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  1. An absolute gem of a player & clubman. Got himself back after delisting and was definitely the best small defender &team man for years. Has left nothing behind.
  2. Congratulations to Ollie Wines. He would admit that he would swap it for a gig at the big dance. What is in the water @ Echuca. I always thought Clarrie came from Shepparton. Imagine going to play Echuca in the Junior Footy knowing Viney & Wines are waiting for you.
  3. THey are not going to War . This a football match.
  4. Well done Nathan Jones. You were a genuine FOOTBALLER. No 2 is a label of respect in MFC with Robbie Flower & Nathan. This purely about loyalty (and class) because bothe these blokes did the hard yards . Maybe the Club could honour the Number. Nathan struggled when he firt became Captain, but you could see that it was another challenge he accepted anddeveloped to being the heart & soul of the Club. Thank you.
  5. Oh well we were Premiershi[p favourites for 24 hours. Both sides palyed thehir A+ Game over the weekend . It wiill be interesting qwho keeps their standard up will win.
  6. Robbie Flowers Mark in the GOal Square and consequent goal to set things going against North in SF back in his last year. *0 THousand in the crows and 75 barracking for Dees so St Robbie Delivered. Jurrah's falling backward kick over his head. Did not realise hwo good until saw replays. T Mac ( vs WC in Perth)& Gawny's goal vs Geelong Take your pick after the Maximus Gawnus show on Freiday night.
  7. And then we have to pay him ........probably overs . Probably Nathan Jones & Nev Jetta are close to retiring so that may give us $$ room, but.......Jackson, Rivers ,Jordon, Bowey ,Sparrow start to move into bigger kids $$$ We spend our time developing younger players e.g. Chandler, Sparrow, ANB, Jordon, Bowey , Rivers, Jackson and then just throw our development away for a "might be". Isn't it amazing that a player at another club is always better than what we have got . Our Midfield is the last area needing strengthening. ( Our 3rd best midfielder is playing on a wing, our ex Captain has modified his game to play compatible football inside our structure) Given the age profile (and upside ) of our current list there is a lot of improvement to come and this GROUP is compatible
  8. He syill takes the 2nd big defender. Frees Fritsch and protects our crmbers more. This discussion is really a chance for some people to vent their prejudice. Even if he assisted 15 goals some people would complain that he did not kick them himself. He is part of a good structure that is working well. If part of your job is to lead away from other forward then he supplies team structure
  9. Yes it will if you look past the individual stats and consider the "hidden impact"a player has.
  10. Bit harsh on Smith . There are a lot of people who lose one on ones against CHarlie, But not many that can keep up with him (see the replay 3rd Q I think )
  11. It is called confidence and that comes from 120% effort.
  12. Absolutely rubbish. WHen Brownb marked have a look at who cleared the way. Stats are not everything.
  13. 1 : Max's skilful goal 2021 2 Robbie Flower coming onto the ground as 19th Man in the Reserves @ Victoria Park and a few weeks later playing with the big kids. 3 Robbie Flowers Mark and GOal in the Semi against North in the Semi (First of 5)
  14. I must admit I have not been a Lever fan, but fair enough , the writing is on the board so really good for him and reflects the work he has put in. Stephen May has been our Defence Leader and is a gun. He and Jake combine really well PLUS he provides terrific support for our young defence. We forget that Trent RIvers is a second year player, Petty is realistically only in his first/second year of playing and young Bowey is a beauty but still a first year player. Christian Salem was a bit stiff, would have only come down to how far he kicks the ball cf Rich. I will accept the decision there without rancor. Oliver's mini highlights indicate how far he has improved this year (and he must put in a power of work to maintain his workload) Trac is class. Everyone at Melbourne looks up at Maxy. He has the group humming ( If only he could kick straight !!!(under pressure)) The thing about the AA nominations from MFC was that there are a lot of players not mentioned & who will never be mentioned BUT ARE INTEGRAL TO THE SIDE. And at times we are a little/hugely critical of some of them, but they provide the glue to enable the more gifted players to shine. Just think of Harmesy efforts against Libba the first time around, the cameos of Spargó & Kossie, The improvement of Jackson, Rivers , Jordon,Sparrow. Tmac's form has been a bonus this year because he and Fritsch carried the big blokes role in the fwd line for the first half of the year. The wingers club where Gus has put his ego to the side to be part of a special team and Langers has been a revelation. Can people remember ALL the players in the great Hawthorn , RIchmond and Brisbane sides !!! You could pick another AA side which would still be a sensational side. What a reward for Aliir Aliir and Bayley Dale who have made the big jump into "big kids"Territory
  15. The players obviously respect her. After all she has been/is a legend of Women's Footy and has a brain. She was probably born 10 years too early. Imagine her coming into the current draft ( She would be a female Robby Flower) She at least asks Footy Questions/Issues, not the crap that comes out of some commentators (with Faux burnt tongues) mouths.
  16. Absolutely agree. We have done (and still doing) the development on these two blokes. Get real !!! Why trade down ????
  17. Admittedly we have not been good in the first half, BUT too much negativeism is floating in the place. !!!!!! Losing at Centre bounce => Defence not ready => easy goals . Quite simple really.
  18. Considering he was a Cat B (I think) Rookie ,you would expect him to take a while to a) develop & b) to adjust to the change in pace of the game. Think how much Petty has come along & developed, just through confidence in being on the ground. On a different player young Bowey is adjusting to the pace of his opponents quite well and seems to be fitting in to the level be it this year or in the near future. The other thing is that we had 2 first year players (Jordon & Bowey) and four "second year players" ( Jackson, Rivers & Kossie plus Sparrow ) in the side today plus the "Developers in Petty & Smith . Pretty good I would say !!!
  19. 6 Clarrie 5 Nibbler 4 Harmsey 3 Trac 2 Jacko 1 Gawny Apologies : Rivers & May
  20. The smothers came about from some of our players inability to kick both sides of the body which gives them 2 goes at us ! e.g.AND moved onto Left foot ....clear, but then swung back to attampt Right Foot .......and caught !!! Otherwise I felt he played pretty well tonight.
  21. Jeffrey (Woofer) Guild (RIP): North Melbourne
  22. Viney : Equal Accumulate more DIstribute Clarrie : Lower your eyes Kozzie : 300 Set shot practice Gus: 500 set shot practice Brown : Stay away from TMac Tmac: Stay away from Brown Petty: Keep improving
  23. 6 Salem 5 Petty 4 Petracca 3 Gawn 2 Hunt 1 Fitsch Lever cannot hold a direct opponent, Viney cannot distribute, Clarrie bombs-> Fwds suffering, Jackson, Brown & Mc Donald running in different directions
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