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  1. Can't say I disagree...I doubt I would pass after last night!!
  2. Apparently he was concussed but not tested according to Heater and Daisy show, but not sure of the reliability of that info. Looking at the event though, it wouldn't surprise.
  3. I honestly want to vomit, this is not good. I think I can safely say everyone on Demonland is feeling very similar.
  4. Petty is our only tall defender, May looks injured and Lever has been really scrappy. Also, we don't have Smith as an emergency to cover May. TMc hasn't fired a shot up forward. If May can't play we need to get him off, move TMc forward and put JJ on the tag.
  5. Maysie, having a bit of a rough trot so far. Looking for him to turn it all around this quarter. Consummate professional, he'll be filthy with himself.
  6. Oh no...not the Bulldogs 19th man, Matt Stevic. [censored].
  7. I'm doing some whale watching at Hervey Bay. A nice distraction to quell the nerves leading up to the big dance. I will be back a of hours prior to the game, which will be hell on earth!! 🤮🤮
  8. No way Martin will keep up, Gawny will run him ragged. He looked totally out of sorts, even out of shape, last night.
  9. Great news, cannot understate his part in bringing our beloved Dees back to life!!
  10. I reckon Captain Gawn might have taken exception to Stanley getting coaches votes in Rd 23. 😉
  11. A bit of bathwater being consumed you reckon @Mr Steve.
  12. Whoever it is needs to hit him hard. Make him second guess his attack on the footy.
  13. Here's a question...Who was worse, Cats or Power? I reckon Power at least the Cats seemed to be trying?!
  14. I actually like this. We don't want to lose run in the midfield and he will hold Daniel accountable around goal.
  15. I'm reluctant to go with too many hard tags. We will back in our game head to head, and fair enough, we have as many stars as they do!! No fear. Having said that if we go for a tag, the focuss should be on Libba and Daniel to starve the dogs of outside ball.
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