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  1. Forget the off field stuff, he’s 32 and dines out on bad sides. I think we can still have a bit of faith in Brown and McDonald having a couple of years left and JVR hopefully can contribute quickly. Id look for someone in the 24-27 year old age range to provide depth rather than Tex. We need role playing tall forwards more than start power
  2. Get Maxy healthy and that goes a long way. BBB has threatened to take a few recently and Fritsch has flown for a few and nearly held them. Our kicking has also been off at times. There’s a way to go long down the line that still goes to the forwards advantage. Same with our lack of speed of ball movement. But the biggest factor with taking pack marks down the line or inside 50 is often the work done by other forwards to pull away, block or contest the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th defenders. Tom McDonald is good at this because he’s a) a lead up option, b) strong, c) tall. The Crows were able to play Doedee and Dawson on smalls and have them get across to mark. At one stage Spargo went off his head at one of his fellow smalls about not blocking Dawson from a contest.
  3. They put the good umps on for big games so it’s hardly a surprise they snuck a couple of local guys in for 1 v 13 in a twilight fixture. But the Brown ruck free kick, the Oliver coat hanger, the Langdon hold as he was set to receive a handball and the complete lack of free kicks was as bad as I’ve seen. I’d have been apoplectic if we lost
  4. Out: M Brown, B Brown (rest), Hibberd (rest), Bedford In: Jackson, Gawn, Hunt, Chandler, Riv/Hunt Watch and see with Petracca too. Melk on stand bye Weid must ruck 30%.
  5. Kicked 2, dudded out of a couple more, tackled before the ball came in all day. Didn’t think he was that bad, but his refusal to give a handball worries me. It’s bad enough when it’s Fritsch burning mates, the big fella shouldn’t do the same. I’d give him the week off but he’ll be back
  6. He does some really brave stuff at times but he has poor moments. I think that’s a factor but lack of athleticism and reading of the play impact just as much. If he had Lever’s ability to read the drop or Jackson’s mobility the other things wouldn’t be as much of a factor
  7. Ruck contest: solid for a non ruck Follow up: seemed good Positioning: hard to tell from the tv but looked ok Aerial contesting: ok at best against a good pack mark 5.5/10
  8. Not sure it was week after week but after a slow start in 2017 and then again in 2018 I think JKH was often in the 30's and occasionally 40's. From what I can remember Stretch was more a mid to high 20's on the wing at Casey
  9. Oh good, we’ll pick up a replacement in the midseason draft *checks notes* 3 weeks ago.
  10. He’s a top 3 handballer in the team too. Can use both hands and understands how to handball on the up. If he can break even in the ruck, crash packs and fire off a few lovely handballs he doesn’t have to hit the scoreboard.
  11. I wonder if he should just blast them from 3 steps like he does his field kicking. Watching him walk in with his current routine is painful, every step seems to cost him confidence He’s also been here before with goal kicking woes and found improvement so it might only take one or two shots to change.
  12. I think it’s a credit to the style Casey are playing, low stoppages, quick direct ball movement, good team pressure that their stats are down across the board. Against a tougher Collingwood team Dunstan had 39, the suns were a training drill in this one. I’d like to see some of the guys get their hands on the ball more but it’s hard to argue the game plan isn’t working.
  13. Bell is 21, was on the Saints list for ‘20. Not sure how much footy he played last year. He’s 202cm, which I’d say is solid but not great for a bean pole and looks an ok athlete. But you’d want him to either be taller or more athletic for his skill level which isn’t that flash. Still, he’s only had a couple of games as the main man without Daw, and he likely had covid interruptions last year. So he’s finding his feet and there’s a look that there’s improvement in him. I’d say he’d be one to watch more than a standout to add to the main lis right now.
