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POSTGAME: SF vs Carlton


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2 minutes ago, Boots and all said:

This game was not lost at selection. We had kicked more points than they had scoring shots with 2 mins to go in the last. Grundy, Schache or anyone else would have made [censored] all difference.

Cannot agree. MacDonald wasn't working. Schache should have had a run 30 minutes earlier

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2 minutes ago, Red But Mostly Blue said:

Wasting our list and our window. 

We are the biggest head mess of a club. 

Can’t wait for the learnings. 

Window is shut I'm afraid. May ain't getting any younger and he's our best player.

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2 minutes ago, Webber said:

Not that it matters, cos we would have been thumped next week anyway, as will Carlton, but these last 2 games were the biggest choke I’ve ever seen in 5 decades. The way we kept kicking behinds just kept writing the perfect script for Carlton, who were frankly dreadful in the last half. Should have won that by 6 goals. Get ready for the ‘choke’ tag, fellow supporters. 

Yep, it's coming and deserved who needs the Colliwobbles when there's Melchoke.

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Just now, Dannyz said:

How many times is Goodwin going to lose important games at selection. 

Some odd selections but he didn’t miss all those kicks. Those were missed by the guys who should be kicking those.

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1 minute ago, John Crow Batty said:

Gawn and Viney dumb sheet errors in the dying minutes. Oliver brutally wasteful,again.

Just put it in the context that while he had a poor finals series, Jack Viney carried us for a large portion of the season.

Gawn was best on field last week and played his heart out tonight.

There were a heap more reasons we lost tonight before you point the finger at the two hardest players in our club.

Pull your head in.

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Just now, Garbo said:

Wouldn’t have won next week anyway 

Would have smashed us the lions.

But to lose like thus again.

No wonder we don't get big crowds.

No wonder it's been 57 years.

How can we kick so poorly all night.

Credit to Carlton for accuracy and smashing the centre clearances.

And a big fu to the umpires who smashed the fire count I the last and ignored some blatant ones.

Couldn't do it for Gus. Shame on this team.

Rack off Grundy. 

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