloyd's already enlarged egos !!
  20. Yeh, but we miss him (or a similar player !!)
  21. This kid is still learning . Let us celebrate that he is actually playing at the level he is. Our hassle is that TMac (who some people bagged when he is there) is a pretty important cog in our fwd line in that : He is quick He runs in straight lines with momentum Is a good Pack Mark and importantly is an accurate kick for goal Applicants should apply !!! Is there anyone on the list who can supply this.? Somebody, but somebody must move & present inside the 45 degree angle, then our goal kicking will improve. Deep fwd pocket shots do not have a high success rate.
  22. All of this is hypothetical and says nothing for the fact where oh where are we going to fit Naughton inside our Salary Cap. We have to keep what we have got and do some development. Lets get real ,some people are in la la Land !!
  23. Solution : Put Tomlinson in at FF .He would provide a contest and runs straight at the ball !!! We have got the Mid/Small Fwds.
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