  14. Tommo’s an option I guess, I definitely wouldn’t ruck either of the Brown’s. From what I saw in patches of the 3rd quarter JVR had no idea what to do in the hit out but his follow up was good and he got involved around the packs. Whether he’d be any chance to play or not I think it’s good for his development
  15. If Jacko or Weid suddenly missed this week who would come in to the side as back up ruck? It would be JVR. So get him a look in that role. Plus it’s good for his development, and if he’s cramping then it’s good for his fitness too! The risk of injury in back up ruck minutes would be marginal compared to straight up key forward
  16. It wasn’t successful for the previous 3 weeks. In fact I think there’s a decent argument that taking Gawn and Lever over to Perth cost us at least 1 win against Sydney or Collingwood. If Max is back for the Cats game that gives us some tall cover. But we’ll need fresh runners for one of the next 2 weeks. It’s ok to think strategically about how we manage that.
  17. I’m giving Bowey credit for being a great overhead player for his size. Reads it perfectly, super leap, knows how to use his body for leverage. McCluggage is a great player but he’s not known for his marking at all. Insulting was a bit tongue and cheek but I’d back Bowser to win or half aerial contests against him most of the time. Anyway, was just an example of how Bowey is playing well but a little below his best IMO.
  18. 6 - Viney 5 - Lever 4 - Jackson 3 - Harmes 2 - Oliver 1 - Hibberd Great team performance. I thought Brown and Weid were vital early. Sparrow excellent too. JJ rock solid. Pickett electrifying. And after the early blunder Fritsch was very important. Tracc really got rolling too. May gave up a couple of goals whilst still dominating.
  19. He’s generally won his 1 on 1’s when needed, it’s a big part of his game. Seeing him get out marked by McCluggage is insulting and Bowser will know that. Riv needs his speed and run 100% back to really get that spot.
  20. Freo: good first half, our talls got smashed, mids and half backs tired. Hardly a surprise to lose after playing the 2 cellar dwellers back to back. Syd: key defenders got bathed, midfield looked tied. Almost did enough to pinch it too. Coll: more tall injuries and same ineffective attacking game with the talls. Tonight: physical freshen up, chance to train in some adjustments, huge mental and game plan shift with less reliance on Gawn and more desire to take the game on. Pressure right up and dare/dash back in the game style. Physical and mental freshen up would be the biggest factors. But the game plan switch and the mindset that was part of it surely played a role. We played like hunters rather than the hunted.
  21. Not struggling, but he’s fumbling some tough ground balls and losing some winnable aerial contests. I think his speed and smarts still give him the edge, but down back there’s at least genuine pressure for spots.
  22. The 5 day break in to the Geelong game should be the main factor when evaluating changes. There’s at least an argument for Hibberd and/or Bowey and Bedford coming out this week with a guarantee of coming back the next week. Maybe even Sparrow as well. Or Ben Brown if we want to be really cautious. Although the more likely thing is they play and we see how everyone is going in a weeks time.
  23. Yep that’s what I’ve settled on too. Although rather than just Hunt trying to lock down CHF I’d get Fritsch doing his fair share with Hunt trying to get out the back. We don’t have a reliable tall option to replace Tommy Mc, so the logical conclusion is to go with the best medium option.
  24. I’m sick of people taking about Brayshaw’s 3rd in the Brownlow like it means anything. He stole all of Clarry’s votes. Shouldn’t have been top 30. The move wasn’t made for concussions. It was made because he’s incredibly slow off the mark in transition running and the 6-6-6 meant we couldn’t cover that weakness with numbers off the back of the square. When you have Oliver and Petracca as ball hunters you need unselfish workers like Sparrow and Harmes to round out a midfield. The only way Gus goes back as a permanent mid is if Petracca plays permanent forward and that seems unlikely.
  25. Auld didn’t exactly demonstrate a great knowledge of the game when he was the Gold Coasts inaugural CEO. They are still getting over the massive blunders they made setting up that shop. On the other hand Peggy O’Neal probably couldn’t have told you which way a snap spun when she first joined the Tigers board. I don’t think knowledge necessarily directly corresponds with respect for tradition. And even if it does I’m not sure the CEO has to wear all of that burden, that’s really the commissions job. Any and every CEO will to some extent try to sell fans and clubs up the river to increase revenues. That’s human nature. The right person for the job doesn’t go too far with that, makes smart deals and is innovative. Gill’s not always popular but he’s done far better than a lot of people think in those aspects.
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